Monday 24 June 2013

The Misconceptions about Imam Mehdi among Muslims

The world awaits Lord Jesus Christ, and at the same time, the world also awaits the Awaited One. This Awaited Personality by the title of Imam Mehdi is known to Muslims as Imam Mehdi; however, there are more than one celestial books that have foretold the coming of a Mighty Personality towards the twilight of this world. The Messiah has been awaited for centuries and a similar concept of a Messianic Figure is found in Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism. If you carefully study the role, assignment, power and spiritual discerning of the concept of Kalki Avatar, Messiah and Imam Mehdi, you will instantly understand that everyone is talking about just one personality, but with different titles.

The religions of the world need to understand it quite clearly: Imam Mehdi that the Muslims profess, the Kalki Avatar that the Hindus profess, and the Messiah awaited by Israel - these are not different personalities, these are merely different titles. We have the Awaited One and then we have Lord Jesus Christ and then there is another person and that person is called ‘Anti-Christ’ in the Christian world. In the Muslim world, that person is called ‘Dajjal’. For the past few years, the West has come to know of Imam Mehdi and his appearance and emergence in the world. However, it is very unfortunate that the concept of Imam Mehdi that reached the western countries comes from the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who is not a special or official spokesman on Islam. He comes from a fraction of a Shiite fascist organisation. 

The Western World needs to very carefully examine different concepts of Mehdi within Islam. They need to understand that there are two major denominations in Islam: Sunnis and Shiites. The concept of Mehdi in Sunnis is different from the concept of Mehdi in Shiites. According to the Shiite denomination, the son of Imam Askari, who disappeared in his childhood, is considered to be the Awaited Imam Mehdi. It has been many hundred years since his disappearance, so in simple words, according to the Shiite denomination, Imam Mehdi is the son of Imam Askari and Imam Askari is from the lineage of Prophet Mohammad. 

But according to Sunnis, they do not accept that the son of Imam Askari is Imam Mehdi. Shiites understand that imam Mehdi has to be from the family of Prophet Mohammad and according to Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad), it is quite evident that Imam Mehdi will have his lineage connected to the family of Prophet Mohammad. Sunnis believe that the name of Mehdi will be Mohammad, the same as Prophet Mohammad’s name. They believe Imam Mehdi will look like Prophet Mohammad from head to toe and Sunnis believe that the names of Imam Mehdi’s parents will be the same as of Prophet Mohammad’s. Sunnis also believe that imam Mehdi will come from the city of Medina, which today is in Saudi Arabia and some other learned Sunnis say that Imam Mehdi’s language would be Arabic. Shiites believe that Imam Mehdi will rule the world and Imam Mehdi will spread their version of Islam. Sunnis believe that Imam Mehdi will rule the world and convert all human beings into Islam. 

But some of these points are not verified by the Traditions of Prophet Mohammad. It was never mentioned in any of the Traditions of the Prophet that Imam Mehdi would speak Arabic. It is not mentioned and it is not a necessity. Had Islam been restricted to Arabs only, perhaps you could have concocted something like this because when Prophet Mohammad came to the Arabian Peninsula, they spoke Arabic only. If Prophet Mohammad was supposed to go to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, they would have difficulty in understanding what Prophet Mohammad was saying to them. I am just explaining to you what is being said about Imam Mehdi’s role and assignment; and most of the stuff you are hearing today is found in the books of Sunnis and Shiites. 

