Monday, 11 February 2019

Kya Tasweer Haram Hai?

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Are pictures haram (forbidden) in Islam? This video is Younus AlGohar’s definitive answer to this hotly debated question.

Main points:

- There were no cameras in the era of Prophet Mohammad, so how can pictures be forbidden? If something is forbidden in the religion, there is some wisdom behind it; God does not make restrictions in religion for no reason.

- Making idols was common in the previous eras. They would also use brushes or other tools to paint images on walls. Those painted images would be of the idols. What the Prophet declared prohibited were those idols and the painted images of those idols.

- The pictures which are taken by cameras today are not made by your hands. Rather, the camera captures the lights and shadows on the person whose picture is being taken. The camera catches the image of people which is made by God; it is not manmade. And if you do have any pictures of yourself, it is not as if people are worshipping it. Whereas in the past, people would worship those idols and their colourful hand-painted images as their God.

- Listening to today’s religious clerics is folly. For example, Molvi Ilyas of the Dawat-e-Islami said that TV is prohibited, so all his followers destroyed their television sets. After that, he made his own TV channel - even though he had said that TVs are prohibited. Fazl-ur-Rehman, a Wahhabi cleric, also said that pictures are prohibited. And now, he is also coming on TV and his pictures are being taken. Their statements change like the weather.

- There are pictures and videos of everything today. When people go for the pilgrimage of Hajj, that is also shown live on television. How can a picture be logically prohibited?

- God has mentioned his attribute of 'Musawwir (One who makes images)’ in the Koran. In the Kanz ul Emaan - the translation of the Koran done by Aala Hazrat - it is stated in the explanation where the Ark of the Covenant is mentioned that there are images of various prophets in the Ark of the Covenant which were created by Solomon, the Prophet. Obviously, he would have made those images by hand; if making those images was prohibited then why would a prophet of God do it?


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