Friday 29 June 2012

'The Religion of God' takes the world by storm!

The Religion of God (Divine Love) 

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Monday 25 June 2012

Who Opposes His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and Why?

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi began His spiritual mission from the city of Hyderabad, Pakistan. Similar to the great Sufis of their time and the Fuqra, HDE declared spirituality to be the soul of Islam. He also declared the physical deeds and austerities fruitless without the purification of the heart and purification of the Nafs. HDE Gohar Shahi revealed the secret to get rid of sectarianism and planted the name of God in many millions of hearts. Hundreds of thousands of people were taken to the spiritual gatherings in the Court of Prophet Mohammad. HDE explained what a Murshid-e-Kamil (Perfect Spiritual Guide) is, clarified the purpose of a Bayt (pledging allegiance at the hands of a Spiritual Guide), revealed the secret that of becoming an Ummati (follower of Prophet Mohammad) and prescribed the method to become an Ummati. Those whose hearts became enlightened with the name of God (Ism-e-Dhaat) found their liberation from the shackles of Sunni, Shiite, Wahhabi, and Ahle Hadith sectarianism and became Ummati of Prophet Mohammad.

When the shackles of sectarianism began to break apart, pro-sectarian half-baked Muslim clerics began to baselessly oppose HDE Gohar Shahi for their own survival. They altered the writings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi to misguide humanity and then gave fatwas of Kufr to turn people against Him.

When HDE Gohar Shahi explained how to recognise a Murshid-e-Kamil, the fake Peers and Murshid were exposed because of which this group also began to oppose HDE Gohar Shahi baselessly.

Abu Hurrera said to the Companions of Prophet Mohammad, "I have given you the first knowledge [given by the Prophet] and if I tell you the second knowledge you would kill me."

Attempts on His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s life were made and fatwas of Kufr were issued against Him for the promotion of this second knowledge. 

Remember while addressing the Muslim clerics, HDE Gohar Shahi said many times in His speeches and through electronic media, “If there is anything in my writings, lectures or teachings that goes against the Quran or against Sharia then burn me alive.”

The clerics of Islam spread a negative propaganda against His Divine Eminence amongst the public and they left no stone unturned in defaming, alleging and slandering Him.

HDE Gohar Shahi repeatedly expressed, “Prophet Mohammad is the Last Prophet, after him prophet-hood has been terminated and we believe the false claimants of prophet-hood to be Kafir.”

Regardless of this, half-baked Muslim clerics slandered against and alleged that HDE Gohar Shahi claimed prophet-hood.  

As far as Martaba-e-Mehdi (Rank of Mehdi-hood) is concerned, in the light of the Divine Signs manifested by God we know this truth that HDE Gohar Shahi is the Imam Mehdi sent by God.

We invite the common public to research the teachings and personality of HDE Gohar Shahi and the Divine Signs manifested by God so that you too may reach the truth!

