Monday 4 June 2012

The Secret of Human Virtue

I have two tasks. The first is to propagate the teachings of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi all over the world and explain His rank of Mehdi-hood. Secondly, to teach our people moral and spiritual values (Zohad). When the knowledge had not been dispensed, no prohibitions were necessary. But you must have heard HDE say that in the future, everyone would have to become as straight as an arrow. That time is now. You should understand these teachings and if you like them you must decide to follow them. Giving these teachings and this mission second priority is classified as blasphemy. If you peep inside yourselves, many of you will find that this mission is a second priority in your lives. The first priority is you. When you have something to do, you save your money and you save your time. Those engagements come first, not the mission. You must keep these things in mind. Those who say that HDE Gohar Shahi never told us to do so or HDE was never strict, my advice to such people is that they should contact HDE on their own and be exempted because whoever wants to stay here must abide by the teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi, no matter who he/she is. 

If moral and spiritual values were not taught, prohibitions would not be necessary. Zohad is directly related to Taqwa. Taqwa is inner purity. It is the dirt filled inside you because of which your personality is flawed. If you shed some light on your own personality, you will hate yourself. If you are able to see the state of your Nafs, your character, your negative attitude, you would hate yourself.

Hadith: One who has recognised himself, he has recognised his Lord

The clue to the Lord is within the man. The Quran states the same.

وَفِي أَنْفُسِكُمْ ۚ أَفَلَا تُبْصِرُونَ

I am within you so why don’t you peep into yourself?
This has many meanings. The Quran, Bible and various celestial scriptures of the Lord are multi-dimensional in terms of their meaning. Some are explanations of Sharia while others are explanations of Batin, depending on the type of knowledge.
From the first Messenger to the Last Messenger Prophet Mohammad, three types of knowledge were brought to this world. The first knowledge was to purify the bodies and engage the bodies in worship. The second knowledge was to enlighten the inner faculties and gain access to the esoteric realms; this type of knowledge comes under Darja-e-Emaan. The third knowledge was to be able to see God and this comes under Darja-e-Ehsaan.

Hadith: The Quran has 7 Esoteric Dimensions

This means the knowledge of each of the 7 Lataif (subtleties) must be present in that Quran but people forget this. The Quran which you have in your hands is incomplete. What this Hadith says refers to the complete Quran. Those who object to HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and say that HDE has said the Quran has 40 parts just to please the Shiite sect should know that HDE Gohar Shahi has spoken the truth. HDE Gohar Shahi has never anything to please any sect that was not true, no matter which mosque He delivered lectures at or which group of people He met with. But HDE Gohar Shahi did state the good things that were observable in a particular sect first and there is nothing wrong with that. HDE stated those things first so that people may be able to verify that these teachings are truthful, after this HDE Gohar Shahi turned people’s attention towards purifying their Batin (inner), how to purify the heart and Nafs. 

When speaking to people the first thing I do is explain those issues upon with fatwas may have been given or those issues that may be controversial so that peoples’ minds may be cleared up. This is HDE Gohar Shahi’s method. You may have heard from HDE Gohar Shahi’s speeches that ‘People’s hearts are polluted with doubts or they may have some questions. First let’s clear this up and once the heart is clean, then they may obtain Dhikr.’ My method is based upon HDE Gohar Shahi’s.
As previously stated two types of knowledge were given to the prophets, Exoteric Knowledge (Zahiri) and Esoteric Knowledge (Batini). Every Grand Messenger that came was given both a Celestial Book and Esoteric Knowledge. Adam Safi Allah was given eminence on the basis that this Adam being created now, his worship and austerities would not be left in this world. Because with all the previous Adams their worship would be left in this world and it would be written down in their book of deeds. Then on the Day of Judgement they would be rewarded for them. The Day of Judgement has not taken place yet and 14,000 Adams have come and gone. People have done both good and bad deeds. The bad deeds were written in their book of deeds while the good deeds were written also. From that time until now, would you be surprised to know that the many Adams that came and their respective Ummah’s (nations) are all in Sijiyeen (waiting room for hell)? 

