Monday 24 December 2012

Reforming Humanity Through Spiritual Sciences


The Awaited One


HUMANITY doesn’t need POLITICS. It needs the Awaited MEHDI. Systems, Laws and discipline can't be restored without divine help! When the humans are corrupted, they are so due to their hearts being corrupted. Spirituality is the only medicine that can cure diseased and corrupted hearts! The Awaited Mehdi is designated to cure hearts and remove the plague of corruption from the hearts

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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Mehdi/Messiah Foundation International

Christmas time is nigh! We’ve all been decking our halls with boughs of holly. We’re all getting ready for the delicious meal on Christmas eve. The mistletoes are being hung, the dresses and suits are being bought. The Christmas trees are being put up. The houses are being decorated with shimmering lights, but whose heart has been lit this Christmas? Don’t you persistently, every year wish your Christmas was that much better? Lord Jesus is ever ready to bring humanity under the fold of his divine mercy, be it Easter, Christmas or a common day of your common life. Every day shall become Christmas whence Lord Jesus resides in your heart. 

Want to join the graceful Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas? Come, deck your hearts with the flamboyant colours of Lord Jesus’ love, through the unique and divine methods of the Awaited Messiah His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi.

Dine with Jesus this Christmas!

Messiah Foundation International wishes you a Merry Christmas, indeed!

Sunday 16 December 2012

HH Younus AlGohar's Interview on MTV Sports, Sri Lanka (Complete Transcript)

Interviewer: Good Morning and welcome back to Good Morning Sri Lanka and you are here with me Harit, on the 13th of December. As I was saying we have a very interesting interview lined up. We have here with us, we are honoured to be in the presence of His Holiness Younus AlGohar, who is the CEO of Kalki Avatar Foundation International. Welcome Sir, to Good Morning Sri Lanka. 
HH Younus AlGohar: Thank you very much. 

Interviewer: Sir, I ask you first to let us know what is Kalki Avatar Foundation?

HH Younus AlGohar: Kalki Avatar Foundation is a spiritual organization, and it is like a multi-faith organization which caters for the needs, the spiritual needs for all humanity regardless of their religious background. And we talk about spiritual nourishment and growth; we provide knowledge and practical approach and Divine methodology. It has nothing to do with religion; it is purely based on spiritual sciences; how to enlighten and how to revive the souls and the spirits and how to become a spiritual person, connected with the other world at the same time living a very social and economical life while in this world. 

Interviewer: It is interesting, sir, you connect a spiritual life with the social and economic lives as well as the practicalities of the world. Now it is a fantastic thing you said, sir, that it’s a multi-faith based spiritualism. Now, when I talk about faith, sir, what is faith? There are so many religions in the world, what is exactly a religion in this world? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Yes, you are right. There are so many religions in this world and so many faiths. Some religions are celestial religions. When I say celestial religions, it means they were established by prophets and those prophets received revelations from God. So, we call the celestial religions and some other religions man-made religions. The basic theory of a religion is to worship a Supreme Being and seek for help and there is also a concept of hell and heaven. All three Abrahamic faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism also. So, religion is basically to control yourself, your desires and discipline it according to the Divine Revelation, to the Divine Law, that’s all the religion is about.

Interviewer: Would I be correct to say sir that all religions ask of human beings is to live a good life on earth? Would that be correct to say?

HH Younus AlGohar: Of course, that would be correct to say. All religions direct us to do good.

Interviewer: In your spiritual practice sir, I understand that unconditional love is one of the main foundations. Can you elaborate a little on this? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Unconditional Love, Divine Love. It has nothing to do with the religion because practicing a religion we are always aiming for good life hereafter, going to the paradise, so we have a target, we have an aim. So, we are being good for a reason and we are loving God for a reason. We are becoming good for a reason. I don’t think this is sincere form of love. I don’t think this is unconditional love. Unconditional love has no conditions at all. 

Interviewer: I see. 

