Wednesday 31 August 2016

WHICH Islam Must Be Condemned

Younus AlGohar responds to radical anti-Muslims on Twitter and explains the truth about Islam and how it has been distorted today.

Main points:

-  Every religion has a time limit on it, an expiry date. When a certain religion expires, what is happening today under the banner of Islam is exactly what happens. Some people just want to denounce Islam and some other people keep on saying terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Both are wrong: Islam when it was founded by Prophet Mohammad was not the same Islam as we see today.

-  If a religion is not making you holy, that religion is not holy anymore. Today the problems we have in the world are because of these religions after they expired. When religions were founded and the spiritual systems were intact, they were helping people out and responsible for reviving human values in human beings. However, now these religions are bringing the worst out of everybody.

- There was a time when Judaism was the truth. Then there was a time when Christianity was the truth. There was a time when Islam was the truth. When truth separated itself from the religions, these religions became monstrous. We defend the original Islam which did not mean any harm to anybody.  We condemn the Islam practised by Wahhabis and ISIS.

- To collect the Quran in the form of a book was never in God’s or Prophet Mohammad’s plan. Therefore many verses in the Quran we have today have already been abrogated by God. The original Quran was revealed onto the heart of Prophet Mohammad; therefore only Prophet Mohammad, the recipient of the Quran, would be notified of any changes. It would not be made public knowledge necessarily. There are two Quran: the Esoteric Quran and the Exoteric Quran. Esoteric Quran has everything to do with God and Prophet Mohammad. This Exoteric Quran has nothing to do with either Prophet Mohammad or God.

- The apocalyptic forecast of Prophet Mohammad regarding the end times has been heavily modified by Wahhabis. The concept of Imam Mehdi has been modified and they have begotten a new theory of hatred. They have given an unreal, false story of the worldwide caliph who will supposedly rule the entire world and turn everybody into Muslims.

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Quote of the Day: Self-Realization...

'Self-realisation is God-realisation.' - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Monday 29 August 2016

Quote of the Day: Love Requires Self-Denial...

‘Love requires self-denial, hence only those manage to love someone who manage to negate themselves.’ -Younus AlGohar

Sunday 28 August 2016

Saturday 27 August 2016

Islam Aur Hindu Mat Mein Mumasilat

Younus AlGohar compares Hinduism and Islam, and shows viewers how similar the two really are. Anyone watching this lecture will come to know that there is no basis in either Hinduism or Islam that justifies hatred between followers of these religions.

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Quote of the Day: Brave Are Those....

'Brave are those that have acquired the spiritual calibre to crush their ego.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 26 August 2016

Quote of the Day: If The Lord Grants...

'If the Lord grants someone a rank in spirituality, then he does not take it back.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Thursday 25 August 2016

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Our Mission Activities in Thailand

Last week, a team from Messiah Foundation International toured Thailand to spread the message of divine love and raise awareness of the advent of the Awaited Saviour, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. They visited cities from the north to the south. They distributed leaflets in Bangkok, the Tha Sae District, Phuket and Pattaya. People of all ages and all faiths were ecstatic to receive our message and expressed deep interest in our mission. Our team is so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response and they look forward to continuing their activities in Thailand.

Quote of the Day: When Love is Missing...

'When love is missing from life, it is because the soul is not awakened.' - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Quote of the Day: You Have Money...

'You have money and luxury, but you lack peace of mind and heart because your soul is ill.' - Younus AlGohar

Sunday 21 August 2016

Dour-e-Mehdi Aur Ulema Ki Dhoka Dahi

Younus AlGohar categorically refutes the attempts by religious scholars to distort the public’s understanding of the end times and the era of Imam Mehdi. He explains exactly how scholars have tried to confuse Muslims about Imam Mehdi.

Main points:

- We congratulate General Raheel Sharif of the Pakistan Army for taking the initiative to ban the Wahhabi preacher, Tariq Jameel, from speaking at any of the army institutions. We also appreciate the actions taken by the British judiciary against radical Islamist Anjem Choudary, who has been convicted of promoting ISIS in Britain. These are steps in the right direction in the fight against terrorism.

