Monday 29 February 2016

How Many Messiahs Are We Expecting?

More important to us now is the spread of true concept of Imam Mehdi.

Firstly, what is the truth in our explanation and concept of Imam Mehdi? What is wrong with the Iranian and Sunni concepts of Imam Mehdi? Why should people believe in the concept of Imam Mehdi that we are presenting to the world? We will have to go through a number of things before we can possibly convince people to believe what we are saying.
The most important thing is the source. Humanity is waiting for a Universal Redeemer, Universal Saviour, Universal Unifier. Every celestial religion has given that Universal Redeemer and Saviour a particular title. This title does not mean that the Universal Saviour - who, according to the divine plan, will come to this world towards the end times - is many personalities, not one.

God has initially given concrete, solid hope to people who will live in the end times.
Humanity has been living in this sphere of the world for many million years. The early part of life in this world was not spiritually, theologically or religiously so enriched or advanced.
Only 6000 years ago when the last of all Adams was sent, for the first time in human history, God allowed human beings to develop a more personal, exclusive and intimate relationship with him. This Adam (known as Adam Safi Allah) was given mystical and spiritual knowledge.
Before this Adam, spiritual knowledge was not granted to any of the many thousand different types of offspring of different Adams. In the pre-Adam Safi Allah era, since no spiritual knowledge was granted to human beings, none of them was able to be in contact with God. Before the arrival of Adam Safi Allah, God was completely cut off from human beings.
No human being was in contact with God; no direct or indirect contact was possible to be made.
Every human being had and has souls and spirits. The knowledge of the soul - which could enable them to worship God with the soul and spirit and be in contact with God - was not granted to them.

The last of the series of Adams, Adam Safi Allah, was granted knowledge of spirituality. Then, more than 100 000 prophets were sent. The last prophet of all was sent into this world almost 1440 years ago. Since then, humanity has not been blessed with the presence of any messenger or prophet from God.

As a result, the glory of religions which were established by God-sent prophets and messengers started to fade away.
The life of those religions started to weaken; a time came when they became spiritually redundant. People were unable to use these religions to reach God.
Of course, there are thousands of practitioners of these religions today. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all sorts of people are worshipping God every day in their respective worship places all around the world.
However, the purpose of these religions has completely been lost. Man is not quitting his old habit of bloodshed and hatred.
How do we believe people who practise religion today have made any use of the religious knowledge when they are still stuck with their diabolical nature of holding grudges against each other, shedding blood and promoting hatred? Even with the enormous amount of worship they carry out each day, they do not seem to benefit from the practice of their religions, which clearly indicates that religions have lost their glory and spiritual mediumship. What they wanted to achieve through practice of religion is not to be attained.
We have seen dedicated worshipers. If worship could have gotten them anything in terms of a good character or turning these individuals into nice and kind characters, they would have done it. However, the worship is not affecting them.

Out of millions of years, these last 6000 years are a very rare patch of time in which the spiritual knowledge was introduced. It has been almost 6000 years now, but the last prophet came almost 1500 years ago.
The time spent in which the knowledge of spirituality was introduced and done and dusted is 4500 years. There has not been a prophet or messenger in the last 15 centuries. This is the reason why God had a plan of sending a Universal Redeemer.
Some people say, ‘We have a Messiah,’ others say, ‘Imam Mehdi is for Islam only,’ and some others say, ‘Kalki Avatar is for Hindus and Kalkidaan is for Sikhism only.’ God has run out of messengers and prophets. Very scarcely, he has come with an idea of a Universal Redeemer and Saviour who will come and unite everybody, who will serve everybody and connect everybody to God.

God has nothing to do with your body. Your body was created in the womb of your mother, God didn’t see it and will not see it. When you die, your body will be cremated or buried.
When God sends his message, he sends it to correct and purify your soul - to enable your soul to worship him. There are only five spirits in a human breast and there have already been five Grand Messengers, who introduced five different types of knowledge.
Five Grand Messengers have been sent; knowledge relating to these five spirits has already been introduced, adulterated, modified and forgotten. That knowledge is becoming extinct now.
Nobody knows what the teachings of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad were. It’s all done and dusted.