HH Younus AlGohar: You just love somebody, whether it’s a human being or it’s God. If you love God for the sake of loving God that will be unconditional love. However, adopting a lovable lifestyle in order to be able to enter paradise or in order to have a good life after, that is conditional love to my understanding. 

Interviewer: It’s a very interesting interpretation there. Of course, we will go on to discuss about practically, whether you can in fact be a human being and unconditionally love even your enemy. We will discuss that, but before we go on that side I want to discuss about what has happened to humanity. We see every day there are wars, people are dying. People are killing each other. People hate each other. Every day we see enmity, hate, disease; there is so much trouble in this world. What has happened to humanity? Where is spiritualism?
HH Younus AlGohar: Humanity is suffering from the corruption which has now taken place in religions. When the religion is corrupted then humanity suffers and this is exactly what’s happening today. 

Interviewer: Why would you say, sir, that religions have corrupt? Is it because man has become, or they thought that they are above the Gods? Is it because they think that they don’t need a God, they are too smart, too economic, too much knowledge? What do you think is the reason for them to not follow religion, to corrupt religion? 

HH Younus AlGohar: It’s not about people thinking they are better than God or they are greater than God, or that they do not need God. It’s to do with the modification in the Divine text, in the revelation. People who are responsible for carrying out the religion duties, who educate their respective nations about their religion, they are responsible for bringing that corruption into the revelation of God. When the Divine text received by the prophets and messengers in corrupted then you cannot find God even if you practice that religion really hard. And this is one of the reasons why we have extremism and fanaticism in the religion today. Not being able to understand the meaning of the Divine text having a wrong interpretation of the religion will lead one to become a fanatic or an extremist. 

Interviewer: Does it mean, sir, that everyone has misunderstood or is every religion corrupt, or is every person practicing religion corrupt, or is there a sect of the world which is corrupt? Would you say we have lost it completely?

HH Younus AlGohar: Actually, it is very profound and one has to be very keenly observing into the religious probe. For example, the religion consists of two main types of knowledge; knowledge of the exterior, what we read in the book and then number two, which is more important than this is the spiritual connection with God. When you are spiritually connected with God, you receive the Divine messages, and you can then see the same thing in the Holy Bible, in the Holy Quran, or in any other religious book. You don’t go wrong. We do have religions, we do have practices, we do have worship places today, what we do not have today is the Divine Link. We are not connected with God. This is why there is so much misunderstanding about things. When the connection with God was lost, Muslims became bad, Christians became bad, Hindus became bad, but those who are spiritually connected they are good Muslims, they are good Hindus, they are good Christians. 

Interviewer: Right, so then we understand that the world is not at the end, I mean we do have people who have,

HH Younus AlGohar: There are some people.

Interviewer: there are, but then there is a corrupt sect as well. Sir, I would ask you, what is your opinion on atheism, then, those that believe there is no God.

HH Younus AlGohar: I think that would be really unscientific to say that there is no God. That would be really unscientific, unrealistic. 

Interviewer: Right sir, I find it really interesting you say it is unscientific, because I would say, God is based on faith and not on fact. So, would you?

HH Younus AlGohar: What I understand, God doesn’t only give us faith, but he is not based on faith. He is based on facts; there has to be a creator for the creation to be created. Nothing comes into being without anybody bringing it into being. 

Interviewer: I see. Fantastic, fascinating interview we are having at this moment. Now, sir, tell us a little about spiritualism. How can spiritualism help solve these problems in this world?

