Monday 31 March 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014

KAF Bangladesh Participates in the Holi Puja at Kali Mandir, Bikrumpur

On the 20th of March, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh was invited to the Kali Mandir in Kusumpur Manipuri, Bikrampur organised by the temple committee in celebration of Holi Puja. More than 400 people were told about the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone (Maha Shivling), and were given invocation (simran) of the heart of 'Ra Ram.' 

Saturday 29 March 2014

Quote of the Day: Loyalty Runs on Sacrifices...

'Loyalty runs on sacrifices. Those than cannot make sacrifices cannot be loyal to anybody.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Friday 28 March 2014

Quote of the Day: Gathering the Strength of the Souls...

Today's Quote of the Day is from the The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi. 'Gathering the strength of the souls with God's light and arriving at the concerned station is transcendental meditation.'

Thursday 27 March 2014

Quote of the Day: You Are Not Beautiful Because...

'You are not beautiful because your body is beautiful. In reality, you are beautiful because your heart is beautiful.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Quote of the Day: Never Complain to the Lord...

'Never complain to the Lord or one day, you will become a hypocrite.' - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

HH Younus AlGohar's Reply to Sami ul Haq

For the past few days, supportive statements in favour of the Taliban are coming from different fractions and different Islamic political organisations in Pakistan, which is a very bad sign - although it is eventually leading to something I had already foretold. A couple of days ago, a very irrational, illogical and very disheartening and discouraging statement (which of course is deplorable to the fuller meaning of the phrase) came from the Leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Munawar Hasan.

Another statement has come today from a person who claims to be the teacher of the Taliban and he himself is called the 'Father of the Taliban.' His name is Sami ul Haq. His statement was very volatile, provoking and mischievous in the sense that he is inciting people to take the law in their hands and add to already existing lawlessness in the country.

About these liberal, pragmatic and progressive Muslims and pragmatic journalists who do not admire the Taliban and are asking the government to invite the Pakistan Army to hold a clean-up operation against the Taliban, Sami ul Haq said that he wanted to invite all these liberal pragmatic Muslims to team up and come forward to combat with the Taliban.

This is an incitement. This is very provocative and it is like asking people to take the law into their own hands.

Let me explain what the Taliban is. If there is a single Pakistani still left with a Zameer (conscience) in his chest, he should wake up now because this Taliban is not only attacking on innocent civilians in Pakistan, citizens of Pakistan, armed forces of Pakistan and Muslims of Pakistan, but at the same time, it is by all means degrading the birth and authenticity of the sovereignty of Pakistan. Every year, Pakistanis celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day on the 23rd of March; and in the memory of this resolution of Pakistan, a minaret was erected which is called Minar-e-Pakistan. In the last maybe 76 years, the celebration on this day did never stop. However, a few days ago, they did not celebrate the Resolution Day of Pakistan on the 23rd of March because they were afraid that if a celebration is held, the Taliban would send some suicide bomber and blow up the building. They [Taliban] are against the ideology of Pakistan, the birth of Pakistan! The founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, Moulana Maududi said when Pakistan was being created, 'It is not Pakistan (the pure land); it is Kafirstan (the land of infidels).' With respect to our beloved leader, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he said, 'He is not Quaid-e-Azam he is Kafir-e-Azam.' Then these bastards settled in Pakistan, they came to live in Pakistan and they are now showing their fake, so-called loyalty. This is unbelievable. They do not like the word, 'Pakistan'. Why are they living in that country? Is there nobody in the Parliament of Pakistan who can question their sincerity, who can question their patriotism to Pakistan? If they said, 'This is not Pakistan, this is Kafirstan,' then why are you living in the land of Kufr? Go live in Saudi Arabia.

But it is very unfortunate that Pakistanis have lost their prestige. They have no voice of a conscience; their conscience is dead. Now the current leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, Munawar Hasan, said, 'Taliban are our brothers. You are killing Taliban, Taliban are killing you.' What is 'you'? Are you not included? Which means - you [Munawar Hasan] are a part of them. Then the question was posed to him: whoever killed the Taliban, for example, the government was involved in killing the Taliban, the drone attacks and everything - but is the common public involved in killing the Taliban? No. They are being killed; they are not killing the Taliban. Number two, if drone attacks killed innocent children in Waziristan and other places, why are you taking the revenge from innocent civilians in Pakistan? They are killing you, so you should kill them - is this Islam? They say, 'They are still citizens of this country, so we are taking the revenge.' These bastards, the Taliban are not human beings. They are worse than terrorists, they are worse than animals, they are worse than pigs.

