Thursday 29 September 2016

UPCOMING: MFI New Zealand at the Body Mind and Spirit Festival

Messiah Foundation New Zealand is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming Body Mind and Spirit Festival in Christchurch. A special delegation from our international team will be present on site to grant Invocation of the Heart, free spiritual healing and offer information about the revolutionary teachings of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi! The festival will be on October 1st and 2nd at the Addington Raceway and Events Centre. For more details, visit the Body Mind and Spirit Festival website!

Upcoming: MFI USA at the New Life Expo, NYC

Messiah Foundation USA is pleased to announced our participation in the upcoming New Life Expo in Hotel Pennsylvania located across the street from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, 401 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001. This expo will be held on October 21-23, 2016. Over 5000 people are expected to attend. We will be offering information about divine love, self-improvement, spiritual healingand more – all for free!

For more details about registration and the programme schedule, visit the New Life Expo website.

The Struggle for Self-Exploration

Extremism and fanaticism are products of ignorance, intolerance and inferiority complexes. People tend to recognise extremism and fanaticism only on a higher level, with the affiliation of religion. However, we need to find the roots of extremism and fanaticism.
It is more of a behavioural issue than a religious issue.
If someone is an extremist, it is not just about religion. There are extremists in different fields. For example, some people are even extremists about themselves: they think they are the best and they cannot give in to their own self.

Fanaticism is not a theory or a religion. Fanaticism is an ugly behaviour. One’s behaviour changes when they don’t respect others, give them space or consider their rights. It changes when they are only concerned about their rights and themselves; when they become self-centred and impatient, and they cannot take a little pain for others at the time of adversity.
When there are good people in any religion, the religion is operated well by them.
Religion itself does not have legs. It cannot do anything; it is just a set of beliefs. The followers of that religion are the operators of it. When the religions are operated by bad people, they start malfunctioning.
Let’s talk about a household. The entire household is managed by the guardian of the house. The way it is managed depends on how bad or good that person is. The problem is not with any religion; whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Hinduism, all of them are good — but the people who operate these religions are bad.

This is because there is a prerequisite that one must do before they practise a religion: purification of the inner devil.
Without first attaining inner purification, if one follows any religion, they will [misinterpret it]. They will become intolerant.
When we say intolerance is prevailing the society, this is not due to any religion. This is an issue with the behaviour of human beings. No religion is intolerant; it is the people who are either tolerant or intolerant. It is the people who are either rational and full of sanity, or so irrational that they are almost insane.

For example, if a mad person drives a BMW and runs over a couple of men, we won’t blame BMW. It is not the car [at fault], it is the driver.

Fanaticism and extremism are not products of any religion. Extremism and fanaticism have to do with people. Some people are more patient, tolerant and forgiving than others. Some people are short-sighted and impatient. It is not about the religion that one follows. It is about their own being: how composed or disturbed they are.
If your mind is disturbed, you are disturbed everywhere.
That happens when there are some decisions in life which are difficult for you to make. Due to this indecisive nature, you don’t settle things; so there remains a kind of pressure and stress on you mind, keeping it preoccupied. It kills your sanity. Mental disturbance is something one cannot afford.

In order to please others, it is important that you should be happy. If you are unhappy, you cannot make anybody happy. If you yourself are crying and suffering, how can you please others?
In order to be able to make others happy, constitutionally you should be happy in the first place.
We need to educate people on ethical values to build their character. We need to discuss the psychological aspect of everybody’s lives and how our lives can be improved. When our lives are hell, then everything falls apart. Then, we don’t care about our bad behaviour, ethics or anything else because we are disturbed.

When you want to do weight lifting at the gym, if you cannot even move 50 KG, you won’t try to lift it; you know that you cannot put extra weight on your body. If you do, you’ll hurt yourself.
Similarly, in life, you are carrying a lot of extra luggage that you will not need while you are travelling. Life is nothing but a journey and you must travel light.
Make life easy, my friend. After all, this is only one life that you have.

