Sunday, 3 February 2019

Kya Maula Ali Ko Allah Kaha Ja Sakta Hai?

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Is it permissible to call Moula Ali God - and can you call God Ali? Younus AlGohar explains.

Main points:

- There is a type of knowledge in which it is not incorrect to call a man of God, God. This is because the man obtains something from God due to which if someone calls him 'God', they are referring to God, not the man.

A Prophetic Tradition also states: One who completes Spiritual Poverty becomes God.

- When Pharaoh said, 'I am your Lord, the most high,' he was declared a disbeliever, polytheist and hell-bound. But when Mansoor Hallaj declared, 'I am God.' He was known as a Divine Lover. Both said the same thing. However, the words Pharaoh uttered came from the Devil and that is why they were wrong. Whereas the words Mansoor bin Hallaj spoke came from God, hence they were right.

- In spirituality, a time comes when God says, 'I become the hands with which he holds, I become the feet with which he walks and I will become the tongue through which he will speak.' This is the Station of Laqa and Baqa which comes after the Station of Fana (Annahilation) in which a spiritual union is established between man and God. Therefore, calling Maula Ali 'God' is permissible.

- You cannot call God 'Ali'. It is permissible to call Moula Ali God because Maula Ali possesses the light of God. Maula Ali is a human being as an individual but the beauty of God reflects in the mirror of this human being. But a human reflection is not mirrored in God's being.


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