Monday 18 August 2014

The Time is Now Imran Khan!

I sent Imran Khan a few tweets yesterday and in those tweets I suggested for him to take his people and march forward to the Parliament House and enter the Prime Minister House. Hold Nawaz Sharif from his neck and drag him out from the Prime Minister House and throw him in the public and ask all Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf members to stone him to death and he wanted to do it.

The media should listen to what I am saying:

One of my Jussa (sub-spirits) is there. Nobody knows about it, but Imran Khan knows about it. He wanted to [march forward to the Parliament] but Javed Hashmi said, 'No don’t do it.' This is my message to Imran Khan: there was nobody else in the room for except you and Javed Hashmi; how do I know about it? 

You have been asking God to help you and help from the Grand God has been given to you. And now you are listening to a man just because he is a respected and senior politician! You are going to lose this lifetime opportunity. No other opportunity will ever come to Pakistan. This is the only time when you can bring about revolution. This is the ONLY time when you can set the land of Pakistan free from the corrupted tyrants, dishonest wolves of Pakistan like Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, PPP and all other parties. This is the time to do it.

If you end up disappointing the public today, this public will not believe you again. Don't disappoint these people who are gathered in the rain and sleeping on the streets including women and small children. Most of these people are from KPK and they believe in you like they believe in Quran. Don’t disappoint them. If you happen to disappoint them then I am very sorry to say this, but they will never ever believe in any goodness. They will become even more disappointed than they were before.

Having been disappointed from this hope, the tunnel is always dark. At the end of the tunnel, you see a ray of light. The public in Pakistan have, in their hearts, conceded you - with your ideology, principality and discipline - as the light that they could see at the end of the dark tunnel [that appears to be this country of Pakistan]. If you happen to disappoint them, then the nation of Pakistan will die a miserable death.

Imran Khan, you cannot afford to step back now! You cannot afford to step back; you must advance! Passion is blind; passion is stronger than love. They say, 'Love is blind.' If love is blind, then passion, including blindness, is deaf as well. Do not listen to any Prime Minister or any politician. Do what the public wants to do. March forward! You are talking about Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience is also a criminal act isn’t it? You are trying to persuade your members to commit a crime - although very low in severity - however a crime is a crime. When you are committed to commit a crime then choose a crime which can change the lives of these people. A theft is a theft [no matter how much money is stolen]; similarly, Civil Disobedience is a criminal act. When you are committed to commit a criminal act, then why are you choosing a criminal act by acting upon which nobody will gain anything? Nobody is paying electricity bills or tax anyway. Civil Disobedience will mean nothing.

When you want to commit a criminal act then why not choose the right criminal act which will result in mammoth goodness: a criminal act which can save thousands and thousands of people from eternal poverty; eternal deprivation of education, of principle fundamental rights, of food and shelter and of medicine? If one criminal act can dispense to the entire nation of Pakistan their fundamental rights, then go ahead: become a criminal! You must demolish the Parliament House now! There should be no stopping you!

I’m telling you: if you happen to disappoint [these people], especially these very sincere Pathans who came from KPK, then the Pakistani nation will never trust anyone. The [Pathans] are very sincere with you; and Pervez Khattak is a wonderful guy. 

The nation of Pakistan is all standing by you. If Mehdi Foundation International is standing by you, then His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is my witness: the entire universe is standing by you. If MFI is supporting you, then you can safely say that God and 124,000 Prophets are supporting you. With my support, you have enough moral and spiritual ammunition on your plate. Never again will you ever need any help from anybody else. But this time, do not look back! Do not step back. You must advance!

Don’t listen to anyone. Before they carry out an assault on you, why don’t you initiate it? If you don’t do it, Nawaz Sharif will get you killed by the Taliban here in Islamabad. Your goal is to serve the nation. I do not doubt your character and sincerity. I respect your character and personality and that is why I am giving you this advice.

Pakistan has only one ray of hope and that is Imran Khan. Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan now!

You know, you are asking God for help maybe God is asking you for help. Maybe God wanted you to drag Nawaz Sharif out. Take Nawaz Sharif by the neck and kick him out. Don’t delay it now! March forward! 

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