Friday, 8 February 2019

Karishma e Qudrat: Imam Mehdi Ki Nishaniyan

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Younus AlGohar explains why it is nearly impossible in this day and age to recognise Imam Mehdi in light of the Prophetic Traditions. He reveals the role of God’s signs.

Main points:

- There is a huge question mark about the authenticity of Prophetic Traditions. There are over 73 sects in Islam and each carries its own set of Prophetic Traditions. The public doesn't know which Prophetic Traditions have been removed and which have been published in the books compiled by the religious scholars.

- Some Wahhabis do not believe in the concept of Imam Mehdi; they say that there is no mention of Him in the Prophetic Traditions. They rather state that there would be an end-times caliph. Other religious scholars are convinced of Imam Mehdi’s advent and they cite various Prophetic Traditions when talking about Imam Mehdi. The Sunnis and Barelvis have a concept of Imam Mehdi but they do not emphasise it. The concept of Imam Mehdi is very important in Shiism.

- The common factor in all of these sects is that not a single one of them has access to spiritual knowledge. There were some people among the Sunnis who accepted spiritual knowledge, however, the campaign run by Tahir ul Qadri and his organisation, Minhaj ul Quran, destroyed their faith.

- In the beginning, Tahir ul Qadri spoke about spirituality, Faqr (Spiritual Poverty), Dhikr (invocation) and Dhikr-e-Qalb (The Opening of the Spiritual Heart). But people started to ask him to help them become saints of God. He did not have sainthood, so in order to save face, he started to project a definition of sainthood which was confined to exoteric knowledge, outer worship and Sharia. He destroyed the philosophy of how one becomes a true disciple of Ghous Pak (Abdul Qadir Jilani). He a severe blasphemer of Ghous Pak and Imam Mehdi. He misguided people when he saw that His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi's fame was spreading.

- In jealousy and fear, he made up dreams and told people them. He claimed that Imam Mehdi's advent would take place after 800 years. Then when he did not manage to turn people against HDE Gohar Shahi, he claimed that he had a  dream in which he saw Imam Mehdi before him and he saw Jesus descend from the sky. And in his dream, Imam Mehdi told him that all the current and future members of his organisation would be included among the followers of Imam Mehdi. If people living 800 years before Imam Mehdi's advent could become followers of Imam Mehdi, then people living 1000 years before His advent can also be Imam Mehdi's followers. Then why did Moula Ali said he would have spent his entire life in Imam Mehdi’s servitude if he was born in Imam Mehdi’s era?

 - Imam Jafar Sadiq was very strict in regards to the authenticity of Prophetic Traditions. He said, ‘Check to see if the Prophetic Tradition that contradicts the Koran; if it does, throw it against the wall because it cannot be a saying of Prophet Mohammad.’ There are so many Prophetic Traditions; you will never be able to recognise Imam Mehdi in light of these Prophetic Traditions. How would you recognise Imam Mehdi when you haven’t been able to become Devout Believers in light of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions?

- HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘When the Prophetic Traditions became subject to adulteration and it becomes almost impossible for the world to recognise the truth in light of the Prophetic Traditions then God manifested his signs [so they could recognise the truth].' Then HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said that when a sign from God is freshly manifested, then it has upper hand over the Koran and Prophetic Traditions in the similitude of Martial Law. The signs manifested by God are free from human interference and are beyond their access. The images of HDE Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Mars have been manifested by God; HDE Gohar Shahi did not manifest them. They are God’s Miracles and God’s Miracles are eternal.


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