Saturday 23 June 2012

Imam Mehdi in the Light of Quran and Ahadith

We would like to present before the public different concepts about Imam Mehdi that exist today. We studied the divine signs that have been manifested from God in favour of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. We’ve also studied and examined the teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi and we have very deeply, profoundly and very keenly listened to the discourses given by HDE Gohar Shahi on various subjects of spirituality, obscure Spirituality, theosophical belief system and religiosity.
The concept of Imam Mehdi in the light of the Islamic faith is very much based upon the information that we find in Ahadith, also in the discourses given by the Aima-e-Ikram (Muslim Scholars) from the household of the Prophet (Ahle Bayt) like Hazrat Ali, Zain al Abideen, Imam Bakar, Imam Jaffar Saddiq and other religious scholars and Mufasireen of Quran. It is very unfortunate that within Islam there are two different concepts about Imam Mehdi and it is widely known; Shiite concept of Imam Mehdi and the Sunni concept of Imam Mehdi. In the Western world, westerners often regard Imam Mehdi as a Shiite leader. Their perception or conception is that Imam Mehdi is for Shiite only. It may be the case that Shiite often talk about Imam Mehdi and they are very vocal on this subject and they have often projected their belief system and whatever they say in regards to the concept of Imam Mehdi, that has reached four corners of the globe. Whereas the Sunni denomination in Islam doesn’t seem to lay a lot of emphasis on this subject of Imam Mehdi as a result of which it appears as though in the minds of the Westerners Shiites have a monopoly on the concept and coming of Imam Mehdi. Both denominations in Islam regard their source of information to be a Hadith. Even so their belief system about Imam Mehdi is not similar to each other. There are a lot of very fundamental differences.
The Ulema of Islam have not determined yet what is it to be from the household of the Prophet. People who say they come from the lineage of the household of the Prophet (Sa’dat), why do they not look at their character and the level of their faith? Fatima Zahra was Sa’dat. Hazrat Ali was also Sa’dat. Imam Hussain, Imam Hassan, Imam Zain al Abideen, Imam Bakar, Imam Jaffar Saddiq, Imam Askari, they were all Sa’dat. Look at their character and look into your own heart and you will know the answer to who you are. They were from the household of the Prophet even then they engaged themselves in enormous amount of worship and extreme austerities. They lowered themselves to a level of humility where even today a normal Muslim could never imagine humiliating himself.
You will not be able to find traces of arrogance in the household of Prophet Mohammad because they are pure, whereas, today’s Muslim has become very rigid in his own concocted, fabricated and self-projected belief system and they have become stubborn knowing the fact that whatever comes from the Muslim Scholars of the Prophet is nothing but true. Even then they read it, they study it, they examine it and even then they do not want to accept the truth.
Imam Jaffar Saddiq: The face of Mehdi will shine on the Moon and a protruding hand will appear.
For the past 17.5 years we have been propagating this truth to the world that the face of Mehdi has appeared on the surface of the Moon. The Shiite have proven to be so stubborn and so ignorant that now, they are on the edge of refuting their own scholars. There is no dispute in a piece of truth which is so obvious and apparent. The face of Mehdi is prominent on the surface of the Moon and there is no condition on sighting the image of Imam Mehdi on the Moon. It is like if you have Noor in his heart, you are enlightened, only then you will be able to see that image on the Moon. Somebody asked His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi can everybody see your image on the Moon? HDE Gohar Shahi replied, those who can see the Moon they will also see my image on there, meaning the image is as truthful as the Moon is. The image is as solid as the Moon itself is. This saying of Imam Jaffar Saddiq is mentioned in a book called Al-Ghaybah. I have two copies of this book. This book was printed in Iran and those who compiled that book are from Iran, they are from the Shiite denomination, not from Sunni. The question is, is this Shiite denomination ready to embrace the truth even if the truth hurts and topples up their concocted belief system? The question is, is it this Shiite denomination themselves who is going to appoint Imam Mehdi or do you want to leave it up to God? Because we understand Imam Mehdi is one who is appointed, anointed by God for the spiritual welfare of the humanity. It’s not something you can prepare at home. You are talking about the leader of humanity. Imam Mehdi is the one who is appointed and anointed by God, only then Imam Mehdi will he have godly powers. Otherwise there have been many pseudo-claimants in the last 1400 years and unfortunately Muslims never had any type of criterion to judge the truth from the falsehood, therefore, many thousands of people have misled themselves into the ditch of misguidance.
According to Islam, we understand that Imam Mehdi is somebody who is from the household of the Prophet Mohammad and that he will have exact features as that of Prophet Mohammad himself. People who have seen Prophet Mohammad they will have no difficulty in recognising Imam Mehdi but unfortunately the era that Prophet Mohammad lived has gone past 1433 years. Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi look alike but how will you understand and recognise Imam Mehdi just because he resembles Prophet Mohammad? Have you seen Prophet Mohammad? Those who have seen somebody in their dreams and they consider that somebody to be Prophet Mohammad, there is no verification of their dream. In this day and era how is this Hadith going to help you that Imam Mehdi has the same features as that of Prophet Mohammad? It would only work for somebody who has seen Prophet Mohammad but today you do not have that knowledge that can enable you to see Prophet Mohammad.