According to HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s book, Deen-e-Ilahi (The Religion of God) and verification for this can be found in Ahadith as well, 14,000 Adam have come to this world and the last Adam is Adam Safi Allah and we are from his progeny. This does not mean that of all the humans present in this world today, all are from the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. If you go to Africa, the people in Africa are not from the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. If you go to the Far East, China, Taiwan, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea or Mongolia, all of them are not the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. The people of New Zealand, Australia or Europe are not from the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. People in America, Canada, Mexico and South America are from the progenies of many Adams. The Adam of North America is different. People who live in the snow (Eskimos) their Adam was different. The worship of all the Adams, their progenies and their Ummah’s that came before Adam Safi Allah was confined to their bodies only. They used to perform good deeds and bad deeds and both would be written in the book of deeds. But for your information, until the Day of Judgement is not established and accountability has not taken place, people will not be sent to the heaven or hell. Of all the Adams that have been sent neither one of them nor anybody from their Ummah have been sent to either heaven or hell. Even if they were pious, performed good deeds all their life and had moral and spiritual values, despite that, they were sent to Sijiyeen after their death. This is because salvation is not granted based upon the deeds of the physical body. Even if you are pious, you will be sent to the waiting room for hell and on the Day of Judgement, whichever prophet you belong to will determine whether you are granted salvation or not. After such people have been granted salvation, they would be sent to the lowest grade of heaven (Khuld). The Ummah’s of all the Adams before Adam Safi Allah are in Sijiyeen. When the last Adam was sent, he was given the knowledge of eminence. He was given Batini Knowledge and granted the method to produce Divine Light and this is what gave him eminence. The similitude of bodily worship was that of food stamps or milk tokens. You can exchange them for food or milk and if you begin working you would get money and you could use that to buy whatever you wish. With milk tokens you cannot buy anything else, only milk. The Ummah of the previous Adams would perform good deeds and it would be written in their book of fate, however, no change would take place in their character because there was no Divine Light (Noor) from their worship nor did they possess any esoteric container to preserve the Noor and contain it. 

Those Adams and their Ummah did not have this concept of evolution that if somebody became religious his character should transform for the better. Whatever changes that occurred in their character were because of their own efforts and will. Despite refraining from sins the desire to commit them was still there, even among those who were pious although they did not commit them. They just restricted themselves. Stealing was bad and there were strict laws in Sharia for it, therefore they would not steal, however the desire to do so remained. Now Adam Safi Allah was granted eminence and when he was being created the angels objected that he too would cause bloodshed. Why did they say he would cause bloodshed? This is because previously Adams and their Ummah’s were sent, religions were sent and prophets were sent. However, despite being pious, the desire to do bad or negative things or think negatively had not diminished. For example you feel you need to go on a diet so you stop eating chocolate or fatty food. You limit the intake of calories and you burn more calories. As a result you begin to lose weight. Now the problem is as soon as you see the difference then sometimes you happen to see some kind of chocolate it becomes irresistible. You can’t resist and you start eating it again because there is a desire. The burning desire did not die inside you are just holding it back. You are trying to stop eating but the desire of eating did not diminish inside yourself. That is not a change. That is not a true deterrent. The desire is still there but the fact that you are putting on a lot of weight just because of these kinds of stuff then what happens, for a certain period of time you put your desire on hold. It doesn’t diminish you just put it on hold. When you see I am losing weight, one chocolate will not make a difference, then one chocolate will turn into 2,3,5. The same problem was with the nation of the previous Adam. Because they only had one single type of knowledge with the help of which they were able to worship God with their physical body and the worship done with the physical body does not change the heart because it does not produce Divine Light. The only means of inner purification is using Divine Light as soap. With that Divine Light you are meant to purify your inner, your heart, your spiritual realm, therefore, in order to purify your inner the Divine Light must enter your inner sphere of personality. It has to enter. For example you want to do dishes, if you don’t put the fairy liquid inside the pot and you keep it outside you may end up cleaning it from the outside but the inside is still dirty and in order to clean it from the inside you must put the fairy liquid on the inside and then rinse it off with warm water. If you don’t do it the outer might look shiny and wonderful put the inside will stink and look horrible and dirty. Such is the case with our people, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and all sorts of people who follow a religion. Their religion, their ritualistic practises make them look very holy, very religion, but what happens, their inside does not change. The desire of doing sins does not go from the heart. That is a problem with them. They are just abstaining and stopping themselves. If you are really strong-willed you can keep off eating chocolate for a month or two or a year, the stronger willed you are the further you can abstain from it. But one day is not eternal refrainment. This state of refraining from consumption of such stuff is not eternal because when you are putting yourself away from such things at the same time simultaneously there is a burning desire. Somebody inside you is constantly trying to convince you that one chocolate will not do much harm and that is the problem. With the physical worship they were not able to change themselves. The problem with those people in the nations from previous Adams was that they were given knowledge number one with the help of which they were able to worship God with the physical body but with the physical body you are just performing ritualistic practise. As a result of that worship you are not producing any Divine Light and the only means of obtaining purification and mortification and purgation of the soul you need Divine Light created somewhere inside your being not outside. It has to be created inside you. I very much wonder if Muslims know how to create Divine Light. They only talk about Salat, Soum (fasting), charity, but they do not understand the purpose of Salat or the purpose of Soum. They are not aware of the fact why they recite the Holy Quran and what spiritual benefits they are supposed to reap out of the recitation of the Holy Quran. 

