Wednesday 24 October 2012

Fiqah: Understanding of the Religion

There are two parts of Sharia, Sharia-e-Naqisa and Sharia-e-Kamila. Sharia is imposed on the body however should Sharia not be imposed upon the driving force behind the deeds of the body? If your eyes are staring at a woman, is it the eyes that are impure? Did this thought to look at the woman come from your eyes? No. Then what is the driving force that successfully incites the body to commit bad deeds? The driving force is the Nafs (Self). We agree with those who say the observance of Sharia is necessary however this does not apply to the physical body only. You may adopt the laws of Sharia for the body, however the Nafs is still inside and its desires have only been suppressed temporarily.  Given the opportunity it will be inclined towards committing bad deeds again. Observance of Sharia for the body is important. However, to grasp the mastermind, the driving power behind the bad deeds of the body is the real focus of Sharia. Therefore the emphasis of Sharia lies on the purification of the Nafs. Once the body is purified and the Nafs has been purified also, it is known as Sharia-e-Kamila (Complete Sharia).

When both the body and Nafs have been purified, the Divine Light (Noor) produced through worship is directed towards the heart, however, it does not enter the heart. In order for that Noor to enter the heart, the heart must be initiated. You will need a Kamil-e-Tariqa (A Perfect Spiritual Guide) who may grant you the initiation of the heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb). Once the heart has been initiated, you enter into the practise of Tariqa (Spirituality). There are four stages of Tariqa and the first stage is the initiation of the heart (Zakooriyat). To engage in Dhikr (Remembrance of God) verbally is not a part of Zakooriyat. The tongue does not need to be taught. It is the souls that are taught how to engage in Dhikr Allah. Once your inner subtleties have been purified and enlightened whatever is on the tongue shall be in the heart also. 

Once you have reached this stage it is God's duty to grant your heart the Noor of Fiqah (understanding) so that you may understand the rest of the Deen (religion).

His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi says, 'Deen means lifestyle.'

The method of offering Salat, when to recite which verse of the Quran, and the declaration of the Kalima by tongue is all knowledge (Ilm).When does this knowledge become the lifestyle? When your tongue declares and your heart affirms, when your tongue recites the verses of the Quran and your heart engages in the remembrance of God. The Divine Light and the divine attributes of God begin to reflect in your character. Once this happens you will not have to make an effort the reflection of these attributes in your character will be automatic.

A Momin cannot keep a grudge for more than three days in his heart. After three days at the most, it automatically leaves the heart of a Momin and if it is still there after three days then such a person is not a Momin. A Momin is one whose heart remembers God and produces the Divine Light. Divine Light pushes out the evil traits such as enmity, jealousy, arrogance, etc.

Worship should be done however greater than worship is the cleansing of the heart. A Momin is one whose heart is being cleansed continuously. 

Prophet Mohammad asked his Companions, 'If somebody takes a shower 5 times a day, would any dirt remain on his body?' The Companions replied, ‘no,’ and then the Prophet said, ‘Salat cleanses the Momin in a similar way.’

The Quran says Salat refrains one from bad deeds. People have been offering Salat for 20 years but has it refrained them from committing bad deeds? Why do you not think about this? The Quran says the Quran is the word of God and salvation for Momineen. There are 73 sects in Islam, what kind of salvation is this?

Saturday 20 October 2012

Distorted Concept of Spirituality in the West

The West has shifted their trust to practice of Spirituality, and has shunned the religion at all. However, their concept of Spirituality is naive and weird and totally opposite to the Principles of Spirituality. When they became weary of the religion and felt caged by rituals and do's and don'ts, they invented a secular and Godless Spiritual system in which they enjoy their freedom pleasing and boosting their ego. Their so-called slogan is Love Yourself!
Please note that in real Spirituality, Divine Love is not to be obtained without first negating the Self and Ego. Love yourself cannot be objective of any spiritual regime because all human beings naturally love themselves. You do not need to make any efforts to love yourself. It is in the nature of your Nafs (Self and Ego) to love yourself more than anybody else. Have you ever seen or met a person who hates himself or herself? It is strange that some Guru's and Spiritual Guides happen to label Self-love as necessary to recognise God's love. This is sheer madness and reflection of ignorance. To negate yourself is to make room for God's love. You cannot love anybody until you stop loving yourself. It’s not just God, even among human beings, you cannot love anybody while you love yourself. You stop loving yourself to love others.

