Sunday, 18 August 2019

Taboot e Sakina

Younus AlGohar sheds light on a mystery that has baffled religious minds for centuries: the Taboot-e-Sakina.


 - 'Taboot-e-Sakina' literally means 'The Chest of God's Mercy'.

 - Aala Hazrat wrote in his interpretation of the Koran that the Taboot-e-Sakina bears images of the Prophets that were made by Solomon. He also said that the Staff of Moses and other artefacts from the Prophets were in the Taboot-e-Sakina.

The Koran 2:248 mentions that the Taboot-e-Sakina is in the custody of the archangels and it bears signs for you if you are a Momin (Devout Believer).

 - According to narrations, the Taboot-e-Sakina will be handed over to Imam Mehdi when He comes.

 - When the Prophets of Israel had the Taboot-e-Sakina, they would make requests to God through it and their requests would be fulfilled.

 - Taboot in Suryani means 'chest' or 'rib cage'. Taboot-e-Sakina actually means 'a chest which comes under the divine theophanies'.

The Taboot-e-Sakina has two aspects: the Holy Black Stone in Kaaba (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) and, spiritually, it is in a human body which is protected by the archangels.


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