But eminence was given to this Adam and it was given in terms of equipping Adam Safi Allah with the knowledge of the Esoteric Realm. With the help of that knowledge one would be able to produce Divine Light inside his heart and embark himself upon the spiritual journey and be in contact with God, become enlightened and be able to speak with God. As a result of this enlightenment inside his inner sphere he’ll be able to change his character from bad to good. This enlightenment and spiritual correction of the heart is known as Amal-e-Sualeha (deeds accompanied by the presence of the heart). But this comes from knowledge number two, the knowledge of the heart.

Moulana Room said: If the knowledge is confined to the practises of your body only that knowledge will definitely kill you one day. But if you obtain the knowledge of the heart, with that knowledge of the heart you will access your friend, your Lord, your God. 

So the eminence came from the learning of this spiritual knowledge. The Knowledge of the Names of God was given to Adam Safi Allah. Muslim scholars are so foolish to say that this knowledge was about recognising stuff and naming it. That is sheer misguidance. God gave him the knowledge of His names and what was the knowledge of his names, to know that he has 99 names? Was that the knowledge? To know that he has 99 names being exposed to the world so far, obviously he has more than 99 names which are mentioned in the Quran. But what was that knowledge about? When these Muslim scholars say Adam was given the knowledge to name things. This is foolish. God gave Adam Safi Allah the knowledge of his names.

If you want to reach God the journey will start from Gods name and the journey will end at God. This spiritual journey starts with God’s name and that spiritual journey will end at the manifestation of God’s essence. What are you going to do with the name of God, put it on your forehead? Or write it in your notebook? No. what are you supposed to do with the name of God? Adam was taught how to generate Divine Light from a specific method when God’s name is synchronised within the beats of the heart.

HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi explains, ‘When water is splashed together it creates kinetic energy. When clouds mingle into each other they generate lightening. When stones are rubbed together they create a spark. In a similar way when God’s name is synchronised with the heartbeat it creates Divine Light.’ 

But there is a specific method and it doesn’t mean that everybody who is saying ‘Allah Hu’ generates Divine Light. Everybody is doing it. Hindus are saying ‘Om’, respectful. All names given to God are worthy of great respect. But are you able to generate Divine Light with what you are saying? No; why do I say no because I do not see a change in your character. Hindus are fighting amongst each other and Muslims are fighting with everybody else. Muslims in Pakistan cannot go to America and wage a war against them, so they sort it out in Pakistan. They say if he is a Kafir kill him or he is Wahabbi kill him or he is Sunni kill him. This type of Jihad is going on. When you use the weapon after a couple shootings you become trigger happy. Some people who are not married they masturbate and after a couple of times they start enjoying themselves. So the change is not coming. The mosques are filled with filthy people and every type of worship is being carried out and performed in those mosques, recitation of Quran and performance of Salat and this and that but you are still a pig. You are still screwing young lads in the mosque. You are waging a war against your own fellow religious men. Within Islam there are so many groups and denominations and they are killing each other and everybody knows what Prophet Mohammad said about killing. 

