Saturday 15 December 2012

The True Definition of Spiritual Poverty

The first reflection that God saw upon the seeing of which he danced is the reflection that was given to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in the form of Tifle Noorie. The other 7 Sultan ul Fuqra came into existence from the emotions God expressed upon seeing that initial reflection and those emotions came out in the form of Divine Light and took the shape of the other Tifle Noorie that were given to the 7 Sultans. It is a great disrespect to compare those 7 Tifle Noorie with the initial reflection. Those Tifle Noorie are not even equivalent to the shoes of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and this is our ideology. The reflection given to Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, the embodiment of Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) is called the Tifle Noorie however it is in no way related to Faqr. 

What is Faqr? When God saw the initial reflection he became so overwhelmed with emotions of love. He wanted to forget himself and just love that reflection and as a result he danced with joy and Divine Light emitted from God’s body and took the shape of the 7 Tifle Noorie. 

Faqr ended on Prophet Mohammad and Faqr bows at the feet of Gohar Shahi. Rapturous Love and Faqr both bow at the feet of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. 

When you love somebody esoterically (Batini) you give them everything that you possess in your being, your heart, your soul, your Lataif (subtleties of the breast), you surrender everything to them and you yourself become extinct.   

A Faqir always has these emotions in his heart that everything I own is for you, my Lord and may you, only, settle within me. A Faqir has the river of Wehdat (Divine Unity) flowing within him so that nothing prohibited may stay therein. But what if somebody has the river of Aks-e-Riaz (Reflection of Riaz) flowing within him? Can anyone stay unblessed in the presence of Him? 

Those emotions which resulted in the foundation of Faqr being laid and the pride of the Imam ul Ambiya (Prophet Mohammad) came from the seeing of the reflection present within the Being of HDE Gohar Shahi. Is there any praise worthy of HDE Gohar Shahi? 

To say Imam Mehdi is Sultan ul Fuqra is a great disrespect and to think that Imam Mehdi has come to dispense the knowledge of Faqr is a great disrespect also. Upon seeing the reflection God wished for that reflection to settle within him and that reflection has come down in the guise of Imam Mehdi. The gist of the teachings of Faqr is to fall at the feet of HDE Gohar Shahi, physically and esoterically, to surrender all your physical and esoteric possessions. How do you surrender your esoteric possessions? By neglecting your desires and engaging your souls, Lataif, in the remembrance of the Lord. When the Divine Light of the Lord settles within and the sub-spirit (Jussa) of the Lord burns all else, in practicality this is to surrender yourself to Imam Mehdi. The practise of complete submission to His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is Faqr.  

HDE Gohar Shahi did not bring the teachings of Faqr. This is charity from HDE and this knowledge was given to those who came before the arrival of Imam Mehdi. Faqr is not for the followers of Imam Mehdi, for them are the teachings of Ishq (Rapturous Love of God) and Ishq is greater than Faqr. 

Somebody asked Prophet Mohammad, ‘O’ Messenger of God, how would the faith of Imam Mehdi’s followers be?’ Prophet Mohammad replied, ‘The lowest-grade follower of Imam Mehdi would have a faith greater than that of my greatest Companion.’ 

The universe reaped the Spiritual Grace (Faiz) from the Tifle Noorie that came into existence from God’s Divine Light, but the lowest-grade follower of Imam Mehdi is receiving Spiritual Grace directly from the initial reflection, from Aks-e-Riaz. Now we can understand why all the prophets, all the messengers and all the saints stand humbly with their heads bowed before Imam Mehdi.   

When God danced upon seeing the reflection, the image, it is not astonishing that Prophet Mohammad used to shed tears in remembrance. Upon kissing the image of that reflection people’s sins are washed away. All forms of worship are great, however, ponder, the image which God fell in love with, could there be an act greater than or equivalent to kissing that image? 

Today that image, the image of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has become visible everywhere, on the Moon, the Sun, in the Holy Black Stone, and various other celestial bodies. Now, could there be an act greater than looking at the image of the Lord with love?  

A piece of advice: When calamity falls look at the image of HDE Gohar Shahi with love and keep in mind that this is the image, the reflection which God too fell in love with.

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