Saturday 30 January 2016

Ultramodern Spiritual Sciences

One of the many divine signs that are attributed to the Awaited One is the sign of ultramodern technologies. With the help of this technology, the communication gap is almost gone. We have developed an addictive dependency on these technologies, however, these technologies have helped human beings do so many things at a time, which was not possible 20 years ago. This is not a coincidence. I would like to give you a comparative view of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and its relation with ultra-modern technologies. I want to draw your attention towards the title page of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s book of divine love which poses a challenge to those who reject spiritual sciences.

It’s so wonderful how we make use of iMessages, emails and Twitter and Facebook. For example, you can attach a video file, audio file or an image with email and wirelessly send it from one device to another, regardless of the distance between two devices - whether one device is in the United States of America and the other device is in Australia (almost 12 000 miles away from each destination). How audio and video are wirelessly transmitted from one device to another is nothing but a miracle, and how this is done is understandable to those who have knowledge of science.
Individuals who understand that images, video and audio files can be transferred wirelessly to any distance cannot deny the fact that God’s voice and image can be transferred from the heart of a spiritual master into the heart of a spiritual disciple wirelessly.
This has never happened before. So many great, grand messengers came into this world. However, this ultramodern technology did not exist.

Everything happens for a reason. The most probable reason I can think of is that this ultramodern technology in the era of the Awaited One is telling us that what you see in the phenomenal world can be verified with divine technologies that exist in the esoteric world.
Since the ultra advanced spiritual knowledge has been laid before us by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, we can relate to it because we have similar technology in front of our eyes.
If we did not have this technology, maybe people would have an enormous amount of doubts as to how voice or a moving picture can be transferred from the heart of a spiritual guide into the heart of a spiritual disciple. But since you have a developed a habit of using technology, when the doctrine of ultramodern spiritual sciences is introduced to you, you already have an example. This knowledge was hidden and was not given to any messenger or prophet; therefore they did not need an example in the phenomenal world to which they could relate this knowledge and verify themselves that this is true knowledge.

Television appeared to be one of the most entertaining technologies. In the late 1970’s, there were black and white televisions, still people were very happy; they found a way of killing time and entertaining themselves to get rid of boredom and loneliness. People spent hours sitting on their couches, eating popcorn and watching television. Then came coloured television and then HD picture quality. So science is constantly evolving.
Science and evolution is in a constant process. The progression of this evolution is more like an evolution of discovery.
It is not like it never existed before and the scientists have invented it; rather it is an evolution of discovery. The more you pondered and contemplated on certain things, the more veils were lifted from God; you discovered more.
In a similar way, this knowledge that we present to the world today is not new. It is not a fabrication, invention or any type of innovation. It has always existed in the higher realms. Today, we have been granted this knowledge, which simply means that this knowledge is newly disclosed, not even discovered.
When you go to see somebody and you think it is an important meeting or you are going on a trip, you take pictures with your iPhone; you tap a button on iMessage and send it to anybody anywhere in the world. That was not possible a few years back. You used to carry cameras with a film roll and would wait until it was developed; it would take months or weeks and then you would have those photographs on paper. Now, people are not as prone to printing their photos; they have laptops, iPhones and iPads. Now they have thousands of photos.

People used to be amazed as to how a Hafiz (one who memorises the entire Quran) can have the entire book in their memory. Now, a small chip can contain 64 GB.

When Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi started to explain what the Invocation of the Heart is, people were so oblivious of this knowledge. They would ask the Lord, ‘How can a fleshy heart say the name of God?’ Lord Ra Riaz would say, ‘This tongue is also a fleshy thing. How does this tongue say the name of God?’

Then Lord Ra Riaz returns with more reasoning and knowledge.
Lord Ra Riaz says, ‘This fleshy tongue does not have the ability to speak. In a similar way, this fleshy heart does not have the ability of saying God’s name. This fleshy tongue is able to speak with the help of a corresponding soul which lies in the centre of the chest.’
There are cases whereby the tongue was found to be medically and physically fit, and the doctors were surprised that even with the perfect tongue, some people were not able to speak. Medical science did not have any answer. Lord Ra Riaz, for the first time in human history, gave the answer. The Lord said, ‘This is because the corresponding soul which enables the tongue to speak is diseased.’