Prophet Mohammad said: killing one man is equal to killing the entire humanity. 

Even then they have turned a deaf ear on it. They don’t want to listen to Prophet Mohammad. My point is you are the progeny of Adam Safi Allah who was granted a great amount of eminence by God. Don’t take this eminence for granted. Just because Adam Safi Allah was eminent doesn’t mean his progeny will automatically become eminent. For example you are a very good batsman, does it mean any baby born to you will become a cricketer and a good batsman? No, it is impossible. If you are a cricketer and your son or your daughter will not be able to be inherited these playing attributes in you, then what about the spiritual eminence? It is not transferred from father to son or mother to daughter. Everybody has to exert in the way of God. Everybody has to purify himself, mortify himself, cleanse his inner Ego, cleanse his satanic soul inside and then he will become purified. Those nations of previous Adams who were given just one type of knowledge, they were not able to progress in spirituality. They were not able to accumulate any type of Divine Light in their hearts because they did not have any knowledge. Today you do come from the Adam Safi Allah (Eminent One) but you are not aware of that knowledge which gives you eminence. What is the difference between you and them? 

There are 3 types of knowledge. Knowledge number one, if you are practising the knowledge which enables you to worship with your physical body, you are not a champion. You are not doing anything extraordinary. All previous nations did it. According to Quran, you are the best Ummah. Where is your goodness? Compare yourself with Jews, with Christians, with Hindus, with Sikhs. Compare yourselves in character, in religiosity; compare yourself and then you will find out how good you are. Today Muslims have lost their second knowledge. They are not aware of it, it has become extinct. This extinction is due to the fact that Ulema are born; there are so many Ulema in all ages at all times but it is very rare that you will find a Saint of God living in your area. So that knowledge became extinct. Knowledge number two is the Knowledge of the Heart is the way to find eminence, is the way to find nearness of God and is the way to find God’s love. Then knowledge number three is the knowledge that enables you to remove all veils between you and God and God will manifest himself upon you. God will manifest before your eyes and you will be able to see God and engross God’s beauty within your heart.

وَفِي أَنْفُسِكُمْ ۚ أَفَلَا تُبْصِرُونَ

There are 7 esoteric dimensions of Quran and every ayah of Quran, the meaning of the ayah is taken according to the number of knowledge. If you only practise knowledge number one the meaning of that ayah is different. But if you are the practitioner of knowledge number two, the Knowledge of the Heart, the meaning will change altogether and the same ayah will mean differently to the practitioner of the third type of knowledge. 

This ayah above is for the knowledge number two. وَفِي أَنْفُسِكُمْ : and he is inside you. So why don’t you peep into yourself, why don’t you look into yourself? 