A majority of Muslims do not believe in that knowledge of Spirituality. A majority of Muslims believe Sufism, Spirituality is prohibited in Islam but the ignorant are not aware of the fact that Sufism is the core of Islam, the soul of Quran. Without Sufism there is no emaan. You can become a Muslim but you will never become a Momin until you embark upon the Spiritual journey that will start from your heart and take you to the court of God. You become Momin only when your heart is enlightened and your soul is illumined.
The trouble is most of the Mufasireen who have interpreted Quran have twisted/reshuffled the shadows of the means of the word used in Quran and have taken a very superficial meaning. One word has many meanings if you look up that word in a dictionary. In order to become a unique interpreter one interpreter has taken one meaning out of that context and one interpreter has taken another meaning to show that they have come up with a new idea so their book may be sold in a great number. This Ummah is misled and misguided not because of one or two reasons, all the reasons are wrong. You have lost your Islamic hierarchy. You do not have an Islamic leader to whom you can go and seek divine knowledge.
God says in the Quran, if there were two creators there would have been a great mischief. What if there are too many leaders in Islam? Seventy-three denominations is a thing of the past, now they have 73,000 denominations. In the past, it was not easy to issue a verdict of Kufr against somebody. They used to make a lot of lengthy inquiries about his character, about his deeds, about his religious belief, what kind of worship does he engage in. It only came from Darul Iftah (The Department of Religious Verdict) but today every single Muslim has become a Mufti and especially when it comes to talks about HDE Gohar Shahi. When a common Muslim finds out this man belongs to HDE Gohar Shahi they say to boycott them; they are Kafireen.
Hadith: Prophet Mohammad said, 'If a Muslim gives a verdict of Kufr against another Muslim and this verdict of Kufr is false, the one who is doing it becomes Kafir.'
Billiyam Ba’our wanted to curse Moses but when he was about to do it, he said his own name instead of Moses’. Don’t curse a Momin. There are so many things that need your immediate attention. Islam has vividly spoken about the end times, about the manifestation of the divine signs, about the advent of Imam Mehdi and also about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. There are so many mind-boggling facts that lay before you. For example near the end times the Quran will be lifted. The Muslims do not put their mind to the thought. Their approach towards understanding the words of the Prophet is very superficial. If the Quran is lifted according to what they believe, then there are so many machines, God will keep lifting the books we will keep printing the books. Is this how Quran is going to be lifted?  If this physical Quran that you have in your hands, if this is going to be lifted than we don’t have a problem, we cans save the manuscript in our laptops. When all the Qurans are lifted we can print them again ad Tahir ul Qadri says the words will disappear, the pages of the Quran will become blank. What about people who have memorised the Quran, will their mind become blank? They are ignorant!
Quran descended on the heart of Prophet Mohammad. If Quran is to be lifted, it should be lifted from the place it was descended. Number two, this Quran that we have in our hands today, when the Quran was revealed, this Quran never existed at that time. When you say the Quran is going to be lifted it means the Spiritual Grace, Noor of Quran will be lifted.
Then you recite ayah upon ayah, every minute, you won’t be able to create any Noor from those Ayah because the Quran’s soul has been taken. Everything is living, Quran comes from Sift-e-Takallum and the one responsible for this divine attribute is Rehman. When Rehman takes back the Spiritual Grace, the soul of Sift-e-Takallum, the words will become useless. This is how Quran is going to be lifted. These people read Quran but they are not able to understand the Quran. They cannot find Sirat-e-Mustaqeem with the help of Quran. They are not benefitted by the recitation of the Quran. Their hearts do not get illumined by the practise of reciting the Quran. This fact alone denotes the fact that Quran has been spiritually lifted. Look at these corrupt politicians in Pakistan. They swear upon the Quran in every matter and then refute their own statements by saying it was just politics. Is this respect for the Quran? They have no fear anymore but when the Quran had not been lifted the fear was there.
This is just one aspect that Quran will be lifted in the end times. Secondly, the Holy Kaaba would be demolished. Now the Quran will be lifted and the Kaaba will be demolished and Muslims are saying Imam Mehdi will spread Islam. In the morning you will be a Momin and by the evening become a Kafir. Momin is one whose heart is enlightened and illumined and Gods name is there, how can a man whose heart is enlightened become a Kafir in the evening? In the morning his heart is enlightened and his heart is remembering God and by the evening he will reject God and you are saying Imam Mehdi will spread Islam? You are already spreading Islam everywhere why do you need Imam Mehdi? You have sent Tableeghi Jamat to almost every country of the world, where do you think Imam Mehdi is going to spread Islam, in America? Everybody knows about Islam there and there are so many Muslims in America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and almost everywhere in the world. Islam has already been spread. The question is, if Quran is going to be lifted then how will Imam Mehdi spread Islam? Even if Imam Mehdi is going to spread Islam and Quran is lifted, will you not agree to the fact that a new Quran will be revealed upon Imam Mehdi because this Quran is going to be lifted? When this Quran is going to be lifted then we definitely need another book. The Muslims have some mental problem. When we say Imam Mehdi has brought a new book they say it is Kufr and Shirk and Quran is enough. But Quran is going to be lifted and if God is going to lift the Quran he will definitely send another book. When these Ulema do not have answers to my questions they do not talk about it. I am addressing all sorts of people especially those who are just in making decisions, who have the criterion of the truth, Westerners. When Quran is lifted the leader of humanity Imam Mehdi will definitely be revealed some kind of book. What should be the content of that book?
