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Imam Mehdi and His Role in the Betterment and Spiritual Welfare of Humanity

Many Muslims translate the word ‘Mehdi’ as 'The Guided One'. But that is not true. There are two different words that people often get mixed up with: the word ‘Mahdi’ and the word ‘Mehdi’ and it is ‘Mehdi’ which has been used in many traditions of the Prophet of Islam, and ‘Mehdi’ does not mean 'the Guided One', ‘Mehdi’ simply means 'the One of the Moon'. And it is clearly evident that the image of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi along with Lord Jesus Christ is prominent on the surface of the moon and the image of His Holiness Gohar Shahi and the image of Lord Jesus Christ clearly indicates that these signs have been manifested by God.

According to the Quranic Scriptures, Lord Jesus Christ has to come at the time of Mehdi and he will be great helper. He will be of great assistance to Imam Mehdi and will wage a war against Dajjal – The Anti-Christ. The Armageddon is going to be supervised by Imam Mehdi and the head of the Divine Forces, Divine Army of Imam Mehdi will be Lord Jesus Christ himself. This Armageddon, which means the Greatest War, is between loving souls and hateful souls. It is not between religions, it is between hatred and love. Whoever wants to love God will be in the camp of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ no matter what religion do they come from. And those who promote hatred, either in the name of religion or in the name of God, they will be in the camp of Anti-Christ Dajjal. And these hateful souls are in all religions. People from different religions will come join the forces of Anti-Christ and loving souls from all religions will come join Imam Mehdi and Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ spoke about Divine Love, He indicated to the people of his age 2000 years ago that he had come to transport human beings into the Unseen World, he did not talk about Paradise, he talked about the Unseen World – the Kingdom of God. And Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has the same message: Divine Love, Passionate, Rapturous Divine Love. And this message is for the entire world. One may practice whatever religion they have been practising, however, in order to love God, one has to come to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many organisations today in the Arab world, from Iraq to Lebanon, from Lebanon to Iran and they all say they are the Forces of Mehdi. And the West might have developed a notion that perhaps Mehdi is a Muslim figure and he is also striving for the dominion and domination of the Muslim faith; however, it should be corrected by all to whom it may concern that Imam Mehdi is here not to represent any religion, not to support a religion, but to represent God and bring God in everybody's heart who are willing to love God. They may be white, pink, blue, black, brown; they may be of any colour of the skin. They may be Jews, they may be Hindus, Sikh, Christians or they may be Muslims; there are no restraints set by Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi understands that the ongoing wave of terrorism is the result of hatred in the hearts of people who are carrying out such hateful atrocities in the world today. It is a diabolical move and this practice is a result of great deception in the minds of Muslims today. A great mischief being caused by current Muslims today. 

Muslims believe and understand that their religion is the best, Jews believe that their religion is the best, the Christians believe their religion is the best and the Hindus believe their religion is the best. However, we understand that all these religions are good but the best religion is the Religion of God. His Holiness Gohar Shahi explains that the essence of all religions is Divine Love and the Religion of God is God's Love. In this modern age, in this scientific era, we have so many inventions and so many facilities available to current human beings. They can just push a button and the light will come on, push the button again the light will go off; the ways of today are easy. In this day and age, when people want to become a millionaire overnight, when human beings are looking for a shortcut in every aspect of life, God has introduced a shortcut to finding God.

And His Holiness Gohar Shahi has brought down the Divinely Ordained shortcut, which starts in your heart and dips directly into God's heart. When the essence of the religion is available to be obtained, why beat around the bush with the whole religion? Why don’t you have a shortcut? 

When you become a true Hindu and follow the teachings and instructions of your Prophet, lead a very religious life, and according to the Divine Plan then you obtain the essence of that religion, then you get God’s Love. And when you become a Muslim and you do everything according to the Muslim faith, then, towards the end, as a result, as a culmination, you obtain Divine Love. And so is the case in every religion. However, just ask yourself a question today: are Hindus good Hindus? Do they follow everything their religion says? Are Muslims good Muslims? Are they acting upon the principles of their religion very strictly and religiously? Are the Jews good Jews? One has to be a good Muslim and has to follow their faith very strictly, very religiously, making no mistakes; and then they obtain the essence of their religion. However, in this day and age, if you look at the principality of the religions, it is so hard for a modern day human being to exercise the Divine Duties of the religion. The religion is not just about going to a worship-place and worship. A religion is involved in every aspect of your life; how you live your life, how you deal with the public, it's about the rights of your fellowmen, your parents, your wife, and your sons and daughters. It's about how good you are in your business. Do you adopt the right ways of earning your bread and butter? Are you just and honest? There are so many things that one has to do before he arrives at the culmination and essence of the religion, which is Divine Love.