I do not think fanaticism and extremism are about any religion. You don’t have to follow a religion to be a fanatic or extremist. These days, jihadists and terrorists are not devout Muslims; they don’t even know anything about Islam. They’re drinkers and party animals. More and more people, especially in the Western sphere of the world, are prone to becoming jihadists not because they are inspired by Islamic text or they find the Quran fascinating. Rather, some of these people suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

I used to live in Manchester some 20 years ago. My neighbour was a strange person; for some reason, he didn’t like my face. There was a blind alley between the two houses; he lived on the left side of and I lived on the right. If I walked on the pavement, he would come out and say, ‘You are trespassing on my property.’ I would say, ‘What? I am walking on the pavement.’ He would reply, ‘Yeah but this pavement is in front of my house so you are trespassing. I am going to call the police.’

This is not about their religion. This is about them. They are crazy, impatient, intolerant and ignorant.

What I have just said is not a wandering thought that has crossed my mind. I am a very keen observer. I read men and their behaviour. I have read many people.
To a degree, every single human being becomes an extremist in certain situations and conditions.
The root cause of extremism is to do with behaviour.
Your behaviour is not your fault; it is carved, nurtured and shaped by good or bad experiences in your life.
When you go through denial, rejection and deprivation; when you are scolded by people for no apparent reason, that is when your behaviour [deteriorates]. Behaviour is all about our reaction to certain things.

For example, someone tried all their life to buy a car but they couldn’t. Then they came to England, struggled for a year or two and then finally bought a car. Now you have to be careful; if you damage the car, no matter how close of a friend you are to them, you will be in trouble. They value the car more than they should because of their struggle.

Suppose you did not eat food for 48 hours. Finally, you are a holding a Big Mac in your hand. Just as you are about to take a bite, someone laughingly takes it away and says, ‘I’ll eat it instead.’ You will behave differently [than you would normally].

Our behaviour is not about how bad or good we are. It is shaped and developed through good and bad experiences in life, and of course the way people behave with us.

We need to look into our lives. We need to see what is wrong and right in our life. What is causing us problems? What is the source of disturbance in our life? What is it that is distracting us from our spiritual journey?

Self-Realisation is God-Realisation

In spirituality, you struggle to become good in this lifetime.You become good not just for yourself, but as an embodiment of God on Earth.
When people come and sit in your company, they feel relaxed without establishing any meditation. They’ll just sit with you and feel peace because you have gotten rid of all your evil traits, all the negativity.

We should sort out our problems in life. If something is causing problems, we should see if we can fix that problem. If you can’t fix it, replace it.
Spirituality is something that alone can make a human out of you.
A religion is like a film in which you are a billionaire and you have a lot of money, big houses, cars and everything. When the movie is shot, you come back to reality.
In religion, you imitate being good. Spirituality will make you good.
When you go to a shopping mall in the United States of America, the salesperson will greet you with a business smile. They know it is a fake smile, but it is part of their business strategy. Similarly, a religion will tell you what you can and cannot do, whether you like it or not. A religion wants performance, like a coach of a team.
In spirituality, it is not about performance. It is about transformation.
If you want to see whether a person has made any progression in spirituality, you need to see if he is a better human being today than he was yesterday.

The first step in spirituality is to know yourself.
Self-realisation is an art that comes from spiritual practice and discipline. It is about coming to know of all your physical, spiritual and carnal aspects. A mentor who has culminated his quest in the said field can guide one towards self-exploration on a spiritual journey.
Too many people don’t know who or what they are. When they do good, they want to publicise it. When they do bad, they don’t want [others] to see it. This attitude has led them to a point where they have lost their identity. They do not know themselves.

It isn’t about your parenthood or sisters and brothers. It is about you. It is about how beneficial or harmful you are to your fellowmen.
This is why the first step towards God-realisation is self-realisation.
If you truly know yourself, don’t seek God. God said in the Koran, ‘I am in you. Why don’t you peep into yourself to know me?’
A religion is aiming at you to please God. In spirituality, you find and explore for your personal, original identity.
So spirituality is self-exploration.

Knowing yourself is not an easy job, otherwise God would not have labelled knowing yourself as knowing God.

In spirituality, you go through self-denial and this is the hardest job. You deny and negate yourself.

If negativity in you is stronger than positivity, the negativity compels you to do bad things. You have to make positivity even more powerful with the help of spirituality. Once the source of evil and negativity, the Carnal Self, gets weaker, then the compelling of Carnal Self will lessen. A time will come when you will realise that nobody is pushing you to do anything wrong.

Ego is such a problem. You’ll be defending the ego, the inner devil, but you’ll think you are defending yourself. This is why it is not easy to know yourself.