HH Younus AlGohar: I understand, in the light of spirituality, that we become good and bad not because of our body. There is some hidden source, there is some hidden power; positive, and negative. Some people call the positive power the presence of God, and the negative power the presence of Devil. It is controlled, remotely controlled, by the negative powerhouse and the positive powerhouse. This body itself is not capable of doing anything wrong or right. Spirituality provides a reason and a practical approach towards reviving that positive nature that we have inside our body, that soul, that spirit. And the negative presence in our body makes us do wrong things. There was a time when spirituality was part of religions. When people shunned the practice of spirituality in religions, religions became incapable of catering the spiritual needs of its followers. It was part of the religion, now because the practice of spirituality was shunned by people, therefore, people are distancing themselves from religion, from God. We are trying hard to raise the awareness of the importance and significance of spirituality in all religions of the world all around the world and the important factor in human life today of spirituality is that with the help of spirituality we can bring a very positive change in one’s character. It is all about the characteristics. God is very good, we need to bring in ourselves the characteristics of God and that has to do with enlightenment. Like Lord Buddha, he found positive nature in him, he diminished negative nature and he uplifted the positive nature. This is exactly what spirituality is all about, to revive the positive nature and bring in positive characteristics and getting rid of the negativity in our body. 

Interviewer: Let me ask you this also, sir, now in the current world, we do have other methods also that people say there are ways of living a positive life. For example, this Art of Feng Shui, how you have a living space where they say the positive energies can be channeled and there are various things like Yoga where you can get its positive energy. Are those also part of spirituality? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Yoga is a form of exercise, it gives you piece of mind, gives you relaxation, but it does not connect you with God. It can give you some good, positive things in life. You will feel better physically. 

Interviewer: I would say that you just said that they make your body, the physical element positive and not necessarily the mind, the spirit. I see. Now, that would suggest, sir, that the mind and the body are totally two different concepts. Are they separate? 

HH Younus AlGohar: What I understand is that a body is just a vehicle, and the mind which is, of course, controlled by those two presences in the body, positive and negative, that’s the main driver who drives the vehicle. 

Interviewer: Now, in general, sir, there are things that we believe are physically impossible for us to do, through spiritualism, is it possible for us to do even those things that we cannot do? For example, levitate. We have heard of people who levitate, we have heard of people who’ve special powers. Is that through spiritualism? 

HH Younus AlGohar: I would like to say here, that spirituality is not about doing things,
Interviewer: Special things? 

HH Younus AlGohar: it’s not about doing things that people will think, oh no, this is not humanly possible. Spirituality is about enlightening your inner dimension and getting connected with God, and of course, when somebody is connected with God, God then gives them Divine Powers. But, those Divine Powers are given to certain people, in order to bring goodness to human life, not for an individual’s personal pleasure. 

Interviewer: I see. Now, sir, if I ask you for advice to a general person, like me, how do I live a better spiritual life, in general, in practice? How would you advice someone to be more spiritual? 

HH Younus AlGohar: In order to be spiritual, we need to start enlightening our souls. There are special mantras and with the practice of the mantras, bringing that thing in; through meditation, and with the help of meditation we bring in the Divine Light and that Divine Light will enlighten our souls. The more Divine Energy enters in our spirits, the more spiritual we will become and the effect of that spiritual practice will show in your mind, in your body, in your thought-process as well. 

Interviewer: I see. Now in practice, we talk about Divine Love, Unconditional love and spirit, if we are spiritually enlightened, for example, can I love my enemy? Is it possible sir, as a human we are physically made to hate, we hate some people, but through spiritual enlightenment is it possible, sir, to even love your enemy? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Well, what I have been told and what I have been trained: Love is something which is not by choice, it happens, and of course you cannot love your enemy. It would be too fake to say it, that I can practice and I can discipline my emotions and I can love my enemy. That is not possible. I can safely say that people that want to love God they don’t manage to love God let alone loving their enemies. 

Interviewer: It happens.

HH Younus AlGohar: It happens. There is a spiritual chemistry that takes places.

Interviewer: Right. And it is through this process of being more spiritual or enlightened in spirit is how you happen to love your enemy. 

HH Younus AlGohar: It has to do with the souls, the souls who used to live together in the primordial time before coming into this world. If they were together, upon their entry into this world, they fall in love with each other and that is unconditional love. You cannot love anybody with your own efforts, with your own choice. 

