Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Manzoor e Nazar Kon Hota Hai?

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Who are the Manzoor-e-Nazar (Admitted to the Eyes) and how does one become admitted to the eyes of his Spiritual Guide? How has Imam Mehdi changed the spiritual system since His advent? Younus AlGohar explains.

Main points

- The genuine status of a Spiritual Guide starts from Kamil Tariqat (Perfection in Spirituality). He will only accommodate the number of disciples prescribed by God in his fate. The Spiritual Guide has the power to save an image of his disciples with his eyes. When the Spiritual Guide decides to spiritually concentrate on you, he thinks about you and your appearance or reflection will come before him. The Spiritual Guide will look at that appearance and you will obtain the spiritual benevolence through the appearance.

- The appearance of someone who is a Manzoor-e-Nazar (Admitted to the Eyes) makes permanent abode in the eyes of the Spiritual Guide. When his appearance is permanently kept in the Spiritual Guide's eyes, he is constantly under the Guide's spiritual concentration. Then the Guide grants him the ability to visualise the Guide when he closes his eyes.  If the Guide wants to make the disciple’s visualisation of him permanent, he places his reflection in the eyes of the disciple; then the disciple sees the Guide wherever he looks.

- Before you become a Manzoor-e-Nazar, you have affection for your Guide. If the Spiritual Guide wants to grant you his love, he will purify your Lower Self and your heart and then place a sub-spirit in your chest.  All five subtleties in your chest will form a circle around that sub-spirit of your Spiritual Guide and circumambulate it. Per the spiritual laws, that sub-spirit of the Spiritual Guide remains in the chest of the disciple for three years. In those three years, the disciple’s subtleties become like the sub-spirit of the Guide. This is what is known as the love of the Spiritual Guide. After that, the Spiritual Guide calls back his sub-spirit and the subtleties of the disciple spend the rest of their lives sorely missing the Spiritual Guide.

- HDE Gohar Shahi did something different. If HDE Gohar Shahi gave anybody one of His sub-spirits, He gave it permanently. Such a person was known as an Eternal Fana fil Sheikh.

- HDE Gohar Shahi has introduced a new system. He casts a Merciful Sight at least once a day upon the heart of a common follower of Imam Mehdi.  Imam Mehdi shall pass through the chests of the elite followers at least once a day. When He casts His Merciful Sight upon your heart, all the sins of the day will be burnt. You will weep in His remembrance in the beginning. But after He casts His spiritual concentration on you two or three times, your subtleties will fall unconscious. Then the only way to recognise if you are a true follower will be if you dedicate yourself to the propagation of the Office of Imam Mehdi and you submit yourself to the one you must submit before.

- Before the Seclusion, HDE Gohar Shahi did not cast His spiritual concentration upon anyone because people had the physical company of HDE Gohar Shahi available to them. You didn't need the spiritual concentration to burn your sins.

- Somebody asked HDE Gohar Shahi how one would be able to differentiate between the satanic marvels performed by the Dajjal (Antichrist) and the miracles of Imam Mehdi. HDE Gohar Shahi replied that differentiation is not possible. The only way people will recognise the truth is if they have divine energy within their hearts. That divine energy will pull them towards Imam Mehdi. Their hearts, not their minds, will take them to Imam Mehdi. It is more important to have an abundance of divine energy and Rapturous Love than to have an abundance of knowledge; knowledge will not save you here. For divine energy to remain in you, it is necessary that HDE Gohar Shahi looks at you at least once a day.


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