Our argument is Imam Mehdi is not aiming to benefit just one nation. Such a Mighty Personality and being restricted to one nation? This is total injustice. Imam Mehdi is not confined to one nation or one particular religion. Imam Mehdi is for all, for the entire human race. Secondly, why would imam Mehdi speak Arabic? There are so many ridiculous concepts found within Muslims, (not in Islam though). For example, some Muslims say that the language in paradise will be Arabic. That will be a problem. In that case, there will be a commotion in the paradise. Or are they simply trying to say that only Arabs will enter paradise? What about Bengalis, Pakistanis, Indians, and these converts in Europe, USA and Canada? The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language only to benefit the people of that land so that they could understand it and this is what the Quran said. God said, ‘We revealed Quran unto you in Arabic language so that you could understand it.’ Had it been revealed in English, they wouldn’t understand it would they? Or had it in been revealed in Hindi, Sindhi, Urdu, or Bengali, they wouldn’t understand; they wouldn’t know what the Prophet said. This clearly indicates the fact that God has facilitated those people with the language of the Quran in the language of their own so as to enable them to understand it fully. Why would God not treat the other fractions of humanity in the same manner as he treated them? Why would he impose the Arabic language on those people who do not understand Arabic? The Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad in Arabic because the people in that area would speak Arabic only.


‘There is no mention in the Qur’aan or in the saheeh Sunnah – as far as we know – of which language is spoken by the people of Paradise. What is narrated concerning that is a hadeeth which is not soundly narrated from our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and some other reports (athaar). 

It was narrated by al-Tabaraani in al-Awsat, al-Haakim, al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab al-Eemaan and others that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Love the Arabs for three reasons, because I am an Arab, the Qur’aan is Arabic and the speech of the people of Paradise is Arabic.”

Ibn al-Jawzi ruled that this hadeeth is fabricated. Al-Dhahabi said: I think that the hadeeth is fabricated.’


Why should Imam Mehdi speak Arabic when Imam Mehdi is designed to cater the spiritual needs of the entire humanity? Intellectually speaking, it doesn’t serve the purpose: it doesn’t make any sense. If Imam Mehdi goes to United States of America, gives them the message of God, and he speaks Arabic, Obama wouldn’t understand it! This is just concocted; it doesn’t have anything to do with reality. So many different things under the label of Traditions of the Prophet have been added to the books and those words have never been said by the Prophet Mohammad. 

In a similar way, there is so much commotion over the fact that Imam Mehdi would come from the family of Prophet Mohammad. How would you know if somebody is from the family of Prophet Mohammad? Do they carry a label attached to their back when they are born? The people who do come from the family of the Prophet Mohammad, is the colour of their blood different or their eye colour different? Forget about Imam Mehdi for a moment, if I wanted to know today whether or not someone is from the family of Prophet Mohammad, how would I do that? Forget about what that person says. Anybody can say, ‘I am from Prophet’s family.’ Now, how do I believe, given the circumstances, that someone is from the Prophet’s family? Can anybody prove that? Because the DNA of Prophet Mohammad was never taken. It’s just a simple question. Everybody talks about it: ‘Imam Mehdi will be from the family of Prophet Mohammad.’ But how would you know? There are so many people today who claim to come from Prophet Mohammad’s family but if you look into their character, they are worse than Shaitan. Now, this Tradition of the Prophet says, ‘He will be from my family. I just pose one question to the entire Muslim and Western World: how would you prove that somebody who has claimed to be Imam Mehdi has really come from the lineage of Prophet Mohammad? This question goes to all Muslim clerics. 

Muslims say that Imam Mehdi will have so much authority and so much power that he will be the sole king of the world. His kingdom will reign. He will be the only king, the complete king of the entire world. Now, Sunnis believe in the emergence and appearance of Imam Mehdi; however, they do not stress too much on this subject. They do believe that there is a person by the title of Imam Mehdi. They believe He will be from the family of the Prophet, He will come towards the end of the world and the world will flourish during his time. He will fill the earth with peace and justice and he will give away to all people of the world the treasure of Kaaba. So many good things are attributed to the title of imam Mehdi.