Lord Ra Riaz recollects a story whereby He was still in the jungle of Lal Bagh. Somebody was brought to the Lord who was not able to speak. Lord Ra Riaz said that He wanted to enjoy His loneliness and didn’t want to be bothered by people. This is why Lord Ra Riaz never wanted to do anything which would make His presence prominent in that jungle, so the Lord would deliberately keep a low profile. But that day, when that man was brought to Lord Ra Riaz in the jungle of Sehwan, Lord Ra Riaz felt pity for him; Lord Ra Riaz’s sense of bountiful generosity was invited. He blew His blissful breath upon him and, instantly, he was able to speak. No sooner had he started to speak, people were overwhelmed with happiness and were raising slogans; Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi was being glorified and praised.
Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explains, ‘What I did was nothing to do with his physical tongue. Something was wrong with the corresponding soul. With divine energy, I fixed it and he was able to speak.’
Just 30 years ago, when Lord Ra Riaz was explaining to people that the heart can also say God’s name and speak, people would ask how. They would say, ‘The heart doesn’t have a tongue, how can the heart speak?’ Lord Ra Riaz gave these explanations and established the fact that this physical tongue itself does not have any ability or power of speech, rather it is the corresponding soul which rests in the centre of the chest with the help of which you are able to speak. By the same token, there is a corresponding soul that sits on the fleshy heart.
With spirituality, that soul which sits on the fleshy heart has to be awakened. This particular soul has spiritual functions which you will deprive yourself of if that soul is not awakened. One of the most prominent functions of the soul which sits on the heart is to enable you to communicate with God.
With the help of that soul once it has found its awakening, your heart will work like an iPhone. Make a call or send iMessages to God. You send messages to God and God will reply to you; you will see it on the screen of your heart. That’s the spiritual function.
A majority of people who proclaim to be spiritualists and who advocate spirituality are not aware of spirituality.
This is one of the many spiritual features and functions of the heart. But in order to be able to use these spiritual functions, the soul that sits on the heart has to be awakened. This is the knowledge which was granted to Prophet Adam with the help of which he exceeded all other Adams in eminence.

The poet of the east, Dr Mohammad Iqbal, who is the one of the founders of Pakistan, was a saintly person. He was aware of this knowledge. He said, ‘Awaken your heart! You will not avail any spiritual functions of the heart unless you heart is revived and awakened.’
A dormant soul on the heart will not avail you anything.
The awakening of this soul didn’t use to be easy like it is now. There were high standards, conditions and prerequisites. In addition, there was one more thing: you needed to go through a vigorous austerity of mortification and purification of your Self (Ego). By doing so, you were supposed to make yourself worthy of obtaining the awakening of the soul that controls your heart. Now because this was a tough job, many people were not attracted to this type of knowledge.

For example, somebody comes to me and tells me things like, ‘I have a car that can fly, that will run without petrol, diesel or any power. This car has wings.’ He tells me everything about this car but I can’t see anything like that in the cars that I am familiar with.  I will not believe it because there is no such car on the road. All of the sudden, one person says to me, ‘I have this car, but you have to sell everything you have.’ He won’t show the car until I give him everything. This is a difficult thing to do because there is no example. I may conclude that this person is trying to make a complete fool out of me, he wants to take my money and will run away - because I have not heard of such a car. In order to make up my mind, I need to have something in front of me that can convince me that what is being said is true.

In a similar way, [you are told], ‘When you become a spiritual person, you’re standing here offering your prayers here and you will see that you are standing in front of God. You’ll be sleeping in your cosy bed and somebody is going to be repeatedly mentioning God’s name; it would be reaching God’s throne and God will be happy.’ You would say, ‘How can that happen? If I am sleeping, who will do this on my behalf?’ People would say, ‘If this was possible, then are people crazy for going to the mosque five times a day? This is fabrication.’ This happens, when people are not aware of such knowledge.
The knowledge of spirituality became extinct. This knowledge is always projected by saints. There are religious scholars in every day and age, but saints of God are hard to come by.
In the last 400 years. there has not been a true saint of God, that’s why this knowledge became extinct. People don’t practise it, then the next generation comes, nobody talks about it and it becomes extinct.
Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi gave a complete introduction to spirituality.
Oftentimes we used to say, ‘Prior to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s advent in this world, there had been so many prominent fakir, dervish, saints and mystics; but they never said such things.’ We have the Grand Sheikh of Baghdad, Abdul Qadir Jilani, who is a wonderful spiritual master. But when you read hiis works, he doesn’t explain spirituality in details - at least not in the same way or with the same amount of explanation as Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi does. One of the reasons I can think of why the Grand Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani did not go into great detail about spirituality is that he may have had some apprehensions. Had he talked about the knowledge in details, people would not have been able to relate to it, because they did not have any example in front of their eyes.

Lord Ra Riaz’s way of teaching the secret knowledge is like those books for dummies that we have in the USA and England, like ‘Physics for Dummies’. If somebody is a dummy, you need to explain everything in minute details, in the easiest way possible. Some people have the ability to grasp the meaning even if it is not fully explained; they are known to be intellectuals. A book for dummies means it is explained with all the details and nothing is missing, no more reasoning can be done; it is so easy to understand.