Interviewer: Now, sir, if I ask you, for example, say now I have something bad to say to someone, I don’t like him, but if I restrain myself, I say, no, I should not say it, is that getting towards the spiritual life? I am stopping my instincts, but, it is for better spirituality. Is that what the message is about? 

HH Younus AlGohar: It’s very good. If you hate somebody and you think you are better off not telling that person you hate them, it’s good, but it’s not spirituality. You are trying to refrain yourself from creating a point of mischief. You are saving yourself from something you are not putting yourself in danger of,

Interviewer: It is more of personal interest rather than a spiritual interest. I want to come to discuss a little bit about the healing process in spirituality. How does healing and spirituality connect, sir? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Healing has to do with spirituality very profoundly. Every organ in our body has a special form of energy and when that energy is lost, due to any reason that energy has to be replaced. Now, either we replace that energy which is found in many herbs, many fruits, in many things. And doctors, traditional doctors who know the knowledge of this, they make medicines of this. We take the medicines, the lost energy is replaced and you get well soon and with the help of spirituality, when your heart is enlightened, when your soul is enlightened, it becomes a powerhouse of all sorts of Divine Energy. Then, you blow upon them and the energy is released from your heart and this is how people get their lost energy and they are healed. 

Interviewer: It is true sir, because a lot of people say if you have a pleasant environment, if you be positive to a patient, he heals much better, whereas if you be negative, he don’t heal. So, I understand that there is definitely a connection. I also want to come to your objective, sir, of creating a global community. One community in the world, sir, firstly, why do you want to achieve this and secondly, is this possible in this world? 

HH Younus AlGohar: Well, it is possible: When Adam was sent into this world, the whole humanity was One Nation and towards the end, it has to become one again, united. And that will only happen when the hearts of humanity are unified with Divine Love. When all begin to love God, no matter what religion they practice. When their hearts are enlightened and controlled and disciplined by one God. There are many names given to God, he is one; whether it is Raam, Krishna, God, Allah, Bhagwan or Jehovah, there are so many names given to God, but he is the one. When all the hearts are unified, we will forget, we are from Pakistan, you are from Sri Lanka, he is from Israel, he is from India, he is from America because the hearts are enlightened and we love the same God. That will only happen when the hearts are enlightened and unified. 

Interviewer: Now, as a final question, sir, what I want to ask you, I understand, that this is possible that the love within people and for God and this enlightened society, one world, is a possible thing, and your final message to those of them listening out there what should they do to come to this level as people? 

HH Younus AlGohar: God has given the images of the Awaited One, on the surface of the Moon, on the Holy Black Stone, on the Sun and my piece of advice for humanity is when the Moon rises from the east, look at the Moon and look at the human profile on the Moon. And then, in whatever language you speak, or whatever religion you practice, say the name of God three times and you will receive Divine Energy from that human profile from the moon. And that human profile belongs to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi who is the Awaited One. People have to do it and see how it helps them, in their day-to-day life, in their spiritual life and their religious life.

Interviewer: Thank you very much, sir, for this enlightening morning and I am sure our viewers would have also understood the value of being spiritual in this world. We have our busy lives, we have our work, we have our friends, we have our family, but, we do forget that there is someone above and there is a level of spirituality, that all of us need some spirituality at the end of the day. Thank you indeed, sir, for this wonderful interview.

HH Younus AlGohar: Thank you.

Interviewer: And you can get in touch with His Holiness with this website that is or email at, and you can get in touch with them if you want to know more about spirituality.

Saturday 15 December 2012

The True Definition of Spiritual Poverty

The first reflection that God saw upon the seeing of which he danced is the reflection that was given to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in the form of Tifle Noorie. The other 7 Sultan ul Fuqra came into existence from the emotions God expressed upon seeing that initial reflection and those emotions came out in the form of Divine Light and took the shape of the other Tifle Noorie that were given to the 7 Sultans. It is a great disrespect to compare those 7 Tifle Noorie with the initial reflection. Those Tifle Noorie are not even equivalent to the shoes of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and this is our ideology. The reflection given to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, the embodiment of Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) is called the Tifle Noorie however it is in no way related to Faqr. 

