Monday 31 August 2020

Concept of Spirituality in the West | Western Sufi Course | ALRA TV

Course Instructor Younus AlGohar demystifies the concept of spirituality in the west in this preface video of the western sufi course.

Spirituality, fundamentally, is awakening of the souls. The principal spirituality is adhered not to a set of beliefs but to enlightenment and awakening of the souls. Through spirituality, one paves way for himself/herself to experiencing God.

The souls have this natural tendency in them to return to its origin. Seeking God and divine love is not something that you will learn from somebody. It has been invested by God in your nature. It is in the nature of every soul to return to its origin. That is why when the loving souls go through this physical migration - from the Realm of Angels they find themselves migrated to the Realm of Reasoning - they appear to be oblivion of themselves. They wander here and there. To find themselves, who they are and what is the purpose of their descent on earth, this all is spirituality.

It is not the skin colour that we must emulate. We must emulate the moral character of God! We have to immerse our heart with the mark of God’s love.

So the type of spirituality that we will be pursuing in the Western Sufi Course is divine, global, universal, immersive spirituality. Divine spirituality in which man will be bridged with God.


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