What people know today as Islam is slashing throats of people, going to mosques, standing there for a few minutes in Salat, eat halal meat and have four wives. The knowledge of Prophet Mohammad is long forgotten.

There is not another soul in the human breast which is needy of any knowledge; all the knowledge has been sent. That is what God planned.

God is absolute power, but if God wanted to send another messenger, he must have planned it earlier. Now, he can’t do it.

For example, a boy says, ‘I wish I was not my father’s son, I wish I was someone else’s son.’ Well you are already born; nothing can be done now.’

Not even one messenger or prophet can be sent by God now, because when prophets and messengers come from God, they bring knowledge from God. When you assembled before God, it was not your body, but your soul.
If you will ever be in contact with God, it will happen through your soul, not through your body - because God is not aware of your body.
Now people are falling out on the issue of the Awaited One! It’s as if [religious people are] kids, not adults. There is only one playground and all the kids have to play in it. If Christians say, ‘We want a Christian playground,’ and Muslims say, ‘We want a Muslim playground,’ it doesn’t work like that. All Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims have to play in the same playground.

People demand a different Redeemer and Saviour from God. They seem to want God to allot a Redeemer with the same authority and power into each religion. If God was that generous, he wouldn’t have stopped sending prophets and messengers.

Quote of the Day: Greed, Jealousy...

'Greed, jealousy, stinginess and false pride efface hard-earned virtues.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi 

Saturday 27 February 2016

New Video: Dor-e-Mehdi Aur Habal Allah || by Younus AlGohar

This video is in Urdu, but an English translation will be available soon.

Main points:
- Adulteration has taken place in celestial books, Muslims think the Quran cannot be modified because God promised to guard it. The Quran that God promised to guard was revealed unto Prophet Mohammad's heart.

- The most important thing in the Quran: ‘Hold fast to the Divine Rope and don’t be divided into sects.’

- If people knew what the Divine Rope is, they would not fall into different sects.

- That Divine Rope was Prophet Mohammad. Those who held it fast thrived and that didn't lost God's connection.

- From God, there comes a rope of Noor (divine light). It gets connected to a man’s heart. Whoever is connected to it becomes connected to God. It was first connected to Adam, then Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Prophet Mohammad. After Mohammad, Prophethood ended - but not the Divine Rope.

- The main thing is the Divine Rope. When prophethood ended, the Divine Rope was connected to saints. From Prophet Mohammad, the Divine Rope went to Ali. Then it started to be connected to the Imams of Ahle Bait. It was connected to 11 Imams in Ahle Bait. The 12th Imam was from the Muslim nation; after that, the Divine Rope started to be connected to different people in the nation.

- When Imam Mehdi came into this world, the Divine Rope went back. That is what it means for the Quran to be lifted. First, there was just one Divine Rope coming down. Now, from the chest of Imam Mehdi, there are 7 Divine Ropes going up.

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Quote of the Day: Humiliation is a Bitter...

'Humiliation is a bitter medicine but it has healing effects.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 26 February 2016

New Video: ISHQ

This video is in Urdu, but an English translation will be available soon.

Main points:

⁃God sent 5 Grand Messengers. Each of them was given esoteric knowledge. One half of that esoteric knowledge was kept for the prophet, and the other half for the saints. Therefore, there are a total of 10 parts of esoteric knowledge. From the esoteric knowledge given to the prophets, they would give blessings and they would grant salvation. Whoever obtained esoteric knowledge adopted the esoteric customs of their prophet.

⁃There was one type of knowledge which God did not even grant to his beloved: the knowledge of Ishq (Rapturous Love).

⁃Faqr is due to Tifle Noori. Ishq has to do with Jussa Tawfiq-e-Ilahi. Prophet Mohammad had both the Tifle Noori and Jussa Tawfiq-e-Ilahi, however the Tifle Noori was dominant on him.

⁃Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was given Jussa-e-Tawfiq-e-Ilahi that was Zaati (to do with God’s Essence). In the esoteric realm, there are two types of Jussa-e-Tawfiq-e-Ilahi: One is the lion without wings and the other is a lion with wings, which can fly. The Jussa-e-Tawfiq-e-Ilahi granted to him was one that could fly. Among all creation, he was the only one given such a Jussa-e-Tawfiq-e-Ilahi.

