Saturday, 12 January 2013

HDE Gohar Shahi's Statement Regarding His Mehdi-hood

His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said, ‘My image is visible with the naked eye on the Moon. Whether one is a Kafir (Infidel), Munafiq (Hypocrite), Momin (Believer), Aashiq (Lover), Saint or Prophet, he is able to see it. Whoever is able to see the Moon is able to see this image and this image is a Divine Sign. Whosoever rejects it is Kazib (denier of the truth). 

HDE Gohar Shahi has clearly stated: 

I have never thought myself to be Imam Mehdi but when my image became prominent on the Moon, Sun, Mars, Hajre Aswad (Holy Black Stone) and Shiv Temple, I started to think whether God wants to appoint me as the Awaited One, Imam Mehdi.

The question is, is it possible for His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi to be mistaken? 
These images are a Divine Inspiration and evidence that HDE Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi. Now what is more important verification from a saint or the belief of Imam Mehdi that He is Imam Mehdi? 

Amongst the disciples of Imam Mehdi is Lord Jesus Christ. In El Monte Lodge hotel, a handsome young man appeared before HDE Gohar Shahi in 1997. Now, HDE’s initial reaction was that it was one of His followers. When HDE noticed that somebody was standing there He asked, ‘Who are you?’ The man replied, ‘I am Jesus, son of Mary and I have come to see you.’ Having heard this from the young man HDE said, ‘I felt immense spiritual ecstasy and pleasure, the same spiritual ecstasy and pleasure that you feel when you are in the gathering of Prophets and Messengers in the higher realms. When I felt immense pleasure and ecstasy in my chest, I instantly recognised the handsome young man standing before me was not a common man.’ 

HDE’s understanding developed into believing the fact that the handsome boy man was at least a Messenger. HDE Gohar Shahi said then I looked at his face and I tried to find similarities of the face of that young man with the face of Jesus which was manifested by God on the Moon. There were 100% similarities therefore HDE said I believed the fact that the handsome young man was nobody else but Jesus Christ himself. HDE Gohar Shahi said we discussed many points including the point relating to the Community of God and HDE said the details of the meeting were not to be disclosed when this statement was made in 1997. HDE left it until later on. 

Now, I ask you a question, HDE Gohar Shahi has all the tools of the spiritual trade, forehand. HDE Gohar Shahi has the ability and spiritual calibre to recognise a handsome young man to be Jesus Christ, does HDE Gohar Shahi not have this much ability to see why His image has been manifested on the Moon? HDE is able to recognise that handsome young man and this recognition is not dependent on looking at the face. This recognition and finding is based on the spiritual criterion that HDE has explained. HDE felt immense spiritual ecstasy and pleasure that is felt when you are in the gathering of Prophets and Messengers. This planet or the Moon is not greater than any prophet and messenger; they are special deputies, vicegerents of God. They have more divine spiritual value than just a planet made of stone. When HDE Gohar Shahi is able to spiritually suss out who is standing before him then why can’t HDE Gohar Shahi understand the appearance of His image on the moon? 

Obviously HDE knows everything, knows the reasons and purpose of the manifestation of his images in different celestial and terrestrial bodies including the Holy Black Stone and the Moon, Mars, the Sun and many other celestial bodies. The reason why HDE Gohar Shahi has released the information about Him being Mehdi is an act of wisdom. HDE Gohar Shahi has slowly released this information bit by bit because HDE’s apprehension was maybe if he blatantly said to everybody in Pakistan that HDE Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Mehdi, people rather than believing in the fact, because HDE once told me the purpose of releasing the truth (Haq) is to let humanity benefit from the truth. Therefore the truth should be shared by humanity in such a fashion in which they are able to mentally and spiritually benefit from that truth and if the truth is blatantly exploded it may have some negative factors involved. It may spark some negative retaliation and this was the wisdom behind taking measures of revealing the truth upon humanity bit by bit. Because if HDE Gohar Shahi had revealed on people of the world about him being the Awaited One the only apprehension that HDE had in His heart was that maybe for some reason these individuals who have been awaiting the Awaited One for centuries may not be able to digest it completely and in sheer ignorance they may end up refuting this announcement of Imam Mehdi and may pave way for themselves to entering hellfire. Therefore HDE Gohar Shahi was very cautious and very wise and very slow in releasing information about the potential truth. 

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