Quran: The Religion of God is going to be established in the end times and Prophet Mohammad has been instructed to join Deen-e-Hanif.
One concept of Imam Mehdi is coming from Ahadith and Quran but the concept of Mehdi that comes from Muslims is different from the concept of Mehdi that comes from Quran, which clearly suggests the fact that the Muslims do not examine the Holy Book. This is their concocted, fabricated, invented belief system. Mehdi Foundation International is striving to help humanity establish the arrival of Imam Mehdi based on the facts. Let’s establish the fact by the knowledge given by Imam Mehdi Himself. Imam Mehdi is the Leader of Humanity. He is not going to propagate any of the religions established in this world. Imam Mehdi is bringing God’s religion with him. All the religions have been practised in this world. Judaism was helped and strengthened with numerous prophets. So many prophets assisted Judaism; all the sons of Isaac were called Bani Israel. Did all humanity embrace this religion? Then Jesus Christ established another religion. This religion was also assisted with a unique fact that Jesus is believed to be the only begotten son of God. Have all human beings become Christian? Then God sent his beloved prophet, Prophet Mohammad. Has everybody become a Muslim? At the time of Prophet Mohammad was everybody Muslim? At the time of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani was everybody Muslim? No religion had the capacity of embracing the entire humanity in its fold and no religion had a comprehensive set of belief that can suit all types of individuals. These religions were for stereotype people, those who did not want to progress in Spirituality. No religion at all has the capacity and the potential to suit and cater the spiritual needs of all individuals and human beings. Only the religion of God is capable enough to cater the needs of all human beings.
Quran: The reason why this religion suits all types of human beings is because this is the religion of nature.
The instructions in this religion does never differ to your nature. The religion is in accordance with your conscience, your nature and this is what eases the burden off of you. Other religions are not according to your nature. You have to force their teachings upon you. For example nobody wants to go to Salat 5 times a day but you do it out of fear of hellfire. You want to engage in a worship that you can enjoy the world and do all else and at the same time something in you is donated to God. You can say to God I am donating my heart to you and my body is for the world. Even if you ask Auliya they will say they don’t want to go to Salat 5 times a day but they have to do it. That establishes the fact that this religion is not based on nature. You do go to the mosque for 5 times prayers because otherwise you would be sent to hellfire straight away. Its compelling, it doesn’t suit your nature. The Sharia of Moses is even stricter than the Sharia of Prophet Mohammad; it doesn’t suit anybody. This is why people become Fasiq. Then enjoy listening to the speeches but they don’t want to do it because it’s very hard, whereas in the religion of God the burden or worship doesn’t fall upon your body. As long as your body is not exerting you are at ease and at the same time some organ in your body is engaged in Zikar Allah.
Prophet Mohammad: My eyes sleep but my heart doesn’t sleep.
The doctrine that Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought upon humanity is the set of beliefs that are to be practised by human beings of this world. But before you start practising these instructions from God you want to know the truth. This set of belief is not only to be practised by you but has always been practised by God himself. This is the first thing on earth that you will be sharing with God, the religion of God and it is not for your body. Everybody is happy because he is not going to go to a church, he is not going to go to a synagogue, he is not going to go to a temple and Muslims are not supposed to be going to a mosque. Let your souls that belong to God reach God. This body can never reach God. This body is for this world only. When you die you will not have this body, only your soul will be taken up. Before your birth there was nobody. A woman and a man, through copulation produce a body so that a soul can be sent down and that is the home of the soul. This is not your reality! That is just a container that is going to contain the soul.
Do not confuse Quranic concept of Imam Mehdi with the ‘Muslim’ concept of Imam Mehdi because what Muslims say about Imam Mehdi is totally absurd!
If you want to know the truth as little as it is available then you want to focus on what Quran has been saying about Imam Mehdi. Whatsoever is available in Quran that alone is enough to signify the importance of the arrival of Imam Mehdi. When Prophet Mohammad started talking about Imam Mehdi and spoke so highly of Imam Mehdi, his companions started to say why there is no sign from God about him? Then God revealed an ayah on Prophet Mohammad and said tell them, when the sign of God will come about Imam Mehdi you will not believe it. Today you ask about the divine signs but tomorrow when the signs are manifested it is you who will not believe it or maybe it is you who will not have the capacity of the belief system. You will reject it. Furthermore the Quran said, ‘Tell them, O’ Prophet, wait, because I also am waiting’.
Prophet Mohammad: Allah will make Imam Mehdi known to the world within one night.
Nobody knows Imam Mehdi is walking among us, we are telling everybody that Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi but nobody is listening.
His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi: 'You will be sleeping in your bed and by the morning when you wake up the media will run after you and it will be all over. The news of the arrival of Imam Mehdi will be all over and the print media, electronic media; everybody will be running after you like a mad dog. They will ask you if you have seen Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. "Come we will give you a million dollars, tell us about him."
These are HDE Gohar Shahi’s words. People will be taken by complete utter surprise and say you have touched Imam Mehdi? They will kiss your hands.
HDE Gohar Shahi: A time will come when if you say, 'I touched Gohar Shahi,' you will get a million dollars.