⁃Faqr = servitude. It means to empty yourself of you and fill yourself with God. Ishq = kingship.

⁃In Imam Mehdi, there is the original Tifle Noori which God saw and then danced. When God danced, then the other seven Tifle Nooris came into existence. The Jussa Tawfiq-e-Ilahi in Imam Mehdi is the greatest, ancient manifestation [of God]. It is one that is able to fly.

⁃Because of his Jussa Tawfiq-e-Ilahi, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was unable to be in the state of being spiritually and physically sober. That Jussa Tawfiq-e-Ilahi is nothing in comparison to the one given to Imam Mehdi.

⁃Imam Mehdi is going to show the world what Ishq really is. He will show the world Ishq that the world has never witnessed before.

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Quote of the Day: Respect Those Who Deserve It...

'Respect those who deserve it, not those who demand it.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday 25 February 2016

Quote of the Day: Through the Heart...

'Through the heart, man is supposed to be connected with God.' - Lord Ra Riaz

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Monday 22 February 2016

The Iranian Concept of Imam Mehdi

Imam Mehdi 2
A message to world leaders: the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is self-fabricated, misleading, distorting, self-concocted and mischievous. It is fuelled by a filthy mentality and agenda. The real Imam Mehdi is for everybody. He will be friends with Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. He will love everybody. He is not an enemy of Israel, America or anybody else. 

Imam Mehdi

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi's Revolutionary Message to all Humankind:

A Muslim says, 'I am superior to all.' A Jew declares, 'I am even better than the Muslim.' A Christian says, 'I am greater than both the Muslim and the Jew, and the rest of the religions, because I am the nation of God's Son.' But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declares that superior and best of all is the one who possesses God's love in his heart, in spite of his indifference to any religion.

In light of the message above, does any religion seem to have a leading role?

This message endorses the fact that Imam Mehdi will cause the religions to lose their grip and God's love will be preferred over religions.

The message above indicates that Imam Mehdi will not guardian or represent any religion, rather, will advocate Divine Love.

Iran's concept that Imam Mehdi will convert humanity to Islam and that will bring world dominion to Islam is a self-fabricated mirage, and has nothing to do with reality.

Quote of the Day: Those Who Lose...

'Those who lose their temper, they lose their respect too.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 19 February 2016

Quote of the Day: How Pure and Holy...

'How pure and holy you are will depend on how much love you accumulate in your heart.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday 18 February 2016

The Art of Expression

Knowing how to convey your thoughts through delivery of words is the mark of a successful speaker.

Oftentimes, people misunderstand speakers. The words you speak will give different meanings if what you speak is not concise or a really comprehensive choice of words. People will always misunderstand you.
This is why one has to learn the art of speaking.
If you ask me what the most important aspect of speaking is, I will tell you, ‘You are a successful speaker if you are able to convey your thought with the help of words and people who listen to you understand what you mean.’
People are not aware of the art of expression. They cannot express what they have in their mind in the way they understand it. As a result of this lack of speaking skills, people will always misunderstand what is being said.
My English is very easy because my style is explanatory. A colleague of mine, when he speaks English, will appear to be more charming, utilising glamorous and artistic words. I fail to understand this kind of attitude towards speaking.
If you are in the business of conveying your thoughts, then you need to opt for words which are worthy of carrying the meaning you have in your mind to the mind of the other person. You have to be a genuine artist.
When you speak, you should aim not just to deliver words, but to convey your thoughts.
Let me ask: is it always the case that people, when they speak, are aiming to convey their thoughts? Maybe in the back of their mind, they have taken it for granted that others will understand them.
It is not easy for us to completely and successfully understand when someone is speaking, because we cannot read minds.
You need to know the art of the conveyance of your thoughts. Not everyone can do it. Where you live doesn’t matter. You need an academic upbringing. You need to work on what way to say a word and what shadows of meaning a word will convey to others.
Language is a tool. You need to know the art of using this tool.

This article originally appeared on Younus AlGohar's Medium page.

Quote of the Day: When You Speak...

