Monday, 3 September 2018

Kiya Mazarat Par Jaana Shirk Hai? | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar's enlightening lecture about visiting the shrines of Saints. Is it permissible or forbidden in the Sharia of Islam?

Main points:

- Many people have such questions in their minds. When these questions are left unanswered, their tenet changes. They begin to believe that the saints in the grave have died and are unable to hear the prayers of people and unable to help them. If that was the case then how will common people be questioned in the grave? Who will be shown the image of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? This indicates that the senses will be intact in the grave.

- We need to see whether every dead person is truly deceased. God has placed five souls in the breast of every human being, one soul in the head; these six souls are called ‘Celestial Souls’ and if these six souls are revived then within the lifetime of a human being, these souls are able to leave the body and engage in different activities.

- A Prophetic Tradition states: The difference between human beings and animals is due to these subtleties. A human being is able to reach the Empyrean of God with the help of these subtleties and animals do not possess these subtleties; they remain in the world. If you are the best creation then you should do something that none else can. Neither the Archangels nor the angels should be able to do it, nor the birds or animals. What is that thing? The celestial souls.

- Those who have enlightened and empowered these subtleties gained access to God. When they completed their time in this world and it was time for their death, [out of all the celestial souls] one of the souls, the Human Soul, goes back up and the remaining subtleties, which were enlightened remained in the grave and worship, so they must also be able to hear the prayers of people.

 - Going to the shrine is more or less like meeting that saint physically, during his lifetime. The only difference is that before his souls were in his body and now they are in the grave. When the souls were in his body, they were revived and now that they are in the grave they are still revived. Therefore, going to the shrines is a means to obtain blessings and benevolence.


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