Friday, 2 May 2014

Divine Communication

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. The video will be available soon. 

How many of you know the purpose of life? In the last 50 years, science has given humanity a lot of useful inventions and it has to some degree helped humanity. This world, even with a great amount of distances between countries, has shrunk to a village. Today we live in a virtual world; virtual supermarkets, virtual libraries, virtual businesses, virtual spiritual practices. Today, it doesn't matter whether you are in a remote village in India or you are in California. The most useful invention that science has given to humanity is the tool of communication. A man has more communicative skills and tools today. This level of communication, with the help of these newly invented tools, cannot be compared with the level of communication that men had in the past. Today, life has become so 'comfortable'. I remember about 20 years ago, how difficult and expensive it was to make an overseas telephone call. But now, you don't need phones. You have Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Paltalk, iMessage and so many new inventions that have made communication really easy and cost-free. 

Communication among human beings has become very easy. Therefore, God decided to let loose his bounty and he has advanced in theosophical knowledge as well. In this day and age, communicating with God has become so simple and you need to understand it.

Living a life with a sense that you're doing good deeds, your Lord is not watchful on what you're doing - it doesn't discourage people but at the same time there is no encouragement as well. But when you do something good for somebody and that somebody acknowledges it, you feel encouraged to do more. In this day and age, with the help of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Global Peace, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has put the man in front of God. 'Look, this is what you have always been looking for! You want to talk to him? Talk.' Nothing new has been invented; you had already had everything in you. It is not a new invention. The tools of communication were already there in you, but some of the points of usage were kept hidden and the knowledge of this was not disclosed. 

However, as the world is going through its twilight period and this world is eventually coming to an end, sooner or later, the signs are now showing up: global warming, tsunamis every now and then, quakes everywhere and we're using up the resources of the planet earth. The Sun has become fierier and every now and then, there are fiery hurricanes on the Sun. The Sun is the ultimate source of hydrogen; when the Sun has used up all its hydrogen, you will not have water. The ozone layer is stretching out; more UV rays are attacking on our planet. An iceberg, the size of California, has fallen off one of the mountains in Antarctica - which will mean, sooner or later, when we have a really warm summer, this is going to melt and will soar up the rivers and the oceans all around the world - which will mean more flooding. Asteroids are roaming about space without a direction set for them; [they are] waiting for God's orders in which direction should they go and hit what. For the past 10-15 years, we have already been advised to use water wisely; do not waste water because we're using up the resources of this planet Earth. Every single thing is indicating to the truth that the End Times is just around the corner. 

The world had seen its peak, its beauty and its luxuries and now we're going through a period in which religions have become void of spirituality, morality and religiosity. Religions have become a set of beliefs; there is no soul in them. 

The religions have lost their charm, their fascinating moral standards. Human beings have been living on this planet Earth for billions of years; however, only the last 6300 years is the period in which human beings were able to speak with God. This is the time when the noble Adam, the eminent one, was created. When God decided, 'I want to be in contact with my creation and I want my creation to be in contact with me. They should be able to speak with me and I should be able to speak with them. They should be able to see me, meet me in person and I should be able to watch over them,' a new knowledge was invented and the souls were given new life, new charm and new divine glamour. It has only been 1436 years since human beings started to see God; before this period of time, man wouldn't think of seeing God. The first man who was in contact with God was the noble Adam, the eminent one, and this was like yesterday, only 6300 years ago. Before that, for billions of years, human beings lived on this Earth without being in contact with God. They did not even know if somebody was watching over them. They did not know whether they were supposed to love God.

Before the arrival of Adam, love was considered to be a taboo subject. But since the arrival of the noble Adam, the eminent one, he gave human beings the knowledge of his names - how to produce God's light with God's name. This was the knowledge which was given to the first noble Adam. When God said to the angels, 'This man that I am creating now is going to be greater than you are,' the angels didn't know why was God declaring this man to be greater than the angels. But then, God disclosed to them, 'Do you know the knowledge of my names?' And they said, 'No.' They will only know what they have been taught by God. How could they know something that God didn't teach them? This was the Supreme Knowledge, the knowledge of God's name. The knowledge of God's name is to do with being able to create, produce and generate Divine Light. The methodology and procedure of producing Divine Light with God's name was given to the noble, eminent Adam. Before this, people would simply worship without seeing God, without thinking about God; uselessly. 

