Thursday, 13 September 2018

Talimat-e-Mustafa (saw) Tasawwuf Ki Meraj | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar gives the true introduction to Sufism and how Prophet Mohammad took spiritual knowledge to its culmination.

Main points:

- When a Spiritual Guide is appointed by God, he has God's image in his heart. God sends 360 theophanies upon that image every day. God would send 360 theophanies upon the saints and 500 theophanies upon Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani every day. However, Prophet Mohammad was constantly under the divine theophanies - all day and night. This is why the Lower Selves of some Companions of the Prophet were purified just by being in his physical company; they didn't need to adopt any spiritual austerity to achieve it.

- We started the campaign of Dhikr-e-Qalb (The Opening of the Spiritual Heart) about 40 years ago. People think that it is incredibly important for the heart to engage in God's remembrance. This is true, but it is not the only way to spiritual progress. One's spiritual progress depends on the Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Guide may have some disciples engage in invocation, whereas for some people, he will enlighten them with his spiritual concentration alone. More important than all the rules and laws in spirituality is to listen to the Spiritual Guide.

- Once you have pledged allegiance to a divinely appointed Spiritual Guide, you don't have to worry about the Day of Judgement or the questions in the grave; you belong to him and he will take you wherever he goes. All you have to do is determine whether the one you are about to pledge allegiance to is really a man or God or not.

- We are living in an era where no spiritual austerity or control over one’s diet can purify the Lower Self. The ratio of negative energy in the atmosphere is far too high. Today if anyone's Lower Self is to be purified, it will be possible only through the spiritual concentration of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

- Prophet Mohammad wasn't just a prophet or a messenger. When the entire attributes of God converge into one, that is Prophet Mohammad. Sufism has been the soul of every religion. But when the religion of Islam was established, due to Prophet Mohammad's blessings, Sufism reached its culmination. The basis of every religion is Deen-e-Hanif: when your tongue invokes upon God and your heart also invokes upon God, this is when you enter Deen-e-Hanif. Most of our Muslims think that the total representation of Islam is the performance of worship, but this is not true. Before everything else, the most important thing is to establish a connection between you and God.


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