Saturday, 16 February 2013

Divine Love

Our heart is like a DVD player. If you play a bad movie the bad movie is going to come on but if you put a good movie on the DVD player the good movie will come. If you put God in your heart you will love people, even the people that give you hard time but if you have evil in your heart then you will love the bad people and hate the good people. And if you have evil and God in your heart then you will love the people you want to love and hate the people you want to. Everybody wants to be loved, that’s because God is love. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said that the main thing is to love. People worship God to make God accept them and if you don’t worship properly God will not accept you.

People are becoming terrorists because there is no love in their heart. If we want to wipe away hatred from our hearts you have to bring God in your hearts. Somebody who loves God truly has God and love in their heart. Some people do give a hard time to other people, but if people have love and God in their heart then we will love everybody even the people that are bad and give us a hard time and if we have evil in our hearts we will hate good people and love bad people.

By: Nazish Riaz Younus

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