- All the signs mentioned in the Quran and Prophetic Traditions regarding the era of Imam Mehdi can be seen today. People think that because there are so many Muslims in the world today, that Islam still lives and it is not yet the time for Imam Mehdi; however they are blind to the truth that Islam has been subject to great mischief. Today, people cannot reach God through the religion and are instead turning on their fellow human beings. On the forefront of this group that denies the truth about Imam Mehdi’s era is Tahir ul Qadri, who we have challenged multiple times on this subject.

- Tahir ul Qadri’s arguments attempting the refute the fact that we are living in Imam Mehdi’s era are severely flawed. For example, he says, ‘Imam Mehdi will come when there will be no one left who invokes God’s name.’ However when Prophet Mohammad came, was God not being remembered then? God’s name was still being invoked upon, even then Prophet Mohammad was sent with a new religion. Therefore the criteria set by Tahir ul Qadri has no basis in reality. Had Tahir ul Qadri had any knowledge of spirituality, he would not have said such a statement.

- Prophet Mohammad said in the end times, there would be beautiful mosques filled with worshippers but the mosques would be void of guidance. He further said that people would recite the Quran, but the Quran would not go beyond their throats. He said the scholars of the time would be the worst creature under the sky. He further declared that mischief would emerge from within them, and to them mischief would return.

- Muslims today should ask that if Islam really exists today, why aren’t their characters improving from practice of Islam? Instead of improving, they’re becoming more and more corrupt. There is no doubt left in any rational person’s mind that we now need Imam Mehdi.

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Quote of the Day: The Only Way...

'The only way of getting your worship purified is the way of spirituality.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 19 August 2016

Rouhon Ka Deen | Deen-e-Ilahi

What is Deen-e-Ilahi (The Religion of God) mentioned in the Quran as the future religion, and what sets it apart from other religions?

Main points:

- Deen-e-Ilahi (The Religion of God) is the Religion God sent and it is also known as Deen-e-Hanif and Deen-e-Qayam. One who rejects it will become an infidel. The responsibility of Deen-e-Ilahi was given to Imam Mehdi by God. No one but Imam Mehdi can do it. You can teach people to worship, but you can’t give them God’s love.

- Deen-e-Ilahi is the religion for the souls. Every follower of Deen-e-Ilahi, in order to enter Deen-e-Ilahi, must have seen God. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi explains that it is impossible that you have entered Deen-e-Ilahi and you don’t reach the culmination. If God accepts you, then later on, he won’t reject you.

- In order to see God, there is a subtlety in the head known as Latifa-e-Ana, which has to do with the realm where God himself is. Man can’t see God, but God has put the Latifa-e-Ana inside man which has the potential to see God. One has to enlighten and strengthen the Ana through spirituality in order to be able to see God.

- There are stages one has to go through when they embark on the journey to see God. In Zakooriyat, one engages the subtleties in invocation of God’s name (Dhikr). Once Dhikr no longer helps the seeker progress on the spiritual path, they continue on to Kashiyat in which the responsibility of whatever worship they were doing with their body is now given to the sub-spirits. In Kashiyat, every subtlety has the ability to make a spiritual journey back to their respective realms.

- After the stage of Kashiyat, seekers can start to ready themselves to see God. All the other subtleties would have gone to their realms except the Ana. To prepare the Ana to see God, one has to keep a fast for 40 days straight. If after 40 days they don’t die, their spiritual guide will take them to see God. The Ana is taken to Moqam-e-Mehmood, which is like a viewing gallery; this is where people can see God. Moqam-e-Mehmood is named as such because this is where Prophet Mohammad’s Latifa-e-Ana is stationed; the name of Prophet Mohammad’s Ana is Mehmood.

- Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said in Gujar Khan, ‘I don’t know what happened to Prophet Mohammad one day; he gave to us the knowledge that was only for him.’ The knowledge being referred to is the knowledge of Ana, which enables man to see God. The Latifa-e-Ana of Prophet Mohammad, Mehmood, now resides in Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s body.

