Thursday, 21 February 2019

Imam Mehdi Konsi Shariat Ka Nifaz Karen Gay?

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At the request of a viewer, Younus AlGohar reveals the type of Sharia (Sacred Law) Imam Mehdi will implement.


- Imam Mehdi's teachings are for the soul, not the body. Shariat-e-Ahmedi is the Sharia for the souls. Through the Personal Name of God, Imam Mehdi will unite people of all religions at one platform. The invocation within their hearts will be the same and they will follow the customs and rituals of their own respective religions.

- Some people think the Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. are disbelievers. To those people, I say: when divine energy and the invocation of God's name enter their hearts, they will become Mohid (those who believe in God’s oneness). When one becomes a Mohid and there is no Sharia for them to follow, their religion is known as Deen-e-Hanif (The Religion of God).

- If you follow a religion that has been adulterated, the divine energy in your heart will automatically distance you from worship which has been subject to modifications.  God's Personal Name cannot enter anybody's heart without God's permission. If God has settled his name in somebody's heart, God has connected them to himself. Then it is up to God what he wants to do with such a person; God may choose to send them into the religion that has been modified to reform others.

- The actual core of the religion is Tariqat (spirituality). Sharia is the outer shell which protects that core. As people become attached to Imam Mehdi, regardless of their religious affiliation, the divine energy in their hearts automatically makes them respect spiritual dignitaries from all religions. This is why Hindus and Sikhs who follow the teachings of Imam Mehdi also speak respectfully about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Abdul Qadir Jilani and others.

'O' Prophet Mohammad, turn your face toward Deen-e-Hanif because it is the religion to be established in the future.' - Koran 30:30

- The message Imam Mehdi has brought to the world is of God's Rapturous Love: the Religion of God. One of the titles for Imam Mehdi is also 'Imam-e-Qaym (The One Who Shall Establish)' - and He will establish the Religion of God.

- Deen-e-Hanif is the religion in which a person directly believes in God's oneness after becoming connected with God and there is no intermediary of a Prophet involved. They directly become a Mohid.


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