In 2007, when Mehdi/Messiah Foundation International was protesting against the Pakistani Government in New Delhi, at the same time, Fazal ur Rehman was also in New Delhi and he was supporting the Taliban. He gave a statement that, 'The Taliban are also human beings; you should listen to them also, ask them what is their problem.' Are they human beings? They are chopping the heads of people and playing football with their heads. Have you ever seen a human being doing this? They are not human beings!

This message from the Desk of the Representative of Imam Mehdi, His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, is meant to go to Sami ul Haq, Fazal ur Rehman, Munawar Hasan and all other bastards who are part of this organised butchery.

We are determined and we will remain to be determined. Mark my words: the time is not far when Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ will wipe your dirty blood off the face of this world. Gohar Shahi is going to take care of you, because Gohar Shahi is the Messenger of Love and Peace. Of course, we are also waiting for the mammoth combat against the Taliban. We are waiting for an appropriate time. These civilians in Pakistan, they are not fighting with you - you are just killing them. A combat involves two parties fighting each other. There is no combat; it's a one-sided war. You are deceiving people. You see, they deceive people and they kill people. Somebody with a beard, or somebody who is 7-9 years of age, has a bomb jacket on him/her and he/she is walking through a mob - people do not know they are a suicide bomber, and all of the sudden he or she blows himself/herself up and you see 100 people die. This is deception, this is not war! If you come to a war, face to face, then we will judge how brave you are. Living in the caves, living in mountains, killing innocent people - either you kill them in Peshawar, Quetta or Karachi, they are all innocent people. None of them is involved in any atrocity against any type of civilians, whether they belong to common folks in Pakistan or they come from a Taliban or Al Qaeda family. 

But you see, everything is now unfolding. We have talked about it for the last few years and we have said everything which is now taking place in reality. You can now clearly see the Taliban is supported by Saudi Arabia. I do not know why those are sitting in the Parliament House and in the Presidential Palace in Islamabad who are not loyal to their religion and who are not loyal to their country. They are traitors. They are trading in corpses. Now, 1.5 billion dollars have been given to Nawaz Sharif by Saudi Arabia.

The plan is that they will get the Pakistan Army engaged in their affairs in the Arabian Gulf, and when most of the Pakistan Army is engaged in taking care of their palaces, of their land, the Taliban will attack on the nuclear facilities in Pakistan.

This is the plan. As long as the army is strong in Pakistan, the Taliban have no access to nuclear facilities. The President of Bahrain has never visited Pakistan in the last 40 years, and just a couple of days ago, he was in Pakistan requesting the Pakistani President to send Pakistani troops to Bahrain to take care of the land situation. Why should the Pakistani Army go to Bahrain and protect their country when their own country is in the battlefield? When the solidarity of their own country is at great risk, you can send the Pakistani Army to protect Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? But what about this land? This is a plan against Pakistan. But I would like to remind you all (whoever has a misunderstanding in his mind regarding Pakistan) that Pakistan was established for the advent of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. This was done with the Merciful Glance (Nazar) of Prophet Mohammad.   

How did Pakistan come into existence? Because Prophet Mohammad wanted a place for Imam Mehdi of His own. Pakistan was not founded for Islam, Pakistan was founded to facilitate HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Mark my words. If you think Pakistan was established for Islam - then you are Muslims, I challenge you to save Pakistan. The time is not far, the future will reveal what is hidden today. If you think Pakistan was established for Islam, then whoever built Pakistan for Islam should save it. We have this opinion, it is our belief and it is the truth that Pakistan was founded in order to facilitate Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. It was established to facilitate Gohar Shahi and Gohar Shahi alone will save it. Now, if Pakistan was established for Islam, then according to you [many Muslims], Taliban are the best Muslims today, they are Mujahedeen - why are they against Pakistan? If Pakistan was established for Islam, they should love Pakistan but they hate Pakistan. Pakistan was not created for Islam; it was created to facilitate Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi will save it.