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Quote of the Day: Enlightenment Breeds...

Enlightenment breeds love.' Younus AlGohar, How to Curb Hatred Successfully

Thursday 18 August 2016

Kiya Pakistan Waqayi Azad Hai?

Younus AlGohar discusses the state of Pakistan on the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day and asks whether Pakistan is truly independent today.

He declares, ‘Pakistan has lost its freedom to Islamists and corrupt politicians. Pakistan isn’t free at all. Celebration is unsuitable. Before birth of Pakistan, a nation needed a country. Now, the country of Pakistan needs a nation!’

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Quote of the Day: When the Diseased Body...

‘When the diseased body is cured and health is restored, life is blissful. If the soul is cured, the next life will be blissful.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Wednesday 17 August 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar: Main Hazoor ﷺ Se Utni Mohabbat Kesay Karon Jitni Aap Kartay Hain?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer, Hamza Zaidi, who asked him how one learns to love Prophet Mohammad (SAW). In detail, Younus AlGohar explains how through spirituality, one progresses towards love of the Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

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Tajdeed-e-Mehdi | Younus AlGohar Ka Ulema ko Challenge | Irtidad Be-Maini Ho Gaya!

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s verdict: apostasy law has become insignificant. Younus AlGohar, representative of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, explains how.

Main points:

- If the exoteric and esoteric aspects of the religion are not practised together, then for you to practise the religion is futile. The religion is meant to improve the characters of its practitioners. Regarding Namaz, Quran says that it performing Namaz is like subtly conversing with God. The other prominent feature of Namaz mentioned in the Quran is that it will stop you from committing bad deeds. Namaz is meant to act as a medicine and it will also connect you with God. It is impossible that Namaz will connect one to God and not improve his character at the same time.

- To adopt a Deen is to adopt a lifestyle. People who practise a religion today do not know why they follow the religion. People who were born in a Christian household became Christians; they never thought why they were Christians. The same is the case with Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. People do not know the purpose for which a religion must be followed.

- People talk about apostasy. Apostasy means that one leaves their religion. In this era, if a Muslim leaves Islam, should he be punished as a Muslim would have been punished 1400 years ago? Quran says that there is no compulsion in the religion. If someone wants to leave the religion, then he shouldn’t be forced to stay in the religion. The fact of the matter is, today if someone leaves a religion, they are doing so because they did not receive benevolence; they did not find God. People practising religion have not obtained anything today.

- Apostasy law is no longer important in this day and age. No one can be declared an apostate anymore. People would become apostates the religion could still connect people to God. If someone got connected to God through the religion and then decided to leave the religion, they were apostates. If they were to leave Islam for another religion, the other religions also were created by God. In the other religions, the purpose would be the same as Islam: to reach God. Therefore God would become upset with apostates seeking him through a new religion, because he had already accepted and blessed them while they were Muslims. Today, no religion can connect anyone to God anymore.

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Quote of the Day: Tampering with the Word of God...

'Tampering with the word of God is a crime against God and his creation.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday 15 August 2016

Messiah Foundation USA at the National Harbour

For the first time, Messiah Foundation USA took its message to Fort Washington in Maryland. At the National Harbour, a team displayed banners depicting the divine signs. They also handed out leaflets inviting people of all faiths to learn more about the revolutionary message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. We were overwhelmed by the positive response; many people were extremely thankful to have received our message!

MFI's Activities in Hollywood, LA

Recently, a team from Messiah Foundation USA took to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California to spread the message of divine love and raise awareness of the divine signs on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone. People were very receptive to our message and we look forward to continuing our activities there in the future.

Quote of the Day: Spirituality is When...

'Spirituality is when rationalism and belief are synchronised.' - Younus AlGohar

Sunday 14 August 2016

Saturday 13 August 2016

Qasida: Koi Baat Karo Younus - Dilbar Yaad Aaye Hain

Younus AlGohar's beautiful recitation of Urdu poetry written by him for his spiritual guide, the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.


