Wednesday 10 July 2013

True Interfaith Integration and Societal Reformation

The true concept and message of interfaith, inter-religious peace and harmony has been given by His Divine Eminence Messiah/Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi alone. He has removed the shackles of the religions with His revolutionary message for the entire human kind. 

HDE Gohar Shahi says: The best among you is one who has God’s love in his heart, whether or not he follows any religion. 

Is there a greater message than this for interfaith promotion?

If you want an interfaith harmonious society you will have to break down the walls raised by the religions. No religion on earth would want to do this. There is a matter of survival of the fittest. Whoever is fitter than the other will survive, so in this race of survival you will not see courtesy. You think Christians will say okay if you want to break down the walls set by religion, Islam should demolish their walls and our walls are fine? No all walls must be broken. The division in humanity today that you have seen, some of the division which has been existent for some time is based on religions. Now it is time for humanity to understand that some of these divisions created by religions are legitimate and lawful yet they are promoting disintegration as a society. It is quite legitimate to say that, ‘I am Muslim and I don’t want to associate with a Hindu,’ according to their religion it is okay. With the same token a Hindu can say, ‘Being a Hindu I have the right to live the way I want to according to my religion.’ But if everyone wants to live the way their religion requires them to live then the broader aspect of humanity is diminished. 

But the Messiah is going to found a society in which there are no legitimate or illegitimate differences and divisions. The entire society and every single individual in the society regardless of their religious or their racial background will spiritually and socially integrate into this Divine Society, where people will mingle without having a concept of division and differences. That will only be possible once all the hearts are unified, all the hearts are purified.

Islam according to its core issues and principality of the religion does not allow promoting interfaith harmony. However there is a Prophetic Tradition and Prophet Mohammad said something which is really healthy for interfaith societal reforms. 

The Prophet said: O’ sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. If you set that lump of flesh right the entire body will become right however, if this lump of flesh in your body is corrupted your entire body is corrupted and remember well it is your heart! 

This statement by Prophet Mohammad is not confined to the members of his religion only and the addressees are not just Muslims; this is addressed to the entire humanity. However what Prophet Mohammad has projected in this tradition is to invite all members of humanity and lo and behold, this is the way to do it. On behalf of Islam we can say Islam does support interfaith dialogue and harmony and spiritual integration of all societies into one united, non-religious, secular but spiritual society. 

They will not integrate until their hearts are integrated into love and this love is Divine Love. It is not possible for a human being to love another human being in real terms of love. Why? Love is divine; love is something that God designed for him to be done to. For example human beings put on clothes. Have you ever seen a dog putting on a jacket and wearing a tie? No, they are not meant to. You may see it in movies but in real life have you ever seen a pig wearing a jacket and wearing a tie or wearing some kind of perfume? No, this is for human beings. In a similar way love is for God. Now does it mean man can love God only? Man cannot love man? Man means both genders. It’s a universal man, meaning human beings. Man is meant to love God but does it mean man can love God only, man cannot love another man? The answer is when man succeeds to love God and manages to love God, there is a divine system in which the one who loves God will involuntarily happen to love all who love God. Whoever does have God’s light and love in their hearts, they will be interconnected through their hearts. This is a Divine Spiritual System. When you manage to love God in real terms of love, you will involuntarily love all who love God in their hearts. Your love is re-directed, it’s a rebound. You will be enlightened before you love God because only enlightened hearts earn the glance of God. Only the enlightened ones are able to be looked at by God; God doesn’t look at impure hearts. When your heart is enlightened and becomes pure and you have begun loving God, you will begin to appreciate the same amount of enlightenment and the same nature in all other hearts as well. Basically you will first love God and as a result of the acknowledgement by God of your love for him, God will make you love all those who love God. 

This is how you will have a society in which all integrate into a wider and broader society. This societal reform will be based on spirituality not religion because religions will always raise a wall and you will live like a frog in the well. Even if you want to co-exist in the society being a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Jew you will have a certain amount of freedom and there will always be many aspects in life where you cannot fully integrate into each other. So, a religion cannot allow its members to live freely in a society where they ignore the importance of their religion and embrace all other members of society because this is how their religion is disintegrated while their members are integrated. 

The Interfaith harmonious concept can truly come from Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Only Gohar Shahi and His spiritual concentration and His spiritual power can do it. It’s not about philosophies. There are philosophies in all books. It’s not about teachings. The books are there in all libraries and all religions teach love and harmony.  It’s not about the principle. It’s about the connection of hearts with God. It’s about the cordial interaction; when the hearts interact with other hearts with love. The hearts will interact with other hearts with love only when all hearts have love and are enlightened. 

Does interfaith harmony suit religions? No. On one hand you say let us come together and on the other hand you say, ‘I am Hindu, I am Christian and I have my ways.’ Where then is the integration? This is hypocrisy. It’s just paperwork. For example, Tahir ul Qadri brought religious scholars from different religions to a joint conference where he had people chant the name of God, ‘Raam’ for Hindus, ‘God’ for Christians and ‘Allah’ for Muslims. You may invite the Hindus to come to your mosque and chant ‘Raam’ but will you chant ‘Raam’ also? No, so they are better off sitting in their own homes and doing ‘Raam.’ How is this religious integration? Either, the entire Minhaj ul Quran chant ‘Raam’ with them and if not then this is just showing off. 

One religion does not allow any other religion to integrate its member into their religion. So it is not in the favour of the religions to promote interfaith harmony. When you promote interfaith harmony you are trying to ignore the importance of your religion. 

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has the solution and I quote HDE Gohar Shahi in His book, 

‘The Religion of God’, ‘A Muslim says I am the best and a Christian says I am the best and a Jew says I am the best but Gohar Shahi says the best among you is one who loves God in his heart even if he doesn’t have a religion.’ 

It is Gohar Shahi who has given more importance to God’s love and nullified the importance of the religion. HDE Gohar Shahi has replaced the weight of importance and shifted it from religion to God’s love and this is the pioneering step towards a broader interfaith society. Without this step interfaith society doesn’t exist in the real term and no one for except HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi could have taken this step. First the importance of religion must be nullified only then interfaith harmony can exist. 

So, HDE Gohar Shahi has shifted the weight of importance from religion to spirituality. How? HDE Gohar Shahi says all Muslims, Christians, Jews think they are the best individually and respectively, however, Gohar Shahi disagrees. He puts up a new theory and He says the best one among you is one who has God’s love in his heart even if he doesn’t follow any religion. Upon these principles generated, produced and presented by HDE Gohar Shahi the weight of importance has shifted from religion to God’s love. What is important is God’s love not the religion because religions are not the destination they are like highways and the destination is God. When somebody has come to put you in the audience of God then why do you need a religion? 

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