Thursday 12 November 2015

Religion without Spirituality: The Pitfalls

The following are excerpts from HH Younus AlGohar's speech.

Only the Prophet Adam Safi Allah and the Prophet Mohammad had been Active Prophets in terms of parting both exterior and interior knowledge and grace to the followings. The rest of the Prophets were not as spiritually active as them.

Islam has had the greatest spiritual system within the religion and it is thanks to this spiritual system that Islam had been rightly intact with the guidelines of the Prophet Mohammad. Ever since this spiritual system became inactive, Islam collapsed and fell into ditch of sectarianism, fanaticism, extremism and now hijacked by terrorists.

Divine energy that is generated by an enlightened heart makes a bridge between man and God. This is what is known to be guidance and The Straight Path. Those who either do not practise spirituality or reject it fail to avail guidance. They are left stranded only to be misled by the Devil.
No religion can survive without a valid spiritual system.
A religion is not just about obtaining paradise; rather it is to provide its followers with a system through which they may be connected with God and that they become truly Godly!

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz’s doctrine of mystical knowledge is sheer spirituality without a religion however no religion is valid without it!

Since spiritual system in all the religions has been destroyed, hence they have been deprived of obtaining connection with God.
God loves all his creation but those who are not connected to God fail to understand this truth; they perceive they are the best ones and nobody is equal of them. This gave rise to intolerance and fanaticism.
If you don’t practise spirituality, you are at a great risk of falling prey to fanaticism, extremism, hate crimes and terrorism!

Act today: connect to God through the Goharian Philosophy of Love and Peace!
This article originally appeared on His Holiness Younus AlGohar's Medium page.

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