Saturday 5 December 2015

Humanity Under Attack! What Must Be Done Now?

I would like to pass on this message to our Honourable Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, David Cameron​ and the Honourable President Obama​, President of the United States of America, and all other European countries to take my advice into account. And it is in the larger interests of our strategy against ISIS and other radical Islamists.

What I know from my spiritual experiences is that Bashar al Assad is not our immediate concern.
In order to defeat ISIS in Syria, you have to focus on one enemy at a time. Don’t think about Bashar al Assad right now; that’s not our immediate concern.
In order to successfully defeat ISIS, if we have to shake hands with Bashar al Assad temporarily, do not hesitate. Go ahead. I think it is important for a successful assault on ISIS that for the time being you either shake hands with Bashar al Assad to grab the opportunity or you ignore him right now and focus on ISIS and its ideology.

Bombing their oil wells is a good job; keep doing it. This will produce wonderful, miraculous results.

In the long run, the ideology of hatred, the Wahhabi brand of Islam, has to be taken care of. If we want this world to become a peaceful place to live again, we must take care of the Wahhabi brand of Islam.
It is like these Islamists have practically declared a war against the rest of the world; we should now accept it. With this acceptance, we should then retaliate in accordance with the culture of war, with the understanding of a war. In war and love, everything is fair. You have to root out this evil from the global society.
All countries of the world who promote peace and love and respect humanity should support the United States of America, the UK, France and Germany and any other country who is now becoming part of this greater alliance against the evil ISIS and other terrorist groups.

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