Friday 21 June 2013

The True Concept of and Misconceptions about Imam Mehdi in the West

The concept of Imam Mehdi which has been presented to International Communities by Iran is contaminated and stained with the name of Iran and a particular school of thought in Islam. The President of Iran on many occasions has mentioned Imam Mehdi. The concept of Imam Mehdi that he has presented is that of Shiite school of thought. Obviously the Shiite do not represent Islam as a whole. They only represent their own sectarian denomination; they do not represent the mainstream Islam

Mehdi Foundation International propagates the teachings of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, the Divine Signs sent forth by God and HDE Gohar Shahi’s rank of Mehdi-hood. Our organisation has laid the foundation in the propagation of Imam Mehdi and it is our duty to raise awareness among Muslims and non-Muslims equally about the true concept of Imam Mehdi. If people are given the wrong concept of Imam Mehdi not only will this disturb the global peace but it will deprive the non-Muslims from obtaining Spiritual Grace from Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. If the concept is wrong in their minds they will not see Imam Mehdi has one from whom they may obtain Spiritual Grace; they will see Imam Mehdi as a spiritual leader of the Shiite only who shall help them against the Western World. Because the concept they have been given is that Imam Mehdi is allegedly going to come to help Iran/Muslims wage a war against the West how many western leaders or representatives would be awaiting the arrival of Imam Mehdi or would want to obtain Spiritual Grace from Him? 

This very misleading concept regarding the personality of Imam Mehdi has been delivered to International Communities. Now we feel responsible because we are the fundamental foundation and we have been delegated by Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi himself to propagate and promote His teachings and exuberate the Divine Signs and invite International Communities to be fully prepared to receive Spiritual Benevolence from the presence of Imam Mehdi Syedna Gohar Shahi. 

The personality of Imam Mehdi has been designed and formulated in accordance with the nature and requirement of the International Communities and the entire humanity. It's not that God is only catering for the needs of one particular nation and is forgetting all else. God is for all. We cannot say that Muslims have monopoly on God. He is the creator and provider of all. He is the giver of guidance, of life and death. Guidance is from God whether it is sent through Moses, Adam, Mohammad or any other prophet. It is God’s will whether he chooses to send individual prophets for the guidance of individual nations or one Universal Saviour for the guidance of the entire humanity. 

In the light of the teachings, company, and Nazar (Merciful Glace) of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, we would like to present the world with the true concept of Imam Mehdi. The concept that Iran has given based on their sectarian school of thought is wrong. Because of this misleading concept people will be distanced from Imam Mehdi. This is oppression this is a great misleading effort done by the Iranian President and in wake of what Iran has been doing- promoting fanaticism and extremism, how can Iran represent Imam Mehdi bearing in mind that Imam Mehdi is the ultimate symbol of God's Love. Love is symbolic to Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi and Divine Love are two names of the same thing.

There are many organisations made using the name of Imam Mehdi. Some organisations promote fanaticism, fascism, extremism, terrorism and one such organisation in Iraq has given itself the name of ‘Mehdi Force.’ When the western countries and their leaders see that ‘Mehdi Force’ is involved in terrorism and Iran, an enemy of Israel, is awaiting Imam Mehdi, the concept of the personality of Imam Mehdi in their minds would be that Imam Mehdi is a Muslim and he will promote terrorist activities. If these terrorist and fanatics begin to use the name of Imam Mehdi and on an international platform say we are waiting for Imam Mehdi to come and help us. People who are naïve to the concept of Imam Mehdi they have no knowledge of Imam Mehdi, what would they get? What kind of impression will he leave on the blank minds of people who are naïve to the concept of Imam Mehdi? This is a burning issue. We would like to clarify the doubts created in the minds of people by the Iranian President’s concept of Imam Mehdi. 