Sometimes, you are used by some negative forces in you. There are times when you do certain out-of-character things which you cannot relate to yourself. You yourself wonder why you did it. This is because there are some negative forces in you that manipulate your brain.

What makes you good is not you. What makes you bad is not you.
When you dipped into the depths of your being, you came to know that there was nothing in you to know you. You act good due to divine presence in you while you do bad due to evil presence in you.
God said in the Koran, ‘When you do something good, don’t take the credit. It is because I allowed you to do good. When you do bad, it is because of your inner devil.’

As long as your Carnal Self is impure, you will continue to do bad things; therefore purify your Carnal Self, enlighten your heart and then start the mission of self-exploration.

Before self-realisation, you do bad things and think, ‘I am very bad.’ If you do good things, you think, ‘I am very good.’
You will come to know of yourself, who you are, how good or bad you are once you have enlightened the heart and cornered the Carnal Self.
When you are under no effect of either positivity or negativity, ask yourself who you are. The answer will come, ‘I am nothing.’

You will then say to people, ‘My body was being used to do things and the source was the inner devil. Since it has been taken care of by my spiritual mentor, now you will not see my body doing bad things. I have been blessed with divine presence which is making me do good things. If you want to, you can attribute this to me but I know in myself that neither I am bad nor am I good.’

You are just a battlefield. There are two warriors: the warrior of the devil and warrior of the divine. The warrior of the divine is dormant and the warrior of the devil isn’t. You have to get rid of the inner evil. Then you will feel relaxed and calm.

Real happiness is being content. It is when you know you have found Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and now whatever happens, let it happen.

It is so relaxing to feel that you are safe in the hands of the Lord and there is nothing to fear of.

Quote of the Day: In Spirituality Nothing...

'In spirituality, nothing is inherited. You are self-made.' - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Our Activities in Ohio, North Carolina and Philadelphia

Messiah Foundation USA has been busy taking the message of divine love to different cities along the East Coast. They visited downtown Philadelphia, North Carolina and Ohio, where they publicised the divine signs of the Awaited Ones Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ. Overall, the response was fantastic! We look forward to expanding our activities in these states in the near future.

Quote of the Day: God is Not Really Happy...

'God is not really happy if you worship him only. You should love him more than you worship him.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Sunday 25 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Surah Nasr Ki Haqeeqi Tashreeh

Younus AlGohar, at the request of a viewer, explains the right interpretation of Surah Nasr of the Quran.

Main points:

- The interpreters of this chapter did not translate it correctly. They link it to the Conquest of Mecca and say that God said, ‘When God’s help came and you have seen how people entered the religion of God (meaning Islam).’ The correct translation is, ‘And you shall see flocks upon flocks of humanity entering the religion of God.’

- If this chapter referred to the Conquest of Mecca, then flocks of humanity would have accepted the religion. However, no large groups did. Furthermore this verse mentioned humanity; however at the Conquest of Mecca there were only the beduins of Arab.

- There was no form of congratulations given in the Quran following the conquest of Mecca. Had it been the moment when flocks upon flocks of people entered Islam, it would have been mentioned so. However, after the Conquest of Mecca, God did give glad tidings for those who had become devoted to Prophet Mohammad. He said, ‘I forgive their future and past sins.’

- When God said, for those devoted to Prophet Mohammad, ‘I forgive their future and past sins,’ the enemies of Prophet Mohammad tried to insinuate that God was saying that he would forgive Prophet Mohammad’s future and past sins. They ignore the fact that all Prophets are innocent. There has always been conspirators against Islam since its birth. They tried very hard to undermine Prophet Mohammad.

- Since the birth of Islam, there was always a group of Khwarijeen (Pseudo-Muslims) who wanted to exclude Prophet Mohammad from Islam. Rather they declared, ’This is God’s land and we want God’s law. We don’t accept Prophet Mohammad.’ They took the Quran and built their own mosque. They disrespected Prophet Mohammad and caused mischief at every turn of the Islam’s history.

- The Conquest of Mecca was a political victory for Islam, when an Islamic State was established. During the battle for Mecca, Prophet Mohammad had a huge army at his disposal; he did not need God’s help; in comparison, when he had just 313 soldiers during the Battle of Badr, he needed God’s help.