Koi baat karo Younus, Dilbar(Gohar) yaad aaye hain
Siski hain fizayen aur, sanaatay chhaye hain

Aankhon ki talab dil ki dharkan hai mera dilbar
Nazron mein hai weerani gham dil ne basaye hain

Mehroom-e-Nazaara hon masroor-e-tamanna kar
Mere dil ne sada dilbar, naghmay tere gaye hain

Un ka hi tassawur hai, un ki hi tamanna hai
kuch deir sahi lekin, wo bazm mein aaye hain

Bhoolo gay jahan mujh ko, pao gay wahien Dilbar(Gohar)
Mere dil ki dewaron par tere hi saaye hain
Mere dil ke dareechon par tere hi saaye hain

Younus nahen goya hai, ik aah-e-dil-e-weeran
kuch ujray howay gulshan mere dil ne samaye hain

Aankhon ka taqaza hai dedar muassar ho
Jab dil ko sada tum ne khud jalway dikhaye hain

Aadat hai in aankhon ko, tera jalwa/mukhra taknay ki (ooo)
in piyasi nigahon mein aansoo bhar aaye hain

Barhta hi raha dilbar, in ghazlon mein soz-e-dil (ooo)
tere ishq mein jal kar harf ghazlon mein samaye hain

Tujhe dil ne pukara hai saanson ne bulaya hai
Uljhi howi dharkan hai, saans ukhray jaye hai

Kis dam mein nikal jaye, ye jaan bina tere
yehi khof mujhe la'haq, yehi waswasay aaye hain

Ab jalwa dikha dijiye, ab muaaf khata kijiye
Bujhti howi aankhon ka, ye muddua laye hain

Ab aankhen pareshan hain aur saans hai ukhri si
Kuch deir ko thehro to mere Gohar aaye hain

Kiya dil ko dilasa hai us harf-e-tamanna ka
Younus ki duaon se Gohar chalay aaye hain

Quote of the Day: You Cannot Diminish...

'You cannot diminish hatred with weapons. You cannot wipe out hatred with hatred. You need love.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 12 August 2016

Thursday 11 August 2016

Haq ki Talaash: Hum Ne Sayedna Gohar Shahi Ko Imam Mehdi Kese Mana?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked, 'Why do you believe Sayedna Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi?’

Main points:

- In the past, pseudo claimants of the office of Imam Mehdi deceived many people. They were able to do this because people did not properly investigate. The problem is: how does one investigate properly and recognise Imam Mehdi?

- The first question to ask is, 'Can Sayedna Gohar Shahi connect man to God?' To be able to connect man to God is not an easy job; it is done by those who God himself appoints only. In fact, no one in this day and age can do it besides Imam Mehdi.

- Guidance according to Quran is given to the heart and it is through the heart that man is connected with God. Today, Muslims have forgotten the fact that faith must enter their hearts in order for them to be true believers. They do not know how faith enters the heart.

- If someone can penetrate God’s name into your heart, then that someone is appointed by God. Syedna Gohar Shahi revived the hearts of His followers with the name of God; therefore we believe that if He can connect us with God, He must be appointed by God. Therefore, whatever He says must be true.

- Pseudo claimants of Mehdihood never invited people to investigate them. However, Syedna Gohar Shahi invites all to test Him because He is the true Imam Mehdi. His book, ‘The Religion of God (Divine Love)’ answers many questions. The divine signs on various celestial and terrestrial bodies also point to the fact that He is Imam Mehdi.

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Quote of the Day: Lying is Such A...

Lying is such a dangerous moral poison.' - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Quote of the Day: Whatever You Are...

‘Whatever you are doing, do it with utmost sincerity, honesty and passion.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Ahl-e-Tashee Ko Younus AlGohar Ki Nasihat

Younus AlGohar analyses commonly held beliefs among Shia Muslims, explaining in details how they emerged and at what points they deviated from mainstream Islam. He also offers advice to help them in the search for the Straight Path.