There is something greater in this world than Islam and that is the religion of God. The Quran says

وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا
'O’ Prophet then you will see the flocks of humanity enter the religion of God.'
God is giving an invitation to Prophet Mohammad to observe the ability and capability of the religion of God, to engross the entire humanity. No other religion has the potential or the ability of engrossing all the humanity into one fold.
All the other religions were sent to unite one nation whereas God is for everybody therefore the religion of God is for everybody. Prophet Mohammad is for Muslims, Jesus is for Christians and God and the religion of God is for the entire creation. This is the concept. The concept of Imam Mehdi that is coming up from Hadith and Quran is entirely different from whatever is being depicted by the Muslims Scholars today. Muslim Scholars are talking about the spreading of Islam and Hadith and Quran are talking about the demolition of Kaaba, suspension of Hajj and lifting of the Quran.
When there is no Kaaba in which direction are you going to offer Salat? Ever since the progeny of Adam has opened its eyes in this world there was Kaaba. From that day until the moment of destruction there has always been a Kaaba and people have been directing their prayers by facing the Kaaba. What will happen when the Kaaba is demolished? If Kaaba is needed why God is not going to protect it? In the pre-Islamic era there is a story about the grandfather of Prophet Mohammad (Abdul Mutalib). The grandfather was a custodian of the Kaaba and people told him, 'Somebody (people of the elephants) is coming to destroy the Kaaba. Are you not going to protect it?' Abu Mutalib said, 'I am only concerned about my camels. The house belongs to God and he himself will protect his house.' The Quran says

أَلَمْ تَرَ كَيْفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِأَصْحَابِ الْفِيلِ 

Did you not see what did we do to the people of elephant? Why God is not doing the same now? Before the arrival of Prophet Mohammad, God protected Kaaba. Pigeons came and they threw stones and those stones killed the people of the elephants. Many people tried to destroy Kaaba, even Hujjaj bin Yusuf also tried but Kaaba is protected because Kaaba is needed. God is protecting it. But now if Ahadith say Kaaba is going to be demolished what does this show? Divine Plan! God is not going to protect it anymore because it is not going to be needed anymore. Now the heads will bow at the feet of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi!
There is no Salat in the religion of God (Deen-e-Ilahi) there is only Ishq (rapturous love of God) and the Seeing of God. Sachal Saeen said, 'If you do no possess Ishq then you are a Kafir even if you are a Muslim.' Imam Mehdi has brought that knowledge because of the lack of which a Muslim is a Kafir.
Even before the demolition of the Kaaba, Hajj will be terminated because there will be no respect or importance amongst people for the Holy Black Stone/Hajre Aswad which is the reason for Hajj. The people of Saudi Arabia have painted over the Hajre Aswad and without kissing the Hajre Aswad, your Hajj is incomplete. The scholars tell the woman to not paint their nails because if there is nail polish on the nail, the water will not touch the nail and ablution would not be made properly. If you have painted over the Hajre Aswad, when you kiss it you kiss the paint not the Hajre Aswad so your Hajj is incomplete.

Hadith: Prophet Mohammad said Mehdi will be from my race and also the son of Fatima.
(Al Mehdi min itrati min waladi Fatima.)
This Hadith is narrated by Umme Salma, one of the wives of Prophet Mohammad. She says she heard Prophet Mohammad saying, 'Mehdi will be from my race and also son of Fatima'. These are two different things. ‘Itrat’ means race. Number one if the race comes from Fatima then Prophet Mohammad would not have mentioned 'from my race'. But he mentioned two different things. ‘Min Itrati’ is the Spiritual race and refers to the Batini race, the Tifle Noorie. The nature of Prophet Mohammad is Noor (divine light) and his race is Noor.  
Sultan Haq Bahu said, 'Prophet Mohammad has made me his son in Batin.' How? Because Sultan Haq had a Tifle Noorie and this is the race ‘Min Itrati’ is referring to and this means Imam Mehdi will have a Tifle Noorie also. In Zahir, he will be from among the progeny of Fatima.

Hadith: The world will not come to an end until one man from my household will rule the Arabs and his name will be in accordance with my name.  
The word 'rule' has come from kingdom and also means the fact 'until he [Imam Mehdi] gains the ownership of the Arab'. He will take away the kingdom from the Arabs.

Hadith: Prophet Mohammad said, 'Dajjal is one-eyed and also know for sure that your God is not one-eyed.'
What is the relation between these two? Prophet Mohammad said, ‘God created Adam in his own image.’ God is not one-eyed so when he created Adam he was not one-eyed. If somebody is born with a defect in his body that somebody is not a human being. This why Prophet Mohammad said, 'Dajjal is on-eyed' and if God had created him he would not be one-eyed. In other words Dajjal is not a human being; he is Shaitan (devil) in human form. This is interpretation number one.
Interpretation number two is the esoteric interpretation of this Hadith. Dajjal is one-eyed and God is not which means eyes refer to types of knowledge’s. Dajjal has knowledge of Zahir but does not have knowledge of Batin also and God has both Zahiri and Batini eyes. The knowledge of Zahir without the knowledge of Batin is nothing but mischief. The knowledge of Zahir becomes fruitful only when it is accompanied by the knowledge of Batin. If you are practising all the rituals of the religion but your heart is not aware of enlightenment and God then this practise of the knowledge of Zahir will take you to hellfire. The knowledge of Zahir alone is mischief because when you go to the mosque and offer Salat and your heart is empty of God’s Noor you begin to develop arrogance, deceit, and grudge which are characteristics of Iblis (Devil). It is equally balanced with it is accompanied by the knowledge of Batin and when the knowledge of Batin is in the driving seat, the knowledge of Zahir does not go here and there. All those individuals who are dependent on the knowledge of Zahir only will end up becoming disciples of Dajjal.
Hadith: 70,000 Ulema will pledge allegiance on the hands of Dajjal.
If he is one-eyed in Zahir, will the Ulema not see his face? He will have complete knowledge of Zahir and they will be impressed by the amount of knowledge Dajjal has. They will think he is a learned man. Seventy thousand Ulema will pledge allegiance on his hands and only those will do so who do not have the knowledge of Batin. Today we see Ulema do not recognise the knowledge of Batin and those who do recognise it only talk about it; they don’t have it. They have deprived themselves and others with the basic necessity of becoming a Momin which is only possible when Murshid-e-Kamil falls a sight of Spirituality upon the heart of the disciple and revives it with the Light of God. But they don’t have it, they are lacking in Spiritual powers. They may have Spiritual Knowledge but they do not have Spiritual powers and authority. That comes only when somebody is anointed and appointed by God.