Today we're here and we cannot go back to Pakistan, but tomorrow when we go there, we will be ruling the country. When we rule the country, it will become the best place on Earth. Pakistan in the future will not be a property of any one religion. People of all religions will be free to live the way they want as long as integrity of humanity is preserved. As long as they live in peace, as long as they exhibit love for each other and there is social and religious harmony preserved and practised. When we rule the country, then love will be the ruler of the country. When we rule the country, then no Muslim will want to go to Kaaba for pilgrimage (Hajj); walking on the streets of Pakistan will be equal to going to Hajj.

We are not afraid of any Sami ul Haq or any Al Qaeda or any Taliban. They are all puppets. These bastards do not know who is holding their string. They are only puppets; they are not even donkeys. Real donkeys don't speak, they only carry loads - donkeys are better than them. This is my reply to Sami ul Haq. 

Quote of the Day: If You Practise Spirituality...

'If you practise spirituality and you do not become divine, my friend, you never practised spirituality.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Tuesday 25 March 2014

His Holiness Younus AlGohar to Speak at the Canada Kanthaswamy Temple Society

His Holiness Younus AlGohar, the Official Representative of Kalki Avatar Guru Ra Gohar Shahi, will be visiting Toronto! On March 28th, 2014, His Holiness will give a lecture at the Canada Kanthaswamy Temple Society in Scarborough. Admission to the event is free and free spiritual healing will also be offered. If you are in the area, come listen to the hope-inspiring message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and obtain the unique method of Meditation of the Heart (simran)! The programme will be held at 7:00 PM at 733 Birchmount Road, Scarborough M1K 1R5.

New Video: Mindset of Muslims Regarding the Era of Imam Mehdi

The following is the transcript from the video: 

I would like to discuss with you a few points regarding the mindset of the Muslims and some other religions in relation to the era and advent of Imam Mehdi and Messiah and Kalki Avatar. It is generally believed that Imam Mehdi and Jesus would return to the world towards the End Times. People who are very profoundly involved in indulgence of worldly luxuries, they do not want to accept that the end of the world is near. When we say, 'Imam Mehdi is here,' they don't want to accept it, simply because they don't want to accept the fact that the end of the world is around the corner. Most Muslims, when we propagate that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi, say, 'Are you saying this is the end of the world?' Then they give us many accounts of Ahadith (Prophetic Traditions) and they say, 'These are the signs of the End Times; this has not happened and that has not happened.'

But before I go on further and discuss, I would like to show you a picture of Pakistan and neighbouring countries. In Pakistan, people have not only forgotten the religion of Islam, but they have also lost the meaning of human values; they do not value human beings anymore. They have deprived themselves of the moral, religious and spiritual values and now they do not qualify to be called as human beings. The reason why I say this is that they are involved in more crimes than a common man can even imagine of. They are the pioneers of ultra-modern contemporary crimes. Their mind is the house of the devil and they are always inventing new ways of corruption, new ways of transportation of drugs/narcotics and new ways of killing human beings.

In the olden times, hypocrites did not know they were hypocrites but today they know they are hypocrites and they do it on purpose. For example if a woman has 3,4 or 5 boyfriends and she fears that her family would say something bad about it, instead of stopping this corrupt practice of having extra-marital sex, what she does now is to wear a Hijab (headscarf), hold a Tasbeeh (rosary), visit a mosque and at the same time keep doing what she is doing. I call this a mask of religiosity; whereas the inside is as ugly and stinky as it was before. People today, especially in Pakistan (I don't know if it had ever happened in history), raped a child aged 6 months. At least 500-700 babies are thrown into bins every day in Karachi alone. Muslims do not want to eat pork, but today they are eating dogs, donkey meat, they are eating horse meat - they are eating everything. Even a non-religious man who does not believe in any religion understands that he should not sleep with his sister or his mother. But in Pakistan, people grow a beard, go to the mosque, offer Salat and at the same time they force their wives and their sisters to adopt prostitution. They tell them, 'This will be a great help if you do it; we are very poor.' Every other house in Pakistan is a prostitute house. Finding a virgin girl in Pakistan is almost impossible. Mosques are being targeted: mosques are being blown away and temples and churches are being blow away. Innocent babies are being raped and Saints of God are being penalised for their belief in Sufism. To my utter surprise, all this is happening under the banner of Islam and those who are prompting this are Muslims, Wahhabi Muslims.