- After the Conquest of Mecca, Prophet Mohammad thought that this was the culmination and there would never be another victory as glorious as this. In response, God sent down Surah Nasr, ‘When God’s helper comes, the secrets will be revealed. Then you shall see flocks upon flocks of humanity entering the Religion of God. Then continue to remember your Lord. He is one who forgives.’ The Conquest of Mecca couldn’t be the greatest victory, for when Imam Mehdi would come, huge groups of humanity would enter the Religion of God.

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KAF at the Somnath Temple in Gujrat, India

Recently, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation visited the Somnath Temple in Gujrat, which is host to the first of the Jyotirling. The purpose of their visit was to bring glad tidings of the advent of Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi and raise awareness of the divine signs. The Somnath Temple pays homage to the Moon God; therefore temple-goers were incredibly grateful and ecstatic to learn of Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi’s image on the Moon.

Quote of the Day: God's Love is the Main...

'God’s love is the main theme of the religion.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday 22 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Insan Apni Azli Taqdeer Ko Kesay Jaan Sakta Hai?

Younus AlGohar’s answer to a question asked by viewer Yasir Khan about choosing one’s fate.

Main points:

- We can’t choose our destination here; man is not in control of his fate. You can’t have more faith than what God has written for you, no matter how many saints try to help you. Your fate was decided in the Primordial Times.

- In the Primordial Times, the souls were assembled before God. God asked them, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and all the souls affirmed it. After this, God showed them the modelled luxuries of the world. He said, ‘Whoever desires it may go and obtain it.’ A huge number of souls went for the luxuries of the world. This was their own choice. Then God said to the angels, ‘Write the world in their Book of Fate.’

- God also showed the souls the modelled luxuries of paradise and said, ‘Whoever desires it may go and obtain it.’ Then, paradise was written in their Book of Fate. There are seven levels of paradise with different types of luxuries; for each level of paradise the souls were told what they had to do to obtain it. According to what they believed themselves capable of paying the price for, the souls chose their level of paradise. Those who were to go in the highest level of paradise, Firdaus, would enjoy the luxury of seeing God; therefore the relevant spiritual knowledge was also written in their fate.

- The level of paradise one chose would be written in their fate too; even amongst the paradise-bound souls, the levels of faith differed. When it was decided which of the seven paradises the souls were to enter respectively, God then decided which type of knowledge he would grant each prophet. According to the knowledge each prophet was given, the paradise-bound souls were allotted to them as their nations. For example, the people of the lowest level of paradise, Khuld, would go into the nation of Adam Safi Allah, because he had knowledge of one subtlety of the breast only, the heart.

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Quote of the Day: In Religion...

'In religion, you imitate being good. Spirituality will make you good.' - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday 20 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Lolak Ma Khalqatal Aflaq Ka Raaz

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer, who asked what the meaning of Maqam-e-Lolak is.

Main points:

- According to a Prophetic Tradition, God said, ‘I made this world for you, Prophet Mohammad.’ In another Prophetic Tradition, God said, ‘I was in a hidden treasure. I loved to be known so I created creation.’ These two Prophetic Traditions appear to contradict each other, and therefore people think one of the two is inauthentic. However, it is possible for these two statements to both be authentic.

- When a man brings home his new bride, he might say to her that he had the house or her room especially built for her. She’ll get happy but after 10 years, she’ll find out that he had simply gotten a better paying job and his family had expanded. Similarly, if someone is seeing God for the first time, they are given special treatment. He entertains their requests and tells them some new secret that others might not have heard. This treatment continues until someone else comes along, who is seeing God for the first time. For the saints, the situation normalises; they see God often, and after a time it does not affect them as it did in the beginning.

- When we go to the shrines of saints, we pray to God using their intermediary; we think that God would listen to our prayers more because these saints are God’s friends. In a similar way, there are some saints that God has given the status of beloved, like the Eternal Divine Bride. For others, they would see God, God entertains their desires for some time until someone new comes. However, God will always accept the requests of the Eternal Divine Bride.

- Prophet Mohammad is the closest friend of God. God does not love any saint as much as he loved Prophet Mohamad. So when God said that he created the world for Prophet Mohammad, whatever he says it true, but he was saying this in a moment of love. Moqam-e-Lolak in short is to be at the station of Fana fil Rasool.