According to knowledge number three you are looking for God, he is among you in somebody. The purpose of my struggle is to introduce HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi to the world and propagate his doctrine of love and propagate the divine signs that have been manifested to profess and announce the spiritual status of Imam Mehdi Syedna Gohar Shahi and number two is to educate you mentally and spiritually and to teach you how to correct our morality and how to progress in your spirituality. When you take a medicine, at the same time you also are supposed to refrain from certain type of foods. If you do not stop taking that food taking that medicine will result in zero. As long as you were not given this knowledge, there were no sanctions on you but now that you have been given this knowledge and the Divine Light which is contained in every letter of this knowledge is also parted and dispensed, now it is an obligation upon every single individual who belongs to Mehdi Foundation International to observe some kind of Zohad. Try not to engage in actions and deeds that do not suggest to common people that you are a good man. When you turn on the AC and you want the room to get a bit cooler you want to make sure all the windows are shut all the doors are shut because if you let the hot air come in the AC will never make it cooler. Similarly when you are sending Divine Light inside yourself so that the Nafs can become purified but at the same time there are so many holes open through which Naar (negative/evil energy) is coming in. Divine Light which is created inside you will be nullifying the amount of Naar coming in. So the idea behind Zohad here is you have to put a stop to the intake of Naar which is coming inside you through various ways by doing bad deeds or consuming stuff that you are not allowed to, committing sins or using your tongue in a really unorthodox bad manner. For example engaging yourself in backbiting, slandering and talking bad about people behind their back. If you continue to do these things, the production and generation of Divine Light in you will be kept on washed away. You will never get there. Presumably you will think you are floating in the sea of the ocean of light and you are exempt from small sins. You are not allowed to do this. Any type of dirt can be easily taken care of by the sea but you are not a sea yet. Become a sea first and then think about the dirt dispersing it. If you accumulate so much dirt your spiritual system will shut down. 

Adam Safi Allah was eminent why, just for the sake of calling him an eminent prophet? He was given some kind of supreme knowledge which would enable him to act eminence, not to be known as an eminent but to act eminence. When you act eminence you stand out from the rest, but how? They [previous Adams] worshipped God with their physical body, you worship God with your physical body what is the difference? In order to be greater than them you must have some extra features in you and the extra feature which was given to Adam Safi Allah by God at the time of his appointment was to enable him to communicate God with the divine spiritual instrument of his heart. Now what has happened? We don’t talk about Spirituality anymore and the type of Spirituality that we talk about in the mosques or in religious circles, that Spirituality is very much bookish. A common person cannot relate to that type of Spirituality because having been to these spiritual lectures you do not see any change in your character. You do not know where to start, how to start. What is the first step towards purification of the heart? You don’t know that. Even after giving your hand to some kind of Peer/Murshid (Spiritual Guide) you are doing the same stuff as reciting Quran, going to the mosque for Salat, etc. This is all you do but without this you were already doing all of these things and it didn’t create a difference in your personality. We do not need this type of bookish spirituality. I know people who call themselves Sufi scholars but their Sufism is contained in books. God wants to see a Sufi of whose Sufism is contained in him not in his book. God wants to see Sufism in you not in your book. Justice must be made to be seen. In a similar way if you are purified your purification must reflect your actions and character. If you are pure but you are sitting in dirt you should be ashamed calling yourself pure. If you call yourself holy and you are only thinking about the hole, how come you are holy? You can’t be the spiritual holy. For those who belong to Mehdi Foundation International the time has now come for them to observe some kind of abstinence, to put a block on those holes through which they are receiving Naar. 

Prophet Mohammad: Every time you commit a sin, two things happen. That bad deed is recorded in the book by the angels on the left, everybody knows that. At the same time a black spot appears on your heart because unfortunately when the heart is completely dark, no matter how many times you recite the Kalima by your mouth you are regarded as Kafir and Jahil. Jahil doesn’t mean a man unlettered or somebody who has never been schooled. According to the theosophical concept and understanding the word Jahil mentioned in Quran is a different Jahil. What is this Juhl? You cannot recognise God with your eyes. You recognise God with your heart. If your eyes are dark you cannot see anything if you heart is dark you cannot see God. What happens when the heart is completely darkened? According to God, God doesn’t look at your bodies and your actions and deeds. He said I look at your shiny hearts and pure intentions. It is not your body that God will look at, it is your heart that God will look at whenever, today or tomorrow or 10 years later, whenever God wishes to see you, he is going to see your heart not your face.
This is why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘O, children of Adam there is a lump of flesh in your body. If you set it right your entire body becomes right and if that lump of flesh is corrupted your entire body is corrupted. Remember well that lump of flesh is your heart!’

When you commit a sin what happens? A black spot is placed on your heart. A darkened heart cannot be seen by God then why God does it? It is a punishment. If you wanted to be seen by God you would have stopped committing these sins. You committed these sins and now God is punishing you so that the distance between you and God becomes even greater. But unfortunately, today Muslims, Christians, Jews and all these religious people think of this punishment of hellfire only. 

