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The Creation of Adam The Eminent One

The following is an excerpt of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech.

The purpose of creation of so many different species of Adam in the eyes of God was that they would worship God.

[An analogy to explain this is that] there is a beautiful women and she is very rich. She hires a dozen young men and she pays them for admiring her beauty. Every word of praise would earn you a pound. When every word of praise earns you a pound, you don’t want to stop. Then these men who get paid one pound for every word of praise find out that the beautiful woman is hiring somebody else and replacing them. They would really feel jealous because it is a matter of survival. They are going to be redundant soon and losing their jobs. 

When a man praises a woman by word of mouth, she starts to blush. However, that woman thought, 'It's just word of mouth. Nothing else is happening. I want somebody who can really please me with some kind of emotion and sensation. This praiseworthiness has to be physically affected and I should be the sole beneficiary of this praiseworthiness.' [For example] if I just praise you every time you come and I don't offer you a cup of tea or coffee, or I don't serve you food or anything else, that hollow praiseworthiness will become futile one day. So that beautiful woman decided to enjoy a style of praiseworthiness which could physically lure her and she could enjoy in the indulgence of that praiseworthiness. That beautiful lady wanted some kind of sensational, fruit-bearing praiseworthiness. 

And those twelve men who were earning a quid for every word of praise felt threatened. They said, 'Are we not enough to say praise of your beauty? Why are you hiring others?' This is exactly what happened when God decided to make the final species of mankind: Adam, The Most Eminent One. 

When God designed everything and conceived everything, he created a group of special angels and their duty was to just stay in front of God and praise God. That was the only task given to them. 

God likes to be praised; he wants to be praised. What do we do in mosques, churches and temples? We praise! What else do we do? You go to the church and with music, you praise. You go to the mosque or a temple, you do the same. Everybody is [praising God]. This is what it is. 

God's Creation Prior to Adam the Eminent One

When he created these special angels, the task given to them was nothing but to keep praising God. This happened when God had not conceived the idea of creating man. But then, when he was blessed with the idea of creating man, the entire divine plan went upside down. The angels lost their value.

The female damsels also lost their value. It was never part of the plan that these female damsels - which are now to be given to people who enter the paradise - would come and be delivered to men, because there was no conception of men in the mind of God. They were just maids in the divine harlem. So everybody became unhappy, even these female damsels are unhappy. But people don't know. The Quran tells us only about the objections raised by the angels on the conception of the eminent Adam. However, nobody is aware of the objections raised by the female damsels of the paradise. They said, 'You created us so that you [could] indulge in our beauty and now you decide to hand us over to men, your creation?' They were so unhappy with God. 

You would be really bemused if I tell you that first when God created some female damsels, he made them so beautiful. He thought, 'There should be something delicate and utterly beautiful. And that creation should praise me.' So he created female damsels. But he did not create those organs that you need [to physically indulge], because he never thought of it. They would just stand there and say, 'You are beautiful, most high.' That's all they would do. They were not complete. For some time, those female damsels stayed in front of God and they praised. But then another thought came into his mind, '[I want] something that can praise and physically allow me to indulge in their praiseworthiness.' And when he created another type of female damsels, those prior to this creation became redundant. They are still there. 

When I was going over that part, I heard a noise and I looked down. I saw there were some beautiful women standing there and crying. So, I stopped and said, 'Why are you crying?' They said, 'We were created to say praise of God, but we couldn't do more than that. But this is not our fault. This is how we were created. But when God was introduced with the idea of creating somebody who can not only linguistically praise but physically indulge, now he is busy with them and we are left alone. What is our fault?' 

There are so many different types of angels. He created some special angels and the purpose of these special angels was to praise God. This is when God hadn't conceived of creation of men. He would sit there and those angels would constantly praise him; he would feel ecstatic and pleased. When, finally, the thought of creating a man was introduced to his brain and he created a super human being, they objected. They asked, 'You are creating men again? Again? Having seen that mischief and bloodshed for billions of years? Are you not tired of this?' And he said, 'I am creating this Adam so that he can praise me.' And they said, 'Are we not enough for your praise?' Then he said, 'No, that's not the case; I am creating this Adam for a different style of praise and you cannot praise me the way they will. I will equip them with a different technique. If you know that technique, tell me.' They said, 'How will we know the technique when you didn't tell us?' This was the conversation between God and the angels. 