However the world has seen so many pseudo-claimants and some of them did really have the Prophet’s name as their name. One man, Muhammad Ahmad from Sudan, thought he was imam Mehdi. There were also two men from India: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani and Muhammad Junagarhi, and there are some others as well. All these people tried to do everything that was mentioned in the books. They tried to do everything that as a requirement. They had read in the books that Imam Mehdi’s name is Mohammad. I mean, you can plan to have a Mehdi in the light of what has been mentioned in Hadith. For example, you get married and you join the Shiite denomination and if you really want to plan to have Imam Mehdi born to your wife, then what you could possibly do is, you could change your name. It only takes 50 pounds for deeds poll: 25 for yourself and 25 for your wife. You change your name to Abdullah and your wife should change her name to Amina. The ground is set. Now the baby is born and you name your son Mohammad. Now, one Prophetic Tradition is complete. Imam Mehdi must be born in Medina. You are already living in Saudi Arabic, so just 10 days before birth of baby, you could move to Medina. Simple. Now, Imam Mehdi must speak Arabic. Let your son go to an Arabic school, he will speak Arabic. ‘Wow, this is Imam Mehdi!’ I’m not ridiculing the truth; I’m just being sarcastic and cynical. I am just telling you how silly it is to look for imam Mehdi with the help of these ridiculous set of Traditions of the Prophet, which are untrue, I am afraid. 

Now, to the West, the concept of Imam Mehdi that you have heard from that President of Iran, Ahmedinejad, that concept represents only one denomination in Islam and even that denomination does not fully agree to what he says. Because even according to the Traditions of the Prophet, before the time of Imam Mehdi there will be a chaos, bloodshed and injustice. Ahmedinejad believes that you and I can hasten the emergence of Imam Mehdi. How? If there is no chaos in this world today, we can bring Imam Mehdi by making this world a chaotic place, by initiating fights, mischief and killings. This is why Iran has always been planning to attack on Israel. Why? Just to create chaos. Don’t you think this man is psycho? This man has nothing to do with Islam! This is false representation and false interpretation of the Holy Book. Do not believe what he says about Islam and about imam Mehdi. In Iraq and Lebanon, there are some organisations and they have the name Mehdi mentioned in the name of their organisations. They do not represent Imam Mehdi because Imam Mehdi’s message is peace and love. Imam Mehdi is not against any nation and is not against any religion. Imam Mehdi is for the entire humanity. You may be an enemy to Israel, USA and the UK, but Imam Mehdi is love; Imam Mehdi is for all. Imam Mehdi will dispense his teachings of love and ultimate universal blessings to Jews of Israel, to Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs of the United States of America, and all people of all nations of the world, equally, without having any doubts and reservations in His mind. Imam Mehdi is coming, not for the domination of Islam.
Islam has been made subject to internal mischief and great alteration and modification in the celestial word. Islam also has been destroyed by the elements of fanaticism, extremism and terrorism. These terrorists who use God’s name and the name of Islam as instrumental in achieving their own goals set by the desires of their Ego, do not represent Islam. Islam was a peaceful religion and when peace disappeared from Islam, Islam disappeared from the hearts. I must tell you and you also should know, that the very word, ‘Islam’, means peace. Islam was introduced to the world, especially the Arabian Peninsula, when there was no peace in that land. People used to fight, and there was a lot of bloodshed. This religion was then introduced. Those people of Arab were warriors; they were always at war, killing each other over tiny matters. For example, ‘Why your goat is drinking water from my side of the river?  Let’s wage a war.’ And this war would go on for years and years. It would shift from one generation to another. If you would ask them ‘Why are you waging a war?’ They would tell you, ‘You know that tribe? 500 years ago, one of their goats drank water from our side of the river. We must take revenge.’ I mean, this is their mentality. As human beings, we only commit a mistake one time. Do you think God will make two mistakes, sending Imam Mehdi again from Arabia? I do not think God would make the same mistake again. 

In simple words, I would like to convey this truth to the Western World that Islam exists only in its name and what you see today is not Islam, it is corruption in the name of Islam. No cleric in Islam is truthful; no cleric in Islam is professing the true teachings of Islam. Nobody is connected to Prophet Mohammad, nobody is connected to God. What you see today under the label of Islam is not Islam. It is their own perception and concoction. It has nothing to do with Islam. 