Before I met Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, I read a lot of Sufi book but I couldn’t understand any word.
One of the most discouraging aspect of spirituality before Lord Ra Riaz’s arrival was that if somebody wanted to understand spirituality, there was no book which would explain spirituality to an extent that the reader is able to grasp the meaning of what is being said.
For example, Ghazali-e-Dauran (Imam Ghazali) and Mujadi Alif Sani - the way they explain spirituality is like they are talking to angels, not to us.
In order to understand spirituality by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, whether you are schooled or not schooled, you will equally understand it.
There are many who haven’t been to school, but they understood what Lord Ra Riaz said.
There are two factors:
1 - It is mostly contributed to how Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explains it. His way of explanation makes it easy for even unlettered people to understand. 
2 - When the Lord Ra Riaz speaks, with the Lord’s words, divine energy is mixed. His words hit the heart. Like you pour water into a glass or jug, the meaning of the words that the Lord speaks is poured into your heart.
We don’t speak like scholars. One of the most prominent things that our viewers must have noticed is that I, myself cannot read the Quran properly; this is why sometimes I read it with so many mistakes. But I don’t care as long as I understand it and can take spiritual benevolence from the words of God. This tells you that we haven’t even been schooled about the Quran, but even then Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has poured the true interpretation for the divine word with the power of His divine glance (Nazar) into our hearts. Even ignorant people are now explaining spirituality.

If you are using an iPhone and you know how to send images via iMessage, email, Whatsapp, Viber and so many other applications that you have. Having sent and received audio and video files and images, if you deny spirituality whereby God’s image is transferred from one heart into another heart, you are a lunatic.
God has created this phenomenal world in order to tell you that its inner also exists.
According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘Whatever you see in Zahir (the exoteric realm), it exists because it preexists in Batin (the esoteric realm).
It is now easy to understand how the saints of God are so powerful and how they become a source of blessing for their fellowmen. They have their souls awakened and divine energy in their eyes and heart.
What happens when their body, soul and heart are completely enlightened, spiritualised, energised with the divine presence? When a bulb is turned on, the light released from the filament emanates from the glass of the bulb. In a similar way, when God’s light sits in someone’s heart, it will emanate from the body of that saint.

This is exactly what God meant when he described Prophet Mohammad’s heart as ’Siraj un Muneera’. Siraj means ‘lantern’ and Muneera means ‘lit up’. In the Quran, God said, ‘Prophet Mohammad’s heart is like a lantern which is lit up with God’s light.’ You wouldn’t understand what Siraj un Muneera means if you didn’t know this spiritual knowledge that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has granted.

Quote of the Day: Taking Revenge...

'Taking revenge from people who insult you is not an act of bravery. This is weakness.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday 29 January 2016

Quote of the Day: The Day Your Soul...

‘The day your soul is awakened is the first spiritual day of life.’ - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Thursday 28 January 2016

MFI at Saint Bu Ali Shah’s Mausoleum, Haryana, India

On the 27th of January, a team from Mehdi Foundation India visited the Mausoleum of Saint Bu Ali Shah in Haryana to raise awareness of the teachings of the Awaited Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Thousands of people were told about the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love, which appealed to people of all ages at the mausoleum. Many visitors took deep interest and wholeheartedly accepted our message. Our members offered people free spiritual healing as well as the Invocation of the Heart.

Quote of the Day: Love is a Bond...

'Love is a bond between your heart and God.' - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Zamana-e-Aakhir Aur Qayaam-e-Deen-e-Ilahi - Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar explains how God prepared humanity for his own religion, the Religion of God, by gradually increasing their spiritual knowledge with the advent of each messenger. He reveals Imam Mehdi’s role in dispensing God’s love to humankind.

Main points:
⁃God made 13999 Adams with the clay of the Earth; they did not have spiritual knowledge so they were not connected with God. They practised religions in which they focused purely on worship of God and exoteric knowledge.

⁃When God grew weary of religions he decided he wanted to send his own religion on Earth: his love. He wanted human beings to love him and become spiritually entwined with him. 

⁃Because the thought had never crossed man’s mind to connect with God, God did not immediately introduce the Religion of God for fear that human beings would neither understand it nor accept that it was possible to obtain union with God.

⁃God then made Adam the Eminent One with the clay of paradise and gave him spiritual knowledge of the heart. He sent some knowledge from the Religion of God with Adam, some with Abraham, some with Moses, some with Jesus and some with Mohammad. This way, humanity would be prepared for the Religion of God.

⁃Imam Mehdi will establish the Religion of God on Earth and bring the entire humanity into the fold of God’s rapturous love, elevating them in unprecedented ways.

