Saturday, 2 February 2019

Dam Milanay Ka Tariqa

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Younus AlGohar explains the method of Dam Milana, an act used by the saints of God to request a special form of spiritual help from other spiritual dignitaries. He also grants those who have the Personal Name of God permission to use a unique form of Dam Milana.

Main points:

- People say that the supplications of saints can make it rain or that their prayers will solve various other problems. However, praying for rain will not make it rain. It is the Archangel Michael’s job to make it rain. If a saint of God is requested to pray for rain, what will he do? He will seek the spiritual help of Michael (Dam Milana). When he uses the act of Dam Milana, Michael will become present within him. And Michael's spiritual power will be loaned to the saint. Then the saint will say, 'Let it rain,' and it will rain.

- Sometimes, you need to use the act of Dam Milana - and sometimes, if you have enough spiritual power, you don't need to. When you have enough spiritual power, then your inner faculties become dependant upon your thoughts. Then you will just think about a place and, immediately, your subtleties will leave your body and travel there. This is the stage where you can use Dam Milana if you need to; in other words, this method is for the Kamileen (saints who have reached the culmination in spirituality).

- For the first time in life, I am giving you all permission to carry out Dam Milana. The permission to perform Dam Milana will work only for those who have the invocation of the heart and can see God's Personal Name inscribed upon their hearts when they visualise it. It can be used to solve any problem you may have. For example, if you have applied for a visa, first visualise God's Personal Name on your heart and then shift that visualisation from your heart onto the person in front of you who is in charge of your visa application. If it is successfully shifted onto the person, you will actually see the Personal Name of God hovering over them. This is how to use Dam Milana through the Personal Name of God. Test it and see - this permission is normally only granted to saints of God.

- In 1987, a time came when I had not eaten for 16-17 days. I was then told spiritually, 'Whenever you face any difficulty, simply visualise the Personal Name of God and the problem will be solved.' And I thought to myself that nothing could be more difficult than that situation, so I visualised the Personal Name of God upon my stomach. That was when I saw that many tiny Personal Names of God had begun entering my stomach. It became full and I had energy. When I visualised God's Personal Name upon the water, my thirst was quenched. Those who obtained this knowledge will certainly say that Imam Hussain didn't need water or food in the Battle of Karbala, for he had the Personal Name of God.


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