'When you speak, you should aim not just to deliver words, but to convey your thoughts.' - Younus AlGohar, The Art of Expression

Tuesday 16 February 2016

New Video: Purpose of Life

Younus AlGohar discusses how the choice each individual made in the Primordial Times determines their purpose of life.
Main points:
  • Between man and God, either there is a very strong bond or there is nothing. Either you are completely dedicated to God, or you are not. To understand complete dedication to God, one has to have paramount knowledge of spirituality. Spirituality is an essential element of life.
  • Death is inevitable. What should worry us is whether or not we achieved what we were meant to in this world. We need to know what our purpose is.
  • The three major monotheistic religions talk about life prior to this world and life hereafter. Death in this world does not mean death of you.
  • In the Primordial Times, you made a choice between luxuries of the world, luxuries of paradise and God's nearness and love. Your purpose in this world is attain that choice.
  • If you have all the luxuries of the world but your heart is not content, it means you did not choose the luxuries of the world in the Primordial Times. If you are a dedicated practitioner of a religion but lack inner peace, it means the luxuries of paradise are not your fate.
  • Lord Ra Riaz's teachings are diagnostic knowledge which will restore the health of your heart. If you try to adopt spirituality, in a few days, you will find out who you are.
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Quote of the Day: The Greater You Become...

'The greater you become, the more down to earth you become.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday 15 February 2016

Wahhabi Propaganda: Kiya Shia Kafir Hain?

Younus AlGohar does an in-depth analysis of the Shiite belief system and why Wahhabis declare them to be infidels.
Main points:
  • What constitutes as Biddat and what flaws are there in the Shiite belief system?
  • Neither Shiites, Ahmadis nor Wahhabis are infidels. Wahhabis are not infidels, however they are blasphemers of Prophet Mohammad and have been rejected by God (Mardoud).
  • One who rejects God is an infidel while one God has rejected is Mardoud. There's hope for infidels but there's no hope for one rejected by God. An infidel can seek forgiveness from God and may become a Momin (true believer) but a Mardoud (one rejected by God) can never become a Momin.
  • The tenet of Shiites about Imam Mehdi is incorrect, but they are not infidels. The notion that they are infidels was spread by Wahhabis. The good thing about the Shiites is their respect for the Ahle Bayt (household of Prophet Mohammad). It's incorrectly believed that Ahmadis don't believe Mohammad to be the last prophet. Their tenet's flawed about Imam Mehdi, but they're not infidels either.
  • After the arrival of Imam Mehdi, those who continue to practise their flawed tenets will be deprived of the spiritual grace of Imam Mehdi. They will be ill-fated, but they won’t be infidels. One who rejects the divine signs, whether he is Sunni, Wahhabi or Ahmadi, will have rejected God.
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Quote of the Day: True Human Love...

'True human love is representative of God in human sentiments.' - Younus AlGohar

Sunday 14 February 2016

Saturday 13 February 2016

Propagation at Munshiganj District, Bangladesh

On the 13th of February, 2016, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh spread the universal message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi of divine love and global peace at the Munshiganj District in Dhaka. A large gathering of people of all ages, castes and creeds were informed of the divine signs of Kalki Avatar on the Moon, Sun and Holy Black Stone. One of our team members explained the practical method of NNaam Daan (Invocation of the Heart). Many people were inspired by this and took our literature home to share with friends and family.

Quote of the Day: All We Need...

'All we need to do is to empty our minds from any prejudice and become impartial.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 12 February 2016

Lifestyles of Human Conception vs a Religious Lifestyle

Younus AlGohar compares the lifestyles prescribed by God in religions and the lifestyle adopted by non-religious people in modern society.
Main points:
  • Religions have lost their charm. Now, especially in developed countries, people have adopted a new lifestyle conceived by and confined to human intellect.
  • Monotheist religions lay emphasis on life hereafter and accountability to God, therefore practitioners of religion have their freedom severely restricted.  People who follow a religion don't enjoy life; they make sacrifices in pursuit of a better afterlife.
  • For people who don't follow any religion or believe in God, this world is everything. They hate to have their freedom restricted in any way.
  • Freedom of choice, will and speech have not been endorsed by any prophet or prescribed by God - so there's mischief when it's exercised.
  • You live your life here according to the choice you made in the Primordial Times. If somebody who doesn't believe in God wants to exercise their freedom, they should not be condemned for it. Live and let live!
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Quote of the Day: Love is for Those Who

'Love is for those who love to learn love.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Thursday 11 February 2016