Then today, we see things happening in Pakistan which are worse than what are mentioned in Ahadith regarding the signs of the End Times - and even then clerics like Tahir ul Qadri say the End Times are very far, about 800-900 years away! They say, 'There is no sign of the End Times, there are still so many Muslims. People are doing Dhikr Allah and offering Salat. How can you say this is the End Times?' Their concept is that when the End Times are near, everybody will become Kafir (infidel). When there is nobody who says, 'Allah, Allah,' that is the time when Qiyamah (Day of Judgment) will be established. But this is their understanding. They don't understand what is Kufr. They think every other person who is not a Muslim is Kafir. 'If you are not a Muslim, you are Kafir,' this is because they don't understand the meaning of Kufr. Kufr is to reject the truth and the truth is God. Anything that comes from God belongs to God, either you reject anything that comes from God or you reject God, it is Kufr - it's the same thing.

Munawar Hasan is the head of Jamat-e-Islami. He has made a few statements recently. In one of the statements he said the Taliban are their brothers and whatever they are doing, killing of Saints and suicide bombing in the mosques, and killing of innocent people, children, women and men is all justified. 'You are torturing Taliban and Taliban are killing you so it is the same thing; it is nothing bad.' That is what he said. Regarding Karbala, he said, 'Don't say anything bad about Yazeed or don't call it a battle between falsehood and truth.' He said, 'This was a war between two holy princes. Those killed on both sides will enter heaven.' Was Yazeed heaven-bound? God forbid!

Taliban are not human beings, they are devils. The Taliban are the talk of the town now. They have worked extremely hard over a long period of time to get this far and now they will come to their real point. Out of fear of being bombed by the Taliban, people will accept Mullah Omar as Imam Mehdi. They are trying to impose Sharia by force and they will use force to make people accept their Leader Mullah Omar as Imam Mehdi also. But, our revolutionary message will change everything in one night.

His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s Revolutionary Message for Humanity

The following is a translation of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

What is a Revolution?

A revolution is something that changes the entire human history; it is a change in the course of history. A revolution changes the established mindset of people. It changes the cycle of ethical values, religious values, etc. that have prevailed and been in practice for centuries. Then, a historic personality comes and changes the course of history by introducing a new concept and method which humanity can practically apply upon themselves - and what previously happened is never repeated again. The new revolution then becomes the decree of life (Dastoor-e-Hayat).

Many people say the religious leader of Iran, Imam Ayatollah Khomeini, brought about a revolution. The changes he introduced were put into practice as long as he lived; afterwards, people went back to their previous ways. Therefore, this was not a revolution.

If it is said that Jesus Christ brought about a revolution, [if this were the case], then humanity would have forgotten the previous Messengers and their teachings and would only remember the teachings introduced by Jesus Christ. Only in this case would it be a revolution. Did Prophet Mohammad bring about a revolution? No he didn't. If he had, then the world would have forgotten all previous Messengers and their teachings; all would adopt the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and this would become history. 

The poet Alama Iqbal was able to suss out what would be the potential change that Imam Mehdi would bring and introduce to this world.

Alama Iqbal said, 'The world and humanity is in the dire need of somebody who can change the course of history and topple up the established thoughts of the world.'

Imam Mehdi shall introduce a new ideology that shall shake the foundation of all established religions and set humanity on a new path.

Every prophet and religion has stated that God is one and he is worthy of worship. But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 

'Worship is fruitless if one does not obtain divine love from it.'

Now is the time to focus on obtaining God's love rather than worship. In mosques, temples and churches, all are worshipping God - whether they call upon him as Allah, Bhagwan, Elohim or God, etc. Nothing new is happening. The revolution would be that humanity, which has become bored with the rituals of worship, will shun the practice of worship and turn towards divine love.

This is the Revolutionary Message that HDE Gohar Shahi is giving to the human race:

The Muslim claims, 'I am the best of all,' whereas the Jew claims, 'My status is even higher than the Muslim,' and the Christian claims, 'I am better than both the Muslims and the Jews, and the rest of the religions, because I am from the nation of God's Son.' But HDE Gohar Shahi declares that the best among all is the one who possesses God's love, though he may not adopt any religion.

Now, the course of history has been changed because God and God's love was attached to the religions. Religions taught divine love, but society has now come to the point where, despite extensive worship and religious practices, people are unable to obtain divine love. HDE Gohar Shahi has terminated the conditions set by religions and their importance through this message.          

