Wednesday 26 November 2008

Saint Steve and Susan Bell sings Gohar Jesus Song

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Ladies gathered around the cake

All eyes set on the cake! Hassania AlGohar signals Nazo to cut the cake.
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Jashan-e-Riaz celebrated with spiritual fervor

Lovers of Lord Ra Riaz enjoying Spiritual Presence of the Lord
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Tuesday 25 November 2008

MFI in Oslo Norway

Mr Younus AlGohar promotes Divine Love and Global Peace in Oslo, Norway.
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Monday 24 November 2008

Norwegian Expo turns out to be a grand success!

With the merry event of Jashan-e-Riaz 08, glad tidings come across from the European Continent, as the MFI International Team return to England with more than just satisfaction to boast about.

The Chief Executive of MFI, HH Younus AlGohar, exultingly expressed, "Norwegian people are very open, receptive and they do not argue".

"It was just brilliant", says Saint Steve, who was one of the main speakers at the event. "We were not aware of the surroundings, but when we met the people, when they accepted, we felt it was home".

A pleasant day to all readers and a merry Jashan-e-Riaz!

Friday 21 November 2008

HC stays deportation of 67 Pakistani nationals

New Delhi, November 19: Sixtyseven jailed Pakistani nationals who were on the verge of being sent home by the Indian authorities may continue to remain behind bars as the Delhi High Court on Wednesday stayed the Centre's decision to deport them.

The 67 Pakistani nationals, lodged in Tihar jail, are facing charges of allegedly staying in India without valid passport or documents.

Issuing notice to the Central government, a Division Bench of Chief Justice Ajit Prakash Shah and Justice S Muralidhar sought the government's reply within two weeks and stayed their deportation till further order.

On Tuesday, the government moved an application before a city court seeking its permission to withdraw all cases registered against them under the Passport Act and Registration of Foreigners Act and to deport them to Pakistan.

However, challenging the government's decision, one of the Pakistani national filed a petition seeking court's intervention restraining the government from deporting them.

Filing a PIL, through counsel Meenakshi Arora, one Saifullah Bajwa said all these people are facing cases of blasphemy and the existing Pakistani law prescribes the sentence of life or death penalty for the charge.

In April, 2007, these people had fled Pakistan due to fear of prosecution on the charges of blasphemy as they belonged to Mehdi Foundation, a multi-faith spiritual organisation that promoted the doctrine of divine love since 1980.

The organisation was headed by Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, who had fled the country and is presently based in United Kingdom (UK) after Sindh High Court sentenced him to life imprisonment on charges of blasphemy.

After coming to India, they had staged a protest in New Delhi at Jantar Mantar against Pakistani government and burnt their passports besides burning the effigies of their leaders. The Delhi police had arrested them on April 23 2007 for not having valid documents to stay in India.

News from the Indian Press - Express India, link:

MFI attends Mind, Body and Soul Expo in Oslo Norway today

Messiah Foundation International team is here in Oslo, Norway for New Life Expo. Images of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, and Lord Jesus Christ will be displayed, and talks about their return and their doctrine will be held. please visit this blog in the evening for the latest activities.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

65 MFI Members face repatriation from India

65 MFI Members in Tihar Jail, New Delhi, India

Mehdi Foundation International is the official representative organization of His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Both Islamists and the Pakistan Government have persecuted His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and His dedicated discipleship. Firstly, they instigated against His Holiness various false cases of blasphemy. His Holiness Gohar Shahi had been on US trip while the Sindh High Court awarded life imprisonment in absentia.