UPCOMING: MFI at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo, Raleigh

We are pleased to announce that we will be at the Body Mind and Spirit Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina from February 27-28, where over 2000 people are expected to attend. The expo will be held at the Kerr Scott Building (1025 Blue Ridge RD). Come find us at exhibit #611 for enlightening conversation, free spiritual healing and Invocation of the Heart. For more information, visit the Body Mind and Spirit Expo Official Website.

bmse 1

UPCOMING: MFI at the Conscious Living Expo in Los Angeles

Messiah Foundation USA is pleased to announced our participation in the upcoming Conscious Living Expo, to be held at the LAX Hilton (5711 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045) in Los Angeles, California. The expo will be on February 19-21. Over 10 000 people are expected to attend. We will be offering information about divine love and discussing how a person becomes a better person. Free spiritual healing and Invocation of the Heart will also be granted to aspirants. Find us at exhibit P24! For more detail about registration and the event schedule, visit the Conscious Life Expo Official Website.
la-conscious life expo

Quote of the Day: You Will Not Do Anything...

'You will not do anything which can hurt and harm anybody when your heart is controlled by love.' - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Religion Without Spirituality is Mischief

Younus AlGohar establishes how Islam is dead without spiritual knowledge and how essential spiritual knowledge is. He also explains why and how Sharia is mischief without spirituality.
Main points:
  • In Islam and Judaism, those who talked about spirituality were always condemned and disapproved of by the mainstream religion. Sufism (spirituality) had been the centre of Islamic teachings until 200 years ago. Wahhabis were the pioneers of rejecting Sufism, calling it unIslamic - although there have been Sufis all over the world.
  • Religion comprises of two vital types of knowledge. Spirituality is the life of every religion; the exterior aspect isn’t given as much importance. Islam is alive only when spirituality is practised. If spirituality is separated from it, it is dead no matter how many people perform rituals. Radicalisation is the result of Sharia being practised without the spiritual knowledge. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Islamic scholarship, without the knowledge of spirituality, is a greater mischief.’
  • Quran says that worshippers who are naive to the truth of worship are destructed. Their worship is not reaching God; rather, they’re showing off. It doesn’t mean physical destruction, but destruction of faith and character. What does showing off mean? Their worship will not reach God, but people think they are dedicated worshippers. When this happens, people’s respect for such a person boosts their ego, destroying them spiritually. Such a person becomes a live threat to moral values in society. That’s how Sharia becomes mischief.
  • Truth of worship would have entered your heart only if you practised spirituality. Spirituality enlightens hearts, manifesting truth on the screen of the heart. Since people don’t practise spirituality among Muslims, therefore their Salat (worship) is futile, useless and not recognised by God.
  • Sharia is only good with spirituality which will control your heart and you won’t make wrong decisions. Spirituality makes you compassionate. Without spirituality, your heart will be as hard as stone and with spirituality, the heart will be soft. You will help all regardless of religion. However, Sharia without spirituality (now or even at the time of Prophet Mohammad), was, is and will remain to be mischief forever.
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Quote of the Day: Without Inner Knowledge...

'Without inner knowledge, no religion is a good religion.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday 8 February 2016

Quote of the Day: God and His Love...

'God and his love is the culmination of all religions and all creation.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Sunday 7 February 2016

New Video: Religions & Limit To Freedom of Choice || Younus AlGohar

Since the rise of radical Islam, religions are now losing their credibility. Every eye which is looking at the religions today is prejudiced and doubtful. As a result of this, things which are complex and delicate are given wrong meanings. One needs to have an unbiased, unprejudiced approach and attitude to understand any celestial religion.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are celestial religions. These religions mandate a very strict law for their followers; people who have enjoyed freedom do not like any law controlling them. However, whether you like it or not, one has to understand the fact that God is your creator and he wants you to live your life the way he wants. He allows you to do certain things and he prohibits you from doing other things. If you do what he does not want you to do, it is known as a sin. If you do what he wants you to do, it is known as obedience.
With all these things, he has given human beings certain privileges and rewards. All these rewards can be divided into three categories: rewards in this life, rewards after this life in paradise and rewards in form of his love, nearness and friendship.
Rewards that bring one closer to God are rewards which are for the elite. Rewards in form of paradise and its contents are for devout practitioners of the religion. Rewards of this world, along with the rewards of paradise and the privileges of being in God’s nearness, are given to selected people from the elite. So, some of God’s elite enjoy all three rewards. Some others do not enjoy the rewards of this world if they are going to be given the rewards of paradise. Some people choose luxuries of this world. If you choose for yourself luxuries of this world, then you are shutting upon yourself the doors of paradise.