Hadith: Prophet Mohammad said, 'He [Imam Mehdi] will end the religion that I started.'
Muslims say, 'Imam Mehdi will spread Islam,' but the Prophet is saying he will end that religion. The concept of Imam Mehdi according to Muslims is different from the concept of Imam Mehdi which is mentioned in Ahadith and Quran. Obviously, you need to follow the concept which is given to you by the Prophet and God.
There is a huge contradiction: the Prophet said, 'Imam Mehdi will end the religion that I started', and these people are saying Imam Mehdi will spread Islam. Imam Mehdi is not going to spread Islam! At the same time, there are Ahadith that Kaaba will be demolished, Hajj will become suspended and Quran will be lifted and you're talking about the spread of Islam? When there is no Kaaba, in which direction will you offer Salat? Where are you going to perform the pilgrimage of Hajj if there is no Kaaba? Does it not mean that there will be no Islam? Of course, there will be no Islam!
Imam Mehdi is going to celebrate the arrival of God's love. Imam Mehdi is going to fill the hearts of humanity with God's love! Imam Mehdi is going to educate them to adopt the Divine Lifestyle and live like God does. The Divine Lifestyle is purity and love.

Prophet Mohammad said: There will be a Caliph in my Ummah (Nation) and he will give away provisions to people and he will not count it.
People think Imam Mehdi will give people money. Do you think Imam Mehdi is coming into this world to give people money?
When Prophet Mohammad went to go see his daughter, his daughter said, 'I do not have enough clothing on my body, so Baba, come later.' Then Prophet Mohammad threw away (towards her) his black blanket, and his daughter opened the door. She was starving; she hadn't had food in the last three days and the Prophet Mohammad was overwhelmed with the situation that he saw. And he cried and said, 'O' Fatima, my Lord has given me enough power to turn the walls of your house into gold and silver. But do you seek the wealth of this world?' Fatima tul Zahra said, 'No, father, I smell love of God in starvation.' This is what Prophet Mohammad taught his daughter, what he taught his Ummah.
And now, in the end, you're trying to imply that according to Prophet Mohammad, Imam Mehdi is coming to give you money? That is ridiculous. Then what type of wealth is Imam Mehdi going to give you? He will give you the wealth of your heart. He will fill your heart will Ishq-e-Ilahi, with love of God, with Noor (Divine Energy). He is not going to give you money!
Then there is a Hadith, in which God says to Prophet Mohammad:
'Ya Rasool Allah, if the importance of the wealth of this world was equal to a wing of a fly in the eyes of God, then God would not give any wealth to Kafireen.'
In other words, in the eyes of God the wealth of this world has no value and the Muslims are trying to imply that Imam Mehdi is going to distribute the wealth of this world to the world. Is this why Imam Mehdi is coming? Imam Mehdi is going to give away to people the wealth of Emaan (Faith), the wealth of God's love. He will not count; whoever may come, the entire humanity may come- Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has enough in the storage to fill the hearts of humanity with Divine Love.

Imam Jaffar Sadiq said: Imam Mehdi will manifest Himself after the opening of the secret of ALR.

Saturday 16 June 2012


Happy Jashan-e-Younus 2012

Thursday 14 June 2012

Introduction to Concept of Imam Mehdi for the West

Today, the entire region of the West is familiar with this name, “Imam Mehdi”. Maybe 40-50 years ago, if you asked a white or black American, “Who is Imam Mehdi?” they’d probably say, “I don’t know”, but today, if you ask anyone in any developed country, they’d say, “Yes, we know Imam Mehdi, we’ve heard about him”.