First giving the description of the place where God lives, the Lord said, 'There is a minaret, a tower, on the Empyrean of God.' There is a tower like the CN Tower in Toronto, like the Sears Tower in Chicago. There is a tower where God lives and HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'God's name enters the human heart and the human heart is initiated with God's name. As a result of this initiation, when the human heart throbs with God's name and God's name is synchronised in the beating system of the heart, thereafter, every time that heart beats with God's name, that tower starts to tremble and the angels get worried. They ask God, 'What is going on? What is happening?' And God proudly says to them, 'Look! You know what's happening? The same man that you were raising your objection on, today his heart is remembering me!'

Whenever a human heart remembers God's name, whenever a human heart beats with God's name, that tower at the place of God trembles. This is how God knows somebody is remembering him. That is the moment when the angels think, 'Man is really something great.' However, you must understand that only those men are greater than angels who can tremble the tower of God - not everybody. Only those men are greater than the angels who have God's name in their hearts, pounding with every throb and every beat. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry is greater than angels. This is the first sign of divine communication. 

Then, one day, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'And when that man is - for any reason - sad, and the sound of his heart is also sad, God gets worried. And he says to his angels, "Go and find out what problem is he engulfed with. Before he asks me to solve this problem, go and take care of this."' This is divine communication. 

People say, 'We say our prayers, we ask God for good business, for good health, but our prayers are never answered.' Look at this! You're not even saying your prayers and God is taking care of your problems, because of the communication. If I do not know my brother is in trouble, how would I help my brother? If I know my brother is in trouble, I would definitely help him. In a similar way, you are billions of miles away from God. 'You do not even know where God lives and you are in trouble, you are saying your prayers without the proper way - of course your prayers are not reaching God. If God doesn't know about your problems, obviously he is not going to take care of your problems. However, as soon as the communication is established between man and God, then you don't have to say prayers! You do not need to ask God for any help. The help will arrive before you ask. When all the hearts have been initiated, when all the hearts have become holy, when God starts to take care of everybody's problems, the world will become a wonderful place. [Then] God is taking care of everybody's problems; nobody is suffering, nobody is in problems, everybody is happy. You become jealous, you hate people and you become arrogant because not everybody is equally blessed. Somebody drives a Land Cruiser and somebody rides a donkey because the dispensation of bounty is not done on equality. But when everybody is equally blessed, when the bounty of God is granted to everybody equally, when you have the same thing that I have, there is no point of being jealous of me. If you have a million dollars and I have a million dollars, you cannot be arrogant to me and I can't be arrogant to you; you cannot be jealous of me and I cannot be jealous of you because I have what you have. When everybody has what everybody has, then there is no problem. Some people are fed in a golden spoon and some people have no feeding. Some people are struggling to feed their stomach and some people are wasting food, because they haven't been blessed equally; somebody is blessed more than the other and some people are not just blessed, they snatch away the blessings and they become thieves. 

Now is the time. The knowledge which will make everybody equally blessed did not come before. It has come now! This knowledge does not differentiate between human beings, whether you are Muslim, Christians, Jew or you don't follow any religion at all. He doesn't care. This knowledge is for everybody who wants to get it, but those who do not want to get it, then this knowledge is carefree of them. 

With the knowledge of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love, this is the improved version of what the noble Adam taught. This is the improved version of what Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad taught. This is not anything different from what Jesus, Moses or Abraham said. The only difference is, they gave it to individuals of their choice and HDE Gohar Shahi is giving it to everybody. 

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'I do not aim to draw people towards myself. If you follow a religion, call upon your Prophet or your Messenger. This is the knowledge. With this knowledge, you will be in contact with God. Now, you want to learn this knowledge? I'm telling you the secret. I'm not saying you follow me. I am not drawing people towards myself; I am telling you the secret of God. I'm giving you this knowledge and with this knowledge, you will be in contact with God. This is the secret and this is the knowledge; ask your Prophet to give you this knowledge. Ask your Messengers and your Prophets to enlighten your hearts. If you believe in Adam, ask Adam to come and help you. If you believe in Abraham, ask Abraham to come and help you. If you believe in Moses, ask Moses to come and help you. If you believe in Jesus, ask Jesus to come and help you. If you believe in Prophet Mohammad, ask Prophet Mohammad to come and help you. However, if nobody comes to help you, then give Gohar Shahi a try.'