In religions, there is no such thing as freedom.
For people who don’t believe in life hereafter, who don’t follow any religion and who don’t believe in God, this world and its luxuries are everything. They want freedom; they hate to be controlled and disciplined by any religious or divine law.
However, those who practise a religion have to live their life according to the commandments their prophets received for them.

For example, according to the law of Moses, somebody who commits adultery will be stoned to death; the same as in Islam. God is not stopping you from having sex, but what he wants from you is to have sex with one permanent partner. I think [adultery] is very much an antisocial act.

Maybe some strict laws are strict so that God can successfully tame you. Some things are more delicate than others.
When you are honest and loyal with your partner, this is called fidelity. Whether your partner is your wife or your partner is your lord, you need to be loyal.
No Christian, Jew or Muslim will appoint a partner with God. That is the most disgusting disobedience in the eyes of God. These three religions are monotheistic religions; they believe in one God. If you are loyal to your lord, God is happy with you. Similarly, if you are loyal to your wife, your wife is happy with you. Whether she is Christian, Hindu or Jewish, if a wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she will forget all forms of freedom.
Although both partners say, ‘This is my life,’ even then, there are certain things that you cannot do being in a relationship with somebody.
As a wife or as a husband, your freedom is limited. So if you have a relationship with God, why do you expect that there will be no restrictions or discipline and you will enjoy complete freedom?
Adultery is a big word; to make it appear soft, you can simply say, ‘To have sex outside marriage.’ In Islam, if somebody commits adultery, they must be stoned to death. Even so, according to Prophet Mohammad, more severe a sin than adultery is to speak ill about somebody behind their back.
All we need to do is to empty our minds from any prejudice and become impartial. If your opinion is influenced by the existence of terrorists, you cannot see goodness in any religion.
What terrorists are doing is not coming from the teachings of any religion. It is the result of misinterpretation of the divine book and manipulation of the meaning. Taking meanings from words is a very fragile and delicate matter. Background information and circumstances have a role to play in order for you to have correct understanding of the situation.

No religion is bad, but when people modify it or fiddle with the meaning, then this wrong interpretation starts to hurt people and create doubts and reservations. What we see today is that some people who don’t even belong to Islam have started defaming and derogating the religion, quoting the Bible and Quran. They think they have all the knowledge, that they will read the Quran and understand it.
Never think any religion promotes violence, whether it is Judaism, Sikhism, Islam or Christianity. However, the verses that mention killing and stoning to death talk about punishing the wicked ones, the mischief mongers.
If God said, ‘Kill them,’ God did not mean to kill everybody. He was addressing Prophet Mohammad in the Quran, not the Muslims. You cannot take the law in your hand.
About his second coming, Jesus said, ‘Do not think that for the second time when I come, I will come for peace. I will wage wars, shed blood.’
If you know what it means and you’re a peaceful citizen, you will have a sigh of relief. Jesus is coming to wage a war against killers of humanity, hateful souls: the wicked ones who are not only enemies of humanity, but also enemies of messengers and prophets.

Religions have lost their credibility after the spiritual system in the religion was destroyed. When, with the help of the spiritual system, you attain spiritual strength, power and ability to communicate with God, you become good. But when the spiritual system is destroyed, the spiritual aspect of the religion is gone.
Without the spiritual aspect, religion will not help anybody. For example, we have plenty of doctors; but if we don’t have medicine, there is no point in having a doctor. Religion is like a doctor and spirituality is like medicine.
Today, we have religions as doctors and everybody advising [what medicines to take] but there is no medicine. Whether someone is a Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, British or American doctor, no doctor can help anybody with a disease if we do not have medicine.

Religions have lost their credibility because the spiritual medicine which is dispensed by religions is lost. As a result of this, Christians are Christians, but they are no more good Christians. Jews are Jews, but they are no more good Jews.

