Wednesday 12 September 2012

Does Islam Cater to the Entire Humanity?

When somebody asks you a question most of the time you reply in the light of what you have studied or what you have heard. But some questions are a brain-stimulant and you cannot answer all questions with what you have studied or what you have heard. For example, the Quran and Bible and all other prophets and messengers teach us the existence of one God and if somebody asks you how many Gods are there most probably you will answer them in the light of what you have heard or what you have studied. You will answer this question in the light of the religion you practise. 

There are two types of knowledge. The first one is when something comes to your knowledge through hearsay and the second is Irfan, to know something by virtue of observation and experience. Now how can it be proved that the Creator of this universe is just one? Muslims would say because the Quran says so. That is true, however, you have believed in the Quran because somebody told you to do so. Muslims say the Quran has not been altered because God has taken the responsibility to keep it safe, yet they say Hadith have been altered. It is silly to think that Hadith have been altered and the Quran has not. After all, the Quran says whatever Prophet Mohammad says is nothing but an Inspiration from God via Gabriel (Wahi). Therefore Hadith is indirectly the word of God. They say that the word of God cannot be altered. What about the Bible? Is the Bible not the word of God? Yet there are over 4000 versions of the Bible. Muslims say the Quran is greatest of all but the word of God has the same value whether it is spoken to Mohammad, Jesus or Moses. All divine words are equally respectable. 

Now, this is your understanding that God has taken the responsibility to safe-guard the Quran. You do not know the meaning of that particular ayah. For example if someone says I take responsibility for your shirt and it shall never rip but somebody happens to put poison on your shirt and that poison touches your body and you die. The shirt is in perfect condition however you are dead. Even if the words of the Quran have not been altered, people have altered its meaning resulting in 73 sects in Islam. How then can we say the Quran has been protected? 

Quran: We have sent down the Quran in Arabic so that you may understand it. 

The Islamic Scholars and clerics including Tahir ul Qadri say the Quran is for everyone. But somebody who speaks Punjabi, how can he understand the Quran or does God expect all Muslims to know Arabic? Or does one read the Kalima in the morning and automatically understand Arabic by evening? These are misconceptions. The Quran was sent down for a particular group of people whose language was Arabic and then the message of Islam spread through propagation into other regions. However the people of other regions have been unable to fully embrace Islam mentally and physically, for example the Muslims of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. If you ask a Pakistani women to allow her husband to marry because Islam allows a man to have four wives, she would say is that all you see in the Quran? She would not accept it even though it is written in the Quran, whereas in the Arab region it is common for a man to have 2-4 wives and the women there do not have a problem with it because they know it is permitted in the religion. 

Salat has been made obligatory upon Momineen and it must be offered at a particular time, otherwise the Salat shall not be accepted. In countries like Alaska, Norway, Scotland and other parts of the world, in the winter the Sun barely rises. The Salat of Fajr (at sunrise) cannot be offered at the designated time because it was not intended for people of those regions. In the Arab region somebody caught stealing is punished by having his hand chopped off. But if this was to be done in America or Europe people would label it barbaric. How could such people be a part of this religion? The nature of people in regions other than the Arab region is not compatible with the strict laws of Sharia intended for the people of Arab.

His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi says that every religion was sent for a particular nation, for a particular region and according to the nature and behaviour of the people in that region the Sharia was created. 

If you look at Muslims in Pakistan or India and the Muslim in Bosnia, there is a huge difference. Muslims in Pakistan are strict in their dress code whereas the attire of Muslim women is Bosnia is quite liberal. Islam itself is one religion however the nations that embraced Islam did so according to their nature. Whatever suited them they adopted and whatever was against their lifestyle and nature, they left out and this proves that Islam is not for the entire humanity. 

However, the religion made for the entire humanity has been brought by HDE Gohar Shahi. Now everyone may love God and everyone may see God, there is no Salat, no Sharia. The purpose of Salat and various forms of worship is to enlighten the heart and purify the Nafs (Self) and bring Noor (Divine Light) into the heart. What was previously obtained through these bodily worships is now being granted simply from the Nazar (Merciful Sight) of HDE Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi. The proof is that the image of HDE on the Moon speaks in all languages and you may ask any question and receive a reply in your heart in the language of your choice. Now there are no barriers. The Deen-e-Ilahi, Religion of God, the religion of love is custom-made to cater to the needs of the entire humanity no matter what religion or sect you belong to, no matter what your nationality is or what language you speak. Islam cannot cater to the needs of all whereas Deen-e-Ilahi possesses the power to do so.

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