Friday 19 July 2013

Terrorism and the Role of Jesus in the End Times

The world is changing and elements of extremism, fanaticism and religious intolerance in the United Kingdom is on the increase, especially from a particular denomination in Islam: the radicalised Islam, the radical elements in Islam. They are on the rise and the government doesn’t know how to tackle these elements. The way they are dealing with it right now is not the right way of doing it. They have to be very strict and they should be well-prepared in terms of information about who is doing what. All pilots, before they become pilots, study the theory in the colleges and all doctors and surgeons, before they operate on people and cut their stomach and pluck their hearts out, study the theory in the colleges and university. In a similar way, all these terrorists, before they blow themselves up, they study the theory in religious seminaries and mosques. It’s too late if you are running after a terrorist. You cannot prevent the untoward incident from happening when you are running after a terrorist. However if you do not let them receive this doctrine of hatred, then most probably you will bar them from carrying out any atrocity and this is my understanding. If they do not have this opportunity to be indoctrinated, to be studying in the mosques where the wrong interpretation of the holy text of God is hammered into their brains; if you don’t let that happen then you will definitely save the country from the unfortunately well-anticipated rise in fanaticism and terrorism, not only in this country but all over the world. 

If the problem is coming from one religion it does not mean all members of that religion are terrorists. It should not be dealt with on a religious spectrum. It should be dealt with on an individual basis. You only go after the culprit, not everybody that shares the same religion. No religion allows its followers to take lives of innocent people, however, it very ironical in our world today, that wrong interpretation and misunderstanding in understanding the divine text has duly led people towards radicalisation and hate crimes. 

Mehdi/Messiah Foundation International is the representative and delegation of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and our aim is to provide humanity with understanding and opportunities to live in peace and in love. We have the weapon of cure, not the weapon of killing and with that weapon of cure you can cure hearts. You can get to the bottom of the problem. The opposite of hatred is love. If you do not address this problem properly, unfortunately, the hate will rise and the more hate rises, the more hate crimes we will see on the face of the world. The solution to this ever-expanding spectrum of fanaticism and extremism is becoming almost uncontrollable.

The purpose of the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ is to stage an Armageddon and wage a war against the enemy of humanity. He has got some evil power and you cannot combat evil power, especially when that evil power is beyond the reach of your eye, when you cannot see it. Because being a very sceptical human being who doesn’t seem to believe in spirituality, you need the inner eye to appreciate that another world exists within this world and that world is very discretely invisible and in order to tackle these enemies who come from the invisible world, you need an army which will come from your invisibility. 

The Doctrine of Love that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has been dispensing to the entire humanity is the only cure, the cure of the diseased hearts and dormant souls. If not today, then tomorrow, the world will understand the significance, value and importance of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's Doctrine. We are here to inform the entire world of the fatal future happenings. As it seems today, everything is fine; but in the background, many things are taking place. 

We're on the brink of total recall; we are on the brink of total mass destruction. There are so many things happening in the esoteric realm. An asteroid has been set to hit the world which is due in 2026; then global warming, then this on-going slot of terrorism by Islamists and then, the lack of leadership, politically speaking. We don’t have leaders like Margaret Thatcher, we don’t have leaders like Bill Clinton; we do not have leaders like General Pervez Musharraf in this world. All we have today is a bunch of idiots, like Nawaz sheriff who is a puppet. A puppet controlled by Taliban, his masters. 

If we do not address the problem today then tomorrow when we cry we will have nobody to blame but ourselves only. A terrorist activity is simply a terrorist activity and whoever is carrying out that activity must be taken care of. Secondly, so many hate preachers are allowed to stay in the United Kingdom today. They’re at large; they are walking free in this country. The government should be a little stricter on them, sending them back to their homeland. For example there was a man with one hand, Abu Qatada. He is wanted in his own country, though he has been deported recently. But the man is a terrorist in his own country and he was preaching hatred in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. I have come to know there are several groups in London as well as in Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and other places where the majority of the population consists of Pakistani, Indian and Arab Muslims. But there are places in London, especially in Muslim areas, where a white man would hesitate to go. There are sort of no-go areas. This shouldn’t happen. This is not a Muslim country. But people are talking about imposing Sharia Law in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and it is very sad that these individuals who are recommending Sharia Law to be imposed in the UK in their own country, nobody wants Sharia Law. If they think they are living in the Kafir land, why do they live here? They should go back to the Muslim land. 

Currently we are going through a thorough study of Quran and this is meant to seek more and more verses of the Quran in order to clarify our position according to the faith of Muslim so that we can well-establish the point that God doesn’t want war. God is love and God wants the entire humanity to love him and love your fellowship. 

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