Spiritual knowledge in Judaism is known as Kabbalah; mainstream Jews disapprove of Kabbalah. Similarly, Muslims disapprove of Sufism. In the same way, Protestants and Methodists also disapprove of spirituality. Christian spirituality has been very famous, Kabbalah has been talk of the town and Sufism has been greatly appreciated even by Christians and Jews. However, as we speak today, a majority of religious clergy in all three religions have either forgotten about spirituality or have had a change of heart in a negative way; reaching God or getting united with God is not their goal anymore.
These religions have stopped benefitting humanity in the absence of spiritual knowledge and power.
This is when Muslims are not good Muslims anymore. I will not say, ‘Bad Christians, bad Jews and bad Muslims,’ they are simply Christians, Muslims and Jews. But if they obtain spirituality in all their religions, they will become wonderful creatures on Earth.

People who don’t believe in God have illogical and irrational justification of their choice of having all sorts of freedom. For example, the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris is full of satire. You can say anything you want to say, but there is a limit. What you do should not hurt anybody or deprive others of practising their freedom. Charlie Hebdo make blasphemous cartoons of Jesus, Moses and Mohammad. They say, ‘This is democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.’ What if somebody makes derogatory cartoons about your sister, mother or wife - do you approve of such an act? You should also bear in mind that people have more respect for their messenger and prophets than they respect their mothers and sisters.
You should be able to practise what you want, and have freedom of choice and opinion. While exercising your freedom, you must make sure that you are not depriving someone else of their freedom.
If you think there should be no such thing, then why are there ratings on film such as U, 12, 15 and 18? Why doesn’t freedom of choice and speech apply here? It means some things are not beneficial for kids, therefore you have to hide things from them. There are parental locks on websites, PCs and televisions. If a boy aged 5-7 years comes to his mother or father and says, ‘I want to exercise my freedom of choice and watch a pornographic movie,’ would he be allowed to do that? It means freedom of choice should be controlled.
If you don’t control freedom of choice, it will destroy civility and society. If you hurt somebody's feelings and call it freedom of choice, I do not think it is just or good.
We have been taught by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi to respect all religions and individuals. We don’t force our belief system on others. We can talk about it and share it, but we are not allowed to force it on anyone.

Similarly, there should be a law about freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. If freedom of choice is ruining somebody’s life, then you have to reconsider whether or not it should be reformed with new rules and regulations - in which you say what you want to say and at the same time, nobody is hurt or offended.

Quote of the Day: With an Enlightened Heart...

'With an enlightened heart, you will see God inside you.' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday 6 February 2016

New Video: Types of Love | Younus AlGohar

Amelika Confidence wrote a book called, ‘Religions and the Way to God’. He says to me, ‘You say that love is fundamental. What is love’s work. From where and to where does love go?’

He said to me, ‘If you have love and peace, or wish for them, you will welcome clean-hearted debate.’ In reply to this, I said to him, ‘Discussion is better than debate. I do not debate.’
Firstly, I did not say that love is fundamental. I talk about love and how to achieve love. I propagate the importance of love in a human’s life and I also discuss what the substance of love is and how to acquire love.

Regarding from where loves comes and to where it goes - love is not like a boat. Love is not like an airplane. Love is not transportation. What do you mean by, ‘From where it comes and to where it goes?’ I don’t understand it.

I’m sorry, but this is really bemusing. You need to understand different types of love. Love. metaphorically, is considered to be an outburst of emotions. That’s what people call love. These emotions have to be generated on a constant basis.
If you have an outburst of emotions for somebody for a few days and then it goes away, it is not love; it is infatuation, affection.


Affection is when you look at somebody physically and you like their body, you like their company because they are handsome or they are beautiful. You fall for the beauty of their body. It is called affection because it is affecting on you.

For example, you walk in a mall and see a woman who is wearing revealing clothes. You look at her and you want to keep looking art her. You forget why you are there. So in a way, you are affected. Suddenly, you forget everything and are just looking at that woman. If that woman was really unattractive, even if she was walking naked, you wouldn’t be affected. You would just continue doing whatever you were occupied. When we say, ‘Beautiful or ugly,’ it is to do with the body. Obviously, you are not looking at her soul or heart; you are looking at her body. This is why it is affection, sudden change.