If Muslims have any objections to this message, they should read the Quranic verse:

وَلِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ أَجَلٌ فَإِذَا جَاء أَجَلُهُمْ لاَ يَسْتَأْخِرُونَ سَاعَةً وَلاَ يَسْتَقْدِمُونَ

Every Ummah (nation) has an expiration date after which the Ummah is terminated.

How can we tell if an Ummah has been terminated? Upon termination, more people do not become Momin in that religion; sects are formed and it becomes subject to a great deal of mischief. People of the same religion accuse each other of being Kafir (infidels) and Munafiq (hypocrites), and carry out attacks on each other's mosques. If they were all followers of one Ummah, then why would people of the same Quran, of the same Kalima (Declaration of Faith) carry out such attacks on one another? We understand that religions have been terminated.

Muslims, Jews and Christians all adopt a religion to obtain God's love. Now, HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has given humanity this ideology to abandon the religions (because of which you are trying to degrade each other) and strive to obtain divine love. Why don't you obtain God's love, so that every man becomes greatest of all? If everyone obtains God's love then unity would be established. When everyone becomes equal, this is unification - and unification is togetherness.

Esoteric (Spiritual) Knowledge was a part of every religion, however the condition was that people had to first learn the Exoteric (Outer) Knowledge, through which they would struggle to obtain purification of the Nafs (Ego) and then acquire spiritual knowledge. But now when all celestial books have become subject to adulteration, what should people do? Prophet-hood and saint-hood has been terminated, so new Exoteric Knowledge cannot be introduced. Therefore, God has terminated this chapter of Exoteric Knowledge and has sent Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar to dispense Esoteric Knowledge through His Merciful Glance (Nazar). The religions are no longer needed and this is the revolutionary message. Because Exoteric Knowledge has becomes subject to mischief, through this knowledge, one can no longer reach the ultimate destination - which is God. Hence, God has introduced a new system. The spiritual grace which was obtained through the religions, Exoteric Knowledge and then Esoteric Knowledge is now being dispensed through the Merciful Glance of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi! After being disheartened by fruitless rituals of religions, some people have left religion while others continue to engage in extensive worship. But because the religions are no longer valid, the devil has intervened and he instills the hearts of those who continue to engage in physical worship - without enlightenment of the heart - with negative vices such as arrogance and mischief. The madrassas (religious schools) have given rise to these devils and now their leader, the Anti-Christ (Dajjal), has arrived. The Dajjal is propagating what has been terminated by God and Imam Mehdi is propagating what God has now introduced.       

Kalki Avatar Foundation India’s Activities in Rajasthan

On the 17th March, 2014, a delegation from Kalki Avatar Foundation India participated in a festival at Baba Mohan Ram Temple in Kali Kholi Milakpur, Rajasthan, where they displayed banners depicting the miraculous images of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone (Maha Shivling). Approximately 1000 people were granted simran of ‘Ra Raam’ from our designated spiritual ministers and were also offered free spiritual healing from the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. When people found that Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi’s image renders spiritual healing, they prayed to the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and were helped immediately. A majority of attendees even took leaflets bearing the images of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi home for blessings.

Overall, our members were very well-received and people at the festival were overwhelmingly pleased to hear Kalki Avatar’s revolutionary message of divine love.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Quote of the Day: the Love Has Carved...

'The love has carved a house in his heart in which the king Himself dwells.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

NEW VIDEO: New Life Expo 2014 - Woman See His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Report from Day 1 at the New Life Expo

Starting on the 21st of March, 2014, our team participated in the New Life Expo in Hotel Pennsylvania, New York. Our goal was to raise awareness of the divine signs and spread the hope-inspiring message of His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Since our booth is on the lower level of the lobby, it is less crowded here; nonetheless, the response has been very good!

Many people took leaflets bearing the images of His Divine Eminence. We invited many people to investigate the divine signs and many aspirants Invocation of the Heart. A large majority of those who took Invocation of the Heart noted feeling immense attraction towards the image of His Divine Eminence. Overall the event has been successful.

One woman, Claudia, approached our booth and explained how she was blessed by His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi before even hearing our message! She relayed a dream she had had that morning, in which she saw His Divine Eminence and was told to chant a mantra. She took Invocation of the Heart of Ra Riaz from our team before sitting down to discuss her experience on camera.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Quote of the Day: The Act of Betrayal...