In this day and age there are so many hurdles, so many problems that a religious person has to face. There is so much resistance in the society today. It is no more a piece of cake to live in this world happily and be a religious man. There are temptations on one side and then being honest in your business and then coping with the day to day life hurdles. There are so many factors involved today. It is not possible for a modern day human being to be in compliance with the principality of the religion in the fuller meaning of the phrase. When so many scientific inventions have been made today to facilitate today's human being, why not find a shortcut to reach God?

If you are going to Manchester from London, which is about 212 miles, and somebody comes and tells you, 'I will tell you a shortcut, you will save 100 miles,' now there will be two things on your mind: saving time and saving your fuel. You will definitely go for a shortcut. This is what Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is giving to humanity today! 

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, 'It is not simply possible for you to fully incorporate yourself with the principality of the religion. Let me give you a shortcut and with that shortcut you will directly touch upon the essence of that religion which is Divine Love.'

And we are calling the entire human race through the message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi which is a call of love.

When a Jew becomes a good Jew and he strictly follows his religion, what does he get upon his culmination? Divine Love. When a Muslim becomes a good Muslim and he does everything in accordance with the law of his religion, what does he get in the end of the day? Divine Love. In every religion, one has to be within the law of the religion. And if he successfully does it, then the culmination of that religion is God's love. But, you have to live by the law; there is no margin for you to error. The margin of error for a religious person is very narrow.

Why the world is today full of hatred? It's not because of those people who are in the business; they are busy with their business. No businessman is a terrorist, no cricketer is a terrorist, no hockey player is a terrorist. Nobody who drinks alcohol or sleeps with women is a terrorist; unfortunately those who vigorously follow a religion, especially the current Muslims, have become terrorist. You become a terrorist when you make an error in understanding the principality of the religion. It is evident Islam does not teach terrorism. One doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort to understand this truth in the light of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam. However, when the minds get polluted with fanaticism, extremism, fascism, and terrorism; when the hearts are corrupted and when the ego and the Self is tempted by the shine of money, jealousy, greed and under the label of the religion you exercise all this negative attitude, this is when you become a terrorist. Today no religion is worthy of you. Therefore, the Father, God Almighty has sent down his final and Prime Ace with a shortcut. 

Today’s man cannot follow these lengthy practices of religion, so God is introducing a shortcut, a simple shortcut and that shortcut is about purifying your heart. It is about vacating your heart from the traits of the Devil and this shortcut is about freeing your heart from the occupation of the Devil. No religion is capable of freeing your heart from evil occupation. It is the divine methodology invested in the heart of the Awaited One that gives this world a brand new hope. A hope against fascism, fanaticism, extremism, terrorism. Hatred should be dealt with strictly, but the medicine to cure hatred is not a bullet. The medicine to cure hatred is love.

Just like the opposite of day is night, the opposite of man is woman, and the opposite of light is darkness, in a similar way, the opposite of hatred is love. The Grand Canyon that Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought down on earth does not throw away bombs; it fills hearts with love. The only destructive weapon that Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has in His kitty box will attack and destroy the devil only. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi along with Lord Jesus Christ has come to wipe out hatred, hate-crimes and hateful souls from this world. Say yes to the call of the Lord!

Remember what Jesus said, 'Love your Lord with all your heart, with all your soul.' But you need to understand this divine message: 'Love your Lord with all your heart...' if you have the devil living in your heart and at the same time you are loving God, just ponder: are you loving God with all your heart? Maybe some portion of your heart is occupied by the devil! And this is how you are not loving God with all your heart. In order to be able to love God with all your heart and all your soul, you need to make sure all of your hearts are available to love God. Have you checked on your hearts? Did you ever check your heart, whether it is completely vacant and completely empty, and now you can just go ahead and ask God to come in your heart?

Everybody wants to be loved, everybody says they want peace and love; but what is it that makes them do bad things? What is it that is dragging people from religions into hateful crimes, crimes against humanity? Why people do not want peace when it comes to practicality? The answer is because they have devil in their hearts. They are trying to learn to love humanity and love God, however their efforts are not fruitful; their efforts are becoming futile and this is because their hearts are corrupted.