God said: I have not created two hearts in your body so as to let you love me in one heart and love others in the other.

There is no concept of Self-love in Spirituality. You may love yourself if you worship Iblis. Some so-called Gurus have ruined the concept of Spirituality in the West.

The Prophet Mohammad said: You shall not enter paradise if you have even a tiniest particle of arrogance in your heart and you become all ego when you love yourself.

When you love somebody you sacrifice your ego to them. Those who guard their ego against their beloved are not Momineen or Spiritual devouts. The Quran, the Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi teach us to negate ourselves and empty our hearts so as to invite God to dwell in there. Those who say self-love is the path of Spirituality, are fake Gurus and deserves to be exposed publically. Currently, India is blessed more than any other country in terms of abundance of fake guru's. You see hanging Guru, jumping Guru, hugging Guru and there are thousands of people watching them and listening to them and then what happens is such Gurus rape their disciples and declare it to be an act of Spirituality. Time has come for the truth to prevail and fraud to disappear!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Goharian Concept of God

The Concept of God differs in all the religions. What Islam teaches a Muslim to observe an understanding of God is different from what Christianity and Judaism do! The concept of God is caged and suffers from limitations imposed by different religions. Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi introduces a broader concept of God in which God feels free to grant his love to anyone of his creation without minding restrictions. This Goharian Concept of God is the first step towards unification of the humanity with a unified understanding of God!

How do you perceive that Ummat-e-Wahida will come about when the concept of God in all 3 Abrahamic religions is different? What the Muslims think about God is different from what Christians think about God. For example, Christians think Jesus died for their sins and now all their sins are forgiven. Muslims think on the Day of Judgement Muslims expect to find salvation through Prophet Mohammad and Jews think they are the favourites of God so there is nothing to worry about.

The concept of God given to Christians is limited, the concept of God given to Muslims is limited and concept of God given to Jews is limited. 

Imam Mehdi is introducing a fuller, a complete and a thorough concept of God and in this fuller concept of God, God is manifesting upon all humanity that his love is for all. God wants to see your hearts enlightened no matter what religion you practise. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is that you must have an enlightened heart and everything else is well. All is well if your heart is well. Now, Christians are better or Muslims are greater or Jews are favourites, this is an old story. Muslim is the past, Christian is the past; Jewish is the past. The new concept of God is that God wants to love all. Everybody must bring God in his heart in order to become closer to God, it doesn’t matter who you are. The only criterion in the eyes of God that has been set as an example by the Awaited One is that you must be in possession of an enlightened heart. If your heart is enlightened it doesn’t matter whether or not you practise a religion. The importance is laid upon enlightenment of the heart not on what religion you practise and this is the broader concept of God. 

In other concepts of God the power of God was limited. Jesus said to Christians, ‘I am the way, through me you reach the father; you come to God through me only.’ That is for Christians it’s not for Muslims. Likewise the Quran says, ‘Tell them, if you want to love God, follow me and God will love you.’ But that is for Muslims only. So the concept of God is very limited and restricted. There are boundaries. God has been caged by the religions. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has not only liberated humanity from all limitations of the world but Gohar Shahi has also un-caged God from the boundaries set by these religions. The concept of God introduced by Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi God is not dependent on any religion. God can grant love to whomsoever he pleases there are no limitations. Now there are no restrictions, whether you go to a church, a temple, or mosque it no longer matters as long as you possess Noor (Divine Light) in your heart. 