Islamists and Pakistan Government were afraid that His Holiness Gohar Shahi would pronounce Himself as the Awaited Imam Mehdi. They left no stone unturned in defying and suppressing His Holiness Gohar Shahi. Pakistan Government used Wahhabi denomination as an instrumental against His Holiness. The Pro-Saudi Arab sectarian elements issued Fatwa’s Kuffar against His Holiness. His Holiness Gohar Shahi’s mission is that of Divine Love and Global Peace. The sectarian elements disapproved of this Divine Sufi doctrine. They consider Sufi-Teachings as heretical and subversive. His Holiness Gohar Shahi didn’t speak against any religion or any sect. He simply advocated God’s love, and revived hearts of all human beings regardless of their religious or cultural background.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi’s book,” Deen-e-Ilahi” had been banned in Pakistan. God manifested images of His Holiness Gohar Shahi in the Moon, the Sun, the Holy Black Stone, and various other places and on objects. The Government of Pakistan utilized all tricks to suppress the Divine Signs, and basically, it was due to the promulgation of these Signs that Government of Pakistan persecuted His Holiness Gohar Shahi. Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam which was affiliated with His Holiness Gohar Shahi in Pakistan gave in to the Police and secret agencies in Pakistan. Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam (ASI-Abbreviated) failed to take on the pressure of oppression; hence, they stopped the publicity of the Divine Signs. Today, ASI wants to dissociate with all those who promote the Divine Signs. They don’t want to engage in the publicity of these Signs out of fear of getting arrested and going to the jail.

Mehdi Foundation International is the official and representative organization of His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. We propagate the Divine Signs, the Teachings of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, and we also propagate His Holiness Gohar Shahi as Imam Mehdi, the Promised Messiah, and the Kalki Avatar. Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam does not like our mission because they think they will be in trouble with the Police and Government authorities on account of our activities. Since members of Mehdi Foundation International (MFI) are persecuted in Pakistan, many families had to migrate to India in an attempt to save their lives and their faith in Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. They protested against Pakistan Government and the Islamists. They didn’t want to go back to Pakistan, hence, out of sheer overwhelming emotions and rage; they threw their Pakistani Passports in fire. Since they lost their identity, therefore, the Indian Police arrested them. These 65 members of MFI had been in Tihar Jail since April 2007. The Government of Pakistan has held several meetings with their Indian counterparts for their repatriation. Ambassador of Pakistan to India has visited them in the jail, and threatened them of fatal consequences However; our members have always refused to go back to Pakistan. Recently, there has been a secretive deal between India and Pakistan in regards to repatriation of our members. Though we have applied for asylum in India, and registered with UNHCR also, India is not showing positive attitude towards these innocent people. There is not just well founded fear of persecution against MFI members in Pakistan but also it is almost certain that they will be tried under treason act in Pakistan upon their unfortunate return to the homeland.

Though India is not a signatory to Geneva Convention asylum act, there is an international customary law that protects the individuals from returning to country of persecution. Repatriating these 65 members simply mean pushing them into the well of certain death.

We strongly urge to the Indian Government to stop the repatriation of these 65 members. Alternatively, India may hand them over to UNHCR Delhi Branch, which is ready to grant them refugee status, and later a European or American country will take them for asylum.

For Mehdi Foundation International UK

Younus AlGohar London UK
Tel: 0790 000 2676

Islamists of Pakistan poke their ugly nose against MFI Members

Saint Steve and Saint Riz Syed enchants a White Yogi woman

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Saint Steve explains Divine love to local exhibitors

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Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi blesses His Servant Younus AlGohar

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Younus AlGohar heals humanity with Gohar's powers

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MFI President Amjad Ali weds in Sri Lanka

MFI President Amjad Ali marries Sadia in Sri Lanka. I congratulate the couple on this happiest day!!!
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Jewish Rabbi David Mivasair meets Younus AlGohar

Jewish Rabbi David Mivasair meets Younus AlGohar in Vancouver Canada to discuss future activities of Messiah Foundation International in Jewish Community in Vancouver Canada.