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Quote of the Day: As Soon As Somebody

‘As soon as somebody enters your heart, you will not have to make an effort to love them. You will feel the love.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Tuesday 26 January 2016

How to Get Connected to Lord Jesus Christ - Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a visitor at MFI’s Toronto office who asked, ‘How does one get connected to Lord Jesus Christ?’
Main points:
  • People today are unaware of spirituality. Spirituality is not a physical activity but a mechanism through which we awaken and enlighten our spirits which are substance of life and existence. Divine traits such as mercy and compassion are nurtured in the soul; because people have forgotten the spiritual knowledge and their souls are dormant, they are not truly merciful, just or compassionate.
  • Jesus said, ‘I am the only way to the Father,’ for those who followed him. All religions are beautiful and they were sent by the same source: God. The thing that separates them is religious law, which has nothing to do with spirituality. You will connect to Jesus through spiritual Christianity.
  • To recognise Jesus, you need to revive your spiritual system. Images in churches are not the true image of Jesus but rather artists’ interpretations.
  • Spirituality is the science that awakens the heart and souls. Your heart is like a telephone operator between you and God. To contact someone through a cellphone, one must have power and network connection. Similarly, your heart must be enlightened and connected - and this connection is established by a spiritual master who transmits divine energy into the heart. This is the second birth.
  • Lord Jesus Christ met Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi in 1997. He explained that he had returned and had no permanent place of abode, however, he visits his disciples who are enlightened. Once the hearts are spiritually worthy of being affected by the spiritual presence of Lord Jesus, people will see that he is here. Lord Jesus and Lord Ra Riaz are working together, and will defeat the forces of the Antichrist together.
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Quote of the Day: If You Do Not Voice Against Tyranny...

‘If you do not voice against tyranny, you are discreetly supporting the tyrant.’ - Younus AlGohar

Sunday 24 January 2016

Saturday 23 January 2016

New Video: What's God's Purpose of Creation? Islam? Christianity? Judaism? Hinduism?

In our own way, we have been trying our best to publicise the fact that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi.

Whatever way we have done it was like a cricket match in which you win the toss and elect to bat. You play the first inning and you have no total to chase. You just play and give the other team a target.

In a similar way, we have been trying to promote the divine signs and Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s doctrine of divine love. Now, the game has changed. There is another claimant in the market. This contender who claims to be Imam Mehdi is from Wahhabi cult: the notorious Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Al Baghdadi has been promoting himself as Amir ul Momineen (Leader of the Faithful Ones). He has sent messages to different terrorist organisations to pledge allegiance to him and accept him as the promised Imam Mehdi.

We now know how to manoeuvre ourselves. We can look at what al Baghdadi is doing against the Quran and Prophetic Traditions, and then bring it forward to show it to the public. We can tell the public, ‘This is what Prophetic Traditions say and this is what he is doing.’

When you know the target, it becomes easy; you can plan it well. For example, the other team elected to bat and made 250 runs in 50 overs. Most probably, your plan would be that you need to make five runs per over, so you would tell your openers to spend as much time on the crease as possible and not to worry about the average. They would just need to stay there and guard the wickets. If you’re on the crease, runs come by, even if you don’t make efforts: wide balls, no balls, byes; there is no bowler in the world who doesn’t give you a loose delivery in one over. You have to wait for that loose delivery and hit a boundary. So your plan would be to go with the flow until 25 overs are done, and then go berserk.

In a similar way, now we know what he is doing and what credentials he has to present to the world as divine endorsement. One big benefit that we are going to reap from all this is that the entire world knows that they are terrorists and enemies of humankind. Even Muslims hate them.
Anybody who comes from God, comes to unite hearts. They come to make an everlasting bond between human beings and connect people with God.
However, what these lunatics from the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS are doing is totally against any religion. Forget about Islam; what they’re doing is totally opposite to any set of beliefs.

Forcing people to worship cannot be Islam. According to the Quran, there is no compulsion in the religion. You cannot force people to be good. In the eyes of God, hearts are shown and the real intent of the heart is shown.