Imam Mehdi is representing God; he doesn’t need any religion at all. Imam Mehdi is coming to establish the Religion of God (Deen-e-Ilahi). He shall unite all humanity into one global brotherhood. Currently this wave of terrorism and killings in the name of religion, in the name of Islam, are happening because the hearts are void of Noor (Divine Light). Because the hearts are void of Noor, the devil now resides in the hearts. If you want to obtain Divine Love, there is no pre-requisite. You may be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew, etc. Imam Mehdi’s door is open to all. All of these religions were made for the man, the bodies that reside in this world. But Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought the religion of the souls. The religion of the souls is the religion of God. This religion pre-existed the bodies. This religion was in existence before the prophets and saints, the lovers and the beloveds. This religion has existed as long as the Lord Himself. 

Prophet Mohammad said: Towards the End of the World, the Sun will rise from the West

Previously all the religions had been sent down in the East; all prophets and messengers were sent to the East. But, the Awaited Imam Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar has risen from the West. The headquarters of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi are in the Western country of England and from here the teachings of Divine Love are being spread and enlightening the hearts and souls of people all over the world. 

The Sun has risen from the West and the West should have crystal clear understanding of the concept of Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi has come, but not just for one nation, Imam Mehdi has come to bless all souls and all hearts and to create a Universal Global brotherhood, in which a Christian will become a brother of a Muslim and a Muslim will become a brother of a Jew and a Jew will become a brother of a Hindu and a Hindu will become a brother of a Sikh. The entire humanity will come into one singular fold of the Religion of God. No other religion will prevail. The only religion which is set to prevail is the Religion of Love, Religion of Souls; the Religion of God. Imam Mehdi has come to promote and promulgate and make it available to the entire human race without any reservations. 

If we see today the current situation of the world, we see bloodshed, hate-crimes, intolerance and lack of understanding of the matter and in the wake of all these mis-happenings, what I conclude is that neither the Muslims are acting upon the instructions of God which they find in the Quran nor the West is doing what Jesus taught them, what the Bible says and this has occurred due to lack of spiritual systems in both religions.

Terrorism is not just killing. How do you differentiate terrorism and murder? When you kill somebody you just go and kill them, but terror is different. Terrorism includes killing, but killing alone is not the only expression of terrorism. Terrorism is to spread terror and uncertainty among nations. Common human beings are now suffering because of a handful of idiots who failed to understand the philosophy of the religion, who are promoting hate-crimes, who are using the name of God and the name of religions as instrumental for their own hidden agendas. These are not directives from the Quran these can never be the Divine directives. 

According to the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad, ‘Killing one human being is equal of killing the entire humanity.’ Even according to Islam suicide bombing is very vehemently, strictly prohibited and those who committed suicide, no matter who they are, how holy they are, they will enter hellfire. There was a very close companion of the Prophet and it was during a war, that companion of the Prophet was seriously injured and he had so many cuts on his body, he was in great physical pain and agony and the Prophet was very happy for the sacrifices he made with the gallantry he fought in the war, but then few minutes later, what happened somebody came to tell the prophet that the guy who got really injured was unable to bear the pain anymore as a result of which he ended his life with his own hands. The Prophet of Islam, who was really fond of this guy, his face turned pale and he said, ‘This gentlemen will enter hellfire and I am not going to participate in the last ceremony of this guy.’ So you can understand somebody who was actively involved in the war and he was fighting the enemy alongside the Prophet himself, was injured and he did not mean to hurt anybody and he ended his life because he thought he couldn’t bear the pain anymore. With that intention he ended his life but even then the Prophet said he will enter hellfire. What about these individuals who claim to be representatives of Islam who today give the wrong interpretation of Quran, who today indoctrine the youth of Islam. They are pushing them towards hellfire, they are brainwashing them and teaching them hate-crimes and persuading them to become suicide bombers. How can you justify a suicide attack when the companion of the Prophet, not the with intention of harming or hurting others, committed suicide so he could escape from the pain, and you are doing it deliberately, on purpose in order to hurt others in order to harm others? How do you justify your actions? Suicide bombing is totally against the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and the concept of Quran. 

