Thursday 6 September 2012

Islam and the Religion of God

The religion of Islam is the religion of the body whereas the Religion of God (Deen-e-Ilahi) is the religion of the soul. 

The culmination of Islam is the Seeing of God whereas the beginning of the Religion of God is Seeing God. Where Islam ends, Deen-e-Ilahi begins. 

The destiny of all religions is reaching God whereas the religion of God is adopting God’s lifestyle. 

Prophet Mohammad and Imam Mehdi both brought Ism-e-Dhaat Allah (Personal Name of God). However there is a difference between the two. 

The name of God that God granted to Prophet Mohammad does not have a form and it is articulated in the throbbing system of the heart thus creating Divine Light whereas the name of God that His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi projects has a form similar to the Divine Body. 

The name of God granted to Prophet Mohammad would articulate in the heart and the beats would pound with the name whereas this particular type of God’s name that HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi grants to humanity is self-pronouncing!

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