This message is so simple and this message is so thought-provoking. This message is so strong and powerful, it feels like a challenge. You must get it no matter how. What you see in His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's sentences, the first thing you will see is that the words of Gohar Shahi are full of passion. No matter what, just love God. I don't think any of the Messengers or the Prophets were so passionate about putting God's name in people's hearts. They were like government servants. They were doing their job lazily like in government offices. There is no enthusiasm in them; 'We will work when we are free,' that kind of attitude. Their slogan was, 'Look busy, do nothing.' They came, they gave their message and they sat. If people didn't believe it, they said, 'God, curse them! Destroy them!' That's exactly what happened. Upon the recommendations of Prophets and Messengers, God destroyed many nations because they were not following them.

 But the Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'Nobody is going to be destroyed. No more divine wrath, no more divine punishment, no more divine anger, no more divine rage. I, Gohar Shahi, will only introduce God's mercy and love and bounty.' Because Gohar Shahi, from head to toe, is love, divine bounty and generosity. The world will soon be filled with the fragrance of Gohar Shahi's generosity! 

Now, HDE Gohar Shahi is so keen on everybody becoming holy that he doesn't set any prerequisite. He doesn't ask people to enter into any kind of commitment. You're free. You come and learn and become holy; you pay nothing and you are bound by no rules and regulations. There is no commitment. You can walk free any time. You don't want to learn this? Go home. If you want to learn, you can stay. Learn, be communicative and be skillful in learning God. We will teach you skillfully how to love God in the most spiritually effective way. Sometimes, you want to love but the religion that you follow is not very effective - it doesn't support love, it supports worship. Some religions support worship than love. So what happens is that you are keener on worshipping God than loving him. You can see in all these religions, the dos and don'ts and this and that - and only a little talk of love. 

But this knowledge of HDE Gohar Shahi is free from the shackles of all rituals, from all worship; because HDE Gohar Shahi thinks no worship is greater than love. Love itself is worship, love itself is God. Love itself is the religion and when you learn love, you have learnt everything; you don't need anything else. This is why Mian Mohammad said, 'A dog is better than the one who doesn't love God.' If you do not have God's love in your heart, then a dog is better than you because a dog is loyal to his master and you are not loyal to God. You don't love God. How to be loyal to God? To love God is to be loyal to God. If you do not love God, you are not loyal to God. Loyalty lies in love. The place of love is your heart. If you love God, you must have God in your heart. What is loyalty? 'I will only keep God in my heart; I will not keep anybody else in my heart.' This is loyalty. First, you need to bring God in your heart and you will learn this here: how to bring God into your heart, we'll teach you that. When God is in there in your heart, then you have to keep him. You can't say, 'Go away.' Obviously, nobody will physically say, 'Go away,' but God will go away if you do things that God doesn't like. But by the time God is in your heart, you are so in love with God that you don't even think of doing things God doesn't like. You care about God. When you care about God, do you think God doesn't care about you? With God, it's a two-way traffic. You care about God, in the same way God will care about you. You love God, God will love you. It's like if you scratch my back, I scratch yours. So, there is a tower at God's place and it serves as a symbol of communication. When a human heart throbs and beats with God's name, this tower shakes and this is how God knows somebody is remembering him. 

The great universal unification is, as I see it, when hearts of everybody are enlightened with the same name of God, with the same Divine Energy. When all hearts are connected to God, when nobody has to go to a mosque, when nobody has to go to a temple, a church or a synagogue. When nobody will feel proud of being a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim; when everybody will be proud of being a servant of God, then you will see the great universal unification on Earth. 

When people in flocks will enter the Religion of God - this is the ultimate, universal spiritual unification, when all the hearts are unified. When the minds are unified, there are still some differences. If you are connected to Jesus, another is connected to Moses and another person is connected to Mohammad, they are still different. You will follow the religion of your Prophet and he will follow the religion of his Prophet; there are still differences and this is no unification. When everybody is connected to God directly, when everybody is in love with God, then all will think alike, then all will feel alike, then all will live alike. When everything is alike, then this is unification. 

When you get to know Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and you taste the luxury of knowing him, honestly, you will lose your senses. The feeling that you know the Lord and that feeling that the Lord knows you by name - that feeling is amazing. There is nothing like it. There is no emotion more overwhelming, more piercing into the heart than the feeling that, 'I am in contact with the Lord; the Lord knows I'm sitting here and I know where the Lord is sitting.' Strange is the feeling of knowing him. When you have this feeling in your heart of knowing the Lord, you plunge into the state of oblivion. You become indifferent to the entire creation of the world. It is like you are drunk; you are under the effect of the divine anesthesia.

People often say, 'Fall in love.' I don't agree. I say, 'Rise in love.' Why fall? In Gohar's love you do not fall! With Gohar, you rise in love. Rise in love with Gohar! 

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