There are two types of punishment. Number one if you commit a sin it will be recorded in the book of fate by the left-hand angel because on the Day of Judgement you will face accountability. Your good actions will be weighed against your bad actions; good action are heavier is very unlikely because most of the time we do bad actions. For example backbiting, saying somebody is dirty behind their back according to Quranic teachings is Gheebah (backbiting) and you are not allowed to do that. If he is dirty say it to him, you are dirty go have a shower but if you say it in front of him he wouldn’t like it. Why are you saying it in his absence? Whenever he finds out you said it in his absence he is going to have the same impression he would have when you said it in front of him. 

What is a sin? God has allowed you to do certain things and God has disallowed you to do certain things. It’s not about that action being good or bad. If God doesn’t allow you to do it, it is bad. It is a sin. The action itself isn’t bad, if God doesn’t like it, don’t do it; it is a sin. Having a sexual relationship with a woman without Nikah is strictly prohibited but after Nikah it is strictly imposed. The action itself is not bad. If it had been bad you wouldn’t be allowed to do it after marriage. It is the application, it is the time, it is how you do it and if God is prescribing a method for you to do it then you must do it according to the prescription given to you by God. If you do it over the counter, then it’s a sin. Bear in mind, nothing is bad, it is whether you have been permitted by God or not. There are some saints they are given a bit more margin. Certain acts are permitted to them by God but don’t follow them you are not a Saint of God. God permits them to do certain things that you are not permitted to do but this sanction comes from God. God says because you are my friend you can do these things. But that is confined to the Saint only.

Prophet Mohammad developed a habit of fasting every day and his close Companions started to do the same and everybody became very weak and the Prophet Mohammad didn’t become weak. He didn’t lose his health but individuals like Abu Bakar and Umar they became so weak and Prophet Mohammad asked them what are you doing these days? They said we are fasting like you do. Prophet Mohammad said my Lord feeds me what about you, you will die one day. Don’t do everything I do. Only do things that I allow you to do. It’s about permission and allowance. You think if something is not permitted for you by God and doing that thing is a sin, but also bear in mind if God has not allowed you to do certain good deeds, doing those good deeds is also a sin. It is not about the action/deed itself, it is about the permission or allowance given to you by God. When you do something that God has not allowed you to do, it is recorded as a sin in your book. Don’t worry about that book because that book will be seen on the Day of Judgement. It is like you have been bailed out all your life, like a bail-bond. They are just recording everything you are doing very patiently. Number two, a black spot is placed on your heart and that is a matter of concern because God doesn’t look at your body. You are sleeping with women or you are drinking alcohol or you are doing bad deeds, God does not see it. God is not here, God doesn’t want to see it. As a punishment because he doesn’t see your actions (God can see your action but he doesn’t want to see it and that is his law). I am not disputing his ability to see our actions and I am not implying to say that he is not able to see our actions and deeds but what I am saying is he does not do this. That is not his way. What is his way? He looks at the hearts. If you have been doing bad things, you want to make sure he doesn’t look at you because if you are obedient to him you wouldn’t have done that. As a matter of fact you have been disobedient to him; he doesn’t want to bless you. He doesn’t want to see you. The only means of this act of being seen by God will happen when your heart is enlightened and shining and transparent. A black spot is placed so that when God wants to see human beings, the darkened hearts are dark in the dark so that he doesn’t see them and this is the punishment.

Hadith: When you commit a crime your sin is recorded in your book by the angel of bad deeds and at the same time a black spot is placed on your heart. 

The Companions got really worried and they said, 'What should one do?' Prophet Mohammad said, 'The time comes with the constant committance of sins that the heart becomes completely darkened because you won’t stop doing sins. So many dots will create a sheet of darkness over your heart and one day your heart will be completely darkened.' The Companions grew into more worry and they said, 'Tell us more about this.' Prophet Mohammad said, 'When the heart is completely darkened, no piece of advice is effective.' 

