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The Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love- Teaching Humanity Divine Sincerity

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. 

Both this world and the paradise are for luxury, personal comfort and style. Both of them have no divinity. They have nothing to do with love, and both of them are void and null of spirituality. When you engage in worship and you observe servitude to the Lord, the incentive is paradise. Perhaps the motivation that enables and pushes you to worship comes from the thought that once you enter paradise, you will be living in mighty palaces, you will have plenty of heavenly damsels, and this will go on and on for infinite eternity.

The Quran said, ‘You will find everything in the paradise that your Nafs (Self) will wish for.’ 
[43: 71]

So, the incentive for worship is paradise. When you worship God with the incentive of going into paradise, your worship is not sincere because you are doing it so that you can enter the paradise and enjoy the luxuries and comforts that God has promised you; you are not doing it for God. You are not doing it for the sake of God.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has come for a very specific purpose. That purpose is to educate humanity about sincerity and exclusive motivation, from God towards God. And I think this is God's favourite religion. Why Divine Love is God's favourite religion? Because in this religion, you worship God in order to love God and you love God for the sake of God; there is no other incentive or motivation. You shall not have this kind of sincerity when you are aiming for paradise and heavenly damsels.

In order to prepare you heart to house sincerity, you go to a lot of scrutiny, hard work and struggle. You go to a passage of negation against your Self, and you go through the blind alleys of Ego, self-esteem, self-respect and you come to a point where you think of your Self being naught. To be able to negate your Self is a form of bravery and gallantry. You do not have to kill anybody to prove you are a brave person; that is an act of cowardice. Brave ones are those that have acquired spiritual calibre to negate themselves, to crush their Ego. And this ability with which one is able to negate himself does not come by reading books, visiting the Holy Ka’aba, reciting the holy Quran, or fasting. This comes by keeping company of God without God in your company.

Prophetic Tradition: ‘Those who are wishing to keep company of God on earth should make friends with Friends of God.’ Because the Friends of God do not have anything left in them for except God.

Number one, HDE Gohar Shahi invites the entire humanity to learn to be sincere in their quest, sincere in their prayer, and sincere in their heart; ultimately, sincere with God.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'If the reason why you are praying to God and worshiping God is paradise, then do not come to me and do not adopt my teachings. You are not suitable for my teachings if you are aiming to enter paradise. My teachings are designed to cater for the needs of those who desire nothing but God, nothing at all.'

When a woman gets married, her parents give her dowry. And if the bridegroom is more interested in the dowry than he should be in the bride, we will straight away say, ‘This guy is really bad; he is fixing his eyes on the dowry and he doesn’t even want to look at the bride!’ And that is exactly what we are trying to say to this world: this paradise, these damsels etc. are the dowry, whereas God is the bride.  So, I would like to say here that this very thought of motivating humanity towards this exclusive thought of sincerity is Gohar Shahi's mission. To drag people out from non-God ailments and elements, and putting them on the track that leads to God only. Do not think lesser than God as the destination. Let it be God as your only destination! That is the message that comes from HDE Gohar Shahi.

The problem in all the religions is: most people are after the paradise and a very few people (who are better than those after the paradise) are circumbulating around their messenger and prophet. And for them, because of their prophet and messenger, they think their religion is the best. Even if they are not sincere with God and if God’s love is available to be obtained outside their religion, they say, ‘No, we don’t want it.’ This is spiritual short-sightedness, and Muslims are suffering from this immoral disease very badly. No prophet, no messenger, and no saint of God is your destiny. These are different forms of intermediary! Your destiny is not your prophet, is not your messenger, is not your spiritual guide; your destiny should be God, the creator of all! Maybe this is how God designed the world: that not everybody will go for God.

For except God, there are two other options, 1- luxuries of this world, and comforts of this world. 2- luxuries and comforts of the paradise. I do not see a vast difference between these two different types of luxuries. When it comes to luxury, then your destiny is luxury, whether you want the luxuries of this world or the luxuries of paradise. When your destiny is not God, then it doesn’t matter what other destiny it is. If it is not God, it’s insignificant. I think there is a lot to talk about this. I think I will have to wait for a long period of time before I am understood. People may find it offensive, but I’m not easily put off. I’m going to be constantly striving in this world until what I’m trying to convey to the world is conveyed in its right spirit.

With the correct shadow of the meaning, Gohar Shahi's mission is to purify your thoughts and correct the wavelength upon which you think about God. Don't think God is just a provider, provider of provision and provider of luxury and comfort. You are only aiming for comfort and provision that God provides for you. What about God himself? Do you care for God? Do you really love God for the sake of God, that you do not require anything in return for the practice of this love? 