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Quote of the Day: If You Cannot...

'If you cannot see yourself, forget about seeing the rest of the world.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday 8 August 2016

Kiya Deen-e-Islam Apni Miyad Ko Pohanch Chuka Hai?

Younus AlGohar explains how a religion expires and weighs in on the state of Islam in this day and age.

Main points:

- Islam had to be reformed every 100 years, and after 1000 years, a Grand Reformer would come and modify or renew whatever was the need of the time. However in the end times there is a personality, the Awaited One, who will reform all the religions established by prophets and messengers. He is known as the Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar.

- We’re living in the twilight of the world. All the signs of the era near the end times that are mentioned in Prophetic Traditions have already manifested. One of the signs of the end times is that Islam will become extinct and there will be nothing left in the Quran for except customary recitation. Today, people recite the Quran but it is not effective, as it was in the past when famous Sufis and Companions of the Prophet recited it.

- Everything has an expiry date, even religions. A religion expires when spiritual knowledge within it became extinct. Spiritual knowledge becomes extinct when Saints of God no longer remain in the world. Practically speaking, it has been approximately 400 years since spiritual knowledge became extinct. Today, religion has become an industry and people become religious scholars as a career choice rather than service to God.

- There are many people who have studied at Mihaj ul Quran establishments. When they graduate they consider themselves not just to be religious scholars, but Ulema-e-Haq who are already enlightened. Religious scholars believe themselves to be equal to prophets because they misinterpreted a Tradition of Prophet Mohammad. Therefore, they think they have the rights to luxuries afforded to prophets. It is also said that prophets are innocent by nature; considering themselves to be equal to prophets, religious scholars believe themselves also to be innocent even whilst committing heinous acts. Religious scholars think they are greater than members of the Muslim Nation, therefore they exempt themselves from many things. The beliefs of religious scholars today are proof the religion has been destroyed.

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Quote of the Day: Without Spirituality...

‘Without spirituality, no religion is effective at all.’ - Younus AlGohar

Friday 5 August 2016

Does Islam Promote Terrorism?

Islamist militant organisations all over the world are carrying out organised butchery of humankind. Islam does not directly have anything to do with this killing and brutal atrocities. However, if you investigate, you will find out that in the Holy Book of the Quran, the text from God is very sensitive and it is open to any kind of misinterpretation.
It is very easy to derive the meaning that you want to derive. The text of the Holy Quran is very sensitive. It is sharper than the sword. This is where you can blame Islam.
Islam does not directly project mass killings or killing of an individual. On many occasions in the Quran, we find the Quran explicitly advising its followers not to spread mischief on Earth. It is also clearly noted that God does not like people who create or spread mischief.
However, there are many factors involved in Islam becoming what it is today.

Adulteration of the Quran

One of the main reasons why Islam has now become a very volatile religion is because the first book that contained information about the religion came out in public almost 150 years after the demise of the Prophet Mohammad.
In those 150 years, it is unknown what was included in the religion of Islam, and what was made part of the Quran. We do not know how many of the Prophetic Traditions that were narrated, were done so genuinely with the original text.
Nothing was on the record for 150 years.
Almost all Muslims maintain to say that the Quran has not been adulterated. The verse famously presented by Muslims as evidence for this assertion was revealed when God and Prophet Mohammad did not have any plan of giving the Quran the shape of a book. It does not apply to [the physical Quran].

God said, ‘I have revealed this Quran and I myself will safeguard it.’ (Quran chapter 15, verse 9)

The Quran which is now in the form of a book did not exist at all during that time. How can that verse be applied to this form of the Quran?
What God was implying to say by that verse was to safeguard the exoteric version of the Holy Book revealed unto the heart of Prophet Mohammad. The protection was that, from the heart of the Prophet, it would be transmitted to the hearts of his chosen followers.
This is how through spiritual transmission of the Quran, the religion of Islam expanded in the form of Sufism.
Whoever tried to find out what Islam is through the help of books including the Quran, somehow or other, they did not get the full picture of Islam. The most important parts of the religion were missing.
The way the Quran was put into order was not chronological.
The first verse that was revealed is found not at the beginning of the Quran, but in chapter 96, verse 1. We have to admit that a gross mistake was committed by the early Companions of the Prophet who tried to give a form of the book to the Quran. They did not manage to keep the order of the verses in the same way as it was revealed. They even named the chapters incorrectly. This Quran is not trustworthy.

