Monday 4 August 2014

Current Affairs - The End Times Are Upon Us

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech.

People are dying every day in great numbers. An earthquake struck in China and so far, 375 people are dead. In the last 21 days, more than 1800 people were killed in Palestine; 500 of them were children. At Clifton Beach in Karachi, people were swimming and they were swept by waves. At least 45 bodies have been recovered and still, 12 are missing. Furthermore, ISIS is killing people every day. Yesterday, I saw a photograph of an ISIS soldier holding a 7-year-old girl and he said he married her; this innocent, little girl was crying.

Yunnan, China, where an earthquake struck. 

Oppression, killing, hatred, total disobedience to the religion and total disobedience to God is now the pattern. Nobody is bothered about it; as long as you are living in peace, you think that everything is okay. That is the attitude people have developed.

Libya is now under a terrorist attack and many people have been killed. A new, highly contagious, deadly virus has broken out in Africa by the name of Ebola. You would be surprised to know that in the matter of a few days, about 800 people are dead. These viruses breaking out in different countries are referred to the emergence of Dabatt al-Ard (mentioned in the Quran 27:82). Daba in Arabic means, insect. If you have studied microbiology, you know that there are unicellular insects which are not visible to the naked eye; they can only be seen with the help of a microscope. These tiny, invisible insects are the greatest cause of viruses.

If this is not enough for the religious scholars to acknowledge that the Great Signs of the End Times are passing over our heads, then I would probably assume that these people are deliberately keeping the signs of the End of the World in the dark. Some people do not want to admit that the End Times are here and most of these people are influential people who come from a well-to-do background; they think that their comfortable, luxurious and full-of-glamour life will come to an end.

The End Times are here. People are dying in great numbers. If today the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or ISIS do not kill anybody, then something else happens and people die. Either you are travelling on the land, flying in the sky or sitting at home, you are dying. Death has become very common. But what is more significant today is that people are becoming senseless, as if they have no emotions. There is no reaction to be seen over the death of a large number of people.

At the time of the Prophet Mohammad, if it would rain really heavily, the Companions of the Prophet would ask him, 'Is it the End of the World? Are we all dying?' Or if it was too hot and the sun was blazing, they would ask the Prophet, 'Is it the End of the World?' Today, 1000's of people are dying and we aren't asking anybody, 'Is it the End of the World?' These people think the world will never end. This is the general understanding. This is ridiculous; people are dying every day!

30 years ago, if somebody died in the locality, everybody would become really sombre and people would stop laughing. They would stop joking [in respect for the dead]. And today? Today, it is a totally different story.

I don't like what God has planned for the future: only a handful of people will believe in the Religion of God and adopt divine love. The greater majority of people will either be killed or they will reject God. Then, we see that not everybody is going to be adopting the religion of God; however, the greatest personality has come in the guise of the Mehdi, Kalki Avatar and Messiah. Under His feet is so much to give to humanity that even if 1% of what He has under His feet - as compassion, spiritual authority and love - is given to humanity, everybody will become Jesus Christ. In this scenario of the Awaited One Gohar Shahi blessing humanity, I wanted to see that all human beings loved God, adopted the spiritual path, embraced God's love; all human begins crazed and craved for God's love and companionship. However, as you can see, the Awaited One Gohar Shahi is already here. It has been more than 40 years now that the Awaited One Gohar Shahi is here, but people have not shown to either acknowledge that the advent of the Awaited One has taken place or they do not want to believe that the Awaited One is here. They are so obsessed with materialistic gains, physical comforts and luxurious indulgence.

There are times when I really feel spiritually depressed and this depression is the result of frustration. On many occasions, I decided to take this mission to all the Muslim fractions; however whenever an attempt is made to convey the message of love, unity and divinity to Muslims, they have a very thick blindfold on their eyes. They have sealed their ears, they have sealed their hearts. They do not want to see the truth, they do not want to heart the truth and they do not want to feel the truth. As soon as you tell them about the truth, abruptly, without even thinking what is being said to them, they reject it. They don't want to know.

Recently, I have gone through a lot of emotional shocks after what some of the world leaders have done in relation to what is going in Palestine. Almost 2000 people have been murdered and President Obama is demanding for the release of one army man of Israel; he is not concerned about the death of 2000 people. That is really terrible.

A UN Spokesman was speaking to a press conference in Palestine; when he heard what has been going on, he burst into tears. A lot of Jews around the world have come forward to condemn what Israel is doing. In many countries of the world, including USA, they are saying that these people in Israel are Zionists, not Jews.

Photo credit: Reuters

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