The notion of spreading Islam under the shadow of a sword or gun is totally absurd.
Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has brought down the gist of all religions.
There was a companion of Prophet Mohammad, called Abu Dhar al-Ghifari. He was a very close companion of the Prophet. He was not a strict worshipper; he would give more priority to keeping company of the Prophet Mohammad rather than spending any of his time in worship. Some other companions of the Prophet started to complain to Prophet Mohammad, saying, ‘He is very close to you but we have never seen him in Salat (prayer).’ Prophet Mohammad summoned him and asked, ‘Why don’t you offer salat?’ he said, ‘I do offer Salat.’  One of the companions said, ‘When we finish the Salat, we don’t find him around us.’ Ghifari said, ‘O’ Messenger of God, I heard it from you that the gist of Salat is in prostration. Even in the Quran, God said, “When you prostrate to me, it is like you are discreetly speaking with me.” When I have found the gist of Salat, why should I waste my time in any other activity? I prostrate, speak to God, and go home.’
Similarly, the main thing in every religion is God’s love. The rest is a set of rituals.
God is not going to benefit from how long your beard is or what perfume you’re wearing. It has nothing to do with God.
Love is something that would touch God’s heart. Love is a bond between your heart and God. When you are in love with God, you are in God’s eyes.
Practice of rituals and a religion is carried out for one reason: after having everything done which is known as rituals or worship, you become able to obtain God’s love in your heart.
If the practice of your religion does not produce a result of filling your heart with God’s love, then that practice becomes futile.
We are living in an era where people are looking for a shortcut. People want to become millionaires and saints of God overnight. They don’t want to go to the jungle and spend 24 or 36 years. We now have so many facilities like the iPhone, FaceTime and iMessage. It is very rare that people use desktops these days because the iPhone is doing everything. Since the advancement of technology, man has become really cunning and clever.
People are seeking a concise and precise way of obtaining God.
When you have an illness which is stopping you from your pattern of life, and you temporarily develop limitations and dependency, you want to get rid of it. You want to get well overnight. Pharmaceutical companies have learnt what a man thinks when he takes medicine; therefore, they advertise, ‘This medicine will work in five minutes,’ or ‘This medicine will work in ten minutes.’ You have to calculate human nature and human psychology. The moment people take medicine, they are counting; if it doesn’t work quickly, they say, ‘Throw this medicine in the trash bin. I don’t want this, it is not working!’
When you want to love God and obtain God, you go to a mosque, temple or church; you are worshipping God, but you don’t see any result. Those who are doing this because they must do it, and they have no set goal, will keep doing it. Those who really want to love God and obtain God’s nearness, the moment they start worshipping, they will ask questions. ‘When will I get near to God? I have been to the mosque five times a day and I didn’t feel him near.’ You want the results!
Let me tell you a very important thing which will let you understand why spirituality is the best medicine for you. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘You adopt any religion and you do good deeds: you worship, give to charity, and give alms, but the reward of this will be given to you on the Day of Judgement.’ The reward of any worship will not be given to you while you are still alive. It is in pending, in the pipeline.
For example, you go to the mosque five times a day. You study the Quran, Bible, Torah, Talmud, Bhagvad Gita and all Vedas. You go to a temple. You do charity work. You feed your neighbour and you feed your enemy. Do anything, but the reward will not be given to you in this world.
However, in spirituality, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Adopt spirituality and start working on it; it is like pay-as-you-go. The more you purify yourself, the closer you will feel to God. The reward is given here.’ 
The reward which will be given to you against your worship and loyalty to your religion will be in form of you entering paradise; but the reward given to you when you are in spirituality will be given to you in form of God’s love and nearness.
When you have God in your heart, nothing is more attractive or appealing - unless you are a Wahhabi.

The Wahhabi mentality and Wahhabi doctrine: their aim is to have intercourse with virgin girls in paradise. It is a filthy, lustful doctrine. If they’re cutting throats of people, they’re not doing it for God; they’re not God’s warriors. God is not in need of them; if God wants to give death to people, he can do it without needing ISIS, Taliban or Al-Qaeda. When God does it, nobody complains to God. They say, ’It was a natural disaster.’ Look at how clever God is. He kills thousands of people and nobody says, ‘God did it.’ They say, ’It was an earthquake,’ or ‘Torrential rain, floods.’ If God wants to kill anybody, he will do it. Nobody will ever notice he did it.

You practise a religion and do everything good, but you don’t know what your end will be. When, on the Day of Judgement, it is decided whether you have achieved your goal of entering into paradise, your Book of Deeds will have been closed already. You will not be able to do anything good thereafter.
Spirituality is something that changes your character, that changes your heart. Here in this world, you receive the reward in form of becoming closer to God.
Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, the Awaited Imam Mehdi, has brought down spirituality. It is God’s plan; he does not want people to beat about the bush. Maybe God is clever and realised, ‘With the advancement of scientific technology, people have become so lazy; they want everything there and then. If I continue to behave with humanity in the same way I behaved with them 5000 years ago, maybe they would say, “We don’t want God.”’
God has changed himself because his market is running really low. God is not in demand anymore. God’s graph is going down, like oil these days. There was a time when oil was $158 dollars per barrel and now it is $28 per barrel.

A Christian wants to be a Christian. A Muslim wants to be a Muslim. A Hindu wants to be a Hindu. A Sikh wants to be a Sikh. A Jew wants to be a Jew. But thats not what they came here for!
Whether it is a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, they all came here to obtain God’s love, to recognise God. God said, ‘I created humanity, the entire universe for one reason: that they recognise me.’ This is God’s purpose.
All these individuals don’t seem to be bothered about God; they’re only bothered about their religions.