Unfortunately, the information that has reached them about Imam Mehdi is not true. The introduction of Imam Mehdi, which has reached the Westerners comes from different groups, different countries and of different nature. It is an irony and it is pathetic that when you mention Imam Mehdi to a Westerner, instantly they think of Islamic militancy. We all know that certain fractions in Islam, such as Wahhabis do not believe in the arrival of Imam Mehdi in this world, and then another fraction within Islam (Shiite Islam) are considered to the champions in regards to the concept of Imam Mehdi.

All Westerners who have done research on Islam, they would tell you that Imam Mehdi is from Shiite Islam. Recently, a militant organisation was founded in Iraq, and it was named “The Army of Mehdi” (Jaish Mehdi). And they were of course terrorists/extremists. The main purpose of that militant organisation was to kill American and British soldiers in Iraq. But they named it “The Army of Mehdi”, and according to the American survey report, when Al-Qaeda is taken care of by the American army, “The Army of Mehdi” became the substitute terrorist organisation in Iraq. All the terrorist activities carried out by Al-Qaeda, “The Army of Mehdi” became the make-shift version of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

When a Westerner hears about it and the name ‘Mehdi’ is attached with terrorists, and these terrorists say to them “Imam Mehdi is the leader of Islam; when he comes he will kill all Kafireen, all Christians and all Jews”, the Western world will definitely take the impression that Imam Mehdi is their opposition.

I am giving you a broader view of the potential scope of Imam Mehdi and of the mission in the Western world. This has become a very critical and delicate matter. What will happen tomorrow, when we, who talk about love and global peace, who truly belong to the true Imam Mehdi, would want to convey our message to all nations of the world; what would we expect from the Western world? Resilience? Resentment? Or do we expect them to embrace this message with open arms?

Minds of the West have been polluted with wrong concepts and wrong misleading misconceptions. Today, the Western world understands and their understanding is based on the information that has reached them. It’s not just one single organisation in Iraq that is passing on misleading misconceptions about “Mehdi”; but you should be aware of the fact that the President of Iran, Ahmed-e-Nijad, ‘has’ to mention Imam Mehdi in every speech he makes. “Hasten the arrival of Imam Mehdi. He will take the revenge! He will force everybody to become Muslim!” These people are real culprits. Ahmed-e-Nijad, the President of Iran is the enemy of Imam Mehdi and an enemy of Humanity!
I would like to convey the truthful message to the Western world that Imam Mehdi (as) is not a Muslim leader. Imam Mehdi is not a leader of Islam. Imam Mehdi is the leader of humanity. Imam Mehdi is a unifier. He is not going to convert people from their religions to Islam. He will not convert anyone from one religion to another religion of the same calibre. Imam Mehdi comes with a brand-new religion and the beauty of that religion is that when it is presented to you, none of the religions that exist today will have an objection on accepting it. So, Imam Mehdi is not going to convert anyone into Islam. He is going to convert the hearts into the dwelling place of God.

Let me give you the revolutionary message of Imam Mehdi to the humanity:

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi says, ‘A Muslim thinks he’s the best of all. A Jew thinks that he is better than a Muslim. The Christian thinks that he is better than both Muslim and Jew, because they are the nation of God’s son. But Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi says, ‘the best among all of you is one who has God’s love’.

Imam Mehdi has come to curb extremism, terrorism and fanaticism. It is remotely likely that he would ever think of forming a militant organisation, because he has a mammoth and the most effective weapon with him. In his eyes the most effective weapon is love. He is going to wage a war, but his war is not between human beings. His war is between good and evil, between love and hatred.

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi says, “The love of God is for all deserving individuals regardless of their religious affiliation”. 

Whoever wants to love is welcomed, no questions asked about your religion. The only weapon Imam Mehdi takes pride in carrying is the weapon of Love. Imam Mehdi is not a leader of Islam. Imam Mehdi is not going to spread Islam. Imam Mehdi is going to spread love and global peace. And my friends, if you think that these are my own concocted thoughts, then I give you a reference from the Muslim book. For the end times the Quran said: 

When the faithful ones quit their religions, God will send his own nation on earth and they will love God and God will love them. 

According to Bible all those people who love God are children of God and according to Quran all these people who love God are Gods nation. What is the difference? Children of God are Gods nation. 

Why would Imam Mehdi hate Christians when Prophet Mohammad said to his Ummah, “How nice would be your spiritual matters when Jesus would be among you and Mehdi will also be among you?” Why would Imam Mehdi hate Christians when God is sending Jesus to support Imam Mehdi? Why would Imam Mehdi hate Americans and Jews? Forget about Jews and Christians, Imam Mehdi does not hate anybody. As a matter of fact Imam Mehdi cannot hate anybody because he is not familiar with hatred. He is only familiar with love because like God, the Bible says, “One who does not know love, does not know God, for God is love and love is God”. Imam Mehdi is love from head to toe. Imam Mehdi has come to make human beings love each other and to make human beings love God. 

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi says, “One who cannot appreciate human love, cannot ascend to divine love”. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is the Messenger of Love and Global Peace.