If the Quran had been trustworthy, how come all Muslims claim to follow the Quran but are divided into 73 different schools of thought? The problem is, every single Muslim has developed this thought that the Quran is still in its original form. They don’t want to accept that anything can happen to the Quran.

If you ask some Muslims, ‘Christians and Jews are also People of the Book. Why don’t you extend love and respect to these people?’ They say, ‘Their books have been adulterated. They are not the true Christians and Jews, that is why we don’t respect them.’ At the same time, if the Quran is from God, then the Bible and Torah are also from God. When Quran cannot be adulterated, then why do they say that the Bible has been adulterated? The truth is that all three books — the Torah, Bible and the Quran — have been adulterated.

Different Understandings of the Quran

The way people understand the Quran differs. When a Sufi understands the Quran, he does not see any form of violence in the Quran. When a Barelvi Sunni Muslim wants to understand the Quran, he thinks that the Quran is all praise for Prophet Mohammad.

When a Wahhabi wants to understand the Quran, he thinks the Quran is all about Oneness of God (Tauheed). He understands that extending love to Prophet Mohammad is not allowed according to the Quran. He thinks Prophet Mohammad has no value other than that of a postman, somebody who was chosen by God to deliver the book to people.
Even if the Quran hadn’t been adulterated, the way one understands the Quran is playing a very sensitive role in a Muslim’s life today.
When a moderate Muslim wants to understand the Quran, his findings are different. According to a moderate Muslim, even if somebody doesn’t visit the mosque five times a day, it is acceptable. Even if someone doesn’t adopt an ‘Islamic style’ of dressing, it doesn’t really matter. What matters to them according to their understanding of the Quran is that as long as someone believes in God, accepts Prophet Mohammad to be their prophet and messenger, and as long as they take care of their parents, sons and daughters, that is enough.

The understanding of the Quran is the main issue, but there are many factors, which combined, are playing havoc with Islam today.

Inauthenticity of Prophetic Traditions

More than 300 000 Prophetic Traditions have been fabricated and mixed with the original ones. Now we do not know which are true and which ones are fabricated.
There are Prophetic Traditions according to which Umar bin Khattab (the second caliph in Islam) allegedly used to break his fast by having intercourse with his wife.

In another Prophetic Tradition, somebody came to the wife of Prophet Mohammad, Aisha, and asked her, ‘What is Ghusl?’ Allegedly again, she put a sheer white sheet between her and the man and then she started taking a shower in front of him. I don’t believe that is true. There are so many Prophetic Traditions that if you read, you will ask yourself, ‘What kind of Islam is this?’

The Motivation for Terrorists

The reason why these terrorist organisations are on the rampage is because they have one thing in their mind. They think that towards the end times, a caliph will come and turn everybody into Muslims. Those who do not convert, he will kill them and Islam will rule the world.

These are the apocalyptic pages of Islam, but I want to tell you that what terrorists project about the end times is not entirely true. These are made up stories. There is no such thing as a caliph coming towards the end of the world.

I say this to the world leaders: bear this in your mind. It is incorrect to say that this is temporary or a geopolitical issue, or that this is because they were suffering from poverty or lack of education.
The only reason behind this is that they have a plan: the return of the Islamic Golden Age.
ISIS, Taliban Boko Haram, Al-Shahbab or any other terrorist-affiliated organisation all have one thing in their mind: that they will eventually rule the world. They think the entire world will become subject to Islamic caliphate. If you know what is the target of your enemy, only then you can make a workable plan.
There is one true issue behind it: wrong interpretation of the holy text.