Thursday 17 February 2011

A piece of advice from MFI to all

We claim and propagate the fact that His Divine Eminence Syedna Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi, and we present the divine signs in respect of our claim. Those that have a problem understanding this claim are encouraged to ask questions, however, morality and civility must be maintained, and no verbal abuse is to be tolerated. We understand that this is a religious matter and the religious individuals visit such pages as ours; therefore, all individuals should show their moral and religious values, and must not lose morality at any point. You have the right to differ and you have the right to question. Anything abusive is strictly going to be ignored and shall not earn an answer.

Thanks very much for your time to read this small piece of advice.
Younus AlGohar, London, United Kingdom.

Happy Eid Milad Un Nabi

Dear Folks,
I would like to wish all Goharians a happy Eid Milad Un Nabi.