Probably this is what Quran meant when it said, 'They have hearts but they do not understand.'
Their hearing is taken away their sight is taken away. Now you are constantly being told about bad things and good things and you are constantly being advised 'Do this, do that, this is good, that is good.' But you are hearing it, you are not listening.

Number two: when the heart is completely darkened and you are doing bad things, somebody says, 'Don’t do it, this is bad; God will send you to hellfire, so don’t do it.' But the advice becomes ineffective on you because there is nothing in your heart that will support you to be convinced to do good. You need a supporter inside yourself, because you have somebody inside you who nullifies all the advice. You have the agent of the devil inside you who convinces you to do bad. According to Quran, Nafs-e-Ammarah (Commanding Self) is very imperative. Nafs-e-Ammarah orders you to do bad things. It makes you do bad things, and this is according to the Quran. In order to do good things, you must have a good agent also. When you are convinced to do bad things, this is because there is somebody inside you who is pushing you to do bad things, like Nafs-e-Ammarah. With all types of Zohad, for example if you say, 'I am not going to look at girls anymore,' your Nafs gives you a reason: 'Come on, you are living in the 21st century. You are a general manager. You are only serving the customers you are not looking at their breasts, come on, do it.' And you feel convinced for all the apparently right reasons. In a similar way, don’t you feel the need for a good agent in you who can convince you to do good? The question is: from where will that good agent come into your heart? That good agent will come when you are connected to a Murshid-e-Kamil, because His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'Successful is the one who has been granted two types of things: number one, a Spiritual Guide who can see to his pupils even from a distance. Number two, a heart that has learned to engage in Gods remembrance eternally.' The good agent is your Murshid, the good agent is your Lord. When your heart is purified, every time you want to do something silly, you will hear the voice of the Lord in your heart: 'Don’t do it, it is not good for you.' The voice will be so commanding and you will stop doing it, not out of the fear, but because you love your Lord. This knowledge that HDE Gohar Shahi is now dispensing to all human beings of the world is the knowledge of obtaining eminence. 

Those nations of the previous Adams were not able to worship while they were sleeping, but

Prophet Mohammad said, 'My eyes sleep my heart doesn’t.' 

Anything the Prophet did is Sunnah, but Muslims today unfortunately put too much stress on adopting very common acts of the Prophet like eating sweets (halwa), putting on perfume (atar), but what about this Sunnah? What will happen when your eyes are asleep and your heart is awake? What does the heart do? It remembers God. When those nations of the previous Adam, when they are sleeping they cannot perform any kind of worship, because the body is in sleep. But now this Adam was given the knowledge of eminence and with the help of that knowledge he enabled his heart to remember God at all times. Now it doesn’t matter if he is sleeping or he is sitting in a cinema hall watching Sinbad. Does it really matter? Whether you are sleeping in your bed or sitting in a cinema hall or playing cricket in a field or you are in Salat, your heart does not stop doing it. You are sleeping, but your heart is with your Lord; this is eminence. But this is granted by God through Murshid-e-Kamil. There is no ritualistic practise by the help of which you can obtain this. If you think by reading Quran you will have this, no! Everybody in all sects is reading Quran but nothing is happening to them. You are reciting Quran, but this is not going to open your heart. You need somebody who has the authority, power, method and all the tools of the trade to open your heart.

وَمَنْ يُضْلِلْ فَلَنْ تَجِدَ لَهُ وَلِيًّا مُرْشِدًا

God said, 'And whomsoever I intend to misguide I do not provide them with a Murshid-e-Kamil.' 

Those who don’t have a Murshid, the devil become their Murshid. This is the knowledge of eminence. Without this knowledge, there is no difference between you and nations of the previous Adams who did not have any knowledge of eminence. Everything is granted from God but it is written by the Murshid on the heart. Dhikr is granted by God, but it is the Murshid who writes the name of God on your heart. This is why in the Deen-e-Ilahi HDE Gohar Shahi says, 'When you practise writing the name of God on your heart, call upon your Murshid or Prophet to hold your finger and help you write on your heart.'

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