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The Person of God

God is a male. God is extremely handsome. His height is between 6–7 feet. He is neither chubby nor skinny; he has a perfect structural body. There is no such thing as age or time there. He is ageless. However, he looks like a young, handsome man: like somebody of 17–20 years of age. He does not grow hair anywhere on his body. The colour of his eyes is dark red.

Sometimes, [if you are a man] you see an extraordinarily beautiful woman who you cannot keep your eyes off of. It is like you are spellbound. It is like you have been hypnotised, mesmerised; you fix your eyes on her. You feel drawn towards her. You have this physical attraction which pulls you towards her, but then you can control yourself.
However, when you see God, God’s beauty is so powerful that you will melt in one second. 
You will want to just go and disappear in the presence and existence of God. You will feel that extreme pull towards God, like you’re inside the divine magnetic field.
Then, because of that spiritual divine pull, you will be given to embrace God. The spiritual, amiable, divine romanticism will then occur in you.
The divine pull towards God is called love.
No matter what happens, no matter how far you come from God, you still feel that you are with God. The divine pull is always pulling you back to God. God is really softly spoken and romantic. Whenever I see a religious person who has no romance in the way he talks to his wife and children, I instantly recognise that such a person can never love God. God is full of romance.
In order to develop a Godlike mentality, you need spiritual romance in your character.
Secondly, once God has granted to you his friendship, he doesn’t take it back no matter how good or how bad you are. It is good if you are his friend; if you are not his friend then you don’t know him and he doesn’t know you. When you have entered into God’s friendship, he is overprotective and extremely possessive.

When you love somebody, then you cannot just walk out of the attribute of being a possessive person. This possessiveness creates jealousy. That is just one dark side of love.
However, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has made amendments to the features of love and the dark side of love has been repaired. There is no dark side to the love Lord Ra Riaz has introduced; there is no possessiveness or jealousy.

Possessiveness and jealousy burn in love due to the fact that there are four birds inside every human breast. As long as these spiritual birds are still there, jealously will stay there.
Lord Ra Riaz has the knowledge to transform those four birds, purify them and eliminate all the evil traits and negative elements from the human breast. When these vices are removed as a result of those birds becoming purified, then the dark side of love is taken care of.
Learn more about the four spiritual birds and the rest of the spiritual human anatomy in the book ‘The Religion of God (Divine Love)’ by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.
This article was first posted on Younus AlGohar's Medium page.

Quote of the Day: Focus on Correction...

 'Focus on correction of your heart.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Saturday 17 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Mojooda Dor Ka Soodi Nizam Haram Nahen Hai!

Younus AlGohar explains the difference between the type of usury in practiced during Prophet Mohammad’s era in contrast to the interest used in the financial world today. He proves that the financial system used in the modern world is not Haram (prohibited) despite what some Muslim scholars claim.

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Friday 16 September 2016

Quote of the Day: If Your Mind...

‘If your mind is disturbed, you are disturbed everywhere.’ - Younus AlGohar, The Struggle for Self-Exploration

#AskYounusAlGohar | Jinnat Aur Ashraf-Al Makhlooqat Insaan Ki Taqat Ka Raaz

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked, ‘It is said that man is the most eminent of all creation. However, we see that Jinn are so powerful that they can dominate a human being and manipulate his thoughts and emotions. How then is he the most eminent?’

Main points:

- Human beings do not know their reality; they think their body is their reality. They do not know the potential of their soul, and whether or not their soul is even awakened. It is the soul that will be judged on the Day of Judgement, not the body.

- There are many types of Jinns. Some are Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews. Some Jinns are Companions of Prophet Mohammad, alive even today.

- Human beings think they are the best of all, but they do not know that they have to make themselves eminent with the knowledge God gave. If all men were eminent, why do they cause so much bloodshed and rape? Why did God create hell?

- The only eminent ones are those who have awakened all their souls and become the master over them. The souls in the human body, when enlightened, enable man to travel beyond this realm. With enlightened souls, he holds the keys to multiple realms. At this stage, no Jinn can dominate him; in fact they would show him great respect.

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Asia Today Publishes Younus AlGohar's Article

Recently, the Asia Today Newspaper published an article by Younus AlGohar. The article is entitled ‘Dyfunctionality of Religions’ and was originally posted on Younus AlGohar’s Medium page.