What is Faqr? When God saw the initial reflection he became so overwhelmed with emotions of love. He wanted to forget himself and just love that reflection and as a result he danced with joy and Divine Light emitted from God’s body and took the shape of the 7 Tifle Noorie. 

Faqr ended on Prophet Mohammad and Faqr bows at the feet of Gohar Shahi. Rapturous Love and Faqr both bow at the feet of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. 

When you love somebody esoterically (Batini) you give them everything that you possess in your being, your heart, your soul, your Lataif (subtleties of the breast), you surrender everything to them and you yourself become extinct.   

A Faqir always has these emotions in his heart that everything I own is for you, my Lord and may you, only, settle within me. A Faqir has the river of Wehdat (Divine Unity) flowing within him so that nothing prohibited may stay therein. But what if somebody has the river of Aks-e-Riaz (Reflection of Riaz) flowing within him? Can anyone stay unblessed in the presence of Him? 

Those emotions which resulted in the foundation of Faqr being laid and the pride of the Imam ul Ambiya (Prophet Mohammad) came from the seeing of the reflection present within the Being of HDE Gohar Shahi. Is there any praise worthy of HDE Gohar Shahi? 

To say Imam Mehdi is Sultan ul Fuqra is a great disrespect and to think that Imam Mehdi has come to dispense the knowledge of Faqr is a great disrespect also. Upon seeing the reflection God wished for that reflection to settle within him and that reflection has come down in the guise of Imam Mehdi. The gist of the teachings of Faqr is to fall at the feet of HDE Gohar Shahi, physically and esoterically, to surrender all your physical and esoteric possessions. How do you surrender your esoteric possessions? By neglecting your desires and engaging your souls, Lataif, in the remembrance of the Lord. When the Divine Light of the Lord settles within and the sub-spirit (Jussa) of the Lord burns all else, in practicality this is to surrender yourself to Imam Mehdi. The practise of complete submission to His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is Faqr.  

HDE Gohar Shahi did not bring the teachings of Faqr. This is charity from HDE and this knowledge was given to those who came before the arrival of Imam Mehdi. Faqr is not for the followers of Imam Mehdi, for them are the teachings of Ishq (Rapturous Love of God) and Ishq is greater than Faqr. 

Somebody asked Prophet Mohammad, ‘O’ Messenger of God, how would the faith of Imam Mehdi’s followers be?’ Prophet Mohammad replied, ‘The lowest-grade follower of Imam Mehdi would have a faith greater than that of my greatest Companion.’ 

The universe reaped the Spiritual Grace (Faiz) from the Tifle Noorie that came into existence from God’s Divine Light, but the lowest-grade follower of Imam Mehdi is receiving Spiritual Grace directly from the initial reflection, from Aks-e-Riaz. Now we can understand why all the prophets, all the messengers and all the saints stand humbly with their heads bowed before Imam Mehdi.   

When God danced upon seeing the reflection, the image, it is not astonishing that Prophet Mohammad used to shed tears in remembrance. Upon kissing the image of that reflection people’s sins are washed away. All forms of worship are great, however, ponder, the image which God fell in love with, could there be an act greater than or equivalent to kissing that image? 

Today that image, the image of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has become visible everywhere, on the Moon, the Sun, in the Holy Black Stone, and various other celestial bodies. Now, could there be an act greater than looking at the image of the Lord with love?  

A piece of advice: When calamity falls look at the image of HDE Gohar Shahi with love and keep in mind that this is the image, the reflection which God too fell in love with.

Friday 14 December 2012

HH Younus AlGohar Interviewed by MTV Sports, Sri Lanka


His Holiness Younus AlGohar is Interviewed by MTV Sports, Sri Lanka on December 13, 2012