Rabbi David praised MFI's Mission, and reassued his help to introduce Goharian Doctrine in the Jewish Community also. He offered Younus AlGohar to speak in his synagoge also in future.
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Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam opposes MFI and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi

Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam and Amina Begham, Wasi Qureshi and Babar Shah oppose MFI mission, and do not accept His Holiness Ra Gohar Shahi as the Awaited Imam Mehdi. They are pushing Pakistan Government to persecute and torment MFI members. Since Anjuman Sarfroshan Islam in the past followed the Goharian Doctrine, and are widely known to be followers of His Holiness Gohar Shahi, now they want to escape the persecution in Pakistan, hence, they denied the fact that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi.
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65 MFI members face brutal death back in Pakistan

Indian Government has made a deal with Pakistan Government regarding 65 members of MFI. India is considering repatriating them to Pakistan. We protest against this cruel move by the Indian establishment. According to the international customary Law, they must not be sent back to the country where there is a well founded fear of persecution. Please note that our members face certain death in Pakistan, because they have changed their religion to God's love from the religion of Islam. So many Islamic organizations in Pakistan are staging rallies against us, and demanding from the Pakistan Government to award death sentence to our members. We request the international community, and the United Nations to intervene in this matter, and save the lives of 65 members which include a dozen of innocent kids.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Faith, Love, affection and passion

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Images of Imam Mehdi Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady Mother Mary, and Durgha Maa

Divine Signs
Please notice images of various Spiritual Personalities in the Moon and in the Holy Black Stone.
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Face of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in Hajar Aswad

Face of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in the Hajar Aswad. Look at the middle of the Black Stone, and notice two joint heads, one is that of The Prophet Mohammad, and the other of the Awaited Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.
Remember well: Kissing and revering the Holy Black Stone is the most important part of the pilgrimage of Haj to the Holy Cubicle. According to traditions of the Prophet Mohammad, kiss of the Holy Black Stone renders salvation to humanity.
It is commonly believed that the first Caliph Adam, also known as Shankar Jee brought this Holy Black Stone from the Higher Realms of Malakut (Paradise). As Adam is known as Shankar Jee also, similarly, Imam Mehdi is known by different titles. Hindu's know Imam Mehdi by the title of Kalki Avatar.
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الکعبہ ليس بيت اللہ بل الحجر الاسود ھو بيت اللہ

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Return of Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ
We are pleased to confirm that this is the true image of Lord Jesus Christ. The same image has become visible on the surface of the Moon, the Holy Black Stone and Mars also. Lord Jesus Christ paid a quick visit to His Holiness Gohar Shahi whilst He stayed in El Monte Lodge, Taos, New Maxico, USA. We are pleased to annouce that Lord Jesus Christ has returned to the world. You would be pleasently surprised to learn that face of Lord Jesus Christ is already performing miracles, healing diseased ones, and connecting aspiring folks with God. Both Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Jesus Christ have appeared in this world now, and presently, they are keeping a low profile. Soon, they shall be accessible to all humanity.
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Monday 17 November 2008

Mehdi-the one of the Moon

God says: Soon shall we manifest our Signs in the horizon and within their beings, until they are convinced that it is the Truth!
Images of His Holiness Gohar Shahi on different planets and places are divine signs, manifested by God Almighty.
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All Religions Love and honour Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi

His Holiness Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi addresses Christian Fellowship in an American Church. Many individuals were able to turn their hearts to God's love, and many others saw Jesus Christ right in front of their eyes.
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Do you await a messianic personality?

Do you await a Messianic personality?
Go on to read if the answer is YES.

Our world is changing. Hatred, animosity between nations and religions, and racism is increasing dramatically. Terrorism, extremism, fanaticism and exploitation of Human Rights are becoming more common than ever before. Religions have divided humanity in many groups, Sub societies within a society are emerging rapidly. Religiosity has taken its toll on human lives. Peace is diminished from the hearts. An unknown and unclassified fear has plagued hearts and minds. Man is becoming weary of religions. Atheism is strengthening its roots in theists’ minds. Hope is fading away. People are distancing themselves from God, and have shunned their spiritual quest to seeking God’s love. The concept of life hereafter is fading away from Western Society. Religions without God, are gaining popularity. Atheist Spirituality is being invented. The Word,” God” has almost lost its charm and respect in contemporary man. The world has come to a stage where we earnestly need the Awaited One.