Now, these individuals who are spreading fanaticism, extremism and prompting bloodshed, who are spreading hate-crimes, how can you believe if any contaminated and stained concept of Mehdi comes from them? Be very careful because these individuals think that Imam Mehdi, allegedly, is coming to help them out. And what kind of help they are waiting for? They think Imam Mehdi will empower them and Imam Mehdi will fight against the entire humanity and will bring back the glory of Islam. However, according to the Divine Plan the glory of Islam has been seen by the world and people enjoyed it and people reaped the benefits of Islam in this world however now is the time for the Divine Glory to shine. Now is the time for all human beings of the world to come into one universal fold, the fold of Divine Love. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is promoting and promulgating Divine Love and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is here not to empower one nation, Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is here to empower the hearts and souls of the entire humanity so as to make them reach God without any hindrance, without any hurdles and without any reservations. The door of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is open to all, barring none. 

Now I would like to shed some considerable amount of light on extremism and fanaticism in religions. Most individuals who transliterate the Quran apart from their perceived interpretation, the meaning of this ayah (verse) ‘La Iqra fid-deen…’ is 'there is no compulsion in the religion,' and I invite all Islamic scholars of all denomination and all sects to come have a debate and discussion with me on this point, for or against. This ayah clarifies the concept of peace and tolerance in the religion. When there is no compulsion in this religion how can you derive extremism and fanaticism in the religion? Those who promote extremism and fanaticism, beware they are deliberately ignoring the message and the core of Islam. 

You will see people in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia where you have religious police, this extremism and fanaticism is not just being imposed on the people who live in this West, this has been imposed on Muslims as well in their respective countries. In Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia there have been religious police and at the time of prayer the police roam about in the streets and force you to go to a mosque and offer your prayers. But, according to the core message of God in the Holy Quran, 'La Iqra fid-deen,' the Quran has been explained that Salat has been made obligatory upon all Momineen. Now, whether you offer Salat or do not offer Salat you are nobody to punish people who do not offer Salat. Even God is not doing it while you are still alive, on the Day of Judgment God will see whether how many prayers you missed or you missed them all and it is up to God whether or not he wants to forgive you. But there is no human being, no saint prophet or messenger on this earth who can force anybody to adopt the religion or act upon the religion; it is entirely your decision whether or not you want to practice the religion. According to Quran you cannot compel anyone or force anyone to practice a religion. A religion can be your religion or it can be any other religion, you cannot force anybody to practice a religion, practice of religion should come from his own heart, from his own understanding. 

The Islamic group Jammat-e-islami is also involved. There was a time few years ago when they started taking billboard images of women off, why? They said this is Haram (unlawful/prohibited) in Islam! What is Haram in Islam? There were no billboards presenting images of women at the time of Prophet Mohammad. Taliban in Pakistan say it is Haram for women to obtain education in Islam. This is complete rebellion against the teachings of Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad said that it is obligatory for every man and woman to obtain knowledge, despite this you are denying women education? When the Taliban banned women’s education in Swat (Pakistan) Malala Yousufzai started a campaign. They would go to the girls’ parents and tell them to send their daughters to school and not be afraid. The Taliban saw her as their enemy and opened fire on her. 

So I declare that according to Quran there is no compulsion in the religion, therefore there is no room for extremism and fanaticism in the religion and all these individuals who are promoting extremism and fanaticism they are enemies of humanity.  

According to the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he is of the opinion that Imam Mehdi will not come to this world until a chaotic situation prevails and now because that chaotic situation is still not to be seen it this world, therefore, he thinks man can hasten the arrival of Imam Mehdi by creating, by prompting a chaotic situation and that is absolutely ridiculous. That is absolutely a mad person's understanding. This is not how you hasten it; it is up to God to decide what the appropriate and right time for Imam Mehdi to come into this world is. By creating a chaotic situation and believing that Imam Mehdi will only come when the world has seen a chaotic situation, you are prompting a chaotic situation and you are trying to fill the earth with mischief, bloodshed, hate-crime, etc. This is ridiculous and this is one way or another interfering with God's acts and God doesn’t allow anybody to do that. The world has become so vulnerable and volatile because of one idiot sitting at the seat of the President, the Iranian President. He doesn’t qualify to represent any country, he is a lunatic idiot and he wants to hasten the arrival of Imam Mehdi. How? In order to create a self-generated chaotic situation, that is ridiculing with the Laws of God. This is spreading terrorism and extremism and fanaticism and a self-generated chaotic situation that is absolutely intolerable. 

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