It isn't just Jesus who talked about divine love. Prophet Mohammad also said similar things. For example Prophet Mohammad said, 'O' son of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body: if it is set right, your entire body will be right, and if it is corrupted your entire body is corrupted. Remember well, it is your heart.' So, fixing the heart is the fundamental principle of every religion. If you ignore this fundamental principle of your religion, then the chances are you will definitely misinterpret what revelations came to your prophet and at the end of the day you will become a warrior not a worshiper.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has come to introduce a practical methodology and practical teachings, which can fill every heart with divine love. It is about empowering your heart with divine love, it is about introducing your heart with Light. Currently, there is so much darkness in the hearts of people that they cannot relate to the revelations made to their prophets. When it comes to understanding the revelations, it is not done by the intellect. In order to understand God's word, the understanding will come from the heart; because God has nothing to do with your intellect. The Place of Love, the House of God is your heart. Everybody has a heart but then why don’t you have the understanding of the divine word? It's simple: your heart is not spiritually activated. If you remove the batteries from any toy, the toy will not work. So, what we need today is to empower the hearts with Light and this Divine Spiritual Empowerment is coming from Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. And HDE Gohar Shahi has delegated dozens of people to initiate hearts, to spread the word of love through hearts, from hearts, into hearts. 

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has come to wipe out hatred, fanaticism, extremism, fascism and terrorism, not with any weapon but with His Spiritual Authority and the Weapon of Love. HDE Gohar Shahi doesn’t care what is the colour of your skin; you may be blue you may be brown, or you can dye your skin with any colour of your choice - it doesn’t really matter. What is important to Gohar Shahi is that you bring your heart and ask the Lord to purify it and adorn your heart with the jewel of God's Love. In simple words, HDE Gohar Shahi is adorning hearts with love. 

Today the message of HDE Gohar Shahi may not be known to many people around this world, though we have been striving for many years. But this is a mighty world: there are more than 200 countries in this world and unlike others, we do not get any financial help from any organisation, from any country. There are so many religious and spiritual organisations which are being patronised by many countries in this world. But the truth is, Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is the only true Patron in Chief, and this organisation of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi does not need any patronage by anyone, any country, any organisation. We believe very firmly that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, who has come to empower all hearts, is able to patronise Mehdi Foundation International. Modesty is very good; however, a firm belief is very important. We are modest, but we firmly believe we do not need to seek anybody's help because we are duly helped by our Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. We do not need a lot of money, why? This is because we are peace activists; we are preachers of love. We are giving away love, which is not bought in the markets! What we are giving to the world is not simply precious, it is something that money cannot buy! You can pay somebody and somebody can flatter you, but you cannot make anybody love you. 

The world does not know how to love. For example, if you do not know how to see things and what organ in particular in your body must be used to see things, you would never be able to see it. If you want to see something, you need to open your eyes. HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'The place of love is your heart.' When people do not know what organ should be used in order to love God, how would they love? It is HDE Gohar Shahi who has explained and who has revealed to the world, 'O' sons of Adam, O' people of Mohammad, people of Jesus, people of Moses, you want to love God? Come, I will help you.' Gohar Shahi is not attracting people to follow Him, Gohar Shahi's message is very simply, 'You want to love God? Okay, I will teach you how to love God. And once you have learnt how to love God, you go to your home, and I am here.' 

HDE Gohar Shahi has come not to convert people into any religion, but to convert their hearts and make their hearts the House of God. He he come to turn their hearts into a Temple of Love. HDE Gohar Shahi has come here to fix your spiritual and religious problems.

Gohar Shahi's message is very simple: 'All religions think their religion is the best. But the best among you is one who loves God. And that person who loves God can be a Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Christian, or he may be from no religion!' You do not have to be a Christian, Muslim or a Jew to be the best; what you must do to be the best is to love God in your heart by your heart.

This message is being put across nations and this message is delivered to all religions, to all peoples of the world; and the reception is fabulous. Everybody wants to love Gohar Shahi because Gohar Shahi is teaching everybody to love God. 

With the concept of Imam Mehdi comes the concept of a global nation in which all the nations will mingle into the best nation. And all will love God and God will love them. When the entire humanity becomes One United Nation, there will be no hatred; and this will happen when all adopt God’s love. 

One very strong reason why different religions fight each other is because every religion thinks their prophet and their messenger is the best and this became the bone of contention among many religions. They fought wars in trying to prove to each other that their prophet and messenger is the best. Now what Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has introduced is a divine, universal, spiritual system in which there are no prophets and no messengers - only God. Because there is only one God therefore you cannot say, 'My God is better than your God.' There are many prophets so one nation can claim, 'My prophet is better than your prophet,' but then again all religions believe in one God. When there is only one God and that God is supreme, you are supreme. There is no other object to be in comparison with.

In the beginning was Adam, the vicegerent sent by God, and his progeny. It was one nation. His message was love and his teachings were to enlighten the heart. And then, when another messenger came we had another religion, the progeny of Adam became diversified and the progeny of Adam began to have differences. They plunged themselves into the race as to whose prophet or messenger was better and who was the greater nation. And then yet again another messenger was introduced, then yet another and God happened to send 124,000 prophets and messengers into this world. According to the Holy Quran, God admitted that had he not been waiting for the Foremost Word (Kalima-e-Sabaqah), the entire humanity would not have been diversified into different religion tribes and countries.