This concept of God given by Imam Mehdi is greater than the concepts of God introduced by Prophet Mohammad, Adam, Jesus, Abraham or Moses because their concept of God was limited to the boundaries put forth by their respective Kalima (Declaration of Faith). However with this concept of God given by Imam Mehdi, for the first time God is free to exercise his choice. God is free to exercise his right and his power. Now God can say he ‘is the absolute power and can do anything’ because previously God was unable to guide anybody unless they performed the austerities required by the religion but here there is no such thing; God may grant guidance to whomsoever he wishes. God may enter anybody’s heart and grant his love to even the Sikhs and Hindus. HDE Gohar Shahi said to God, ‘Now you can bless all whether be he a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh; you are free to bless them all. Practise thy nature of being un-discriminatory. 

In practical meaning of words HDE Gohar Shahi liberated the concept of God from the boundaries and perimeters and limitations of the religions and this blessing came about thanks to the manifestation of the Kalima-e-Sabqah (first and foremost declaration of faith), ‘La Ilaha Illa Riaz’. In the fuller meaning of the phrase you can now practically say to the world that God is love. 

When Jesus said God is love, after 600 years, the Sharia of Prophet Mohammad supressed it. The Sharia said: don’t talk about love, go perform Salat. Therefore the concept of love became supressed and limited to a few hearts. Did Omar bin Khattab ever talk about love? Did Abu Bakar talk about love? Only Hazrat Ali and Fatima talked about love. Abu Bakar did not know what love was. It was not a nation of love. 

Jesus brought an introductory message. Jesus said God is love and people said love? Go home, so Jesus went. His ministry time was 3.5 years. What could he have done in 3.5 years? Prophet Mohammad spent 23 years in his ministry. After 23 years of the Mohammadan ministry when finally Prophet Mohammad traveled from this world to the other world his body was left unattended for 3 days 3 nights. Abu Bakar and Omar bin Khattab said it’s more important to decide who is going to be the next Caliph rather than taking care of the body. They said why are you wasting time here? Let’s decide who should take over. This was their concept. Where is love? Where was the love of Prophet Mohammad? Was this not written in the Hadith?

Hadith: One cannot become a true devout until he loves me more than his parents and the rest of the world

Had they forgotten this Hadith? More important was taking care of Prophet Mohammad’s body. Observance of Prophet Mohammad’s respect was more important than deciding the next Caliph, which was violated. Observance of Prophet Mohammad’s respect was more important than Islam. So where was the concept of love? There was no love, there was only Sharia. Those who said we are not going anywhere, no wives, no children, no business, no goats and no milk, only Prophet Mohammad and Dhikr Allah, were the Ashab-e-Sufa (Companions of the Prophet who practised Sufism) and they loved. 

Jesus talked about God’s love but his ministry could not last more than 3.5 years so in a practical way he did not establish God’s love on earth because he didn’t find time. He talked about love and now this is the first time in human history when the love of God is granted and dispensed to people, realistically and practically and not to just one group of people or one religion or one faith. It is being dispensed to all aspiring hearts whether that heart lies in the body of a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew or somebody who doesn’t even believe in a religion. 

Is this not justice that Prophet Mohammad talked about? Prophet Mohammad said, ‘When Imam Mehdi comes to this world he will fill the world with justice and this is the justice. Everybody has the right to love God. Why restrict God’s love?  Is there anything more important or more costly or more expensive or more valuable than God’s love? Then you give provision to all but why are you restricting your love to one particular group of people? Air is for all, sun is for all, moon is for all, food is for all and love is for few? That is not good. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has come to fulfill the requirement of justice to be done and justice is being done and seen. This is HDE Gohar Shahi’s concept of God. 

