Saturday 20 October 2012

Distorted Concept of Spirituality in the West

The West has shifted their trust to practice of Spirituality, and has shunned the religion at all. However, their concept of Spirituality is naive and weird and totally opposite to the Principles of Spirituality. When they became weary of the religion and felt caged by rituals and do's and don'ts, they invented a secular and Godless Spiritual system in which they enjoy their freedom pleasing and boosting their ego. Their so-called slogan is Love Yourself!
Please note that in real Spirituality, Divine Love is not to be obtained without first negating the Self and Ego. Love yourself cannot be objective of any spiritual regime because all human beings naturally love themselves. You do not need to make any efforts to love yourself. It is in the nature of your Nafs (Self and Ego) to love yourself more than anybody else. Have you ever seen or met a person who hates himself or herself? It is strange that some Guru's and Spiritual Guides happen to label Self-love as necessary to recognise God's love. This is sheer madness and reflection of ignorance. To negate yourself is to make room for God's love. You cannot love anybody until you stop loving yourself. It’s not just God, even among human beings, you cannot love anybody while you love yourself. You stop loving yourself to love others.

God said: I have not created two hearts in your body so as to let you love me in one heart and love others in the other.

There is no concept of Self-love in Spirituality. You may love yourself if you worship Iblis. Some so-called Gurus have ruined the concept of Spirituality in the West.

The Prophet Mohammad said: You shall not enter paradise if you have even a tiniest particle of arrogance in your heart and you become all ego when you love yourself.

When you love somebody you sacrifice your ego to them. Those who guard their ego against their beloved are not Momineen or Spiritual devouts. The Quran, the Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi teach us to negate ourselves and empty our hearts so as to invite God to dwell in there. Those who say self-love is the path of Spirituality, are fake Gurus and deserves to be exposed publically. Currently, India is blessed more than any other country in terms of abundance of fake guru's. You see hanging Guru, jumping Guru, hugging Guru and there are thousands of people watching them and listening to them and then what happens is such Gurus rape their disciples and declare it to be an act of Spirituality. Time has come for the truth to prevail and fraud to disappear!

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Sivamjothi said...

spirtuality is knowing self.