God has made some changes. He took the gist of every religion and now he has decided for humanity to practise love. The gist of Hinduism, Judaism and Islam is love; therefore, love is suitable for everybody. Whether you are a Jew or Christian, the principle requirement of every religion upon every single follower is that he or she must obtain God’s love. That is the culmination of every religion.
Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has brought down God’s love; direct transmission from Lord Ra Riaz and his heart directly to your heart. You become a divine person and your heart starts to illumine with the candle of God’s love. When you love God, you cannot hate God’s creation.
That is the problem with every single religion today: they have forgotten the purpose of that religion. The purpose of Islam was not to make you a Muslim and make you loyal to your religion; the purpose of Christianity was not to make you loyal to Christianity.
The purpose of every religion was that you learn to love God and become godly.
You’re not becoming godly; you’re becoming rigid Muslims, Christians and Jews. That is not what God’s purpose was. God wanted everybody to love him, therefore this is God’s plan. In this plan, when humanity started, there was only one religion: Prophet Adam initiated humanity and he brought down love. There was no other religion when humanity started; it was one religion and one nation. Now, the Awaited One has come.

In between the two caliphs, Prophet Adam and Imam Mehdi, many prophets and messengers were sent; many religions were established. God is now weary and tired of all these religions and all these differences. God wants to return to the base, back to square one. There was only one religion, the religion of love, and one nation.
God wants the world to end on God’s love and humanity being one nation.

Quote of the Day: The More You Purify...

'The more you purify yourself, the closer you will feel to God.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Friday 22 January 2016

Quote of the Day: Anybody Who Comes from God...

'Anybody who comes from God comes to unite hearts.' - Younus AlGohar

New Video: Words of Wisdom By Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi - Younus AlGohar

I would like to introduce the divine writing of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.


The Religion of God (Divine Love) is the ultimate textbook on spirituality. This book was published by the Balboa Press in the United States of America. On the title page of the book is a piece of advice that reads, ‘This book requires unruffled concentration, attention, pondering and research from all religions, sects and every man. It poses a challenge to those who deny the existence of spirituality.’

This book not only talks about spirituality in unprecedented details, at the same time, it tells us the future.
It is so concise yet covers everything about God, prophets, saints, religions, you and me. There is nothing that exists that doesn’t exist in this book. It contains the untold mysteries and secrets of God.
Some books are just pastime; you read it, enjoy it and forget it. Some books guide you on how to live. But The Religion of God covers the past of God, the past of humanity, the present of humanity, the present of God, the future of humanity, and the future of God. It covers every single topic that can’t even be imagined; this is a super textbook on spirituality.
There may have been questions in your mind for many years for which you searched for answers, but realised that finding an answer is not possible. When you read this book, you will come to know that those questions which were stored in your mind are answered in The Religion of God.

The most important aspect of this book - which, of course, is the case of a divine book - is that when you read it, you feel as if you are connected with the author. You feel as if questions are popping up in your mind, but at the same time, answers are also popping up. The taste of the pudding is in eating it.
This book is the most valuable asset in the field of theology, spirituality and mysticism. No mystical truth is complete without it.
The universality of this book is such that a Jew and a Hindu will read this book and feel like [they are personally] being addressed. A Muslim will read this book and he should feel, although he hides it, that he is being addressed. An atheist will read this book and he will feel comfortable reading it; he will feel as if somebody is trying to sell him the idea of believing in God again.

An atheist will develop an attitude within himself that he is giving in to the truth that God exists; not because somebody is going to put forward a very solid argument, but because there are answers in this book which no religious scholar can come up with regarding the reasons why atheism came into existence. These people must have gone through an enormous amount of pain and turmoil; at the time of need, they called upon God and he didn’t reply to them or help them. So, as a result of this disappointment and feeling of being let down, they became rebellious and they completely denied the existence of God.
HDE Gohar Shahi has discussed sensitive issues and points in this book which may appear to be taboo subjects to a religious scholar.
HDE Gohar Shahi has been pretty much fair. When religious scholars write about God, it is like the have been bribed by God. They will keep praising God; they are biased. Being a human being, you will definitely be biased to God and prejudiced to a sinner. The Religion of God tell you about the existence and nature of God; it also tells you where God was not himself and people who were looking up to God were let down or disappointed.

So, when an atheist reads this book he will think, ‘Whoever this person is, he is not an advocate of God; he is a fair mediator, trying to make a bridge between man and God and in trying to do so, he is impartial.’ HDE Gohar Shahi is such a unique mediator between man and God that he pinpoints God when he is wrong and pinpoints man when he is wrong. The reader, if he is an atheist, will feel, ‘I am in a court which is unbiased, where the judge is impartial - and this judge is not just impartial, he is a universal mediator.’ 
If HDE Gohar Shahi convinces you to believe in God, you can simply call him the advocate of God.
In this day and age, a person alleged of a crime will need a lawyer, advocate or barrister to convince the judiciary system. Similarly, God needs a barrister today. Religious scholars who were meant to be advocates turned out to be pimps. HDE Gohar Shahi sees both parties, man and God with an equal eye.

The Reason Man Becomes a Terrorist

Oftentimes, we hear in the newspapers, on TV, or on the radio that some people are being radicalised with some kind of hateful doctrine.
It is really interesting to know that in order for a person to become radicalised, they do not need a special hateful knowledge or doctrine.
According to God, God created everything in pairs: men and women, day and night, truth and falsehood, light and darkness, inner and outer, etc.

