Thursday 22 July 2021

Eid Ul Adha Mein Posheeda Batni Haqiqat

Eid Ul Adha Mubarak to all! 

In this video, Younus AlGohar gives us an insight into the original purpose of Eid Ul Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice) which involves sacrificing an animal following the custom of Prophet Abraham (pbuh).

A vast majority of Muslims, year after year, sacrifice an animal in hopes of gaining rewards and blessings from God overlooking the spiritual concept behind this tradition. 

The Qur’an says, ‘None of you [believers] will attain true piety unless you give out of what you cherish: whatever you give, God knows about it very well’ [3:92]. Younus AlGohar explains referring to this particular verse that those who sacrifice the Lower Self have greater value in the eyes of God as compared to those who ritualistically sacrifice an animal. 

Younus AlGohar shares his spiritual experiences and elaborates further on how one who progresses in spirituality offers the sacrifice of his remaining spiritual entities in the way of God even though they are beneficial for the seeker in this life and on the day of judgement. 

Younus AlGohar provides food for thought for all Muslims to embrace the purification of the Lower Self and pursue the true form of sacrifice next Eid Ul Adha.


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