What we understand from the Holy Quran is that there was this lack of the Foremost Word and due to the absence of the Foremost Word, the progeny of Adam had to go through different divisions and differences. However, the good news is HDE Gohar Shahi has revealed the Foremost Word. And this Foremost Word is quite capable of unifying all humanity and purifying the hearts of all humanity equally well. The only supremacy that will reign is the supremacy of love. And love will supersede all other marks of distinctions, all other practices and all other different sets of beliefs and principles of religions. The only principle which is to prevail is the principle of love, of divinity. Humanity has been set to turn into divinity. And this is the message of HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. 

People do often talk about love. There is no religion on earth that does not recognise the power of love; however, according to a Chinese proverb, 'Talks don’t cook rice.' You have to be a little practical. I am not refuting the fact that Hinduism doesn’t talk about love or Muslims, Christians or Jews don’t talk about love. They all talk about love. Even today, if you go to a church, they will repeat the same words that Jesus said. However, you will be surprised: you will hear the words of love, but you will not see love in practice. If you go to a mosque, you will hear a beautiful speech from a Muslim cleric and you will be utterly taken aback by the splendor of beautiful sweet words; however, those words will not travel down your throat. You will go to a Hindu temple and they will say the same stuff; they will apparently observe all sorts of humility by bowing down at your feet, but then again you will not see love in practice. You will see that generosity is preached in all religions, however, there are so many rich people in this world yet people are still starving to death! People are dying. A large number of human beings in Africa do not get to drink plain water, forget about food! So there are preachers of generosity and there are sermons on generosity, however, scarcely will you see generosity in practice. 

In a similar fashion, love is often talked about - but love is just talked about. Love is expressed within the boundaries and limitations of phraseology. It is not to be found in practice. You will hear talks on love, but you will not see manifestation of love. If love is manifested in our society, then there will be no hatred. If you are holding a gun with the bullets inside it and somebody else is holding a picture of a gun, from a distance it will look like a gun; but when you come closer you will see it’s a picture - that is the difference. The organ by which the action of love is performed is the organ of your heart.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'Prophet Mohammad is God’s beloved. However, it needs explanation: how did Prophet Mohammad learn to love?' and Lord Ra Riaz said, '70,000 years prior to the birth of Adam, Prophet Mohammad’s heart was kept at the Station of Love and it was kept there for 5000 years.' So we understand that there is a Station of love somewhere in the higher realms. The example of the Station of Love can be given by a furnace: if you keep a piece of iron or steel in a furnace, in no time, the iron will turn red and have the same effect as fire. The heart is the container and the substance of love has to be filled into it. If you carry a container and there is no treasure in the container, it is empty, then it’s useless. 

For example, you can buy a safe for £50 at Costco or 20 safes for £1000, however there might be a safe somewhere in somebody’s house which might have millions of pounds in it! So the safe itself is not expensive; it is not important. But when money is stored inside the safe, that money makes it costly.                               

Now the substance of love is God’s light. It’s not that you will listen to a lecture and following that lecture, straightaway you will start loving everybody; it has never happened in history. And it will never happen, because love is not that simple! In order for love to be truthful, one has to make a lot of sacrifices. And the power of forbearance and determination which will enable you to make sacrifices will come from the substance of love. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says to the world, 'I will tell you two things: number one, the place of love is your heart, and the substance of love is God’s Light. Number two, I will teach you how to produce God’s Light.' Mission accomplished. 
People talked about love, but they didn’t tell you how to love. But Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'The place of love is your heart. Enlighten your heart, fill it with God’s light. Come, I will teach you how to produce Gods light.' In return, HDE Gohar Shahi is not demanding any commitment from you, you are free. If you are Hindu, be happy being a Hindu; HDE Gohar Shahi has nothing to do with your religions. His aim is to teach you to love God. He is not here to change your religion, He is here to change your heart! And when you will come to know that, 'Since my heart has changed, I have become a good human being and I have started to love God,' then you will come to know the essentiality of the religion and how important your religion is. Because without a changed heart, your religion didn’t do anything to you. When the heart is changed, the entire world is changed.

The change in this world will come when the change comes in your heart: when your heart is freed from the occupation of devil and it is submitted to God. 

The heart has to be submitted to God. How? It is not like you will rip your chest open, pluck your heart and throw it towards the sky. This is not how you give your heart to God. It is to free your heart form the occupation of the devil. And by enlightening it with God’s light and inviting God to come in, you hand it out to God. How to produce Gods light is a method introduced by HDE Ra Gohar Shahi. You can find this method and start practising today; this method is written in HDE Gohar Shahi’s book 'The Religion of God'.

The principles of divine love are easy to understand!

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