Monday, 11 December 2017

Muhammad ﷺ Ki Wiladat Ki Haqeeqat

In this lecture, Younus AlGohar clears up the misconceptions regarding the birth and character of Prophet Mohammad (saw). This is not only an eye-opener for the Muslims who have been misguided by the clerics of the religions but also the non-Muslims who have developed a bad conjecture about Islam and its founder.

Main Points:

- Whatever is written in the books is not accurate and without the correct knowledge of Prophet Mohammad's Sharia, the knowledge of the inner, the clerics have created matters which laid roots for dangerous tenets in the minds of Muslims. This is the reason why Islam has become a questionable religion in the eyes of non-Muslims and Prophet Mohammad has become controversial.

- Prophet Mohammad's birth took place two years after the death of his 'father', Abdullah. It is not medically possible for a baby to stay in the womb of a mother for two years. However, this knowledge is not available in the books. The clerics of today do not possess a connection with Prophet Mohammad, therefore, the saying 'blind leading the blind' is quite apt.

- Non-Muslims and certain sects within Islam raise objections on Prophet Mohammad's character. They are unaware of the very demanding and unselfish reasons for the Prophet's actions: Prophet Mohammad's first marriage to an older, well-off Jewish woman who employed him was out of necessity. Each of his marriages afterwards was solely for the progression of Islam.

- Prophet Mohammad's birth was nothing short of a miracle. Gabriel was sent by God with a seed from the Tree of Light to present to the prophet's mother. It had come in a white liquid from which she drank and became pregnant.

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