'The act of betrayal is the particular sin which even the devil hates.' - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

Quote of the Day: A True Holy Man...

'A true holy man does not respond to evil with evil because he knows not evil. He responds to all evil with goodness.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Friday 21 March 2014

KAF Sri Lanka at Sri Kaliyuga Varada Temple in Madampe, Chilaw

On 18 March, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Sri Lanka was invited to the Galahitiyawa Sri Kalyuga Varada Temple in Madampe, Chilaw, to deliver the message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. Many people were told about the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone (Maha Shivling). Attendees were also offered free spiritual healing from the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. An individual even approached our team and said,

'Wow. I have never heard a message like this before! [I am] thankful to be here and [to] attend the programme!'

Overall, the programme was extremely successful, and we would like to thank Mr Padmanathan, Mr Ravi (the head of the Negombo Centre) and the family of Mr Ravi for helping to organise the programme.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Quote of the Day: Humility Comes With...

'Humility comes with divine energy.' - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

New Video: Youma Yukshaf An Saaq (Quran 68:42) Ki Batini Tashreeh

His Holiness Younus AlGohar explains in depth the true meaning of the Quranic verse 68:42, which reveals a profound secret about the Day of Judgement and the Awaited One. His Holiness presents food for thought for all! 

This speech is in Urdu, however an English translation will soon be available.

If you would like to ask His Holiness Younus AlGohar a question on Twitter, include '#askYounusAlGohar' in your tweet. You can also leave us a comment on Facebook, or you may also email your questions to or

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Quote of the Day: If God Loves Somebody...

'If God loves somebody, He will give that somebody something which will never end.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

KAF Sri Lanka Visits Sri Muthumari Amman Temple in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

On the 18th of March, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Sri Lanka was invited to the Sri Muthumari Amman Temple in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka, organised by the temple committee in celebration of Poya Day. More than 100 people were told about the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone (Maha Shivling), and were given invocation (simran) of the heart of 'Ra Raam.' Our message touched the hearts of many; a large majority of people noticed feeling an immense attraction towards the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi.

At the end of the programme, attendees even invited our team members to their homes to deliver our message to their family members. 

KAF Sri Lanka’s Activities on Poya Day

On 16 March, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Sri Lanka held a small programme in Negombo Centre, Sri Lanka on Poya Day. A group of 50 people were shown the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and were given invocation (simran) of the heart by our presenters. Many people were delighted to hear the message of divine love and thanked our team for joining them on Poya Day.

Kalki Avatar Foundation Holds a Programme in Badarpur Bhatt Camp, New Delhi

On 15th March, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation India held a programme in Badarpur Bhatt Camp in New Delhi. The programme was arranged by Mr. Bhola Maharaj, a resident of Bhatt Camp who was given the message of Lord Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. After receiving the message, Mr. Bhola Maharaj felt strongly inclined towards the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and wanted to spread this message all over Badarpur Bhatt Camp. His wife, who was suffering from a severe bone disease, was immediately healed after taking spiritual healing from the image of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. The couple even decorated their personal worship area at home with the images of Lord Kalki Avatar.

More than 150 people attended the programmme and were told about the divine signs of Kalki Avatar on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone (Maha Shivling). They were also given free spiritual healing from the image of Kalki Avatar. Many people were pleased to hear the message and invited our team to visit again.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Quote of the Day: I Do Not Trust Anyone...

'I do not trust anyone. And if I do trust anyone, I do it wholeheartedly.' - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

Spiritual Adolescence

Before Ghaibah (Occultation of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi), His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said,

'Our trees (souls of disciples) are fully grown. Now they no longer need to be watered.'
As long as a person is on the spiritual path, the devil is after him and he is continuously tested to see where he stands spiritually. Spiritual adolescence is when your souls are fully grown, and know the difference between good and bad. Do not be deceived by blood-relations, because they did not exist before you were born nor will they exist after you die. These relations have no value for except that you fulfill their rights on you in this world. It is necessary to explain all of this because your souls are not fully grown yet. When these souls reach spiritual adolescence and they are reminded of where they originated, then they will not be trapped in these deceitful relations, this deceitful world and these deceitful luxuries. They will have this understanding that love of relations is the trick of the devil. In other words, 'Our trees are fully grown...' refers to the souls reaching spiritual adolescence.
HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'Three things that bring their love along with them are Ism-e-Dhaat (Personal Name of God), children and money.' 
If someone has money but does not have the love for money, this is the blessing of the Lord. Love for children should be on a reasonable scale. Those, whose souls did not reach their spiritual adolescence before Ghaibah, they did not have spiritual awareness and are therefore misguided. The devil has tricked them into following the household of HDE Gohar Shahi blindly. This is a very delicate point. Without knowledge, a person is apprehensive.