The Asia Today is a monthly publication which is tailored for the South Asian community. It is based in Arizona, USA. Read its September issue here.

Quote of the Day: I Will Help You...

'I will help you until you don't need it.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Thursday 15 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Why Has Islam Been Ousted From The World?

Someone asked me, ‘Why has Islam been ousted in the modern world, aside from the Wahhabi ideology?’

Every religion consists of two different types of knowledge: the inner dimension of the religion and the outer dimension of the religion. It is very simple to understand these two aspects. A human being is a compound creature. A human being has a body, but it is not his/her reality.
Inside the body, there are seven souls, which are his/her reality. A body is like a container; the seven souls are contained in this physical body.
We spend our time in this world for a reason. In the Primordial Times, when all the souls assembled before God, he said unto them, ‘Am I not your Lord, am I not your God?’ All replied with one voice, ‘Yes, you are our Lord, you are our God.’ Subsequent to this affirmation, God then exhibited different sources and elements of pleasure.

In the very first instance, he exhibited modelled luxuries of the world and then said unto all the souls, ‘Those who wish to get them, go and get it.’ A multitude of souls leapt towards the modelled luxuries of the world. Hence, this became their destiny. God then commanded the angels to make a note of this choice made by the souls who leapt towards the modelled luxuries of the world. This note became their Book of Fate.

Following this exhibition of the modelled luxuries of the world, God went on to show some more types of luxuries. This time, he manifested and exhibited modelled luxuries of paradise. Again God commanded unto the souls, ‘Whoever wishes to make a choice of this, they may go ahead and do so.’ A multitude of souls leapt towards it. The angels again were instructed by God to make a note of this choice and this became their destiny.

At that moment in time, the choice was made by the souls. There were no physical bodies present there.
So the main theme of the human reality is to take care of the soul. The reason you take care of your body is because those souls are contained in this body, and you have to spend some time in this world.
Misbehaviour and disobedience to God by the body will leave a very diabolical impact on your souls. Therefore, there are two types of knowledge.

One type of knowledge can keep your body pure; it is to make sure that the filth of your body does not harm and hurt the quality of your soul.
Then, the main theme of the knowledge is to illumine and enlighten your soul. It makes it worthy of practically fulfilling the choice you made in the Primordial Times.
The presence of these two types of knowledge has been the pattern in every religion. When the knowledge of the interior — which enlightens and revives the souls — became extinct in any religion, that religion was ousted. It became useless and it started to malfunction.
Rather than making peace with your fellowmen, you started to kill them.
The religion you are practising now has a big missing link: the knowledge which would revive and enlighten the soul.
For example, the knowledge of spirituality in Judaism is known as Kabbalah. I have been to many synagogues in the United States of America and I have met a Jewish rabbi in Canada. I have come to know that mainstream Judaism does not support spiritual teachings. They do not support Kabbalah. This proves the mainstream religion has deprived itself from the knowledge of interior, the knowledge of spirituality. As a result, they are empty inside their hearts. You can call them a Jewish community, however if they are not connected to God anymore, they will not behave like children of God. So that religion became futile.

When Christianity was made to go without spirituality and they adopted a creed system, they lost connection with Jesus Christ and God. Although they go to church every Sunday, their worship is confined to phraseology, verbalising the verses of the Bible and singing spiritual songs. Their hearts are not connected with God.

Islam is the latest religion in the world [out of the three Abrahamic faiths]. Judaism is about 5000 years old. Christianity is about 2000 years old; it is at least 600 years older than Islam. Islam is only 1440 years old.
Since spirituality in Islam also became extinct, the spiritual system within Islam collapsed. With the collapse of the spiritual system in Islam, Islam was diversified into many dozen denominations.
There is not one single denomination within Islam which is connected to God, which would talk about God’s love, spirituality and humanity. They are not following the religion.
The main soul and spirit of the religion was spirituality which became extinct. This is why Islam also became futile.
Now is the time when spiritual love should and will prevail. The only religion, if you want to call it a religion, will be love.
It is not possible that you love God but you hate human beings.
One who loves God will definitely — by nature of love — involuntarily love humanity.
If you have no respect for humanity, it simply means you have no respect for God. If you genuinely love God, that love of God in your heart will compel you by its nature to love and respect all humanity. You will not hate anyone.