Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Love God While You're Still Young

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said to me, 

'A time will come when humanity will be greatly affected by natural disasters, by wars, by crimes of hatred, terrorism, and many other afflictions in this world and the day will come when people will be deprived of even basic necessities of life. They will be stranded, they will have no food, no home, no support, no aid and the night will fall and then in despair they will see the Moon. For that moment I want you to propagate my face so that when in that moment people look at the Moon for help, they should be already aware that the Messianic Figure and his identity has already been propagated about. And in this moment when people look at the Moon in despair and dismay, in sheer helplessness when they will have no other source of help, the only rescue they will think of will come from the Moon. In that moment they should be aware that the image on the Moon is that of the Awaited One.' 

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'Take this mission to all corners of the world.'

Now, when you are young your parents don’t want you to become holy. They want you to do every single sin in your life, especially if you are making money. Your parents want you to make more money, keep making money while you still can. If you want to become holy they will say you are wasting your time what are you doing, your whole life is left for you to please God; this is the time for you to please me.

You know all these people no matter if you are 20, 40, 60 or 80 whether or not you want to do it you have this desire that you want to marry a young girl. Some people don’t do it out of fear of what people would say. But everybody wants to do it, barring none everybody wants youth, what about God? Why should God be left behind? God also wants youth to love him. While you are still young, this is when you should learn to love God. You will continue to love God in the old age when you have learnt to love God while you were still young. Often times I hear in films and Pakistani soaps that now I am 70, I have done everything now I will remember God. Now you can't do anything else in your life, now you want to remember God? And you expect God to become excited? This is a battle. Everybody wants you to be loyal to them while you are young. You make money while you are young, when you are old you don’t make enough money. Unfortunately, God also wants the same for you.

We are here for a very brief, very temporal period of time and life hereafter is very dangerous. Touch of eternity. Eternity is a very, very dangerous word isn’t it? If it's good it's good forever but if it's bad it's bad forever, so you want to make sure you are going to get something that is going to stay with you forever. What do you want, happiness or pain? For Example, if God announces tomorrow that he wants to give you something that will stay forever, it will last forever what do you want pain or happiness? We only think about eternity but why don’t we pay attention, what if eternity is associated with pain? Then the pain will become eternal. So, this eternity that we will be introduced after this life, we want to make sure that that eternity must be associated with pleasure, happiness, no pain, no suffering. Haven’t we suffered enough in this world, being human? To be a human means suffering. What did we get out of this practice of being a human? Nothing. The day we are born we start to get old, surprisingly. This is why we say how old is she? How old are you? Every moment which is elapsing you are getting old. The time is flying and soon we will be touching upon eternity. Just think for a moment, that eternity, what if pain is associated with that eternity? We will be in pain forever you can't change it. So, what will be our life like forever depends on what we do today in this short span of life. This is just a prequel, just a preview, preface of life. This is just a trailer. 

God wants you to love him while you are still young you know why it is really funny you have more manly powers when you are young and when you are old you have little power left. It's funny, when you are young your spiritual heart is also powerful and you can love God profusely, but when you get old your heart is also old, now with a leaning heart, a weak heart, the heart is not pulsating properly and you want to love God? This is funny isn’t it? When you are young you have manly powers, in a similar way when you are young your heart is young and you can love God with all your heart and all your soul. With the passage of time as you grow old, your heart beats less; the more you grow old the less your heart beats. When your heart beats less you have less power, you have less agility in the body. You can sin at its best when you are young, and you can love God to its peak when you are young. Learn to love God when you are young even if you want to love God full-fledged later on, but learn to love now when you are still young, because when the weapon is destroyed you can't fight. 

When you reach forty God wants the angels to bring your book and he wants to reward you if you have initiated your heart because forty is the age when God wants to see what have you done to your life, what did you look for while you were in this world, what did you do? And if you didn’t do anything then God becomes fed up with you, so the heart must be initiated before you reach forty. If you reach forty and your heart is still not initiated then my friend you are in deep trouble with God. If you are forty and you are not married people will think you are forty and you are still unmarried, what's wrong with you? 

The most important thing in your life while you are still young is that you must be introduced to your Lord and your Lord must have granted to you his love. When you have acquired it, when you have obtained God's love, then roam about the world, go anywhere in the world. The most important thing in your life is that you must be initiated and you must have learnt how to love God and God should also know about you. When you are introduced to God, your Spiritual Guide will introduce you to God and now you are under divine scrutiny. God has a spy webcam everywhere and when you have been initiated God is aware of your movements.

The most important thing in your life is that you are making genuine efforts to please your Lord and keeping on, don’t stop doing it, this is the most important thing in one's life who wants to care about life hereafter? Most people are just atheist, they don’t think there is life hereafter. For them living a good life here is like living in paradise and suffering in this world is like living in hell. To them, they are their own Spiritual Guide, they are God of themselves. This is their own perception and their own concoction. However, those who believe in God, Jesus and Gohar Shahi, for them the most important thing and most important factor in their life is to make sure they are making enough efforts to please the Lord and while pleasing their Lord, those efforts of pleasing the Lord will not only please the Lord, but will also enlighten your heart, purify your heart and mortify your Self. 

The best way to please the Lord is to propagate these Divine Teachings and the Divine Signs.


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Thank You Sir, what a wonderful speech! I love the point you made about how everyone wants youth, why should we leave God behind? Love God while you are still young! Amazing!

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I like this article