Among all of us, the best friend is one who always praises us. And those who criticise us, they are not sincere friends. This is the case with all of us. If somebody really criticise and pick up a bone with you, then you don't like them. And if you praise all the time, then you are their best friend. In a similar fashion, these angels who would praise God nonstop were the most favourite angels among all. They were number one. Now God was creating Adam and God announced he would equip him with a mysterious technique, with the help of which this Adam would rise in excellence above all these angels.

So before the creation of this last Adam, these angels were champions. They were the best and on Earth. The Devil was not the devil in the beginning; his name was Azazeel (Beelzebub). This individual, Azazeel, was the most dedicated worshipper to God. So, on Earth Azazeel was the champion and in the celestial realms, these angels were the champions. All other types of Adam which God created on Earth with the clay of this Earth had no value. This is why some religions worship angels. Man used to worship angels because man himself did not have any value.

Azazeel, who would turn into the Devil later on, was most high in servitude to God. He prostrated to God on every single corner of the world, everywhere. He was such a dedicated worshipper to God that nobody was able to compete with him in the amount of worship he offered to God. Then, God promoted Azazeel and appointed him the leader of all the angels. This is how the worshippers and those who praised God made a group.

The Conception of Adam the Eminent One in God's Mind

Now, God decided to create an Adam. This Adam was designed to rise in excellence in relation to offering servitude and worship to God. He would exceed his counterpart Azazeel in worship and this Adam would exceed the counterpart angels in their excellence. So, both parties felt really threatened. The creation of this eminent Adam was objectionable to both parties. Jealousy burns and the hearts went cold, but God didn't change his mind. He said, 'No matter what, come what may, I must create this Adam that I have conceived in my mind. I am going to equip him with an obscure technique that nobody is aware of: the technique which will work like a key and open up all the locks from their spirits and souls. And this technique will pave their way to my divine splendour. My manifestation requires a screen and I will use their hearts as a screen to my true manifestation.' 

So, God decided to use this eminent Adam as his divine mirror in which he was able to see himself. Azazeel asked God, 'You are creating him so he can worship you? And God said, 'Yes.' He said, 'But we worship you. Why do you need somebody else?' And God said, 'I want him to worship me in different styles, different ways, and many different types of worship at a time. You prostrate; some other angels just say the songs of praise and some other angels bow down. I want somebody who can do all these different type of worship at a time and single-handedly.'

They didn't know what God was talking about. So what happened? God created them and then God said, 'I say he is better than all of you. Now, upon my decree, you all show respect to him and bow before him.' Azazeel said, 'You created me with fire and you created him with clay. I am better than him and I am not going to bow before him.' He caused God to be angry and God said, 'You are rejected.' And then, Azazeel said, 'I swear by your name, from now on this Adam is my enemy.' [He said this] out of jealousy. 

Now, what is this enmity about? In Pakistan, if a woman is really, extraordinarily beautiful and other women get really jealous of her, they throw acid on her face so that she loses her beauty and nobody will praise her or be attracted to her. This is exactly what Azazeel did.

The Key to Excellence

He said, 'He is greater than me? Okay.' 

So he found out the secret of greatness, why this Adam was going to be great: the enlightenment of the soul and spirit, purification and purgation of the soul. The moment he found out that this is the key, he decided that he would keep men away from this technique.

As a result of this failure to acquire this technique and this key, they would not be greater than him. He is not bothered whether you go to a temple, church or mosque because he has distracted you from acquiring the key of eminence. He has kept the secret away from you. You can worship, you can say [God's] praise; he knows that in worship and praiseworthiness, you can never beat him. The only way you can beat him is through that spiritual technique and he has distracted you from acquiring that technique. 
He is not bothered when you go into the mosque, church and the temple and you offer services. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, 'He is standing right by your side and he is smiling, smirking and giggling.' He says, "Your heart is under my control; what will you gain out of this dry worship?"'
The key of excellence and eminence is the key to greatness, to the pleasure of God. Today, with the generosity and bounty of HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, we feel honoured and blessed that we dispense this mysterious and secretive key with the help of which you will acquire and regain your lost excellence, glory and eminence. Again you will rise in excellence. Again, you will become a divine mirror in which God will reflect himself and show himself to the rest of the creation, with the help of this divine technique. 

The basic difference between the progeny of Adam the Eminent One and others is the technique of spirituality, without the technique of spirituality there is no difference. So, the excellence lies in possession of this technique. Those who have this technique are better, are the best. And those who do not have this technique, no matter what religion they come from [are not eminent].

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