In a similar way God created knowledge and paired it up: the outer knowledge and the inner knowledge. It is the knowledge of the exterior and the knowledge of your interior, the inner dimension and the outer dimension.
His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, ‘The outer knowledge is incomplete without inner knowledge.’
A man is incomplete without a woman and a woman is incomplete without a man. The case is the same for outer knowledge without the inner.
HDE Gohar Shahi explains, ‘The outer knowledge hardens the heart. The inner knowledge softens the heart.’
When you are in pursuit of knowledge, you must obtain both types of knowledge. If you obtain outer knowledge and ignore inner knowledge, you will become [another] Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, you will become Wahhabi, Shiite or Sunni.

Words are very dangerous because when you speak words, your intention are not included in those words. Your words come out and the intention of using those words remains in your heart.

For example, someone is a prophet, the door is open and it is cold outside - so they say to their companion, ‘Shut the door.’ At the same time, another person is coming and wants to come in the house, but he thinks, ‘When they saw me, they shut the door.’ Nobody knows why the door was shut. The prophet asked his companion to shut the door because it was cold, not because he did not want anybody to come in. But people will just repeat the words said.

This is how the Quran is without Mohammad. You only have the words of God, not the intentions of God; this is outer knowledge. You have the spoken word of God but you do not know the reason and intention of God.
If you had the interior knowledge as well, that knowledge would have connected your heart with God; whenever you would read God’s words, God intention would fall upon our heart and you would know the real interpretation of God’s words.
You do not need a special doctrine of hatred to become hateful like ISIS. 
If you have outer knowledge of any religion but lack the spiritual knowledge which connects the heart with God, one day, you will become Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. You are on the way to becoming [part of] ISIS.
Without Sufism and spirituality, you are on the autopilot. The inner knowledge is very important. If you do not have inner knowledge, no matter who you are, whether you are Shiite, Sunni or Wahhabi, one day, you will become a terrorist. There are Shiite organisations involved in terrorism, but Wahhabis have gone one step ahead of everybody else; they are professional killers. Iran is a terrorist country as well.
Terrorism is not just about killing people. The fundamental definition of terrorism is to keep people under terror and badly affect and disturb their quality of life.
There was a time when you could travel in a car with your wife and children and the police wouldn’t bother you. At the airports, if you are with your children and wife they wouldn’t bother you too much. They thoughts, ‘If he is travelling with his wife and with small children, he can’t be a terrorist.’ But then, even women became terrorists and they used even children. So now, whether you’re travelling with your family, there’s no exemption. Times have changed.

If a woman was wrapped up in veiling, you would be scared that she can explode anytime. If a girl or woman would pass by you wearing jeans, you were relaxed, and did not think she was radicalised. But now, it is different. Terrorists are now giving new recruits a new manual in which they say, ‘Don’t change your name. Wear outfits like westerners. Don’t grow beards. Drink alcohol, sleep around.’ There’s no mark of distinction between the two. You’ll never know [who has been radicalised].
What happened in Paris on two occasions was death. But terrorism is that people are afraid of visiting Paris. They are under terror.
When you want to go somewhere and you sense a threat, you postpone it. After the events in Paris and San Bernardino, there were so many hoaxes on airplanes; it was terror.
You don’t need a bomb or gun to terrorise people. It’s a psychological battle and it is very easy. 
So terrorists have been successful. We say, ‘We are not afraid, we stand united,’ but these are just words. Human beings have a psychological weakness in them: when they spot a danger, the first thing that comes to them is fear or attack.
To spread terror is in your nature. On a local level or larger level, you are a terrorist. The only way you can overcome your ugly nature is to adopt spirituality which will soften your heart and transform you into a good human being.
Utterances of HDE Gohar Shahi:
In the End Times, God will send forth one of the above mentioned souls. He will find  and  unite  them  together.  And  He  will  remind  them  that  they  also once loved God. All such souls whether or not they are religious will attend to his call, and flock around Him. He will grant them a unique name of God, which will pass through their hearts and settle in their souls. The souls will constantly engage with the repetition of that name (the soul will become  a  permanent  Dhakir).  The  unique  name  of  God  will  confer  on them a brand new enthusiasm, a new power and a new definition of love. The Noor (Divine Energy) of the unique name of God will reconnect the soul with God.
Dhikr Qalb serves like an intermediary ladder to obtaining Dhikr Rouh  (invocation of the soul), just as the rituals of Salat (a form of worship) and fasting are means of obtaining the invocation of the heart. If the soul of an individual has learnt to invoke God, he is among those who shall have no fear of accountability and the Divine Scale on the Day of Judgement. The advanced stages of invocation and worship of soul confirm his elevated rank. 
Individuals that are progressing in spirituality from the heart towards the  soul  are  among  those  who  have  entered  the  Religion  of  God or are about to enter it. Their means of guidance is God’s Light, not the books. God’s  Light,  itself,  keeps  them  away  from  committing  sins.  And  those who, even by striving or by learning about it, are deprived of this spiritual status, are not included in this Spiritual League. Heretics are those that, without invocation of the heart and the soul, consider themselves among those  in  this  Spiritual  League  or  imitate  them.  The  means  of  salvation for common folks is worship and religion. The means of guidance are the celestial books. The means of intercession are through the Prophets and the Saints. Many Muslims do not accept the fact that the Saints can provide people with intercession to God. However, Prophet Mohammad advised his companions to request Owais Qarni to provide his Ummah (following) with intercession to God.
If the body of a car is beautiful but the engine is useless, the entire thing is useless. There used to be a British car known as a Rover. It was not a reliable car, but they replaced the engine in that car with a Honda engine. After this, sales soared. Basically, it’s about the engine, not the body. One who fixes the body of the car is like a person who has the outer knowledge; one who fixes the engine is like somebody who has the inner knowledge.
Similarly, outer knowledge tells you how to keep your body clean, behave yourself and perform rituals of the religion.
But the inner knowledge will awaken the human instinct in you. The inner knowledge will bring out to the surface all the humanly attributes which have been granted to your soul by God. 
From childhood, we heard that being a man is greater than being an angel. But all our lives, in all our societies, we have regarded angels as greater than us. In books we are greater, but in practical life they are greater. When we came to see HDE Gohar Shahi and HDE told us about this, we realised that there is a special knowledge which will make man greater than an angel.

