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EP1 - Waqia Karbala Ka Haqeeqi Pas Manzar | ALRA TV

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SPECIAL EPISODE - Episode 1, Muharram Series: Younus AlGohar breaks down what really happened on the 10th of Muharram and what turn of events led to the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammad's beloved grandson, Imam Hussain.

This video is the first in a three-part series centred around Moharram and Imam Hussain's martyrdom.

Main points:

- Usman-e-Ghani, the third Caliph, was married to Ameer Muawiya's sister. Due to this family relation, Ameer Muawiya was able to take advantage of Usman-e-Ghani by pressurising him through his wife; as a result, Usman-e-Ghani was accused of nepotism. When he was martyred and the killer was unknown, Ameer Muawiya then joined hands with Bibi Aisha and waged a war against Ali. This is how the Islamic Sultanate became divided into two groups. Ameer Muawiya was the Caliph of one group, and Ali was the Caliph of the other group. Ameer Muawiya had Ali killed.

- After the martyrdom of Ali, Imam Hassan became the Caliph. In order to avoid further bloodshed, Imam Hassan made a pact with Ameer Muawiya. The peace treaty they both agreed to uphold stated that Imam Hassan would abdicate the Caliphate and that Ameer Muawiya would not make Caliphate an inheritance. According to the pact, when the time came for Ameer Muawiya to give up the Caliphate, the next Caliph would be chosen with consensus of the Muslim nation. After some time, Ameer Muawiya had Imam Hassan poisoned; then, Ameer Muawiya appointed his son, Yazid, as the successor to the Caliphate. This left people in a state of unrest.

- People spoke out against Ameer Muawiya, led by Abu Bakr's son and Umar bin Khattab's son, both of whom loved Imam Hussain dearly. The Muslims were divided - the people who had lived under the Caliphate of Ameer Muawiya supported the decision to appoint Yazid; whereas those who had lived under the Caliphate of Ali and Imam Hassan opposed it vehemently. They pointed out that Ameer Muawiya had broken the promises he made in the peace treaty. In the midst of this, Ameer Muawiya died and Yazid became the Caliph.

- A huge majority of Muslims wanted Imam Hussain to be their Caliph. Had they been given the chance to voice their will, they would have absolutely chosen Imam Hussain as their Caliph. Yazid had this fear in his heart that if the Household of Prophet Mohammad was not stopped, he would be lose the Caliphate; so he threatened people. The people of Kufa kept writing letters pleading with Imam Hussain to come to their city and be their Caliph. Imam Hussain set out for Kufa on camel; he was intercepted by Yazid’s army in Karbala.

- The general of Yazid’s army, Hurr bin Riyahi, secretly supported Imam Hussain and advised him to return to Medina under the cover of night; however, for 3 days, Imam Hussain would try to leave but he would find himself circling the battlefield when day came. In the end, Hurr bin Riyahi left his post and joined Imam Hussain’s side. Yazid’s army treated Prophet Mohammad’s Household worse than they would treat disbelievers and polytheists in war. They disrespected the women of Prophet Mohammad’s Household, they martyred Imam Hussain and they set fire to the camps of his supporters. This was the destruction of Islam; after the abdication of the Caliphate by Imam Hassan, Islam has never been able to recover.


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