Some miraculous human images have become visible on the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Holy Black Stone (Mecca, Saudi Arabia), and at various other places and objects. These images are the imprint of God’s grandeur and a gospel of hope for the sinking hearts of humanity.

Look at these images carefully now. Tomorrow these great personalities shall emerge from the clouds of occult-hiding.

One of the personalities is that of Lord Jesus Christ who had ascended to High Realms some 2000 years ago, and He is awaited by millions of devout Christians and other religions also.

The other one is the Divine Person who is known by various titles in many religions. Many Titles have been attributed to Him including those of the Promised Messiah, the returning Mehdi, and the Awaited Kalki Avatar. This Divine Person has already descended on earth. His Spiritual Philosophy has already enlightened millions of men and women. His Spiritual Powers have already restored health in millions of people. His charismatic personality has united millions of hearts in eternal and mutual love. His Mystical Doctrine has already harmonised the physical and spiritual life of millions of men and women.

He does not claim to be God, yet His Spiritual Powers are limitless. He is the Hope that we all await.
He is so humble, yet full of grace and bounty. His Love for humanity is unconditional. All human beings regardless of their colour, creed, cast, religion or any background are equal in His eyes. His Grace and Bounty is equally benefiting all human beings. He confers on all human beings without prejudice or reservations. His immense spiritual powers endorse His eminence.

His name is Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. He has penned a marvellous text book for the seekers of enlightenment and divine love. Ask for a free copy of the great sacred book of, “the Religion of God”. You may also read this book online at our website.

The Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love

A house or a human body in which God is remembered round the clock remains under merciful sight of God!
(His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi)

Revive the spiritual sensors of your body and soul with the power of God’s name, and claim God’s eternal mercy and blessings. Man shall find peace with God’s remembrance only. An unholy body does not attract God’s mercy, therefore, has to put up with an unnecessary trouble from the atmosphere where God’s wrath is on constant hunt for hateful souls. Both the wrath and mercy of God roam around the world. Those that are forgetful of God become prey to the wrath, and those whose hearts are engaged in God’s remembrance embrace God’s mercy.

Through performance of physical worship, you may fail to attract God’s attention. For God does not look at the faces and bodies, rather He looks at the shiny and enlightened hearts and purified intentions therein.

The worship places are holy because God is remembered therein. Your heart also shall become holy when God is remembered therein too. When the heart becomes holy, the entire body becomes holy. A body with an unholy heart does not attract God’s mercy, and God does not appreciate worship of such a body. Activating God’s remembrance inside the heart is a divine art, and God sends Mystics into this world from time to time, who teach this divine art to aspiring individuals.

We advocate and dispense the art of reviving the hearts with God’s remembrance. This divine facility is offered to all aspiring individuals who may come from any religion or faith. This divine art is also known as Sufism in Islam, mysticism in Christianity, and Spirituality in common. Those who learnt this divine art were able to find God within themselves. And those who either ignored it or rejected it dispersed into unknown and unidentified directions, and never found God even with rigid pattern of worship.

Representative of Mehdi-Messiah-Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi

Younus AlGohar-the Representative of His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. He addressed a gathering of over a thousand Hindu-brethern in Colombo Sri Lanka in August 2008. He was given red carpet reception by local discipleship. He granted the gift of God's great name," Ra Raam" to more than a thousand aspiring seekers. He channeled hundreds of people to His Holiness Gohar Shahi, and they were healed instantly. He is always accompanied by His Master, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.
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Jashan-e-Riaz 25 Nov

Messenger of Rapturous Love

His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Lord Ra Riaz on His Throne

His Divine Lordship Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi
The King of all Kings
The Master of His faithful servants
The Alpha and Omega

Activities of MFI in pictures

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi's image in the Moon

Image of His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is clearly visible on the Moon.
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Lord Ra Riaz

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