If you do not have that knowledge, you are not even great - forget about being greater than an angel. This is the knowledge of the heart, the knowledge of the soul and this knowledge connects you to God. 

Utterances of His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi

There  are  three  parts  of  exoteric  knowledge  and  one  part  of  esoteric knowledge (inner knowledge). 
One  has  to  find  a  Moses  to  obtain  exoteric  knowledge  and  a  Khidr  to obtain esoteric knowledge from. 
The  inspirational  voice  that  one  hears  without  the  presence  of  Gabriel is  known  as  Ilhaam.  The  knowledge  that  one  obtains  without  Gabriel accompanying it, is known as Sahifa (Divine Scroll) and Hadith Qudsee (conversation  with  God  without  a  medium).  The  knowledge  conveyed through the Gabriel is known as the Koran, whether it contains exoteric knowledge or esoteric knowledge, whether you call it the Torah, the Psalms of David or the Bible. 
The religious scholars get away with their faults and errors by labelling it as politics. Faults and errors by the Saints are regarded and ignored as acts of  wisdom.  Faults  and  errors  by  the  Prophets  are  not  regarded  as  faults and errors. 
The concerned souls inside the human body gain strength with whatever type  of  spiritual  practice  they  are  engaged  in.  And  those  that  are not engaged in any spiritual practice are dormant and senseless. And those that, through any means, have absorbed God’s name in their souls, their hobby is then constant remembrance of God (Dhikr-e-Sultani) and Rapturous Love of God (Ishq-e-Allah). 
No wonder Iqbal said, ‘If you possess Rapturous Love of God, your kufr (ingratitude) is Islam (submission to God).’
Imam Mehdi will rejuvenate all the religions! 
Mujaddid  (the  revivers)  emerged  within  Muslim  Ummah  in  the  post-Mohammadan  era,  and  they  revived  the  religion.  The  amendment  of these Mujaddid will become ineffective after the advent of Imam Mehdi. And Imam Mehdi will rejuvenate all religions in his very own way. It is mentioned in several books that Imam Mehdi shall found a brand new religion. 
If an individual worships all his life, but in the end, he happens to oppose Imam  Mehdi  and  Jesus  Christ  (return  of  both  the  Personalities  to  this world  is  imminent;  Jesus  Christ  appears  with  the  same  body  as  he  was raised up with, and Imam Mehdi in the body with the terrestrial spirits of Prophet Mohammad), such an individual is hell-bound in the similitude of Balyim Ba’our, and he is as rejected by God as Iblis (the Devil) was. 
On the contrary, if an individual lives all his life like a dog, but in the end, he happens to support and love Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ, such an individual shall enter paradise in the similitude of Qatmir. 
Some  of  the  religions  and  sects  say,  ‘Jesus  had  died,  and  his  tomb is situated in Afghanistan.’ This is a misleading propaganda. The tomb in Afghanistan is not that of Jesus Christ, but of a Saint whose name also is Isa. In that primitive age, what could have been the purpose of burial at such a far off place? They argue, ‘How was Jesus raised to the skies?’ We say, ‘How was Adam descended on Earth?’ Remember: Idrees (Enoch) still lives physically in paradise. Khidr (A mystical figure) and Ilyas (Elias) are present on Earth, and they haven’t tasted death yet.