If you ask a Muslim about God he will tell you the concept of God given to Islam. But if you say that Gods concept is the same in all religion I will not accept it. Unification has several grades and several phases. Before the entire humanity is unified, God’s concept needs unification. God’s concept is different in all religions; first this concept must be unified. Somebody thinks God is cruel, somebody thinks God is a beloved and somebody thinks God is a justifier. God’s concept will be unified when everyone will say God is love. A Christian says God is love but a Muslim doesn’t say it. A Jew says a different story and a Muslim says a completely different story. Some of today’s contemporary Muslims think behead people and go to paradise, what kind of concept is this? How a Christian sees God is different from how a Muslim sees God and how a Jew sees God is altogether a different concept. So before humanity is unified, their understanding level needs to be unified and how they see God and how they perceive God must be unified. They must think alike. They must believe alike. They must love alike. They must perceive God alike before they all become alike. The first thing that needs to be done is the concept of God that is different in all religions must be unified so that all religions begin to think of God in the same way as God wants them to. 

All humanity must accept with all their heart that greater than all the religions introduced by the prophet and messengers is the Religion of God. All humanity must accept that greater than all worship is the love of God. All humanity must accept that God loves modesty. All humanity must accept that all the religious rituals are on one side and enlightenment of the heart is the one thing that pleases God. When the divine concept becomes crystal clear and transparent than the concept of Ummat-e-Wahida shall come into existence.

Friday 12 October 2012

Advice to World Leaders and to the Government of Pakistan to Restore Peace in Pakistan

I would like to highlight this issue of democracy and political parties in Pakistan that almost every single political party in Pakistan is dishonest and naïve to the core principles of democracy and their only objective is to loot and plunder. There are certain things that can be done in order to restore peace and brotherhood in the country of Pakistan. For example the most turbulent areas in Pakistan are the tribal areas and these tribal areas are not part of Pakistan. Physically they are in Pakistan but there is no governance done by Pakistan in these areas. They live in Pakistan and they are very much dependent upon the Pakistani economy and all sorts of help from the country of Pakistan but at the same time neither the police nor the army can enter their tribal areas. 

What Pakistan can do is get rid of these tribal areas. Pakistan should physically disown Waziristan. If you suffer from cancer and you are likely to lose your life, then rather than losing your life you should cut off that affected part of your body. In a similar way we should disown these tribal areas because in these tribal areas there is no governance, the government has no access, the army has no access. A couple days ago Imran Khan staged a rally, a peace march and he wanted to go through North Waziristan but when he arrived, just before the entrance of North Waziristan, the Pakistan Army advised him not to enter the area. They said because the people you are going there with are spread they are stretched out to at least 12 km and if you enter now there is no electricity and it is going to be completely dark and we cannot protect you in the dark. That is the most turbulent part in the area. If you want to do so you do it on your own risk. So Imran Khan pulled back all his people. The military doesn’t have access, the police don’t have access, so this is the area where all the killers and smugglers go and find sanctuary. You are not readdressing the issue. They all know about it. Pakistan should immediately disown these tribal areas and get rid of them. 

Secondly, the Taliban in Afghanistan is their interior matter you can’t do anything about it. But what you can do is get a hold of their brand, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). You can ban them in theory and in practical. Take help from America or from other Western countries but you must crush these elements of hatred from Pakistan. I wonder why the government is not keen on hunting these anti-state anti-religion and elements of hatred from the country where they are not only killing innocent public but at the same time they are targeting army buildings, navy buildings, air force buildings and mosques. They are targeting cricket teams and Pakistan is 99% isolated from the world. What do you want to do to this country? Practically it is a terror stricken country already. There is no peace.  You cannot even breathe properly in that country. 

What you must do now is disown these tribal areas and seek help from America and other Western countries to take care of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Those individuals who support Taliban call themselves Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and whenever they target somebody, they kill somebody, after one hour some of their spokesmen come on the television and rave about how brave they are. The innocent public will continue to suffer and we have seen thousands of death at once. Pakistan should take care of Tehreek-e-Taliban and get rid of these tribal areas if they want to restore peace in Pakistan.