Saturday, 3 August 2019

Hazoor Pak (saw) Ka Allah Se 3 Saal Tak Rabta Kiyon Nahen Howa

Younus AlGohar explains the meaning of Koran 93:1-11 at the request of a viewer.


There were three years after the announcement of prophethood that Prophet Mohammad was unable to contact God. During that time, God didn't send divine revelation or reply to Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad was not able to ascend to see God through the Tifl-e-Noori (Body of Divine Light) or Jussa-e-Taufeeq-e-Ilahi (Divine Sub-spirit). This left Prophet Mohammad in a state of helplessness and depression.

Koran 93:1 was revealed suddenly after the three year period where Prophet Mohammad had been cut off from God. The name of Koran 93, 'Ad-Duhaa' means 'Break of Dawn'. God declared the three years without contact to be a time of darkness (night) and his act of sending divine revelation to be the break of dawn.

'I swear upon this break of dawn. I swear upon the veils of night [which had been in place for the past three years]. Your Lord has not abandoned your or been cross with you.' - Koran 93:1-3

The next statement by God is God explaining what kept him busy during the three years of no contact. He was arranging something to do with Imam Mehdi.

'Be notified that your next episode is far greater than this one. In your next era, your Lord will grant you as much as you desire' - Koran 93:4-5

In other words, in the next era when Prophet Mohammad would come in the guise of Imam Mehdi, the decisions would be made by him and God would accept it.

'I took care of you when I saw that you were an orphan.' - Koran 93:6

When Prophet Mohammad's parents died, he was entrusted by God into the care of Abdul Muttalib and then Abu Talib.

'When you were searching for me and you couldn't find me, I told you how to reach me. When I saw that you were not wealthy, I made you wealthy [and permitted you to do as you wished].' - Koran 93:7-8

'Do not let injustice be done to orphans. Do not send the needy away from you. Publicise the blessings your Lord has bestowed upon you.' - Koran 93:9-11


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