Saturday 1 December 2012

Press Release Regarding ASI

Mehdi Foundation International 

Press Release-

Despite several clarifications from Mehdi Foundation International we are constantly being made subject to the internal conspiracies of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam and they are attempting to give this impression to the public that Mehdi Foundation International has any sort of relation with the blasphemers of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. In the past this blasphemous and misguided group have associated Mehdi Foundation International with their internal differences and today on December 1, 2012, Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam (Wasi Group) have slandered Mehdi Foundation once again on their website having accused us of being in contact with the killers of Wasi Qureshi.

Mehdi Foundation is busily engaged in the propagation of the true teachings of HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and His rank of Mehdi-hood around the world and our activities are in full swing in various countries and amongst peoples of different religions. The people of various nations and religions are uniting on one platform after benefiting from Mehdi Foundation International’s website and HH Younus AlGohar’s available lectures on the internet and adopting the teachings of Divine Love. Examine our efforts and visit:
The people of the secret agencies of Pakistan are dictating the Wasi Group of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam and are fruitlessly busy attempting to create hurdles and prevent Mehdi Foundation’s message from reaching the common public. They have once again tried to connect Mehdi Foundation with the Pervez Group of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam and misguide the minds of people, which we strictly deny and condemn. This disgusting act not only reflects this misguided and blasphemous groups’ mind-set but it is eye-opening evidence that these Dajjali people can go to any extent to loot the innocent followers for material gains and wealth. These people have become so blinded looting and plundering each other that they had never adopted the divine teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi and now they have demoralised and fallen to a degree where they are exhibiting their ugly characters and carnal desires. They have set their eyes on looting the wealth of others.

Mehdi Foundation again clearly announces that we do not have any sort of relation with the killers of Wasi Qureshi or with any group of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam, who have rejected the teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi. Our message and mission is the propagation of Deen-e-Ilahi and HDE Gohar Shahi’s rank of Mehdi-hood. Not only are the people of various religions aware but different governments of the world including the United Nations have become well aware of our mission. This is the reason why Mehdi Foundation’s message is rapidly gaining popularity and the envious are being disgraced.

Ghafoor Alvi,
General Secretary Mehdi Foundation International

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