Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Aurat Aur Muashray Ki Ziadati

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Younus AlGohar’s answer to a viewer's question about the struggles women face in the modern-day society.

Main points:

- Women have made a huge contribution to society and the world. Without women, the world would be a very different place. Women go through childbirth and then they raise the children. The fact that women get menses is not injustice from God; rather, it is simply because menses is a necessary part of the reproductive process. God has given men 9 parts intellect and 1 part love; he has given women 9 parts love and 1 part intellect. If a woman so chooses, she can use all 9 parts of her love for God and therefore, she could go further than men in loving God.

- There is a certain mindset in Pakistan and India, in which people put pressure on a woman to give birth to a boy, not a girl. However, whether the child is male or female rests entirely in God's hands. Medically speaking, the sex of the child is not determined in any way by the woman's egg; rather, it is the male sperm that determines it. To tell a woman that she must give birth to a baby boy is actually a form of Shirk (appointing a partner with God) - because it is God who decides whether the baby will be male or female.

- In Pakistan, people prefer sons over daughters. One of the reasons for this is because of the culture of showing off that has become part of the society. Marriages, according to the Customs of Prophet Mohammad, should be a simple affair; however, in Pakistan, there are so many unnecessary expenses to marriage - such as a grand dowry and extravagant wedding events stretched over many days - that getting one daughter married leaves a man penniless. Since there is extreme poverty in Pakistan, when a daughter is born, the family may not be happy because the thought dominating their minds is how they will pay for her upbringing and eventual marriage according to the hypocritical standards of Pakistani society. If people were to begin getting their children married according to Prophet Mohammad's way, no one would be unhappy when a baby girl is born.


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