Puppy Love

There is another type of love. When you are a child, you have innocent love. You have love for your toys and you fall out with other kids. You say, ‘This is my toy. I won’t let you play with it.’ Then you enter into a phase where you reach the age of puberty. When you reach the age of puberty and enter into adolescence, you begin to have feelings and vibes. If a girl at that time starts taking interest in you, you suddenly develop love. You become Romeo and think, ‘I have found the true love of my life. I’m going to sacrifice my life.’ That is fake understanding because the emotions that you have at the time are due to the fact that you entering into adolescence period. Before you reach puberty, you don’t have these kinds of emotions. But as you reach that age, the world changes. You’re not innocent anymore.
This outburst of emotion at the time when you reach the age of puberty is called puppy love or cupboard love. It doesn’t stay forever.
Because you have reached the age of puberty and there are new emotions, every time a girl takes interest in you, you think this is your true lover. You make a list of girlfriends. Every time you change a girlfriend, you think, ‘No, this is my true girlfriend.’ But as you become mature, you realise that it was nonsense. This is not love.

Divine Love

You have to be careful in defining divine love. You’re suppose to develop love for God and you haven’t seen or spoken with God. You don’t know anything about God. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew or you practise any other religion - you have the books and stories, but you have no personal experience about God.

How do you develop love for God? You look at a woman, her curves and her beauty and you fall in love with her. You have an outburst of emotions because you reach the age of puberty and you have puppy love. What about divine love? How do you have love for God?
Even if God has a handsome body, you haven’t seen him.
Some people think that becoming more religious, doing all the rituals and fulfilling all the commandments of God is God’s love. That’s obedience and practice of a religion. That is not love.
Then there are two types of love: conditional love and unconditional love.
It is very easy to say, ‘unconditional love,’ but unconditional love is very, very rare to be seen. When we say, ‘unconditional love,’ it means you have love for somebody and no matter what happens, this love will stay with you in your heart forever. Nothing will change.

For example, I respect you and you respect me. If I insult you, you will insult me. But if you have love for somebody and they insult you every day, do you think love in you heart for that person is not going to be affected? Of course it will be affected. If the other person doesn’t stop insulting and abusing, maybe this love will turn into hatred. There is a condition: if you behave well, I will love you. If you respect me, I will love you. If you  feed me, I will love you.
If somebody doesn’t do anything good, will you still love them? Humanly, it is not possible; but God has unconditional love. However, before unconditional love is granted to you by God, there are many conditions to be fulfilled.
I want to tell you how to obtain God’s love. Some people have a problem in their heart, so a pacer is installed inside the heart to generate ticking. In a similar way, we need an outburst of emotions for God in the heart.
There is no connection between you and God. How would you have emotions for God?
For a moment, just forget about God. If we say, ‘Please love Obama; he is very nice,’ can you do that? No.
There are many examples. Generally, men go after beautiful women who are fair in complexion, tall, etc. But we have heard, when the bird of love, Cupid, strikes on a heart, you will see that a man loves a woman who is not  beautiful at all. This is because somehow or other, he has emotions for her not for other women.
We need to generate an outburst of emotion for God. In order to do that, God’s light, God’ energy, has to be generated inside the heart through spirituality.
God’s name has his light; it is not like your name and my name. Spiritually, God’s name is implanted into the heart and thereafter, the heart will vibrate with God’s name constantly. As a result of this constant vibration of God’s name inside the heart, divine energy is generated. When enough divine energy has been accumulated inside the heart, you begin to have feelings for God.
When you have something from God inside your heart, it uplifts the outburst of emotions for God. This is the first stage of love. You begin to feel his light in your heart.
However, this love is not eternal. If you do something wrong and God doesn’t like it, then these emotions will be gone; this love may not stay forever.

The original form of love - which does not fade away and never disappears from the heart - is granted to an individual by God only when he is spiritually trained and makes a journey spiritually, by the soul of his head, and he arrives at a station where God will see him and he will see God.
The moment you see God, special energy will emanate from God’s body; it will come to you and will want to pull you towards God. This attraction from God is known as pure, unconditional love. It is natural.
If you have that energy that pulls you towards God, it will become unconditional love. Then, whatever happens, this love will never depart your heart.