Monday 17 November 2008

The Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love

A house or a human body in which God is remembered round the clock remains under merciful sight of God!
(His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi)

Revive the spiritual sensors of your body and soul with the power of God’s name, and claim God’s eternal mercy and blessings. Man shall find peace with God’s remembrance only. An unholy body does not attract God’s mercy, therefore, has to put up with an unnecessary trouble from the atmosphere where God’s wrath is on constant hunt for hateful souls. Both the wrath and mercy of God roam around the world. Those that are forgetful of God become prey to the wrath, and those whose hearts are engaged in God’s remembrance embrace God’s mercy.

Through performance of physical worship, you may fail to attract God’s attention. For God does not look at the faces and bodies, rather He looks at the shiny and enlightened hearts and purified intentions therein.

The worship places are holy because God is remembered therein. Your heart also shall become holy when God is remembered therein too. When the heart becomes holy, the entire body becomes holy. A body with an unholy heart does not attract God’s mercy, and God does not appreciate worship of such a body. Activating God’s remembrance inside the heart is a divine art, and God sends Mystics into this world from time to time, who teach this divine art to aspiring individuals.

We advocate and dispense the art of reviving the hearts with God’s remembrance. This divine facility is offered to all aspiring individuals who may come from any religion or faith. This divine art is also known as Sufism in Islam, mysticism in Christianity, and Spirituality in common. Those who learnt this divine art were able to find God within themselves. And those who either ignored it or rejected it dispersed into unknown and unidentified directions, and never found God even with rigid pattern of worship.

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Your writing is exquisite, Sir. Beautiful work!