Those who become blind in their love for the Spiritual Guide, the devil can easily trap them at any time - because if someone is blind in their love, how will they reach the Spiritual Guide? Love is not the destination, love is the way; you must have knowledge.

Maulana Room said, 'A human being cannot recognise God without knowledge.'

The devil misguides in a very organised and discrete manner. If someone is on the spiritual path, he will fool him with examples from spirituality; if someone is following Sharia (Religious Law), the devil will keep him caught up in petty issues related to Sharia. After Ghaibah, those whose souls were not fully grown fell victim to such tricks of the devil, thus leading to many misguided groups.

People who kept the physical company of Prophet Mohammad were not able to reach the spiritual status of those who kept his spiritual company. The most powerful form of Spiritual Grace is through Nazar (Merciful Sight).
Prophet Mohammad said, 'Whatever is in the bottle is what will pour out of it.'
People did not pay attention to this. If the Lord dwells in somebody's heart, the attributes of the Lord will reflect in his character. If someone begins to love HDE Gohar Shahi and is in servitude to the Lord, even if he is a bastard, he is worthy of respect. If someone is blasphemous to HDE Gohar Shahi, be it a blood-relation such as a son, he is Mardoud (rejected by God). This matter is about point of view and our point of view is in the light of spiritual knowledge.

If people's souls had reached spiritual adolescence, then they would have known the truth at the time of Ghaibah; they would not have fallen prey to the tricks of the devil.

Love of husbands and wives is dominant upon people and they are always thinking about them. When people are tired, they seek comfort for the needs of their body. Emotions, events, situations and necessities affect you, but when your souls are fully grown and obtain spiritual awareness, they understand every situation and condition; they develop the conjecture that if they take any step in the wrong direction, they might become distant from HDE Gohar Shahi. This is the souls reaching their spiritual adolescence.

We face a lot of problems and issues, but because the souls are fully grown and have spiritual awareness and guidance of HDE Gohar Shahi every step of the way, therefore, we are aware of all conspiracies. Things appear to be fine; however, the souls can see the hidden conspiracies behind the plot.

How will the souls reach spiritual adolescence? In order to do so they will need to be nurtured. Meaning, they must be under the Merciful Glance (Nazar) of the Spiritual Guide at all times. But people do not attempt and struggle to obtain the Merciful Glance of HDE Gohar Shahi - they are lazy and fraudulent. 

Sometimes the devil casts his shadow over your heart and sometimes the devil casts his shadow over your souls. Sometimes your wife, friend or carnal desires come in the way and your servitude to HDE Gohar Shahi is not your first priority. Whereas, to please HDE Gohar Shahi, you must be alert at all times. But people always have something to complain about. When you always have something to complain about, then you have lost your Emaan (faith/divine light in the heart).

HDE Gohar Shahi repeatedly said, 'Never complain to the Lord; you will become a Munafiq (hypocrite) one day.'  
When the human souls have not reached spiritual adolescence and lack spiritual awareness, the environment around them has an effect on them. They forget their purpose because the Nafs (Self) is strong and the souls are weak; therefore, the Nafs is dominant upon them. When your souls are awakened and enlightened, they will compel you to give first priority to serving the mission of HDE Gohar Shahi.

A man of God - whose Nafs has been freed from the shackles of the devil and is in the protection of the Spiritual Guide - is not affected by praise, whether it is true or false. True praise is more dangerous, because the Nafs becomes arrogant and thinks it has achieved something great. But when the souls obtain spiritual awareness, this thought remains inside that, 'I am not capable of anything. Whatever I do is by the Spiritual Grace of my Lord.' The day you recognise your reality - that you are no better than clay - you will be blessed by HDE Gohar Shahi.

