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Youm Ashura: Yazideeyat Ki Kaat Ilm e Tassawuf | ALRA TV

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Disclaimer: Yazidism here refers to Yazid bin Muawiya and those who follow in his footsteps, not the pre-Islamic Kurdish religion.

SPECIAL EPISODE - Episode 3, Muharram Series: In this earth-shattering finale to his series on Karbala and Youm Ashura, Younus AlGohar explains why people today unknowingly follow Yazid bin Muawiya. He also reveals how to practically follow the footsteps of Imam Hussain today to put an end to the rise of tyranny and injustice.

This video is the third a three-part series centred around Muharram and Imam Hussain's martyrdom.

Main points:

- Has the incident of Karbala put an end to cruelty in the world? Mischief arose in the religion 1400 years ago. Is there no mischief in the religion today? Do you not see anyone like Hussain or Yazid today? Times change and faces change, but truth and falsehood always face each other off. Karbala happened because those who practised the religion at the time only knew of the Exoteric Knowledge. They were unaware of the Esoteric Knowledge.

 - Sufism and spirituality are the paths which do not allow any human being to become another Yazid. Sufism cultivates Hussains; If there is one Hussain; Sufism will create 100 000 Hussains. Syedna Ghous-e-Azam [Abdul Qadir Jilani] said, 'Every Muttaqi (Purified One) is a member of Prophet Mohammad's Household.' Salman Farsi was a Zoroastrian who adopted Islam, purified himself and was included in Prophet Mohammad’s Household. If it could happen to him then, then why can’t it happen to someone today?

- A true Sufi is one upon whose heart a Perfect Spiritual Guide has placed an image of God and the Motto of Faith through his spiritual concentration, whose Lower Self has been purified. It is a true Sufi who will love God and Prophet Mohammad. Until you adopt Sufism, no matter what worship you perform or how much you beat yourself in mourning of Imam Hussain, you will continue to give rise to Yazidism. Without Sufism, your mourning of Imam Hussain will be hypocritical.

- The age we live in today is more dangerous than the age of Yazid. In Yazid’s time, everyone knew that Imam Hussain was Prophet Mohammad’s grandson. However, this is the era of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi - whom Prophet Mohammad would shed tears in the longing for. He is the One whose spiritual concentration takes a common sinner to the court of Prophet Mohammad. And people have committed all sorts of tyrannical and unjust acts against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi - from throwing bombs to filing false cases of blasphemy to putting a bounty on His head.

- Either your inner is pure or it is impure. If it is pure, you are with the Household of Prophet Mohammad. And if it is impure, you are with the impure ones - you are with Yazid. The Koran mentions that Prophet Mohammad, in return for connecting the Muslim nation to God, asked nothing of them for except that they love his Household. Only those loved Prophet Mohammad’s Household who were part of his nation.  If you don't want Yazidism to thrive, then adopt Sufism. If we want Hussainism to thrive, then the hearts must be purified. Hussainism begins in the feet of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. If you want to follow the path of Imam Hussain, come to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.


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