Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Halala in Islam: Haram Ya Halal? | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar answers a viewer-submitted question about the reality of Halala (a temporary marriage which supposedly allows a divorcee to remarry her ex-husband according to Islamic law).

Main points:

- Halala is unquestionably prohibited (haram) in Islam. A woman can only remarry her ex-husband if she has been divorced by him, married to another man and then her second husband also divorces her. This has to be a natural process for it to be valid in Islam.

- According to a famous Prophetic Tradition, 'Your actions depend on your intentions.' The intentions behind Halala are not for the woman and the new groom to have a genuine marriage, therefore the marriage vows they recite during the Halala are not valid. This is just something made up by the clerics to bypass the religious laws. For example, to eat and drink in the mosques is not allowed - however, clerics say, 'Express the intention of performing Itikaf and then you can eat in the mosque.' When you do this, you may be saying that you intend to do Itikaf, but your real intention is to eat; therefore, this deceptive. God looks at your intentions.

- Clerics in the UK, Canada and USA have made Halala into a lucrative business. They have created Halala packages and they get to have a new bride every day on top of that. However, there is nothing in the Customs of Prophet Mohammad or the Koran that endorse Halala.

- To say that you divorced your wife in anger is just an excuse. There are some things you don't do, even in anger, like ending your own life. When you care so much about your own life, why don't you care about following the Koran and Customs of Prophet Mohammad while you are angry? A marriage ends in Islam when the husband says 'I divorce you' three times to his wife. There is no need to say 'I divorce you' three times all at once. This is not the way outlined by the Koran and Prophet Mohammad. Islam teaches that say give the divorces one at a time. If you are a Muslim, follow the path outlined by the Koran and Prophet Mohammad, and you will never need a Halala.


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