I would like to convey this message to the Western World that His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi comes from Pakistan; however, His teachings are based on divine, passionate love and He does not propagate any religion at all. His teachings are purely spirituality, mysticism and Gnosticism. This message of love and this divine, spiritual, gnostic, methodology, the philosophy of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is aimed at illuminating all hearts of the world without any reservations, without any spiritual or religious persecution, or discrimination. HDE Gohar Shahi is believed to be the Awaited One by all who met Him and reaped the spiritual benefits from Him in His Company through His spiritual concentration. 

Then God manifested His images on celestial and terrestrial bodies. The image of HDE Gohar Shahi is very prominent and very visible on the surface of the Moon and it is not a claim; it is to profess the truth. It is a statement. It can be verified: all you need is a pair of eyes. As long as you have a pair of eyes, and with those two eyes you have on your head, you are able to see any object in this world, and then you can see that image on the Moon too. And those who have already committed to decide that no matter what, even if they can see the image, they are not going to admit it – they are the culprits, they are those who are implanting mischief. The image of HDE Gohar Shahi - God knows the best – but we believe it has been enclosed in the layers of the Holy Black Stone. However, it became prominent when it was disclosed by HDE Gohar Shahi in the year 1997 that His image is also shining within the layers of the Holy Black Stone fitted in Kaaba. The image of HDE Gohar Shahi is also prominent on Mars, on the Sun.
In addition to all these divinely invested, manifested images by God, there is a book penned by HDE Himself. It is believed, those who read this book without having any disbelief in their hearts, HDE Gohar Shahi will speak to them. You start reading the book, and by the time you turn the first page, you will notice HDE Gohar Shahi is speaking to you. If you have any questions, you will notice that the answers are coming into your heart, and that will endorse the authenticity of the claim of Mehdi/Messiah Foundation International that HDE Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi. 

Is Gohar Shahi’s name Mohammad? No! We have so many Mohammads in this world. Their names are Mohammad but they don’t behave like Prophet Mohammad. Their character is not like Prophet Mohammad. So what is the point? A name will not fix all your problems will it? If I call Mr A., ‘Obama’, from tomorrow, do you think he will become the President of the United States? No! I mean, Obama is the President; however, if there is another person with the name Obama, even if his name is Obama, he is not the President of the United States. In a similar way, yes: Gohar Shahi’s name is not Mohammad. But it is not about the name. What MFI has found out in the very close proximity of HDE Gohar Shahi, it is not about the name of Prophet Mohammad, it is about Prophet Mohammad. True Mehdi will not have the name - He will have Mohammad in Him. And it makes sense doesn’t it? Anybody can name himself as Mohammad, but nobody can bring Mohammad in him!

 In the United Arab Emirates, if you don’t know someone’s name, and they are a stranger to you, you call him Mohammad. Now people in the West are a little more sensible than their counterparts and I give this explanation to them to understand: it is not about the name. Anybody in this world will spend 25 pounds, go to a lawyer, get a deed poll and change his name from Alvin to Mohammad. But that will not fix the problem. Do you think as soon you get the deed poll and change your name from Alvin to Mohammad, you will act like Prophet Mohammad? Come on, wake up! 

It doesn’t serve the purpose. The problem is that the people who do interpret these Traditions of the Prophet do not understand the true meaning of the word. It was not the name, it was about being Mohammad. Imam Mehdi will have Mohammad in him, not the name ‘Mohammad’. And Mohammad, God said, 

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ


And have we not sent ye but as blessings to the entire universe?

Because Mohammad dwells in Mehdi, hence Mehdi, Gohar Shahi is universal blessings to the entire humanity. Nobody is afraid of Mehdi; all nations, all religions are now loving Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi because He is blessings of God, for everybody!

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