Wednesday 21 November 2012

Love and Support Imam Mehdi

Of all souls that were created, 97.5% of the greatest souls were saved for the era of Imam Mehdi. The butter of humanity, the cream so to speak, were set to come in this era and no such souls came in the era of Adam Safi Allah, Ibrahim Khalil Allah, Musa Kaleem Allah, Isa Rouh Allah or Mohammad Rasool Allah. The level of understanding of such people is different and they are more open-minded. 

On the Day of Azal the souls standing in the first row were not those of the prophets and saints, but the souls of those who lived all their lives as dogs and at the end supported and loved Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. This is because of their Nisbat, Nisbat-e-Gohar Shahi.

For the sinners there are two requirements: they must support and love Imam Mehdi

To support Imam Mehdi does not mean to stand in public holding up signs of the images on the Moon, Sun, Holy Black Stone, etc. What is it to support Imam Mehdi? When all the people of the Abrahamic Faiths come together under the flag of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and become crazy in the Lord’s love and this message is sent across to the entire world. This is to support Imam Mehdi, to tell the world about the comely face of the Lord and the divine majestic beauty of the Lord. Those who become crazy in the love of the Lord, no Bible no Quran or Hadith can affect them. The steadfastness in Gohar’s love is such that nothing can have an affect on it. If one has lived his entire live like a dog, where has this steadfastness come from? Gohar’s love-

In order to be connected to the Habl-e-Riaz (Divine Rope of Lord Ra Riaz) one must support and love Imam Mehdi.  

In the Quran it says in the end times God shall come down on earth with his nation and his nation shall love him and he shall love them. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi loves His people and they love Him. When God has come down on earth with his nation what will he do? He will not come to offer Salat nor will he have people offer Salat. He shall come to love his nation and his nation shall love him. 

To support Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is to love Him because He is establishing the Religion of Love. The more people that enter, the larger this caravan shall grow so to love and to make others love is to support Imam Mehdi. To support Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in actual sense is to love Gohar Shahi! To admire His beauty is to support Him. If you do not love the HDE Gohar Shahi but you are standing up and spreading the message of the Divine Signs, you are not included among the supporters of Imam Mehdi.

HDE Gohar Shahi: You cannot love your Murshid (Spiritual Guide) even if you want to but if the Murshid wants to grant you His love, first he will purify your Nafs. Once your Nafs has been purified, the Murshid will place one of His sub-spirits of the breast in the breast of the disciple. Then you shall forget how you spoke and shall begin to speak like Him, walk like Him, live like Him. This is the stage of perfection (Iteba-e-Kamil).

How would you speak like Him? The philosophy of love begins with imitation (Iteba). There is a great difference between Iteba (imitation) and Itaat (obedience). Once something belonging to Him enters the breast of the disciple, people think he is copying his Murshid but it is not the body that is imitating the Murshid, it is the souls. He begins to speak like the Beloved and walk like the Beloved. Essentially love and Iteba are two names of the same thing. Love begins in the heart when the image of the Beloved settles within. Therefore to support and love Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is to achieve this stage of perfection. 

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Love and Support Imam Mehdi