There is a Hadith that states, 'One who has recognised himself has recognised his Lord.'

As long as your inner is darkened, you will take credit for all your qualities. But when your inner is enlightened, you will attribute all your qualities to the Lord.

The Quran says that when you do something good, say, 'It is because of the blessing of my Lord.' This should not be verbal only. When the souls reach spiritual adolescence, no praise, no woman, nothing will affect the man of God.

People should monitor their actions at all times. Whatever they do, they should examine it in the light of HDE Gohar Shahi's teachings and make sure their action does not affect their relationship with HDE Gohar Shahi.

For example, you are not careful when using a plastic knife as compared to using a real knife because you know that a real knife is potentially dangerous. This is awareness. If you obtained this awareness in spirituality, then you wouldn't waste your time. Spirituality is not about reading books; rather, spirituality is the purification of the heart. Now, what is the impurity of the heart? The impurity of the heart is the presence of the devil within the heart. To rid the heart of the devil is purification. If someone takes over your house, you will throw him out. Similarly, your heart is controlled by the devil and he is fooling everybody.

Honesty is doing anything with all your heart. If you do anything halfheartedly, it will be a waste of time and you will not obtain any spiritual grace from it.

Messiah Foundation USA at the Lincoln Memorial

On March 15, 2014, a team from Messiah Foundation USA visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to raise awareness of the Awaited One His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and His peace-promoting teachings. A large majority of people at the memorial took leaflets and expressed happiness upon hearing our message.

If you are interested in learning more about us, we will also be at the New Life Expo in New York this coming weekend!

Monday 17 March 2014

Sunday 16 March 2014

Quote of the Day: My Heart is Open to...

'My heart is open to every religion. It is a temple, a mosque and a synagogue. And let the gazelle roam in it; mine is the Religion of Love.' - His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi

Messiah Foundation International at the New York New Life Expo 2014!

From March 21-23, Messiah Foundation International will be at the New Life Expo at Hotel Pennsylvania, New York! Our team will be handing out literature and offering free spiritual healing. They will also be sharing the exciting energetic experience of Heart Invocation introduced by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Quote of the Day: the Desire to be Loved is...

'The desire to be loved is evil. The ability to love is divine.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

KAF India’s Activities at the Kalka Temple, Delhi

On March 8th, 2014, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation India visited the Kalka Temple in Delhi (one of the largest temples in the area) for the Maha Ashtami Puja (aka Durga Puja). Because of the puja, many thousands of people from all over India were present.

There, our team set up a stall and displayed banners depicting the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Maha Shivling and elsewhere. Presenters from Kalki Avatar Foundation gave aspirants the message of divine love; a majority of them were extremely pleased to receive Kalki Avatar's message. Many of them took leaflets bearing the image of Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Gohar Shahi for blessings. Some people from different areas, upon hearing our message, offered to host programmes and invite us to explain our mission in their respective cities.

A considerable amount of temple-goers also took simran of the divine mantra, 'Ra Raam' from the image of Kalki Avatar.

Friday 14 March 2014

Quote of the Day: Only Say What You...

'Only say what you mean.' - His Divine Eminence RA Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Younus AlGohar to Speak in Toronto!

Attention all Toronto residents: you are cordially invited to attend an extraordinary unification and free spiritual healing event on March 30, 2014 from 2 – 6 pm, at United Steelworkers Building, 25 Cecil St, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1 (5 minutes from St. George Subway station). 

The program is organised by Messiah Foundation International in cooperation with Mission Rama Loving Project, The Star of Transformation, World Brotherhood Union, Universal Great Brotherhood and Social Creator Network.

These five organisations of variant religious and philosophical worldviews join together to host this non-religious, unifying and healing day, with the keynote address and special individual healing offering by His Holiness Younus AlGohar (of London, England). His Holiness will also explain the Goharian Unifiied Understanding of God.

The purpose of this event is to facilitate individual and collective healing and to increase unity consciousness among all peoples, transcending individual religious or philosophical beliefs. This event is a celebration of unity in diversity. 

All five organisations invite you to come and celebrate spiritual growth through acceptance and forgiveness and to help expand the universal consciousness of oneness of all creation.

Irrespective of cultural or religious backgrounds, all are welcome. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet His Holiness face-to-face and enjoy a new type of energetic experience!