You would be really surprised to know what His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said about Jesus. He said, “Had the Quran not denied the fact that Jesus is the Son of God, then everybody would have adopted Christianity, because they would want to become a member of the nation of God’s son, because God’s son is superior to all other prophets and humans.’ Imam Mehdi heralds the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In the year 1997, Lord Jesus Christ, having returned from the celestial realms paid a visit to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, while HDE Gohar Shahi was in New Mexico, USA. They had healthy discussions and according to the Ahadith of Prophet Mohammad, both Mehdi and Jesus would be present on Earth in the same era, same time frame. Imam Mehdi would appoint Lord Jesus Christ to wage a war against the Anti-Christ and all the hateful souls. I would like to draw your attention towards this truthful introduction, an original introduction of the true Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi has come for the entire humanity. Imam Mehdi is not the enemy of Russia, America, Britain or any other country. Imam Mehdi is not party to any country, Imam Mehdi is love and is appreciated by those who seek love.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Imam Mehdi is supposed to introduce the Religion of God. Those who say that Imam Mehdi would revive Islam, and he would convert all human beings into Muslims, that does not fit into the criteria depicted by the Quran. If Imam Mehdi is going to revive Islam and make everybody a Muslim; after Imam Mehdi there is no more world, when will Imam Mehdi establish the religion of God? According to Quran towards the end times the Religion of God would be established and even Prophet Mohammad would become a member of the Religion of God.

This is a very misleading concept. All these Muslims scholars should think about it and stop saying that Imam Mehdi will revive Islam. If you say this you are going against the Quran and God’s plan. This is the time for when God has decided to send his own religion and let human beings share divine love and adopt his personal religion which is nothing but divine love. How do we understand it to be wrong? Even the Quran says so. 

How close is Imam Mehdi’s era to the end of the world? God said, “If Imam Mehdi did not turn up even on the last day of Qiyamah (Day of Judgement), then God would prolong that day until Imam Mehdi comes”. This is how close the era of Imam Mehdi is to the end of the world. If you say that Imam Mehdi will revive Islam, who would establish the religion of God?

Imam Mehdi is NOT the leader of Islam; he is the leader of Humanity. The way that Quran depicts the religion of God to be ‘Deen-e-Qayyam’, similarly another of Imam Mehdi’s title is ‘Imam-e-Qaayam’. Another title is, ‘The Leader of Justice’ (Imam-e-Insaf). I give the meaning of Imam Mehdi from the Quran to the Muslims and non-Muslims alike, why? Because what the Quran says is true and what the Muslims are saying is not true. 

Surah-e-Yaseen says, “We have stored all the attributes of all the prophets and messengers in one personality and that personality is Imam Um Mubeen (The Lucid Leader)”. 

Imam Mehdi has the characteristics and attributes of all the messengers and all the prophets, why so? Because those who follow Moses they can relate to Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi has the characteristics and attributes of Moses, Abraham, Adam, Jesus and Mohammad. You name it and you have it in Imam Mehdi and more attributes of the similar sort Moses had, an even better version of Adam, Abraham and Mohammad.

The Quran says, “O’ Prophet Mohammad, you’re next era is better than your current era”.

That is what the Quran says and when Muslims say to you that Imam Mehdi is going to spread Islam, they are fooling themselves and misleading you. Imam Mehdi has nothing to do with extremism, terrorism or fanaticism. Imam Mehdi is peace and love and he is going to unify the entire humanity by uniting their hearts with the same light of God. God's Religion is to be established in this world and Imam Mehdi is the last hope for the humanity. Imam Mehdi's message and teachings are Love for all. Imam Mehdi is the utter symbol of Love and Peace, the emblem of love and tower of peace.

When other prophets came into the world, some of the other progeny of Adam joined other religions therefore you became dispersed into many religions. , now the time has come for the last Caliph of the world. According to the Quran, Adam was the First Caliph (vice-gerent) of God. The First Caliph, Adam; his teachings were for all his progeny, and the Last Caliph, Imam Mehdi; his teachings are for the entire progeny of Adam.

Hadith: “O’ Progeny of Adam. There is a lump of flesh in your body. If that is corrected your entire body is corrected. If it is impure your entire body is impure. Remember well it is your heart.”

The Prophet here talks to the entire progeny of Adam, not just to the Muslims. First you are from the progeny of Adam, not Muslim, Jew or Christian. You are first from the progeny of Adam, and then you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew etc. You come under the judiciary of his prophet hood, and his prophet hood was based upon the enlightenment of the heart. And the Last Caliph has come with an even greater form of love and even greater spiritual organ of love. The First Caliph of God revived hearts so that you can love God, and the Last Caliph of God is coming to revive your soul so that you can arrive at the peak of love with the power of love. The doctrine of Imam Mehdi is based upon rapturous and extreme love.

Jesus is not coming for Christians only and Imam Mehdi is not coming for Muslims only, both are coming for all humanity.