If God said, ‘I am not going to send anyone to hellfire or paradise; now how many of you still want to love me and still want to refrain from the performance of bad deeds?’, would you still do it? This will only happen when Gohar Shahi’s doctrine is hammered into the hearts. Because Gohar Shahi is teaching sincerity, Gohar Shahi is not pulling people towards this greedy thought of entering the paradise! Gohar Shahi is very religiously focused on reviving the hearts and introducing the hearts with exclusive divine sincerity.

Our point of view is: if you want to love Prophet Mohammad, no problem! Love him, but then with this love, do not ask Mohammad to give you anything. Forget about Shifa'ah (salvation). You are loving your prophet for a reason! You send Salam on the prophet, but why are you saying it? You have an agenda. And that agenda is send Salam as many times as possible in order to make sure that prophet is well pleased; and when he is pleased he will send you to paradise. Do you call it sincerity? This is not sincere love. You love your spiritual guide. Why? Because if you love your spiritual guide, his association will grant you salvation. On the Day of Judgement, you will be excused from God because you serve your spiritual master; that is not a sincere from of servitude or love. What Gohar Shahi is giving to humanity today is lacking in all religions.

The hearts have been steered in different directions. More than one destination has been introduced to hearts. Most hearts are now just pondering over the expectation of entry into paradise. They are just day-dreaming that they will live in paradise forever: there will be 70 damsels on their right and another 70 on their left and whatever they wish they will have it, and this will go on and on for infinity. You know, sometimes it really bothers me: how can God be easy with this kind of attitude from humanity? Somebody is making prostration to you just because somebody wants to enter paradise; otherwise he wouldn’t do that. Gohar Shahi has taught us and is teaching the entire humanity to love God for the sake of love, for the sake of God; and do not expect anything from God.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, ‘Anytime you go to the temple, mosque, synagogue etc. and you pray there, and what do you ask for? You ask for welfare of the business, for your health, you ask for damsels and paradise. Did you ever ask God, “I want you God”?'

Sincerity is to be exclusively, dedicatedly affiliated with the singular passion of loving God without any agenda, sincere form of love. But if you cannot think beyond your prophet and your religions, you cannot be sincere with God. Like in corporate culture, one respects their manager; in a similar way their love for their prophet is on the same wavelength. If you send Salam on your prophet and you are dancing to the tunes of your Nafs (Self), you have made your intentions transparent.

I am really grateful to my Lord Gohar Shahi that I respect Prophet Mohammad for Prophet Mohammad, not because he will give me salvation. I love him for him, not for what he can do for me, but for who he is. This is the Goharian Philosophy of Love. You must love His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi for HDE. Love HDE but not because He will do something for you or he will take you to paradise or elsewhere, love Him because He is just lovable! You have no other choice, you won't live otherwise. When someone will see Gohar Shahi, they will have no other choice but to love Gohar Shahi! Because Gohar Shahi is lovable, amiable.

To love is greater than to worship. All these religions came to this world. Adam Safi Allah brought the teachings of love, and then Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad came. But for except a few individuals who wanted to love God and who wanted to be with God, 99.99% of those who adopted the religion had been aiming for paradise. Their prostration to God was aimed at putting them into paradise. It was not aimed at pleasing the lord, and pleasing him for no other obvious reason but to please him. So how do you think God would feel? If I was God, I would feel deserted. I would say look at these people! It is just fake love, fake servitude. They are prostrating to me, but the meaning of this prostrating is, 'Come on, be pleased and send me to paradise!’ If you know somebody is respecting you for a reason, not because you deserve to be respected, you would feel defiled and disrespected. 

HDE Gohar Shahi is my witness, I do love Prophet Mohammad, I do love Jesus, I do love Abraham and Moses, but my love for them is not for any other reason but to respect them. Not because they will send me to paradise and this is how I will get my salvation. No! I love them even if they send me to hell; that's what it is, that's what HDE Gohar Shahi teaches us. To become carefree of your consequences! Do your job. You were created to love, just continue to love. If the purpose of your creation is to love, then love, go on to love!

Quran: I created the Jinn and humanity only to worship me 

This is for the majority of humanity. But then there is another ayah:

‘I will bring my own nation. They will love me and I will love them.’

That nation of God is on earth right now. This is why the meaning of religion has changed; this is why a new meaning to a new religion is being introduced to this world. In this new religion, which is not new, only sincerity is counted. That is why HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘I am not preparing you for paradise. I am not preparing you for God. I am preparing you for the Awaited One.’ Alright, and what will the Awaited One do then? He will diagnose your destiny and see what are you capable of, and will see what you are suitable of. If you are suitable for God, then I swear by my Lord, Gohar Shahi will send you to God. And if you are suitable for Gohar Shahi’s love, then His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi will fill your heart and soul with love. But bear in mind, in the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love, the lowest destiny is God. We cannot go below that. God or Gohar, there is no other destiny.

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